The Villain Snake Got Eaten By The Hero Wolf

Chapter 3 Part 1: Renatus and the judgment stage.

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Clarence was not only quick to respond, but he was also quick to take action. 

Three days after their correspondence, Renatus received a summons from Clarence. Clarence asked him to come to the lounge on the second floor of the cafeteria, near the center of the academy. 

This was the first time he had been in the lounge. 


When he opened the door, many students from the knight department were there. Even though the floor was spacious since it is on the second floor of the cafeteria but there were too many people and it felt oppressive. 

When he looked around, he saw Clarence standing at the front of the room. Bradley Wolf was also there, along with several male students who were restrained. 

He hesitated to enter the room. 

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Indeed, he was feeble, but he had a man’s pride. It was uncool to be teased while surrounded by highly masculine men so he didn’t like it. 


“I’ve got the whole situation figured out. I’ve also secured the people who were harassing Bradley and investigated why they gave out Rena’s name.” 

Clarence had a carefree smile on his face. Renatus’ eyes could see sparkles flying around him. A capable foster brother was a must-have. 

“Thank you. I don’t know anything about the knight department, so I appreciate your help.” 

“Haha. You can thank me by doubling the frequency of our communication, okay?” 

Doubling the frequency of communication meant sending letters twice a week. Clarence was too modest with his demands, even though he was his foster brother. 

Renatus unintentionally burst into laughter. 

He should have laughed softly, and for some reason, the place became noisy. Renatus got scared of the small commotion and hid directly behind Clarence. 

(I wonder if it raises some kind of flag when the villain laughs after all…Scary. I wonder why it got so noisy?) 

“Be quiet. Rena is scared.” 

Just with Clarence saying that the place instantly fell silent. 

He was the firstborn of the duke, on top of that, he was an alumnus, so he was older than anyone here. His statement must be absolute. Renatus felt like he was presented with a stark view of the hierarchical society of the knight department. 

“I’ll explain in order. When Rena entered the academy, I asked Dan, ‘My younger brother was admitted to the magic department, please take care of him.’ Isn’t that right, Dan?” 



The man who replied was a fine man, taller and bigger than Clarence. Renatus recognized him because he gave a speech as a representative of the current student body at the entrance ceremony. 

Come to think of it, Renatus remembered that before he had entered the academy, Clarence had been rather worried about him. It was typical behavior of his overprotective foster brother. 

“Dan is in his senior year. First-year students do joint exercises with other first-year students, so he can’t watch over Rena. That’s why Dan asked the freshmen to ‘protect’ Renatus Ashfield of the magic department.” 


“The freshmen who had heard that began to harass Bradley Wolf over there under the justification of ‘protecting Rena’.” 

He could understand it up to Dan handing it down to freshmen, but he didn’t understand it after that. He felt like some of the steps had been skipped over in this ‘butterfly effect’ type of occurrence. 

“Umm, older brother, I honestly have no idea how ‘protecting me’ became harassment against him…” 

When Renatus questioned him, Clarence looked back at his juniors. He snickered slightly. 

“Before the end of the first semester, there will be the first joint exercise. The pairings of the knight and magic departments are in order of performance. The top student of the Knight department – in other words, Bradley Wolf – would be paired with Rena. 

“The freshmen restrained over there didn’t like Bradley in the first place. So they tried to eliminate him by claiming him as ‘unfit to be Rena’s partner’. 

“They distorted the request from the upperclassman to suit their convenience, and then proceeded to bully him.” 



He looked at the restrained first-year students, with only his face out from behind Clarence’s back. Ten students. They all looked dissatisfied. They did not seem to be remorseful at all. 

Renatus scowled. 

They probably didn’t have much understanding of what it meant to bully Bradley through the extension of Clarence’s kind feelings, using a senior student who was friendly with Clarence and Renatus’ existence as a pretext. 

The Knight Order was a hierarchical society. 

If they were going to be knights after graduation, they would receive initiation accordingly once they joined the order, and even if they didn’t end up becoming knights and entered high society instead, they would still be affected. 

The Ashfield family had a strong influence on the noble society. 

It was such a powerful family that it gave birth to ‘the strongest last boss villain prime minister’ of the original story. Clarence, who had a good memory, would not forget the names of those who had used Renatus as a pretext. 

“Clarence-sama! Bradley grew up in a filthy slum! It is unacceptable that such a person will be by the side of Renatus-sama!”  

One of the restrained first-year students shouted. Looking at him, you could see he had a smug look on his face as if he had just exposed the truth. He looked arrogant and unsightly, with confidence that his actions were justified. 

Renatus’ temples twitched with anger. 

(This guy is trying to make Bradley a laughing stock in this place, where only nobles are present. One’s origin is not something one can control. Unforgivable…) 


Renatus stopped hiding behind Clarence’s back. 

He briskly walked toward the student who had made the remark. Renatus stood right in front of him and glared at him sternly.

“Whether it is acceptable or not is not up to you, is it?” 

“Uh, ah…” 

The voice that came out of Renatus’ mouth was so cold and piercing, to the point that he was surprised at himself. His ability to overwhelm the opponent was intense. 

As expected of Renatus, who had the potential to be the villainous prime minister. 

The face of the student who had been denounced turned pale. 

“I would even like to ask him to partner up with me if he is truly such an excellent student.” 

Renatus snorted as if to say ‘How was that?’. 

If he could pair up with the protagonist, Bradley, he would kowtow and thank God for it. After all, he might be able to experience one of the famous scenes from ‘The Legend of the Wolf King’. 

Renatus then walked over to Bradley and stood in front of him.

TN: Rena was such a badass in this chapter. Enjoy reading.

EN: Damn, go on Rena, slap him with your words

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