The Villainess Won’t Let The Main Leads Break Up!

Chapter 7.2

Deep in the night.

After being visited by Xie Wuyan yesterday and having to drink tea all night, Shen Wanqing locked the door very carefully this time, fixed the windows, and even checked whether the roof window was closed properly.

After finishing all this, she let go of her worries, stretched her waist and climbed into bed to get ready to sleep.

At this moment, Shen Wanqing clearly felt the aura inside the room change, and the surroundings were suddenly so quiet that it was surprising. The leaves that had been rustling from the wind outside the window stopped in an instant, everything was silent, but it made her feel even more uneasy.

Immediately afterwards, the candlelight on the table lit up at once.

This very familiar aura and scene, could it be…

Shen Wanqing turned her head stiffly, and as expected, at the table not far away, Xie Wuyan lazily propped up his chin, curved his eyes slightly, raised his hand and said hello to her: “Miss Shen, good evening.”

Shen Wanqing choked up.

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“I also want to teach Master Xie, but first I need dice, if there is no dice–”

As soon as her voice fell, Xie Wuyan lifted his fingertips, the bone ring on his middle finger flashed as he grabbed something out of thin air, and two exquisite die laid quietly on the palm of his hand.

The Tiangang1in ancient books, Tiangang is the Big Dipper, but it can also be interpreted as a heavenly spirit in Daoism bone ring.

It could store all things and was one of the magical instruments in the Cultivation Realm.

Shen Wanqing was long accustomed to seeing these rare and exotic treasures, but she still wanted to hold onto her last straw: “The chessboard is quite special. I have to draw it out myself, but I don’t have paper or pen.”

Then paper and pen appeared in front of her eyes.

Shen Wanqing: “We also need to have two colors of chess pieces.”

Then there were chess pieces.

Shen Wanqing: “In that case, we still need a a small dish of braised duck neck, sweet osmanthus cakes and almond glutinous rice balls.”

This time Xie Wuyan didn’t make anything appear, he held up his chin to look at her, and the die were thrown up and down in his hand, his eyes filled with a threatening look.

Shen Wanqing immediately relented, sat down at the table in a well behaved manner, and began to draw the chessboard resignedly: “Okay, I don’t actually need those.”

Annoying, when he couldn’t conjure up these things, he started to intimidate and threaten her with those scary eyes.

After drawing, she pushed the piece of paper forward and pointed to the four corners: “Now everyone has four chess pieces. Only by throwing the dice to six can they put one of their chess pieces on the board, and then it will move forward according to the number on their dice. Whoever takes the lead to send all the chess pieces to the end will be considered the winner.”

Then, Shen Wanqing threw it as a demonstration.

It was a one.

Shen Wanqing handed the dice over: “It’s your turn.”

When Xie Wuyan took the dice, the contempt in his eyes were clearly visible, as if two words were clearly written on his face -“That’s it?”

Shen Wanqing put her hands to her hips: “Although the rules are simple, luck is also a type of capability.”

Xie Wuyan didn’t seem too committed, he just tossed it casually.


This guy’s luck was pretty good?

After half an hour, Shen Wanqing discovered something was wrong.

This was not a matter of luck.

Otherwise, how could Xie Wuyan roll sixes from start to finish, and have three of his chess pieces reach the end one after the other? On the other hand, all the die she had thrown out had been ones, and until now, she still hadn’t even left the starting point. Although she was forced to play Aeroplane chess with Xie Wuyan, her game experience was too unsatisfying.

Shen Wanqing raised her head and acutely saw the spiritual energy gathered at his fingertips.


She almost forgot, this was the world of cultivation, luck didn’t exist at all, they were all cheaters.

Shen Wanqing was so outraged that she was filled with indignation. She cracked the case and immediately held onto him: “You can’t use spiritual power to control the dice, otherwise you’re a cheater.”

However, at the moment when she touched Xie Wuyan’s index finger, Shen Wanqing noticed his abnormally cold body temperature.

It was just a finger, yet it was so cold that it pierced her palms. Mixed with the power that hadn’t been retracted yet, it was like she had been cut by a sharp blade.

So, even though most of his demonic power had been sealed, Xie Wuyan’s power still domineered to such a level?

Xie Wuyan glanced at Shen Wanqing’s hand.

The index finger that had been pecked by Xuanniao had already started scarring.

He remained silent, and looked up at her again: “Oh.”

A very half-hearted tone.

Shen Wanqing was so angry that she wanted to pull his hair, but in the end, because she was timid, she swallowed her breath, sat back down again, picked up the dice and threw it.

It was a one.

There was definitely a problem.

She raised her head and stared at Xie Wuyan: “You, turn around.”

Xie Wuyan raised his eyebrows and turned around.

Shen Wanqing threw it again.

Still one.

Shen Wanqing, whose mentality had collapsed, decided that she would cheat too.

So she stretched out her hand and moved the dice secretly, adjusting the number to six, and then sat upright, pretending to be calm and said: “Okay.”

Xie Wuyan turned around, glanced at the dice, then raised his head and glanced at her.

