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  • The Villainess Won’t Let The Main Leads Break Up!

    Chapter 25

    Shen Wanqing also noticed something was wrong, she frowned, getting ready to stand up. Suddenly, the candlelight on the table went out, and the whole room instantly fell into darkness.

    In such a dark and enclosed environment, her other senses were instantly magnified.

    The fragmented sound of a bell rang from nowhere, it felt far but also near, creating a sense of eeriness and creepiness. The cold air spread all the way up from their feet, a chill creeping up their backs.

    “Retreat.” Xie Wuyan hid her behind him.

    He fixed his attention, trying to explore the direction of the source of this power, but as soon as he accumulated his power, the Sealing Curse suddenly deepened in color and spread quickly.

    Xie Wuyan grunted, clenching his fists, his veins bursting out.

    Shen Wanqing realized something was wrong, and stretched out her hand to help, only to find that the Sealing Curse had spread to his neck and was still spreading upwards.

    Wait, why did it suddenly become so serious?

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    However, Xie Wuyan raised his eyes, turned sideways, and drew his sword, his motions sharp and unhesitant.

    The blade hit the purple light and split it forcefully in half.

    However, at this moment, the light suddenly dissipated into a mist, enveloping him very quickly.

    The bell rang again.

    But this time, it wasn’t inside the room, it was in Xie Wuyan’s mind.

    The Illusion Lure.

    It was one of the secret techniques of the Heavenly Dao Palace known by very few people.

    It could sneak into your spiritual mind and create illusions in a short period of time to control your perception, and in turn, control you to make the wrong decisions.

    When Xie Wuyan opened his eyes again, there was a sea of ​​blood around him. Demonic ghosts were growling and roaring, accompanied by a bloody smell that made him want to vomit.

    He lowered his head and found that his hands were stained red, the sword’s edge was still dripping with blood, drip-drop, drip-drop onto the ground.

    “Xie Wuyan.”

    Someone called him.

    Xie Wuyan raised his head, Shen Wanqing was standing not too far away, looking at him with a flirtatious smile, dressed in an extremely ostentatious red, standing in the middle of nothingness, appearing to be particularly eye-catching.

    Xie Wuyan walked towards her and stopped in front of her.

    “I know who you are,” she said.

    The next second, blood splashed everywhere.

    The dagger pierced Xie Wuyan’s chest, soaking his clothes red in an instant.

    This was exactly what Shen Wanqing wanted to do back in the Xuantian back mountain.

    She would still choose to kill him again.

    Xie Wuyan looked at her.

    Shen Wanqing smiled and said, “I’ve always known who you are.”

    Xie Wuyan didn’t speak, lowering his gaze to stare at her in utter silence. After a long time, the corner of his lower lip curved upwards, and he slowly uttered three words.

    The dense fog in front of him slowly dissipated, and the surrounding scene, just like smoke being blown away, slowly became more and more translucent until it disappeared altogether.

    “Xie Wuyan!” Shen Wanqing’s slightly anxious voice sounded. She plunged into the thick fog and held onto Xie Wuyan’s wrist, “You’re all right…”

    Xie Wuyan’s eyes moved slightly, his wrist shook, and he raised his hand, the sword’s edge pressed against her neck.

    Shen Wanqing’s movements stopped abruptly.

    The atmosphere seemed to freeze in an instant.

    The fragmented bell sounded again, like the final nail in the coffin.

    Xie Wuyan’s eyes were strangely cold.

    The long sword carried the wind and swept a fierce air current. However, it swiped Shen Wanqing’s neck and plunged straight into the darkness.


    Blood splattered everywhere.

    The pressure around him suddenly relaxed, and it disintegrated in an instant.

    “How could it be…” In the darkness, a young man’s shocked voice rang.

    The candlelight suddenly lit up, illuminating the person who had just been hidden in the shadows.

    How could it be?

    Although he couldn’t see the images that appeared in people’s mind after enchanting them with the Illusion Lure, the illusions would change according to the innermost desires of the enchanted person’s mind.

    He wanted to see Xie Wuyan and Shen Wanqing turn their backs on each other and watch them fight from afar while reaping the benefits without expending any effort.

    But why……

    Xie Wuyan didn’t even blink his eyes.

    It was not the case that the Illusion Lure had no effect on him. On the day of the full moon, he couldn’t use his own demonic powers, so the secret technique really did enchant him.

    It’s just that the illusion didn’t matter to him at all.

    He didn’t care if Shen Wanqing killed him.

    He would never care.

    Finally seeing the appearance of the person who had been hiding in the dark, Shen Wanqing frowned.

