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  • The Villainess Won’t Let The Main Leads Break Up!

    Chapter 28

    Then Shen Wanqing witnessed a live broadcast of a romantic drama.

    Jiang Shujun looked affectionately at Xie Wuyan’s side profile, her gaze flickering slightly, filled with a yearning and admiration that could only belong to a young girl.

    Xie Wuyan turned around and raised his eyes, looked in her direction, approached, and then leaned down while stretching out his hand.

    The atmosphere was beautiful.

    Jiang Shujun lowered her head shyly, then bashfully raised her hand.


    However, in the next second, Xie Wuyan grabbed Shen Wanqing’s arm, lifted her up from the ground, and said with a look of disgust: “How long do you plan on sitting on the ground for?”

    Shen Wanqing: “…”

    The romantic drama came to an abrupt end.

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    “R wdelapvyde.”

    Feng Yaoqing met Ji Feichen’s eyes, nodded, and stepped forward to block the group of people: “Give a price, since we have encountered this matter, we cannot ignore it.”


    The group of people looked at each other and hesitated a bit.

    The girls in the brothel were easy to bring in, but difficult to take out. What’s more, this Jiang Shujun was a good seedling that the head had urged them to bring back in good shape. If they were to lose her halfway, only punishment would await them.

    But they also didn’t want to offend the cultivators.

    “Heroes, please don’t make it difficult for us.” The big man said with a bitter face, “This matter is not something that can be decided by people like us.”

    “Then take us to someone who can make this decision .” Feng Yaoqing was unmoved. 


    The atmosphere was deadlocked for a while.

    This was until a thick and dull voice came echoing through: “What’s the matter? I just told you all to catch someone; how did you end up causing such a commotion.”

    The man who walked over looked like the leader among the group. He was dressed in a black robe, with a scar from the end of his eyes to the corner of his lips; he didn’t look like a man to be trifled with.

    Upon seeing this, the rugged men leaned towards him and whispered for a while.

    After listening, the leader frowned, examined Ji Feichen and his party up and down carefully, and then asked: “Are all of you demon eliminators?”

    Ji Feichen clasped his hands together into a fist to greet him: “We are.”


    The leader pondered for a long time, and then said: “It’s not impossible for us to give you this lady’s life contract, but you must help the Full Moon Tower do one thing.”

    “What thing?”

    “Eliminate a demon.”

    The Full Moon Tower was the largest brothel in the An County. The forces behind it were quite complicated, and there were even feudal officials involved within.

    Since its opening, music and songs could be heard every night, and it had attracted an endless stream of customers.

    However, in the last six months, there had been frequent murder cases.

    It seemed that every once in a while, someone would die bizarrely in the Full Moon Tower; sometimes it was a customer looking for a good time, and sometimes it was one of the girls of the brothel.

    It was said that these people all had their souls sucked dry, leaving only an empty shell. Just from a look, you could see that it was the work of a demon.

    Suddenly, people were in panic, and the business of the Full Moon Tower was not as prosperous as before. The owner invited Taoist priests to eliminate the demon several times, but they all returned without success, and a few even died.

    Since then, no other demon eliminator had accepted this difficult job.

    “If you can slay this demon for the Full Moon Tower, we will naturally give you this lady’s life contract.”

    “I understand,” Ji Feichen didn’t overthink it and nodded in agreement, “How can I ignore a demon creating havoc to the world? I just hope that you can keep your promise when the time comes.”


    When he said this, his eyes were firm, his voice was clear, there was a bright and clear chivalrous demeanor. The halo of the male protagonist exuded from all over his body.

    After realizing that Jiang Shujun had some ulterior motives towards Xie Wuyan, Shen Wanqing returned to her state of being a salted fish1i.e. being lazy and not doing anything, sitting in a chair and leisurely enjoying her lunch.

    It was not her job to catch demons and level up, so it was not up to her to worry about it. As long as these side female characters did not dangle in front of Ji Feichen, everything would be fine for her.

    Thinking of this, Shen Wanqing was in a happy mood.

    She relieved her worries, happily took a piece of tofu with her chopsticks, and then subconsciously glanced at Jiang Shujun beside her.

    Then she was dumbfounded.

