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Chapter 125: Are you religious?

For the specifics, they would have to interrogate Lin Jin himself.

When Liu Heyang followed Jiang Pan into the interrogation room, Lin Jin raised his head and asked, “How did you guys know that I would do something there?”

He specifically identified the opportunity after confirming Shen Wei’s actions, and the police’s target was predicted after Zhang Yang’s case. However he didn’t expect someone to wait there for him.

After entering the bathroom, he clearly made sure that there was no one behind him.

The policeman had gone in before him.


But how did he know he would make a move there?

Lin Jin was prepared to attack Shen Wei, but the location was not certain. When Shen Wei went to the bathroom by himself, he thought the timing was good, so he made the move.

As a result, he was caught in the act, and it was useless to say anything.

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Liu Heyang couldn’t help but ask, “So what right do you have to judge them?”


Liu Hui, Zhang Yang, and Shen Wei, even if they made mistakes and had shortcomings, they cannot be judged by others. That was not their job.

Lin Jin replied calmly: “Liu Hui committed greed, Zhang Yang committed gluttony, which is contempt for the Lord. These bad behaviors will affect the entire society and should not exist in the world.”

He still had no intention of repenting at all.

Liu Heyang trembled in his heart.

That’s why he hated talking to these types of crazy people the most. Religion was so attractive, Lin Jin looked like he’d been brainwashed.

Lin Jin was still talking: “To put it simply, Liu Hui once took small advantages in the company, all of which came from his greed. If he did not have greed, he would not have committed such sins. And Zhang Yang was also complained of because of gluttony.”

Liu Heyang said, “After all, it is still because he ate your food?”

Lin Jin was silent for a while, “No, I am punishing these criminals for the Lord.”

“Come on, you are so powerful, why don’t you act for the heavens.” Liu Heyang rolled his eyes, “You murdered people randomly for yourself, so you deserve to go to jail.”

These kinds of sanctimonious, disgusting people.

Jiang Pan knocked the table, “Why did you kill Shen Wei?”

Lin Jin glanced at him, “He committed lust.”


“It’s only that simple?” Jiang Pan pointed to something, and commented casually, “Isn’t it because he stole your girlfriend?”

Liu Heyang was shocked. The captain actually even found out about that kind of news. They didn’t know anything about it before.

Lin Jin’s face became ugly.

Jiang Pan seemed to be narrating a story, with a flat tone: “A month ago, Shen Wei met your girlfriend through a friend, and a few days later, your girlfriend proposed to you to break up.”

It was really thanks to Lin Jin’s colleagues in the company to be able to find out about this matter.

Although this matter was not mentioned in the record, when they asked about it later, a female colleague suddenly thought of it.

After Jiang Pan recorded it, he conducted an investigation, and it turned out to be true.

After a long silence in the interrogation room, Lin Jin finally spoke again: “If Shen Wei hadn’t committed lust, he wouldn’t have done anything to her.”

Liu Heyang almost laughed out loud: “After all this time, you still believe in religion.”

Wouldn’t it be better to keep it simple? Directly admit that he was angry because his girlfriend left him, so he thought about attacking Shen Wei.

Through all these things, he also now knew Lin Jin’s character.

To seek revenge for the smallest grievance.


Liu Hui’s matter basically had nothing to do with him at all. Just because he couldn’t stand it, he made a move. For Zhang Yang, the main reason was probably that a portion of his takeaway was eaten by him.

And Shen Wei was the one looking for the most trouble. Stealing his girlfriend, how could Lin Jin let him go? Not only was he going to terrorize him, but he was also going to murder him.

So when he saw the big scissors, he shuddered.

He didn’t even care about the trouble of wearing makeup and dressing as a woman, he just wanted to castrate Shen Wei. If those scissors were used, even the gods wouldn’t be able to save him.

Liu Heyang was speechless, he was really cruel.

Before the interrogation ended, Lin Jin suddenly asked, “Are you guys religious?”

Jiang Pan’s expression did not change: “No.”

Liu Heyang said: “I believe in science, science and technology is the most reliable.”


After more than ten hours, Shen Yuanye finally arrived at her destination.

Liu Li had already sent the schedule to Lu Yue, but she still instructed: “Take a day off first, and then go for the fitting up tomorrow. There will also be rehearsals at that time.”

This rehearsal was completely different from last time.


As a professional model, she must determine her appearance when she entered the stage, and determine the exit routes. She must also determine who the most important models in front and behind her were, determine what her outfit was, and prevent tripping or accidents.

Large-scale fashion shows were naturally tedious work. If one person made a mistake in the rehearsal then all the staff would have to redo it, it was easy to offend other people.

Liu Li contemplated for a while, and noted a point that was relatively small but had to be paid attention to, “Zhou Lu and you are the only two Chinese people this time. There is racial discrimination in the modeling circle. You can just follow her when the time comes.”

