My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

Chapter 1: My Weibo Page Predicted Death

  “Shen Yuanye!”

  Out of the blue, a voice rang out like an explosion, startling Shen Yuanye awake. At the same time, everyone fixed their gaze on her, be it gleefully or nonchalantly.

  Sweeping her gaze around the area roughly, she found a man who had fallen to the ground.

  Off to one side, the director was yelling profusely, “You are merely a small-time print model. Now that you are presented with the opportunity to shoot a commercial, you still don’t make full use of it. Yet, you have the audacity to push the male lead over. Are you tired of living?” 

  Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye was rendered stunned for a moment.


  If she remembered correctly, this commercial was about how one could treat Onychomycosis1 It is a fungal infection of the nail that causes discoloration, thickening, and separation from the nail bed. .

  For this job, she managed to secure it only after sending her resume and was entitled a 5 seconds worth of screen time. Throughout this whole thing, the only thing she had to do was to be a couple with the male lead. As far as the script was concerned, it was provided by the director. 

  However, when they were shooting, the model, also the male lead in this commercial, got all handsy with her. Taking advantage of being hidden behind the camera, no one saw her pushed him to the ground.

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  Finally returning from her trance, Shen Yuanye caught sight of the male model, who had already gotten up from the ground, was rubbing his bottom with a frown.


  She clearly remembered she was stabbed by a ruffian at home a second ago. Why did she suddenly appear on this set?

  Seeing that she remained so indifferent, the director became so enraged that he grabbed something to toss it at her. “Shen Yuanye, if you don’t want your job anymore, get out. Is a small-time model, like you, even worthy of putting on airs?”

  The male model scoffed, “Isn’t it just shooting a commercial? Was that really necessary? If you are unwilling, you should have said something beforehand.”

  Lowering her head, Shen Yuanye searched her body for any injuries. Was this her starting over again?

  Sweeping her eyes over at those crowding around and watching things panned on gleefully, Shen Yuanye’s lips curved into a bright smile. “In that case, I won’t shoot anymore.”

  Not only was she good looking, but she was also flamboyant. With a smile like that, coupled with a beautiful and delicate visage, she had indeed drawn in everyone’s attention.

  As rage welled up in him, the director’s hands began to shake. “Get the h*ll out!”

  Fortunately, she had not signed any contract. If she had, she would then have to pay a penalty for a breach of contract.

  Shen Yuanye’s eyes roved over her surroundings, noticing someone in the back of the crowd taking pictures with her phone. 

  That girl had her phone angled towards the center, capturing images so delightedly. Realizing that she was discovered, she immediately kept her phone away and stepped back a little to hide.

  Shen Yuanye walked over and questioned, “What did you take earlier?”

  An awkward smile contorted that girl’s face as she answered, “Seeing that you look so beautiful, I just captured some images randomly. If you don’t like it, I’ll delete them immediately.”


  She conveniently opened her gallery on her phone. Right at the top, it was indeed the picture of her shooting the commercial previously, showing Shen Yuanye’s bright and beautiful visage.

  “Is that so?” With a lightning move of her hand, Shen Yuanye snatched that girl’s phone from her hands.

  That girl froze for a moment before exclaiming frantically, “Hey, what are you doing? What’d you take my phone for? What the h*ll is wrong with you?”

  Ignoring her cries, Shen Yuanye scrolled through her gallery, and sure enough, she found a video clip with a cover picture of her frowning face.

  Clicking on the video, it showed her pushing the male model to the ground within the next second.

  Since this video clip was short, it came to an abrupt end right at her grimace, accompanied by the yelps of surprise from the crowd on the side.

  It was exactly the same as what she had seen in the past.

  Seeing that she was discovered, that girl tried extending her hands out to snatch her phone back. However, Shen Yuanye moved aside to evade and immediately deleted the video clip. It was only then did she throw the phone at her. “I’m sorry, I don’t like it when people take video clips of me covertly.”

  With that, she turned around and took several steps before halting in her tracks.

  Everyone present was flabbergasted as they watched how things had unfolded here. Before they could react, they heard Shen Yuanye’s crisp voice resonating through the area. “Also, please don’t capture pictures or video clips out of context. If you want to become popular, do it the right way.”

