The Villainess Won’t Let The Main Leads Break Up!

Chapter 20

The black demonic energy formed a vortex to carry the strong air flow, and dust began to splatter everywhere, as if it were to forcibly throw them into a grinder to tear up all their internal organs.

The powerful pressure made the air become thinner, and his body seemed like it was carrying the weight of a thousand pounds, capable of crushing their bones into powder.

Xie Wuyan released his hands that were clasped onto Shen Wanqing’s waist, raised his eyes and looked at the center of the black mist, his own robe was flying up and down, making a crackling sound.

The vortex expanded larger and larger, and suddenly, countless black arms stretched out in an instant, swarming in the direction of Xie Wuyan, wrapping around him tightly.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Xie Wuyan was swallowed by this demonic power.


“You overestimate yourself.”

From the center of the black mist, rampant laughter came from the Mountain Demon, his tone was cloudy and eerie, full of rampage: “Did you want to be the hero who saves the beauty? You think too highly of yourself, in the end you are just sending yourself to death.”

Shen Wanqing went silent, and mourned for this demon in her heart.

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Immediately afterwards, countless spider-web-like blood stains spread out.


The light instantly burned the eyes. As if threading a needle, the red light was being guided by something, tumbling up and down at a speed that was hard to catch with the naked eye.

Almost in an instant, this huge vortex was cut into countless fragments.


That strong demonic energy exploded, and it seemed that the entire temple was going to break in an instant. What followed was the heartbreaking howl of the Mountain Demon.

Xie Wuyan opened his red eyes, they didn’t carry much hostility, but they still looked demonic.

The sword searched for him and returned firmly into the scabbard.

His pitch black hair was flying up and down alongside his robe, but he, himself, did not move at all, even his position had not been moved one bit.

No matter what, this Mountain Demon could be defined as a strong demon.

Although he couldn’t beat him, he could escape.

A black energy quickly gathered while attached to the ground, attacking the two and diverting their attention. While taking advantage of them defending this attack, his real body broke out from the rooftop.

Shen Wanqing glanced up.

It looked like he was heading towards the village.


She turned and pushed the door.

Without the control of the demonic power, the door was pushed open at once.

However, seeing the scene in front of her, Shen Wanqing stopped and sucked in a deep cold breath.

She originally thought the inside of the temple was dangerous enough, but she never imagined that it was ten times more frightening outside.


Corpses covered almost all of the ground.

From the entrance of the temple, all the way to the purple bamboo forest.

After carefully distinguishing, they were all the villagers who had carried her over in the palanquin. The state of their deaths were very horrible, some of them were strangled alive, some had a big hole through their chests, and some were cut in two at their waist.


The reason why the Sound Transmission Talisman suddenly couldn’t hear any sound just then was because this group of people had been killed at the time.

The one who had killed them—

“I killed them.” Xie Wuyan bent down by her side, looked straight at her, and smiled, saying with a clear tone that also made one shudder, “Although I was interested to see how flustered you would be, it does not mean that I like to be schemed against.”


…Why does it feel like you keep scolding me indirectly.

Shen Wanqing raised her eyes and stared at him.

He had long, narrow eyes and long eyelashes like feathers, it was a devilish appearance that could enchant young girls easily. Although he was so overtly threatening her, the smile on his face was still like a spring breeze.

Give you some sweets first and then scare you after, this person did it all the time.

“All right…” Shen Wanqing didn’t know what to say. After thinking for a long time, she inhaled deeply, raised her hand and patted his shoulder, “Thank you.”

Then she turned her body sideways and cautiously avoided Xie Wuyan who was in the way, dodging the corpses on the ground and walking to the direction of the village according to her memory.

Xie Wuyan: “…?”

He turned his head and looked at Shen Wanqing who looked like she was playing a game of avoiding bombs.

She tiptoed carefully to avoid all the blood and corpses, being startled and flustered while jumping and bouncing like a rabbit whose toes were outwards.

It made one unable to restrain from smiling.

The corners of Xie Wuyan’s lips curled up, and when he noticed his subconscious smile, he abruptly stopped, moderating his expression.

However, after only taking a few steps, Shen Wanqing suddenly heard some noise in the forest.


Was it Ji Feichen?

She stopped and looked in the direction of the sound. As soon as she was prepared to get closer, a figure suddenly jumped out, staggering and struggling to rush towards her, kneeling down with a thump.

“Heroine, save me, heroine.”

In front of her was an old woman covered in blood, crying so intensely that her snot and tears kept falling. She was lying by Shen Wanqing’s feet, all flustered, continuously pressing her forehead to the ground.

Shen Wanqing took a closer look and was immediately speechless.

…Good fellow, wasn’t this the old lady who had given her the medicine and tea? It seems that Xie Wuyan hadn’t killed cleanly while he was on his murderous rampage.

Apart from other things, Xie Wuyan’s habit of always leaking a few grains of rice when killing really caused a headache.

Shen Wanqing squatted down, wanting to see what sort of nonsense the old lady would say.

