The Villainess Won’t Let The Main Leads Break Up!

Chapter 1

Shen Wanqing was awakened by pain.

At this moment, she was covered with blood and her whole body was full of wounds and scars, even her meridians1Meridians are passages which vital energy circulates and regulates bodily functions, such as our vessels or pulse. were damaged. Even by slightly moving, she could feel the piercing pain that stretched through her whole body from her fingers to her internal organs.

Not surprisingly, she had transmigrated.

While she was driving, her brakes failed and the car crashed into the barrier and fell down the cliff. Her body and the car exploded into pieces, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she had transmigrated into this body full of wounds

Looking at this scene, it seemed that her fate was to be full of troubles.

But one had to be optimistic.

For example, the only thing that seemed gratifying right now was that she was lying in the arms of a man.

And he was a cool guy.

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This treatment was already pretty decent for a transmigrator.

“Don’t move, there are still remnants of the Painted Skin Ghost’s2Painted Skin Ghost comes from a classic Chinese ghost tale, in the tale, the Painted Skin Ghost is known to use the skin of pretty women to seduce and kill young men. demonic powers within your body.”

The cool guy’s tone was filled with worry, ‘Wanqing, don’t worry, I am taking you to Feng Yaoqing now, she will definitely save you.”

Feng Yaoqing?

Shen Wanqing suddenly roused, she felt that this name sounded familiar, “Feng Yaoqing?”

“You are being angry with her again,” Ji Feichen’s tone seemed to carry a sense of helplessness, “She is my fiancée. In the future, don’t get angry at her again without reason.”


Shen Wanqing: her pupils were shaking like an earthquake!

‘You weren’t my little boyfriend this whole time? Then why were you acting so ambiguously close to me? If this were in modern times, this would have been reposted on Weibo eight thousand times!’ she thought.

Shen Wanqing felt that the amount of information was too much to handle, she now had a splitting headache. She was also breathing too hard, causing her to feel the piercing pain from her wounds.

At this moment, a half-transparent floating panel suddenly appeared.

Only she could see it.

[Villainess system:

Congratulations for successfully matching into the novel “Betrayal” from the side female character matching system. Due to your original body passing away, your soul was extracted by The Thousands Worlds to enter this world to complete your mission. The road ahead is dangerous, this system will be with you! I hope you complete your mission with an outstanding performance and don’t let The Thousands Worlds down. ]


Feng Yaoqing.

These familiar words linked together and Shen Wanqing finally came to a realisation.

She had transmigrated into a book. Into a xianxia3genre of Chinese fictional fantasy-angst novel she had read in university.

This book was set in a world where demons were rampant.

The male protagonist, Ji Feichen was the eldest son of the cultivator family, the Ji family. He was engaged to the daughter of the Xuantian Sect head, she was called Feng Yaoqing.

However, it was at this moment, that the long-sealed away villain demon king suddenly had signs of awakening.

The demons took advantage of this great opportunity to create chaos on the mainland.

In order to maintain world peace, the male and female protagonist quickly formed a squad to subdue and eliminate demons, fighting all the way along their journey and upping their skills.

Although it seemed like an inspirational story, it was actually a harem story that was disguised on the coattails of the fantasy wuxia genre.

Due to his charisma, Ji Feichen didn’t eliminate that many demons along the way, instead, he continuously collected all the vicious villainesses that possessed all sorts of personalities.

He also left countless of ambiguous comments such as…

“She is just my sister.”

“She is just my companion.”

“How can I leave such a weak woman behind?”

The female lead Feng Yaoqing almost vomited out blood from anger.4This expression to vomit blood is used a lot in this novel, it basically means one is so angry/annoyed/upset that they metaphorically vomit out blood.

And then, the little couple began to break up, get back together, have misunderstandings and then break up again, it was a never-ending loop.

In the ending, the female lead sacrificed her body to harness the sword, and the male lead tearfully sealed the villain demon king with the female lead’s soul, using all of his spiritual cultivation.

One died and one wounded, a perfect ending.

By pure coincidence, the character that Shen Wanqing transmigrated into was the first female side character collected by Ji Feichen in this book–the “green tea”5Green tea is used to describe girls who act sweet and unassuming but are actually scheming and manipulative to get what they want. soft weak girl – a preliminary level character.

She was an orphan adopted by the Ji family and had grown up with Ji Feichen.

Ji Feichen only regarded her as a younger sister, but Shen Wanqing wanted to be his wife.

Using her role as a ‘sister,’ she deliberately acted affectionate and cute towards Ji Feichen in front of Feng Yaoqing. She would also go to Feng Yaoqing’s room every other day to lash out at her in a roundabout way.

Other than causing trouble, she had no practical use at all.

And in the end, because of her actions, she not only got possessed by an evil ghost and had her soul eaten, but she was also sealed by the male lead himself.


Having transmigrated into such a role, Shen Wanqing’s dream of simply living without ambition was over.

But then, thinking about it, a system also came along with her transmigration, so it looked like she was given the cheat code to success!

Having read all sorts of transmigration novels, she blinked her eyes in understanding.

Normally in this situation, her mission was definitely to win the heart of the male lead, or the second male lead, or even the villain demon king.

She was to break up the male and female protagonist, seize their fortunes, and then counterattack perfectly.

[Villainess System: No, that is too difficult, you are not up to that level yet. ]


Why was she not good enough? Why was this stupid system being snarky with her?

No matter what, this face was described with a lot of effort by the author, and this face was also desired by the Painted Skin Ghost who wanted to peel off her skin.

[Villainess System:

General task: [Cute love story execution plan]

In response to the needs of the readers and the people of this world, this system’s task for you is to prevent the male and female protagonists from breaking off their engagement or breaking up, and to assist this world to reach a happy ending (HE).

