The Villain Snake Got Eaten By The Hero Wolf

Chapter 4 Part 1: Renatus and the rose garden.

Translator: Michiko

Editor: Lastinline

There was a man standing in front of the water fountain along the path to the rose garden. 

With a closer look, it looked like it was Bradley. He didn’t seem to do anything for a few minutes. He just stood there.

(Maybe he is waiting for me? We first met here after all…)


Renatus made a short run to Bradley.



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Now that they’ve had the opportunity to officially meet, Renatus wanted to talk about a lot of things. After all, Bradley was the protagonist that he admired.


“…Is that okay?” 

“Yeah. You can thank me by being my conversation partner. I don’t have many friends.”


The two of them passed through the archway that served as the entrance to the rose garden, side by side. 

The climbing rose archway was truly magnificent and never got old, even if he saw it every day. Renatus sighed at the power of beauty.

Once you passed through the archway, you would find yourself within the garden. Colorful roses welcomed the visitors. 

The rose garden was located midway between the magic department and the knight department. Rather, it was closer to the knight department. 

The whole place looked like it belonged in a fairy tale and was too cute for the burly knight department students to enjoy. Between the roses, sculptures of angels and fairies were on display.

Bradley saw the display of beauty and let out a gasp.

“It’s beautiful.” 

“Right? Nobody comes to this place even though it’s this beautiful…Ah, right. Speaking of which, I wanted to ask. When you heard the name ‘rose garden’ last time, you associated it with my name, didn’t you? How did that come about?”

Bradley took a look at Renatus before looking away. He seemed hesitant to say something. 


But Renatus was curious. There should not be something going on again without his knowledge. Renatus tugged at Bradley’s sleeve to urge him on. 

He exhaled in resignation and started to talk.

“…In the knight department, it is said, ‘Don’t go to the rose garden because that’s where Renatus, the princess of Ashfield, spends her time’.” 


Renatus let out his voice with a low pitch that would have sounded threatening if someone else had let it out. 

Unfortunately, a voice that was not yet completely deep didn’t sound that scary.

Renatus was a fine man. He had never been treated as a woman in the magic department. 

In the first place, the physique of the students in the magic department was generally thinner than those of the knight department, so Renatus’ figure was average. 

Renatus’ mouth twitched in disapproval.

“What princess…I’m a man.” 

“I heard your brother blocked pursuers when he was in the academy by saying, ‘I will only date girls who are cuter than my younger brother.’ I guess that’s where the name came from. By the way, the nickname is ‘Rose Princess’.” 

“Rose princess.”


Certainly, there was no talk of romance circulating about Clarence, even though he seemed to be very popular. Renatus couldn’t believe he was used as a shield. 

He and Clarence had not been in school together, and Renatus, who never left home, may have been an easy excuse to use since his appearance was not well known. 

Even now, everything but his mouth was hidden behind his mask, and perhaps the ‘cute’ image would remain intact as long as it was not visible.

(…I wasn’t going to take my mask off, to begin with, but now I absolutely can’t take it off.)

Renatus looked at the roses to evade the topic. It was a good time to appreciate the scenery.

“The rose garden is my favorite place, and I come here every day…but I have no desire to hog it and I’m not asking anyone for it.”

Renatus felt apologetic when he thought of the people who took care of this garden. 

The flowers were blooming so beautifully, and Renatus wanted a lot of people to be able to admire them.

While Renatus was silent, something landed on top of his head. It was Bradley’s hand.

“When I first heard that rumor, I thought, ‘You’re an irresponsible noble who doesn’t understand the meaning of a public place’.” 


“It wasn’t you, right? It was the extremists of the knight department. Your brother has a lot of followers even amongst the first-years.” 



Renatus repeated the part that bothered him.

“I don’t really understand it. But I guess it’s what’s called charisma that makes people follow him.”

Bradley seemed to have little interest in Clarence. He had said that with a bored tone. 

It reminded Renatus of Clarence who was inevitably in a place of judgment. His foster brother, who stood in the center and was followed by others, was very reliable. He wondered if that was the leadership inherent in the Duke household’s eldest son. He was kind, reliable, and cool. 

All of those were qualities that Renatus, an ordinary office worker, didn’t possess.

“I guess everyone likes my brother because he is a kind person.” 

“…From your perspective, I suppose it is.”

Bradley sighed heavily. It was a sigh that held some meaning.

TN: Reanatus didn’t get what Bradley said about Clarence. Clarence is really handsome. Have you seen him? If not, I posted on discord. He is just my type. Their unofficial first date.

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