    This person looked very familiar, he was clearly a senior disciple of the Xuantian Sect in the hall today.

    But the spiritual powers and secret techniques he had used just now did not seem to have been taught by the Xuantian Sect.

    “You are from the Heavenly Dao Palace.” Xie Wuyan’s sword stabbed deeper, his eyes unfaltering, “Who sent you here?”

    Blood oozed from the corner of the youth’s mouth. He didn’t answer Xie Wuyan’s question. His face was terribly pale and white, but the corners of his lips were curved up as he laughed crazily.

    “You are indeed quite capable, but it’s a pity. If you hadn’t gotten involved in tonight’s situation, you would’ve been quite famous in the cultivation realm.” The young man raised his hand and held Xie Wuyan’s sword, “But since you have seen it all, then tonight, you must die here.”


    When the spiritual pressures collided, a strong wind suddenly blew into the room, like a whirlpool, as if it were to break apart everything.

    However, looking from the outside, everything seemed to be calm as usual.

    The Golden Shield.

    This was a secret treasure of the Heavenly Dao Palace.

    Before taking action, he had ensured everything was fool-proof; this spy sent by the Heavenly Dao Palace had placed this barrier long ago.

    Xie Wuyan was unable to use his powers.

    Coupled with the loss of power just now, the Sealing Curse had gradually climbed up to the side of his face, appearing demonic yet morbid.

    He frowned, as if to forcefully break through the control of the Sealing Curse.

    The curse mark flashed black and red, as if to burst out of his whole body. He raised his gaze, his eyes red, even just from staring at him like this, you could feel a tremendous pressure coming from her.

    Shen Wanqing felt that the situation was not right.

    No matter how strong Xie Wuyan was, in the original book, it took almost most of the novel for him to finally break the curse. Forcibly breaking through it now was undoubtedly going to end in death.

    “Alright.” Shen Wanqing held his wrist and shouted, “Xie Wuyan, stop.”

    Under the collision of the strong wind and spiritual power, the robes of the two were flying up and down, her ears filled with a buzzing vibration.

    Xie Wuyan seemed to not hear a thing.

    At this moment, the bone ring he was wearing on his fingertips flickered.

    As if sensing something, the black bird flapped its wings and forcibly broke out.

    “Your Highness, Your Highness! If you continue like this, you will explode and die.” Xuanniao was protecting its owner as it kept pulling onto Xie Wuyan’s robe with its sharp beak.

    Shen Wanqing released the hand holding Xie Wuyan’s wrist, lowering her eyes while pondering.

    When the Painted Skin Ghost had attacked her before, the remnants of the memories in this body repeatedly mentioned the word ‘sacrifice.’

    It was also mentioned in the original book that when the original Shen Wanqing sacrificed her body to a malicious demon after her love turned to hatred, the malicious demon’s cultivation immediately advanced to the highest level.

    Perhaps this was related to her special physique.

    Her body was the best fertilizer in the eyes of both humans and demons.

    If Xie Wuyan’s spiritual power could not be suppressed in time at this very moment, he would definitely explode and die as said by Xuanniao.

    “It seems that this person who is protecting you will soon lead himself to death.” The young man laughed presumptuously, “Miss Shen, I know you have a strong temperament. I don’t want to make too much of a commotion today. If you want him to live, take the initiative to leave with me.”

    Shen Wanqing didn’t respond to him, she didn’t even turn her head. Instead, she raised her eyes and looked at Xie Wuyan calmly.

    After a long time, she closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then turned around: “Are you curious? How powerful really is this secret technique that is said to have been destroyed a long time ago?”

    The youth frowned: “What do you mean?”

    Shen Wanqing lowered her head, took out the dagger from her waist, held onto her shoulder, and then laughed: “I’m very curious.”

    After finishing speaking, she plunged it in abruptly.

    She stabbed herself cruelly, piercing it right through, which only left her feeling like her shoulder was going to be forcefully broken.

    She raised her head, gritted her teeth, and pulled out the dagger.

    The blood instantly stained her goose yellow clothes.

    It felt identical to last time.

    It was as if her wound was the source of all her powers, the sparks of fire gathering together, using the wound as soil to break out.


    The power poured out in an instant.

    The sky was filled with sparks, engulfing the huge fluctuations of spiritual power, and unexpectedly smashing the barrier created by The Golden Shield.

    Everyone in the Xuantian Sect was immediately on guard, ringing the bell to signal danger.

    Shen Wanqing took a deep breath, turned around, squatted down in front of Xie Wuyan, and then gently hugged his shoulders, putting her head against his shoulders.

