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  • The Villainess Won’t Let The Main Leads Break Up!

    Chapter 24

    Shen Wanqing spoke with a smile, her eyes bright and clear.

    But the more she acted like this, the more you could feel her decisiveness. Every time the people around her moved closer, the piece of porcelain in her hand pushed in deeper.

    The blood ran down her fingers and dripped to the ground.

    The elder frowned and stopped his disciples: “Miss Shen, we need your ability to save the world, it is not out of selfish desires. Do you have the conscience to watch all spiritual beings turn to ash?”

    Shen Wanqing didn’t believe his act at all: “I do. There are so many people in the world, if I were to take care of everyone, then would I be able to sleep soundly?”

    The elder obviously did not expect Shen Wanqing to return with such an answer. He was furious, slamming the table and pointing his finger at her: “You!”

    “Elder.” Ji Feichen took two steps forward and stopped in front of him. “In my heart, Wanqing is just like a little sister to me, my father has also treated her as his own since we were young. Elder, if you continue to be so aggressive, do you want to force the Ji Clan to fight against the Xuantian Sect?”

    “The Xuantian Sect has always taught us disciples to not harm the innocent.” Feng Yaoqing stood beside him, saying with a cold voice, “If you want to use the sacrifice of innocent people to gain the strength to fight against the demon realm, then what difference is it to those demons who suck the blood of cultivators for food? If my father were here today, he would not agree with your approach.”

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    “Fine, today’s matters should be kept secret by everyone here today, I don’t want anyone else to find out.” Finally, the elder was helpless against this group and said coldly, “Otherwise, it will no longer be a problem that you all can solve with a few words.”

    After speaking, he walked away while flicking his sleeves.

    Zeng Ziyun bit her lower lip, stomped her foot, turned around and chased after him.

    As soon as all the insignificant people left, Ji Feichen immediately turned around, ran to Shen Wanqing, took the porcelain fragment from her hand, and said in distress: “Are you okay? Did they hurt you just then?”

    Feng Yaoqing also came over, her voice carrying an apologetic tone: “Sorry, I didn’t take care of Xiao Yun properly, I am also responsible for this matter today.”

    “It’s okay.” Shen Wanqing was quite moved.

    Since they were all cultivators, such a small cut didn’t actually make much of a difference.

    But Ji Feichen didn’t believe it, he thought that she was just pretending to be strong and was forcing out a smile to hide her pain, so he sternly said: “Don’t try and act brave, tell me where you are injured and I will seek justice for you.”

    Shen Wanqing continued to be moved: “I’m really okay.”

    The sword was crushed by Xie Wuyan before it had even touched her hair.

    “If you feel uncomfortable, you must let it out.” Ji Feichen continued to persuade patiently, “Don’t hold it in by yourself.”

    “…” Okay, if you want me to feel uncomfortable, I’ll try then.

    So Shen Wanqing racked her brains and touched her stomach: “In fact, I am a bit uncomfortable, I’m a little bit…”

    “I knew it.”

    Before she could finish speaking, Ji Feichen interrupted her. He sighed, his eyes flushed slightly: “It’s all my fault.”

    Feng Yaoqing immediately patted him on the back, softly coaxing: “No, I am also at fault.”

    It only left Shen Wanqing confused.

    Fault, what fault, I’m just hungry?

    Night fell.

    Clouds and mist were surging in the Xuantian back mountain. After a long time, in the thick fog, a crimson light shone out, and then, a Raksa1a type of demon in Buddhism that eats human flesh bird flew out of it, circled around, and stopped on a branch.

    “Your Royal Highness.” Xuanniao stopped on Xie Wuyan’s shoulder, “The thing you have been looking for is here.”

    Xie Wuyan raised his eyes, glanced at the Raksa bird, and then stretched out his hand.

    The Raksa bird stood up and stopped in front of him, flapping its wings.

    A red light flicked past, cutting open Xie Wuyan’s fingertips.

    The blood dripped very slowly, enough for the Raksa bird to swallow the crimson blood in one bite.

    “Remember what you will need to do for me.” Xie Wuyan said lightly, “After three days, pull out her tongue and swallow her eyeballs.”

    His tone was surprisingly calm, his words were so creepy, but it sounded like he was just having a casual chat.

    The Raksa bird nodded and flew up, letting out a cruel whine, as if to bow in the direction of Xie Wuyan, and then turned and flew into the thick fog again.

    In an instant, the mist dissipated, leaving nothing there.

    Xie Wuyan returned to the Xuantian Sect, stood on the branch, and saw the place where Shen Wanqing was living in, it was brightly lit.

    Although the elder said that he would leave it be, he actually sent a lot of people to guard her vicinity to watch her.

    “Your Royal Highness, do you want to go there?”

    Xuanniao asked, but didn’t get an answer, so it turned its head and glanced surreptitiously in Xie Wuyan’s direction.

    From just a look, it almost gave him a big fright.