    Jiang Shujun looked longingly at Ji Feichen’s back, and an unusual blush once again appeared on both sides of her cheeks. The feeling of love radiated from her whole body, it was exactly the same as when she had faced Xie Wuyan just before.

    Then, she heard her say eloquently with affection: “Thank you very much.”


    Why are you falling for both at once?

    Don’t be too greedy!

    The carriage stopped in front of the Full Moon Tower.


    She had to say that this famous brothel really looked luxurious and magnificent. The front and back of the building was surrounded by peach blossoms, and there were red lanterns hanging from the eaves. The air surrounding it was mixed with an extravagant fragrance, which carried a mood of debauchery.

    The leader took them inside.

    Walking into the Full Moon Tower, the smell from the incense became more and more intense, rendering one dizzy and befuddled. In addition, there were girls playing decadent and lewd music on the guqin2a type of Chinese instrument – a zither that looks like this: Chinese young artist: Guqin maker aims to create legacy - CGTN .

    Drunk guests laid down in the pile of women, touching them here and there, triggering soft and tender cries.

    As soon as Ji Feichen and the others came in, people kept looking at them, and there were sounds of women laughing and discussing in low voices, even making a few s*xual jokes.

    Feng Yaoqing had a pure and lofty temperament, and she was an heir that had been cultivated by everyone around her since she was a child. Naturally, she couldn’t stand the atmosphere in the brothel.

    She frowned and sped up her steps, only feeling disoriented.

    Shen Wanqing was much better at adapting compared to her.

    She became even more energetic, especially after discovering that in addition to the gaudily dressed girls, there were also delicate and pretty gigolos.

    After she found five cool guys, all possessing different traits and surrounding a wealthy woman, Shen Wanqing was so jealous that she almost burst into tears.

    That wealthy woman was living such a happy life.

    This was until Xie Wuyan’s voice suddenly sounded in her ears: “Do they look good?”

    She didn’t know why, but Shen Wanqing suddenly had the illusion of being caught red-handed by a teacher. She instantly raised her head, her eyes looking straight ahead: “They do not look good, it’s very stupid, what impropriety and indecency is this! Public morals are practically degenerating with each passing day, look at this moral decay, I cannot stand to stay here any longer!”

    While talking, she secretly glanced at the little gigolo who was the cute puppy-like type on the far left.

    Xie Wuyan was silent for a while, followed her gaze and scanned in the direction of the person she was looking at.

    The little gigolo who was pouring wine quivered.

    …Why did he suddenly have the misconception that he would not live past tonight?

    After just taking a few steps, the leader stopped suddenly.

    “Everyone, please wait a moment.”

    He turned his head and looked at a man lying in the scene of debauchery3word used is ‘wine pool’ but does not actually mean he is in a pool of wine, it’s to express the scene of people enjoying life while drinking alcohol and having s*x not too far away, so drunk that he seemed unconscious. He frowned, stepping forward: “Cultivator He, the tower owner told you to go meet with her once you have awakened.”


    Then he should also be a demon eliminator.

    Shen Wanqing turned her head and glanced at the man in the debaucherous scene.

    He looked like he didn’t have a care for anything, his hair and clothes were messy, reeking with alcohol all over. He was even hugging a few very experienced prostitutes to his right and left. He didn’t look like a demon eliminator, but like a guest here to indulge in sensual pleasures.

    That Cultivator He waved his hand impatiently, then propped his body up in a daze, falling down with every three steps he took. He was being helped over by the leader next to him, walking towards them.

    “This is……”

    “This is Cultivator He, our tower head invited him to catch the demon.” The leader explained.

    Feng Yaoqing furrowed her brows, she seemed to frown upon the unruly appearance of this Cultivator He, so her tone was a little cold: “I understand, take us to see the tower head.”

    The leader took them to the tower head’s room, and after notifying the servants, he left respectfully.

    Shen Wanqing glanced around.

    Compared with the extravagant decoration from before, this room carried a more literary aura and looked quite elegant.

    After sitting for a while, the sandalwood screen4like this:

    Chinese - Carved sandalwood screen
    was pushed aside by the maid.

    A busty woman dressed extravagantly sat in the higher chair, waving a fan, looking lazy and luxurious at the same time.