“I threw a six.” For some reason, Shen Wanqing felt a little guilty under his gaze, and her confidence diminished, “What are you doing, looking at me with such skepticism? Plus you didn’t see anything, you’ve already rolled so many sixes, can’t I roll one too? Stingy.”

Of course Xie Wuyan could see through Shen Wanqing’s guilt.

It was exactly the same everytime she lied, she talked more and quickly, she was like a sparrow, flapping her wings next to him as if she was not afraid of death, chirping about while being unreasonable.

She was very interesting.

She was less courageous than expected, but also more courageous than anyone could imagine.

Xie Wuyan didn’t expose her, he just picked up the dice calmly, rubbed it against his fingertips, and then gently tossed it.

The situation seemed to have reversed at this moment, and Shen Wanqing went smoothly all the way to the end.

After sending all four of her chess pieces to the finish line, Shen Wanqing was so happy that she felt like she could once again take on the world: “I am so strong.”

Xie Wuyan jokingly said, “Why aren’t you questioning it this time round, Miss Shen?”

The hypocritical Shen Wanqing hugged her arms: “Look at how you’re phrasing your words, isn’t it super normal to keep throwing sixes?”

After a few games, it was deep in the night.

Shen Wanqing yawned several times and laid on the table weakly, throwing the dice numbly.

So sleepy.

She even wondered if this was Xie Wuyan’s self-created murder trick – by keeping her from sleeping, she would die from fatigue.

Just thinking about all sorts of nonsense like this, a deep sense of tiredness surged all over, and she became sleepier and sleepier. Her eyelids seemed to be filled with lead and could no longer hold on.

Let’s destroy everything.

If he wants to kill then he can, because I am going to sleep now anyway.

Thinking about this, Shen Wanqing fell asleep.

Xie Wuyan crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, thinking it was kind of funny.

She obviously knew his identity, yet she could still sleep so peacefully. She was clearly someone who loved her life a lot, yet she also seemed to not be afraid of death.

You could say she was very innocent and kind, yet if she were to stab someone in the back, she would do so with no hesitation.

The Tiangang Bone Ring flickered again, and Xuanniao fluttered out of it with flapping wings.

“It’s her, it’s her! She pulled my feathers, tied my mouth shut, and wanted to stew me! And she called me a pigeon!” As soon as Xuanniao came out, it chirped non-stop, and aggressively went to strike at Shen Wanqing’s neck.

Xie Wuyan raised his eyes, and the dice was abruptly crushed between his fingers.

A red light exploded, accompanied by an extremely strong aura and impact.

But no matter how terrifying the aura in the room was, the whole room seemed to be shrouded by an invisible barrier. From the outside, it was still calm and nothing seemed unusual, as if the aura was deliberately being hidden.

Xuanniao was hit by the red light, making its brain hurt. It came flying back while whimpering, saying as if it were wronged, “Your Royal Highness.”

“Be quiet.” Xie Wuyan propped up his chin, stretched out his index finger to pull up a strand of hair beside Shen Wanqing’s ear, and wrapped it around his fingertips boredly, “If you wake her up, will you come and play this boring chess game with her?” “

Xuannao felt a lump in his throat.

You only care about whether this woman will be awakened, you don’t care if your own baby pet is hurt.

This woman was really a dangerous woman who caused disasters!

“Your spiritual power has recovered?” Xie Wuyan glanced at Xuanniao and asked suddenly.

Xuanniao was taken aback for a moment, and then realized that the spiritual power that was smashed apart at noon had reunited together again: “It seems to have recovered a little… how could it be so fast?”

Xie Wuyan turned his head and squeezed Shen Wanqing’s right hand.

The scar on the index finger was clearly visible.

Xuanniao probably swallowed the blood of Shen Wanqing at this time.

Xie Wuyan’s fingertips rested on the back of her hand and swiped lightly.

A drop of blood rolled down, but the speed of the drop was surprisingly slow.

He stretched out his hand, gathered a little bit of spiritual energy, and touched the drop of blood.

In an instant, this drop of blood ignited, and then exploded.

Xie Wuyan narrowed his eyes slightly after a moment of astonishment and then chuckled in understanding.

It seems that this was even more special than he thought

Xuanniao swiftly flew up, his tone was full of astonishment: “This is!”

“Yes.” Xie Wuyan’s eyes were as usual, and his tone sounded flat, “It’s just as you think.”

“Your Royal Highness, in this case, this person is not fit to keep around for long.” Xuanniao landed on Xie Wuyan’s shoulder, desperately inciting him, “In case in the future…”

Xie Wuyan didn’t speak, he looked at Shen Wanqing, and then reached out and put his fingertips against her neck.

As long as he gathered a little bit of energy, he could draw a blood mark that could penetrate deep into the bones.

However, he didn’t use any force, he simply retracted his hand and stood up: “It’s time for us to go.”

Xuanniao looked like its heart was broken, and it rolled around with grievance: “Your Royal Highness, sure enough, this woman is important to you, right?”

“That’s right.” Xie Wuyan said half-heartedly, with a little bit of laziness in his tone, “It’s very important to spend time raising a sword.”

Forging a sword?

Xuanniao’s eyes lit up a fire of hope again.

Sure enough, this woman was just a tool.

Xuanniao was still the most important thing in His Highness’s heart!

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