  The moment the words left her mouth, everyone turned towards that girl simultaneously.

  It was not uncommon for people to take video clips out of context in the entertainment industry, but most of the time, they were taken by marketing accounts or paparazzi. Whereas, right now…… 


  With everyone’s eyes fixed on her, a flush of anger crept up that girl’s face.


  Stepping out of the studio, Shen Yuanye found that the sun was shining brightly outside.

  Even so, it was still rather cold in early December. She could not help but hug herself tightly with her large coat.

  On the LED display board of the opposite shopping mall, it was currently showing a vehement commercial, which happened to be a trailer of the latest comedy film that will be released tonight.

  Soon after, she went into a trance for a while.

  She recalled that after the film was released, she was in a constant bad mood as people kept scolding her on Weibo. Subsequently, she even wore a face mask and watched the film secretively. At the cinema, she laughed so heartily that tears came flowing out of her eyes. 

  The film was very well executed and had numerous hilarious parts. As such, its reputation and box office sales took off, surging exponentially.

  Two days later, or rather on the evening of the 8th to be exact, this film’s revenue would exceed 800 million dollars. With much ongoing celebration on Weibo, she was stabbed in her room before appearing in the studio in a blink of an eye.

  In regards to these sort of incomprehensible circumstances, Shen Yuanye had only ever seen them in films and television series, where female leads, who had met their Prince Charming, had done so through this fortuitous encounter.

  Whereas, she had somehow gained the chance of changing her fate.

  Suddenly, her phone began to ring. A familiar ringtone reverberated in the silence, jerking her back from her thoughts.


  “Yuanye! Have you finished shooting your commercial? Let’s go have hotpot together to celebrate your first time, and I’ve already booked a private room!” Sun Ai gushed.

  Upon hearing that, her words brought warmth to Shen Yuanye’s heart. 

  During her darkest time, her childhood friend, Sun Ai, had always been afraid that she could not figure things out, so she insisted on living with Shen Yuanye. Not only that, but she would also be the one to head out of the house to buy things every day.

  That night, Sun Ai just happened to be making her way to the supermarket to buy some sanitary pads. Shortly after she left the house, that was when something happened to Shen Yuanye.

  However, Shen Yuanye was somewhat thankful that she was out at that time.

  Not receiving any response after waiting for a long time, Sun Ai asked hesitantly, “What are you doing? Are you still working since you’ve not replied to anything that I’ve said?”

  Hurriedly, Shen Yuanye replied, “Alright, I’ll see you at the hotpot restaurant.”

  “Then, hurry up! Otherwise, I may not be able to resist myself.”


  It was only in the middle of the afternoon, yet the hotpot restaurant was brimmed with people.

  Waving her hands at Shen Yuanye, Sun Ai immediately pulled her to her seat. “My Yuanye, you’ve had a hard day today. It’s my treat, so help yourself to anything you like.”

  “In that case, don’t mind if I do.”

  Afraid of dampening the mood, Shen Yuanye did not tell her what happened earlier but merely grinned.

  The television on the opposite wall was currently broadcasting a piece of entertainment news. “In breaking news, Film Emperor Zhang Wentao and Empress of Pop Li Mengran were yet again seen arguing strongly over a bottle of mineral water for 30 minutes at a press conference. Subsequently, both of them slammed the door and left the venue…… Throughout this year, this is already the tenth time both of them were seen quarreling in public……” 

  The owner of this hotpot restaurant was a fervent fan of an idol, who just happened to be Li Mengran.

  Last year, Li Mengran won an international award and ever since then, she was given the title of Empress of Pop. Hence, this restaurant would always be playing her songs all year round, causing Shen Yuanye to become even more familiar with her.

  Perhaps their Four Pillars of Destiny3 It is also known as “Ba-Zi”, which means “eight characters” or “eight words” in Mandarin, is a Feng Shui concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour. were unsuited for each other, as whenever she bumped into Film Emperor Zhang, they would definitely end up in an argument.

  Each time, it would be due to some trivial matters.

  For instance, the last time, the two of them were shooting a commercial together at a studio several days ago. For some reason, Zhang Wentao felt that it smelt unpleasant inside the studio, so he did not enter to shoot the commercial. At the same time, he even prohibited Li Mengran from entering as well.  