Simply put, you have to turn this novel into a sweet love story.

[Current progress]: 0/100]

Shen Wanqing: I quit.


She thought now, why didn’t the Painted Skin Ghost cleanly finish eating herself with one bite?

She had calculated this and that, yet she wasn’t able to calculate that a one-in-a-thousand transmigrator like herself had the mission to be the main leads’ therapist.

If she had transmigrated into someone else, it would have been fine. But her character was a green tea villainess who always made her presence known in front of Feng Yaoqing, and kept saying things like, “Sister Feng, why don’t you break off the engagement yet?” It was already a miracle that the female lead hadn’t buried her alive.

[Villainess System:

Side task: [World Peace]

Prevent Xie Wuyan, the biggest villain in this book, from slaughtering the human world and save the people of this world.

[Current progress]: 0/100]

Shen Wanqing felt that this stupid system just wanted to send her to her deathbed.

If the author gave all the good attributes to the character Ji Feichen, then correspondingly, the author gave all the darkness and violence to the villain Xie Wuyan in the book.

In his eyes, there was no difference between humans and demons, they were just toys for relieving boredom. If he wanted to kill he would kill, if he wanted to keep them they would live; slaughtering the human world was just based upon a whim.

He looked gentle and personable, but when he leaned over and smiled at you, he would stretch out his hand to crush your heart without a single change in expression.

Shen Wanqing imagined the scene of her heart being crushed, and felt a dull pain in her chest.

Forget the destruction of the world, whoever wants to complete this task can do it themselves!

She originally only had one breath left in this body, yet she almost fainted from the extreme shock given to her.

After thinking about it, she decided to sleep first.

When her body was well-rested, then would she think about her tasks.

However, just when she closed her lids, she suddenly thought of something and opened her eyes, full of alert.

No. She could not sleep.

She almost forgot, in the plot, this was the first angsty scene.

Shen Wanqing was abducted by the Painted Skin Ghost and was rescued by Ji Feichen alone at the moment of life and death.

But because he had arrived one step late, her meridians had been severed, and she was seriously injured and unable to survive. Even if he used his spiritual powers to support her, it was not a long-term solution and she could die at any minute.

Ji Feichen was a brave and loyal man who didn’t notice Shen Wanqing’s ulterior motives. He only regarded her as his own sister, and of course, he couldn’t just sit back and watch.

So he flew all the way to the female lead’s Xuantian Sect, begging her to give medicine to save her.

Feng Yaoqing happened to get self-destructed during her cultivation practice at the time, and had come to see Ji Feichen despite being badly injured. As a result, she saw him standing in front of her whilst holding onto her love rival. She almost vomited a mouth of blood.

“The Sustaining Soul Pill is a secret treasure of the Xuantian Sect, it cannot be given to outsiders.”

However, Ji Feichen didn’t want to see his “sister” die tragically, so he stood in front of the Xuantian Sect with Shen Wanqing for a day and night.

Feng Yaoqing couldn’t bear to see him like this, so she rebelled against the family rules and saved her.

However, the way Ji Feichen took good care of Shen Wanqing day and night, and the way he used his own spiritual powers for her was like a thorn pierced in her heart.

Moreover, as a vicious villainess, Shen Wanqing didn’t have the slightest bit of conscientiousness. Instead, she used her injury to deliberately act cute and willfully towards Ji Feicheng in front of Feng Yaoqing to see.

“I grew up with Brother Ji since childhood, and our relationship of course cannot be outmatched by you.”

“He says that he only regards me as a younger sister, but he just hasn’t realized how special I am to him. If another person were to be injured, do you think he would be troubled to such a degree?”

Feng Yaoqing was of course angered, and directly went to break off their engagement.

The long journey of the male lead chasing his wife began, namely, ‘following the wife to the crematorium.’6This is a popular phrase which basically means after the male lead has f*ked up and the female lead leaves him, he ends up suffering too as he metaphorically has to chase her into the crematorium.

After thinking about this plot, Shen Wanqing was in tears.

If Ji Feichen really held herself in his arms like this and went to the Xuantian Sect for medicine, the original zero progress might turn into a negative number in the blink of an eye.

The sound of the wind suddenly ensued and swept across Shen Wanqing’s hair. The green hill was hidden behind, and the dense fog in front of her gradually dissipated, as if the clouds were dispelled to see the moon.

The Xuantian Sect was built high above the peak of the mountain, surrounded by bamboo forests, with a crescent moon hanging in the sky.

Ji Feichen’s good swordsmanship meant that they were already reaching the peak, and the gate of the Xuantian Sect would be visible in a short while.

Shen Wanqing clenched her fists, took a breath and stood up despite the pain. Struggling, she said: “Let me down and let me walk by myself.”

“The demonic powers of the Painted Skin demon still penetrates your internal organs, even if I’m passing my spiritual powers to you, it will not help.” Ji Feichen only treated her as being wilful7 or spoiled , he sighed and said helplessly, “Wanqing, don’t cause trouble, your body can’t stand the fuss, you cannot walk by yourself.”

“No,” Shen Wanqing said stubbornly, “then I will climb over by myself.”

Ji Feichen frowned, with a warning tone in his voice: “Listen.”

“I won’t listen.” Shen Wanqing said, “I am a bit rebellious.”


If it wasn’t to live, who wanted to work so hard?

[Translator’s note: And so the story begins! Thank you for reading the first chapter to this amazing story. I quite like the female lead, she’s funny and has the right headspace. Look forward to meeting our evil demon king male lead soon~ what sort of interaction do you think they’ll have?]

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