The Villain Snake Got Eaten By The Hero Wolf

Chapter 6 Part 2: Renatus and Rewind.

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That night. 

Renatus set up a complete protective barrier in his room in the magic department dormitory. 

He had to take off his mask, so he could not allow even a single ant to enter the room. Renatus had not shown his bare face to others since that day he wore a paper bag at the age of three.


“… Phew”

Renatus took off his mask. 

The absence of cloth touching my skin just makes me feel cool and restless. In other words, it feels as if I had taken off my underwear. I feel uneasy.

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When I accidentally discovered that fact, I was impressed.


(I did a cool pose when I first started learning magic! It’s nonsense. I discovered it by imitating the illustration…)

Thanks to that, I am invincible when it comes to magic – but only if I can take off the mask.

(That’s why the restoration of the notebook is just a piece of cake.)

Renatus put together the magic’s formula and uttered the command.


The scraps of paper floating in front of me gradually reversed in time. 

The success rate for resuscitation of the dead is higher if the procedure is performed immediately after death. However, inorganic materials can be restored without problems even if time has passed. I have never failed to restore inorganic materials before. 

Time rewound at a high speed. 

After a while, the scraps of paper began to move so as to stick to each other. At that point, Renatus lowered the speed of the rewinding time and adjusted the time by monitoring the state of the sticking process. 

It was possible to revert all the way back into a brand-new notebook if time was rewound too far back. So it was important to assess the situation.

“Guess this is it.”

Renatus secured the object at the right time point. The notebook now existed separately from the time axis in which ‘the notebook was torn’. 


So in essence, once the spell was released, the notebook would not continue on its previous timeline and spontaneously rip into pieces after some time had passed.

Renatus turned the pages of the now-restored notebook. 

I was able to restore it to its original state because we managed to collect almost all of the pieces. If I had to restore the notebook from a single piece of paper, it would be much more difficult. I probably can’t even do that.

(Would it surprise Bradley?)

Renatus chuckled as he recalled Bradley’s bright smile, which he had seen during the day. 

He had a peculiar gloom in his expression, perhaps due to his complicated upbringing. Renatus believed that his sexiness was sometimes also due to that gloom. 

But his smile at the study session was free from that gloom, and he had a carefree expression that was appropriate for his fourteen-year-old age. It was very charming.

Renatus wanted to see more expressions like that on him.

(He’s the main character. I wish he’d smile like the sun.)

Bradley is the first friend I have made in this world. No, right now, he is my closest friend. 

We have been friends for only one day, but our friendship can be built up from now on. There are four and a half years left of campus life.

The final exam was the first step in building our friendship. 


We aimed to both become the top of their classes and be paired up for the first joint exercise. 

During the joint exercise in the novel, the protagonist was confronted with a major ordeal. It was the climax of the plot’s initial phase and one that left him deeply scarred.

(The student who was paired with Bradley in the novel died before his eyes. But I will survive it.)

If the exact same calamity that occurred in the novel happens, I can deal with it even with my mask on. 

It would save Bradley from being scarred, and it would also save the life of the current runner-up top student who was supposed to be his partner. 

It’s killing two birds with one stone. 

Renatus could now actually get to experience this important scene in the novel, so it might be killing three birds with one stone.

Renatus put on a sleeping mask and removed the barrier. 

The view outside the window regained its normal coloring. Today’s full moon was bright enough so he could see clearly in the distance. 

Renatus followed the silhouetted mountain ridges with his eyes and squinted.

(――I will not let that place be my death place.)

TN: Renatus is op and I can’t count how many times he has fanboy over Bradley.


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