The fashion circle had colored glasses for Chinese people. Although it was natural to have them in such fashion shows, there were sneaky ‘small moves.’

Liu Li patted her shoulder.

“After changing outfits tomorrow, you will spend the rest of your free time thinking about how to behave appropriately. Gestures and posture are the keys to getting the spotlight.”

Shen Yuanye nodded seriously.

In fact, she knew all of this, but she still has to hear it from the beginning to the end, so as not to make any mistakes.

Liu Li smiled and ended, “Okay, I won’t disturb you from now on, take a good rest, make some adjustments, and be ready to go to the battlefield tomorrow.”

“Thank you Sister Li.”

After she left, Shen Yuanye was finally able to rest.

The hotel was very luxurious, with all services provided. It was a suite, and the one next to her was where Lu Yue and Liu Li stayed together, very close.

She washed up, then turned on her phone.

On WeChat was a photo sent by Ren Lulu, and then shocking words followed with exclamation marks, telling her that the murderer had been caught.

She had to say that Jiang Pan’s level of appearance was very high. 

After thinking for a moment, she replied.

In a few days, Lu Long will be released. At that time, as long as the person who set fire (TLN: the person behind everything) is caught, everything would come to light.

No matter how strict his mouth was, Shen Yuanye believed that Jiang Pan had the means to make him speak.

It was a comfortable sleep.

It was impossible for Shen Yuanye not to feel nervous in her heart, but she was full of confidence for the upcoming fashion show. She believed that her efforts for so long will be rewarded.

The fitting place was in an edifice.

She was with Zhou Lu all morning. Zhou Lu didn’t have to worry about any problems at all, and she seemed much more relaxed compared to her.

When she was about to get off the car, Zhou Lu suddenly commented, “If you’re not used to some words, just ignore it and don’t care about what they said.”

Shen Yuanye smiled and thanked her, “Thank you, Sister Zhou Lu.”

Anyway, having a partner by your side was always better than being alone.

It was not too late for them, but there were already models bustling around. Every dress to try on was there, and it would be adjusted after the fitting. If the size still didn’t match the model before the show, they may miss this opportunity. 

Because it was impossible to temporarily change the size of the outfit under the stage during those few minutes.

The height of 1.78 meters was not very tall here, and Shen Yuanye was probably the most inconspicuous. Seeing the figures of those models, she was dazzled.

Watching a fashion show was a real treat.

Models were already trying on dresses, and one of them, an African American model, was asking a staff member to put her shoes on. It seemed as if everything was fine.

Zhou Lu glanced at the model and then looked away: “Her shoes are too small.”

Shen Yuanye looked over and didn’t say anything, but she understood it very well in her heart.

If the shoe was too small, it was too small. There would be no problem if she could find a new size, but if she was unlucky, she may have to tolerate those shoes for a while.

A few hours had passed by the time everything was accomplished.

Zhou Lu had already gone inside to put on a dress, and Shen Yuanye also followed her steps in. She couldn’t help but sigh when she saw the dress.

It was really mesmerizing.

But she would soon wear it to the stage, and the whole world would be able to see her.

The dress fitted her very well, and there was no other problem, which also made Shen Yuanye relieved. If it did not fit, there was a high possibility of her leaving the show.

 With so many models, new ones could be quickly found.

A staff member came and helped put her shoes on.

Shen Yuanye’s ankles were very dainty and unusually fair. The staff had seen so many models, but still couldn’t help but take a second look.

After putting on the high heels, she suddenly became taller.

There was a mirror on the side, Zhou Lu stood beside her and praised: “It’s very suitable. They didn’t choose the wrong person, it seems that Hua Yi has made the right investment again.”

She didn’t know anything about Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran, so she thought it was Hua Yi’s risky investment.

There was a smile on Shen Yuanye’s lips, “It’s all thanks to Sister Zhou Lu’s previous teachings.”

Zhou Lu waved her hand, “I didn’t teach you anything, but try not to act alone in the next period of time, it’s not safe.”

She didn’t say much, but Shen Yuanye naturally understood.

After the fitting was over, Zhou Lu decided to go buy something, so the two headed outside together.

Since Shen Yuanye came here, it would be impossible for her to stay in the hotel for the next half month, so she took Lu Yue out to eat.

They soon arrived at a small coffee shop.

There were not many people in the cafe, and the atmosphere was very comfortable. There were several beauties, Shen Yuanye saw one next to her, and she was doing her makeup very seriously in front of a mirror.

When she passed by, Shen Yuanye realized that what she was drawing was actually a face mask.

Not to mention anything else, it was really strange to see foreign beauties painting Peking Opera masks in a coffee shop in New York.

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