The old lady raised her head, crying until her voice became hoarse. She then looked up and saw Xie Wuyan standing behind Shen Wanqing, immediately showing a surprised and scared expression, and then instantly hugged onto her legs tightly: “Hero-heroine, it’s him, it’s him! He is a monster and he killed us all. Heroine, please help, he must be with the Mountain Demon.”

…Shen Wanqing looked at the old lady and found that it was the first time she had discovered someone who had even thicker skin than her and was better at pretending.

She sighed and turned around to look at Xie Wuyan.

Xie Wuyan stopped not too far away and didn’t move. He just leaned on the bamboo tree to look at her, his appearance full of indifference and lack of care.

And at this moment, Shen Wanqing heard a familiar voice that was far away, faintly echoing over here—

“Wanqing! Brother Xie! Where are you guys?”

 It was Ji Feichen.

When the old lady heard this sound, her pupils lit up, turning her head as if she had found a savior, and opened her mouth—


The blood splashed out in an instant, mostly onto Shen Wanqing’s face.

The golden hairpin held in Shen Wanqing’s hand slammed into the old woman’s throat fiercely, directly piercing through her with great strength, not even giving her a chance to shout.

She pulled out the golden hairpin blankly, then stood up, wiping the blood on her face with her robe, and then turned to look at Xie Wuyan.

Xie Wuyan also looked at her.

This time he didn’t have a smile on his face. He looked concentrated, as if he was contemplating, peacefully staring into the depths of her eyes, almost like he was examining her, yet she couldn’t see any emotions in his gaze at all.

Ji Feichen’s voice was still nearby. Shen Wanqing did not speak, raising her hand to make a ‘Shh’ gesture.

In truth, Shen Wanqing felt that it was not a big deal to kill people in this kind of world.

She even dared to kill ghosts, let alone human beings.

However, it was obvious that according to Ji Feichen and Feng Yaoqing’s personalities, even if they knew that they had been deceived by these villagers, they would not treat them cruelly and would only patiently persuade them to follow virtue in their hearts from now onwards.

So if they really came to discover from this old woman that Xie Wuyan had done such cruel things that violated their ideals, they would definitely doubt Xie Wuyan’s identity and question the truth of the image he had created all this time.

Therefore, this person could not survive. As long as there was no one alive, even if someone found these corpses, it could be all be pushed onto the Mountain Demon.

Shen Wanqing was indeed helping Xie Wuyan.

The reason was simple.

Xie Wuyan saved her, and the old woman wanted to sacrifice her.

Therefore, in this case, it was not important whether her actions were cruel or not, and whether she was being kind or not.

She would only help the people she wanted to help.

At the same time, the village was entangled by a huge demonic force.

This strong demonic spirit could even be felt by a cultivation beginner like Shen Wanqing, let alone Ji Feichen.

Soon, his voice got farther and farther away.

He was probably worried about the safety of Feng Yaoqing and the others, so he had decided to go find the Mountain Demon first.

Shen Wanqing released her breath only when Ji Feichen had gone completely.

She walked towards Xie Wuyan’s side, hesitated for a long time, and then asked, “Is there still blood on my face? If there is, please point it out, otherwise I’ll be really ugly.”


Unexpectedly, the sentence she had held back for so long was such a sentence.

Xie Wuyan didn’t answer her question right away, he just glanced at the direction of the old lady’s body as if pointing towards it.

“Oh, you’re referring to this,” Shen Wanqing casually said some nonsense, “coincidentally, I don’t like being schemed against by others as well, so I simply retaliated.”

This kind of remark was not something a person from a demon eliminating clan would utter.

Xie Wuyan retracted his gaze, the suspicion in his eyes unconcealed.

Shen Wanqing ignored it. Instead, she chuckled slightly: “Look at it this way, you’ve killed someone, I’ve also killed someone, how about we keep each other’s secrets?”

Her gaze was bright and clear, she even easily found an excuse for herself like this.

It was almost like his methods that were tacitly viewed as cruel and violent by everyone else were the most normal things in her eyes.

Xie Wuyan felt that Shen Wanqing was much smarter than he had thought.

Smart enough that, even if he knew she really was lying and complying out of pretense…he didn’t care.

“Here, here, here.” Xie Wuyan raised his hand and pointed to a few places on her face, catching her off guard, “There is blood all here.”

Shen Wanqing was stunned for a moment, and then quickly reacted, like a cat whose fur had exploded, and turned her back to him, raising her hand to wipe all of her face. She turned her head back confidently and asked: “Now? “

“…” Xie Wuyan was silent for a moment, “Not bad, you’ve spread it out evenly now.”

Shen Wanqing: “!!!”

What a terrible humiliation!

The author has something to say: Shen Wanqing quickly invented facial cleanser overnight.

[Translator’s Note: This one’s a bit of a darker chapter, we get to see how far the FL is willing to go and the set of morals she carries – do you all agree or disagree with it? Thanks for your support once again!]

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