    “I’ve heard about the situation,” the woman said in a slow tone, “but our Full Moon Tower can’t stand anymore suffering. None of the original Taoist priests who vowed to help us were useful. Since you all have boasted about your abilities, I assume that you definitely won’t disappoint me in comparison to them.”

    Feng Yaoqing: “Don’t worry, it’s just a demon. We will definitely not allow it to hurt any more innocent people.”

    “Really?” The head’s reaction was rather indifferent, seemingly not hopeful, “How do you plan to catch it?”

    How to catch it?

    This sentence made Feng Yaoqing frown.

    “Please rest assured, before we catch the demon, we will guard the Full Moon Tower without letting it out of our sights…”

    “Without letting it out of your sight?”

    Cultivator He, who had almost been falling asleep next to them, laughed suddenly after hearing these words. He got up while swaying, and walked towards Feng Yaoqing, “Look at your appearances. All of you are well-dressed and carry a strict expression of purity and honesty. Just from one glance, it is obvious that you are cultivators here to catch demons. The demon is not a fool, after seeing you, do you think it will stupidly present itself to you?”

    Although Cultivator He looked befuddled, there was indeed some truth in his words

    Feng Yaoqing was taken aback, and took a deep breath: “I can dress up… dress up to be like the people here—”

    “You?” Cultivator He laughed like he had heard a joke, clutching his stomach while laughing loudly, “This girl feels dirty just from standing here, she can’t even fool a human, let alone a demon.”

    These words caused Feng Yaoqing’s expression to slightly change, she bit her lower lip tightly.

    Ji Feichen felt sorry for her, and raised his hand to cover her’s: “Cultivator He, why are you so aggressive, since you know the Full Moon Tower so well, how about you tell us your thoughts.”

    “My thoughts?”

    Cultivator He walked leisurely towards Shen Wanqing, glanced at her up and down, then raised his index finger and pointed in her direction: “I think she suits this place very well.”

    Shen Wanqing, who was happily eating some sweet osmanthus cake, was suddenly caught off guard. Her chewing stopped in place, almost causing her to choke.

    Something was wrong.

    …Listening to these words, why did it seem like she had been humiliated?

    But after thinking about it, Shen Wanqing felt that it was nothing.

    As a female side character whose existence was like a tool, she had rich experience in this area, and this kind of leveling-up mission was of an easy difficulty for the protagonist group, she would take this purely as a contribution for love and peace.

    Thinking about this, she continued to eat her sweet osmanthus cake leisurely.

    Ji Feichen frowned, thought for a moment, and shook his head: “No, Wanqing’s body has not healed completely yet, I cannot let her face this danger all alone.”

    Cultivator He took out his pinky finger and picked his ear: “That’s simple, you just need to have someone accompany her. If you have a prostitute, then don’t you require a customer as well?”


    The atmosphere froze in place, and even Shen Wanqing stopped chewing her sweet osmanthus cake.

    After a long time, Ji Feichen looked like he had made a difficult decision. He glanced at Feng Yaoqing beside him, then closed his eyes and sighed: “I understand, then I will do it–”

    As soon as Ji Feichen’s words came out, Feng Yaoqing’s expression changed.

    As soon as Feng Yaoqing’s expression changed, the system started yelling at the top of its lungs.

    [Villainess System: Alert Alert —]

    “It’s not necessary, it’s not necessary.”

    Shen Wanqing almost fell to her knees. She racked her brains to find a reason to try and reject him: “Look, Brother Ji, you are famous all over the world, what if the demon has seen you before and you get exposed?”

    Ji Feichen pondered for a moment, and seemed to feel that her words made sense: “Although that is the case, I still feel worried about you staying here alone.”

    “It’s not an issue.” Shen Wanqing thought of a glorious and all-purpose character.

    She turned her head and looked at Xie Wuyan, as if she was looking at hope, and sincerely shouted, “Big Brother Xie.”

    Xie Wuyan: “…”

    I knew you were going to say this stupid phrase to me.

    Edited by Zzz

    [Translator’s Note: Whenever Shen Wanqing needs help, let’s say it together: BIG BROTHER XIE!!]

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