    The curse that had originally just reached the chest, had somehow crawled all the way to Xie Wuyan’s neck without even knowing when, and it had slightly darkened, the speed of the spread gradually increasing. Even if another person were to look at it, they would also be able to feel the pain that pierced deep into the bones.

    But Xie Wuyan didn’t react at all, there wasn’t even a frown.

    “You Royal Highness, you are–”

    “Full moon.” Xie Wuyan said.

    The full moon, for a half-human and half-demon like Xie Wuyan, had always been the day that caused the biggest loss in his powers. After being inhibited due to losing most of his power, the Sealing Curse quickly spread throughout.

    According to logic, Xie Wuyan should be staying in his room at this time, closing his doors without stepping out at all.

    But an unstoppable irritability kept surging up, it was the effect of the Sealing Curse, which stimulated his nerves over and over again.

    So he couldn’t go and find Shen Wanqing.

    He could kill her by mistake.

    However, just as Xie Wuyan was about to turn around and leave, he caught a glimpse of some movement in Shen Wanqing’s room in his peripheral vision.

    In the next second, she was seen sneakily opening the window, hugging a pillow and carefully preparing to escape through the window.

    In the end, because the noise when she landed on the ground was too loud, the guards caught her on the spot and sent her back in. In addition, they sent over an extra person to stare at the window.

    But Shen Wanqing’s perseverance was shocking.

    Within a quarter of an hour, she was seen poking her head through the roof window, however in the end, she lowered her head and stared at the maid who was at the door.

    She was visibly silent for a while, then retracted her head.

    Xie Wuyan: “…”

    How could this person be so good at causing a racket?

    Therefore, when Shen Wanqing was considering whether to dig a tunnel on site, she suddenly felt the temperature behind her drop suddenly.

    Wait, this familiar aura, this familiar human air conditioner…

    When she turned her head, she saw that face without any surprise–

    Xie Wuyan!

    Shen Wan was moved, tears filling her eyes: “Long time no see.”

    Xie Wuyan fell silent: “You have been locked up for only two hours.”

    In fact, Shen Wanqing thought that although there were people watching her, it could be seen from today’s situation that even if the Xuantian Sect elder really had any thoughts, he would not hurt her in the meantime.

    Therefore, in such a situation, she felt that instead of worrying about it, she would take good care of her health, take advantage of not going out these few days, go to bed early and get up early while eating a healthy diet to rejuvenate her health.

    Then she laid on the bed, but before even managing to close her eyes, she heard the stupid system start talking.

    [Villainess System:

    Warning warning! Detected that the villain will pose a major threat to Zeng Ziyun! ]

    Shen Wanqing turned her body over.

    Whoever cares will deal with it.

    She liked to hold grudges, not to mention that Zeng Ziyun’s words today almost took her life. Moreover, Xie Wuyan was a very smart person, he never left any traces behind.



    Shen Wanqing was suddenly enlightened.

    Basically everyone here knew that she and Zeng Ziyun were in conflict, if Zeng Ziyun were to die at such a time, she couldn’t guarantee that people wouldn’t suspect her.

    No way, no way.

    You can’t kill now, you have to kill after we leave the Xuantian Sect.

    So Shen Wanqing stood up like a carp, and began her own escape game, but was met with repeated failures, and finally was almost knocked out and tied to the bed by the guards who had lost their patience.

    So when she saw Xie Wuyan, she seemed to see hope.

    Once she saw hope, Shen Wanqing became courteous.

    First, she helped him sit down, poured him a cup of herbal tea, and then picked up a pillow to support his back so that he could sit more comfortably.

    Then she took out a large stack of novels from the cabinet and placed them in front of him one by one for him to choose.

    Xie Wuyan: “…”

    He didn’t move. After a long time, he raised his eyes and looked at the scar that could be clearly seen near her throat.

    “Do you know nothing about the Blood Burning Technique?” Xie Wuyan said suddenly.

    “Huh?” Shen Wanqing was a little confused.

    “This is a secret technique that is cruel to the user. The more severe your injury, the stronger the power you can use.” Xie Wuyan’s voice was calm. “In short, anyone who knows the real power of the Blood Burning Curse will hope for the death of the user.”

    This was also why this clan had been destroyed so fast.

    Many people were concerned about such a power, so the people of the world did not allow the presence of such a strength that was out of their control. Thus, many years ago, they jointly slaughtered many people with this bloodline.

    Only a small part remained in the Heavenly Dao Palace, as a tool for them to multiply into weapons of a similar usage.

    From the very beginning, they lived to be sacrificed.

    Shen Wanqing nodded, thought about it carefully, and then curled her eyes: “Well, then I sound super strong.”

    Xie Wuyan was quiet for a while.

    He originally thought she would be sad or scared.

    But such an unexpected reaction was actually the least surprising to him.

    At this moment, the candlelight on the table flickered and went out.

    A cold air stream clung to the ground and surged into the house.

    It was not a demon.

    Rather, it came from the strength of a cultivator, but the cultivation technique was very different from that of the Xuantian Sect.

    The purpose of this visit in the middle of the night was very clear.

    It was for Shen Wanqing.

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