  As such, both of them got into a massive fight at the entrance.

  As another example, it would be their dispute over mineral water this time.

  Every time the entertainment news reported the friction between her and Film Emperor Zhang, the hotpot restaurant owner would become exceptionally enraged. Hence, the soup base would always be much spicier.

  However, everyone in the restaurant was all well aware but still seemed to be enjoying themselves with this level of spiciness. 

  “What’s the point of fighting over mineral water? What’s wrong with my Mengran wanting to drink some water? How can Zhang Wentao be so petty? Does he think he’s the only one who can drink the water? It’s not like the press conference is arranged for him alone! What a miser! He is indeed the stingiest person ever……”

  As time passed, he still continued to mutter endlessly.

  Listening to his endless mutters, Shen Yuanye found it rather amusing. But she was quickly reminded of the time when someone had taken video clips of her covertly.

  Even though it had already been deleted, she was still somewhat afraid. Just to be safe, she decided to log on to her Weibo account and prepared herself to check the Weibo page of that person who uploaded the video clip in the first place.

  Seated opposite, Sun Ai was currently blanching her enoki mushrooms in the soup. As soon as she noticed Shen Yuanye was using her phone, Sun Ai immediately declared, “Hey, hey, hey! We’re here to have hotpot, so why are you still on your phone? You’re hereby prohibited!”

  Coincidentally, she found a ‘Mineral Water Dispute at a Press Conference’ news release posted by a marketing account on Weibo’s homepage. What’s more, they had even tagged Zhang Wentao——@LiaoZhangWenTao——in the post.

  With Sun Ai’s sudden interruption, Shen Yuanye’s hand slipped and was directed to Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page before pressing the follow button at the bottom left-hand corner.

  All of a sudden, her phone screen went black.

  Anxiously, Shen Yuanye’s heart skipped a beat. You’ve got to be kidding me! It is a brand new phone that was purchased recently, yet its screen went black so quickly?! Did it become a scrap piece of metal just like that

  In a flash, the screen lit up again.

  However, the content before her eyes rendered her stunned.

  On the left, there was a black and white picture with wreath borders. The two persons in the picture appeared to be exceptionally familiar to Shen Yuanye. 

  They were Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran, whom she had just seen earlier!

  This sort of black and white color scheme and white flowers hanging on top……if this were not a Portrait of the Deceased, then what was it?

  Just about every day, these two would be at each other’s throats, but it was also an open secret of the entertainment industry. Could it be possible that someone was so obsessed with this sort of love-hate CP4 It means couple. that he photoshopped a picture like this?

  But, what did this have to do with her?

  Who would be so free to play pranks on her? She was only a small-time print model who had not found fame. She would only take pictures regularly for her job, and did not know much of other people. So, why would anyone want to spend so much effort into hacking her phone?

  In the next second, Shen Yuanye’s attention was drawn to a column of information to the right of the portrait.

  Name: Li Mengran
  Date of Birth: 15th April 1986
  Date of Death: 8th December 2017

  Name: Zhang Wentao
  Date of Birth: 19th May 1989
  Date of Death: 8th December 2017

  This information could be found easily on Baidu5. Equivalent to Google in the US, Baidu is a Chinese dominant internet search engine that provides services ranging from music and video to cloud storage and antivirus software. , but what was it with the ‘Date of Death’ at the end? It was already the 5th today, so unexpectedly, it stated that it would be occurring in a few days.

  Horrified, Shen Yuanye’s finger yet again subconsciously slid down her phone screen.

  Immediately right after, she could not help but cry out in alarm when a large picture appeared.

  The picture, which occupied the entire phone screen, was of a collapsed area. 

  Mud and scratches covered Li Mengran’s entire face, and even bloodstains scattered across the side of her waist. Looking like she had been crawling her way towards the surface, only her upper body was exposed, while the rest remained in the ruins. As for one of her hands, it laid limp in one of the cracks.

  Below her, Zhang Wentao can be seen giving her a boost with both his hands. His back, however, was pinned by a piece of slate, as his blood seeped out continuously, dying the slate red. 

  Even so, both of them had their eyes closed.

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