    “Okay,” she said, “you can stop now.”

    Her headache caused a splitting pain, which gradually blurred her vision.

    A vast expanse of bright light appeared in front of her eyes.

    Shen Wanqing seemed to have fallen into a delicate and soft vortex, unable to distinguish between nothingness and reality, she could only hear a huge rumble.

    After a long time, the surroundings returned to a peaceful calm again.

    The surrounding scenes gradually became clearer.

    “Let go of me, please let me go!”

    “Let me leave, let me leave this place.”

    There were sounds of crying and howling all around. Someone slammed onto the chained iron gates desperately, smashing their heads till they bled.

    Shen Wanqing looked around.

    This…belonged to Xie Wuyan’s memories.

    “Everyone, your sacrifices are not meaningless.” A man who had an appearance akin to an elder stood in the center of the wide hall with a serious face, full of rhetoric, “The underworldly demons are causing havoc to the world, all spiritual life is to be turned to ash. Other than achieving the legend left behind by our ancestors, we have no other way.”


    Shen Wanqing was stunned.

    But soon, she saw this so-called legend.

    Because it was carved on the stone tablet at the entrance of the dungeon.

    The meaning of it roughly was about a child that was born from a human who naturally possessed a special physique and a demon. This child’s power could dispel all filth and scum, his flesh and blood could awaken a demon slaying sword that was powerful enough to seal away the underworldly demons, but it could also become the fruits of evil that would result in the destruction of the world.

    She suddenly understood.

    Xie Wuyan was the karma created personally by the Heavenly Dao Palace.

    The surrounding environment began rapidly collapsing and reorganizing.

    Shen Wanqing saw Xie Wuyan again.

    It was the same woman as before. She took Xie Wuyan’s hand and walked along the long aisle without any expression. Her face was numb, she didn’t even turn her gaze at all.

    “Mother.” Xie Wuyan said, his voice was still of a young child, “Do you wish for me to do this?”

    The woman finally stopped.

    She turned her head and looked at Xie Wuyan, leaning down while propping her knees. She stretched out her hand to brush away the hair sticking to his cheek, and smiled: “I do.”

    Xie Wuyan didn’t move.

    However, the woman’s smile lasted only a moment, and then she became deranged and filled with pain in an instant. She laughed loudly and said, “Because I hate you.”

    It was like years of pressure had finally found its catharsis.

    She kept murmuring like she was in a trance, repeating these three words, louder and louder with each repetition: “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.”

    Xie Wuyan didn’t move, standing still, looking at his biological mother very quietly. Then, he stretched out his hand: “Mother, let’s keep walking.”

    Shen Wanqing just kept watching.

    Watching Xie Wuyan being led by his mother, walking towards the sword-forging furnace, and then being pushed into the fire with his mother’s very own hands.

    Everyone seemed to expect his arrival.

    But no one really looked forward to his arrival.

    “Wanqing! Wanqing!”

    Several familiar voices sounded.

    It seemed to be Ji Feichen, and also Feng Yaoqing.

    Her consciousness gradually began to collapse, and her mentality was being dragged back into her body.

    She opened her eyes with difficulty, only thinking that her eyelashes had been stained with blood causing her vision to be blurred. 

    She discovered that she couldn’t move at all.

    She was like a piece of charcoal being thrown into the stove and grilled repeatedly until it burnt into ashes bit by bit.

    “Learn to control them.” Xie Wuyan’s voice sounded in her mind, “Don’t let them gather inside your body, you must completely shed these forces from your body.”

    Shen Wanqing gritted her teeth and tried to follow Xie Wuyan’s guidance.

    But the wound was too deep, causing this force to be excessively arrogant. Her body was like a melting pot, and she was completely unable to carry it anymore.

    “Then leave it to me.” Xie Wuyan said.

    Leave it to him?

     Xie Wuyan clasped her back, pulled her into his arms, then lowered his head and kissed her lips.

    The author has something to say: Sugar! This is sugar! Read carefully! Isn’t this sugar! This is sugar! Popping candy is also candy!

    Xie Wuyan: I have made a profit, I hope that every day is a full moon.

    Shen Wanqing: Although I am very grateful, I still want to ask why the spiritual transition method is through kissing.

    Me: Actually, there are other ways, but we’re almost at 90,000 words, you should kiss.

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    [Translator’s Note: Seeing more of our ML’s origins and backstory…it makes my heart hurt. He was birthed into this world to become a weapon by a so-called righteous clan…he never had a choice to be what he wanted to be. And finally, a kiss!! AHHHHHHH]

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