Vast Dream

Chapter 33: Snowy Night—Part 1

The people from the Wushen Palace came to find Bai Luye, but he wasn’t the only one they sought.

They still needed to evaluate who was most suitable to carry out this confidential task for the Great Heavenly Official.

Thus, Bai Luye was taken to a tent where he saw three or four young cultivators waiting excitedly, which didn’t surprise him.

Bai Luye calmly leaned against a wooden pillar, waiting.

His relaxed demeanor caught the attention of several Heavenly Officials and the Goddess.


The Heavenly Officials and the Goddess exchanged glances, secretly deciding to observe these youths closely before selecting the most powerful among them to perform a spell to “see” their destinies.

They needed to find out who among them was connected to the Wushen Palace’s fate.

Out of countless possible futures, who had the potential to kill Nan Yuan, and thus, who should be entrusted with the Great Heavenly Official’s mission.

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The Heavenly Official smiled, seeing him as modest, despite his flirtatious appearance. Judging by his ability to pass several trials of the Yujing Sect, he would surely excel if he joined the Wushen Palace.


In reality, apart from the Yujing Sect, the other three major sects were reluctant to accept older disciples. They preferred to train disciples from a young age. This time, they were willing to accept new disciples to secure the position of the Yujing Sect’s leader…

Typically, even if the Wushen Palace found promising disciples, they would be sent to the outer sect and not given much attention.

The current batch of disciples was lucky because the Great Heavenly Official needed someone to kill Nan Yuan…

Ideally, this person would have no ties to Destiny Technique or the Wushen Palace and could use the “Heaven’s Eye” of the Yujing Sect, ultimately framing the Yujing Sect…

The Wushen Palace intended to control who became the leader of the Yujing Sect.

As the Heavenly Official continued questioning, a loud crash sounded as the wooden pillar Bai Luye leaned on fell.

Everyone scrambled to avoid it, and Bai Luye quickly dodged, but his sleeve got caught on another pillar, tripping him.

He cast a spell behind him, causing the falling pillar to just barely brush his back without crushing him.

With one pillar down, the tent collapsed on one side.

Just as Bai Luye steadied himself, a nervous young cultivator mistakenly thought the pillar was falling towards him and countered with a spell, directly at Bai Luye.

Bai Luye had to counter the attack.

The Heavenly Officials and Goddesses inside the tent were stunned, watching the unlucky Bai Luye narrowly escape each crisis, familiar and skillful, but ending up somewhat disheveled.


His peach-blossom eyes had lashes dusted with dirt.

He smiled apologetically and said, “You’ll get used to it.”

In the silence, the goddess who had been observing the destinies suddenly opened her eyes and exclaimed, “Senior brothers and sisters!”

She hurried over, using a secret voice transmission to inform her fellow disciples, “That young man named Bai Luye is shrouded in bad luck, making him the most likely to evade the Wushen Palace’s Destiny Technique.

“If Nan Yuan is truly as talented as the Great Heavenly Official predicts, able to perceive destiny, then someone shrouded in bad luck would be the best counter to her.”

Everyone’s eyes glinted.

The Heavenly Official asked Bai Luye, “Which sect’s Daoist techniques did you originally practice?”

They needed to confirm whether he was influenced by the major sects of the central, northern, western, or eastern regions, no matter how small his original sect was.

Bai Luye extended his hand.

His fingers were long, with slightly protruding knuckles.

He had beautiful hands.

He smiled and said, “I’m a puppet master.”


Puppet masters were rare in the world.

However, puppetry seemed to possess the ability to evade the scrutiny of destiny.

The Heavenly Officials and Goddesses exchanged glances, feeling a strange sensation: this youth’s skills seemed not only to counter Nan Yuan but also to restrain the Wushen Palace.

Thus, such a person should not be used by outsiders and must be brought into the Wushen Palace.

Believers in fate, they thought it was destiny that brought Bai Luye to them.

Immediately, they abandoned the idea of accepting any other disciples and smiled warmly at Bai Luye, “This mission is yours alone.”

They meticulously explained the task, fearing he might leak it, and implanted a divine curse in him. Should he betray them, the curse would instantly consume him.

Bai Luye nonchalantly agreed, “Sure, no problem.”

Kill Nan Yuan, huh?

Who was Nan Yuan?

Not important.

What mattered was her surname, “Nan.”


The Wushen Palace, being so secretive, wanted to kill a woman with the surname Nan, implying a possible connection between her and the palace.

Causing a little chaos wouldn’t hurt.

At Yujing Mountain, new guests continued to arrive today.

Ye Chuanlin and his junior brother, San Dong, from the Changyun Temple, had just ascended the mountain when Elder Ge urgently invited them for tea.

Elder Ge wanted to ask Ye Chuanlin if the Changyun Temple’s promise to help him secure the position of sect leader still held.

Elder Ge’s eyes flickered, “Elder Chen excels in mechanisms and artifacts and is a master craftsman. His family has had influence in the Yujing Sect for hundreds of years, and he is well-liked by the disciples. His popularity makes him a formidable opponent.

“Elder Hua… hmph, I suspect he has allied with the Wushen Palace. Haven’t you noticed those two old men always whispering in secret? Elder Hua also has a highly talented daughter. For her sake, he will definitely strive for the position of sect leader.”

Ye Chuanlin listened intently.

But his perceptive junior brother noticed that his senior was already bored with the elder’s long-windedness.

San Dong coughed lightly.

Elder Ge mistakenly thought San Dong was reminding him to be concise and quickly stopped talking, humbly looking at Ye Chuanlin, “Nephew Ye, is my daughter faring well at the Changyun Temple? We’re in-laws; you’ll support me, right?”

Though he was an elder in his sect, he dared not underestimate the chief disciples of other sects. Especially the Changyun Temple… despite having fewer disciples, they were all highly skilled, possibly matching the elders of the Yujing Sect.

Ye Chuanlin solemnly nodded.

Of course, he would support it.

To uncover the secrets of the Yujing Sect, placing one of their own in a key position was essential.

Moreover, the Changyun Temple was poor, and Elder Ge, being an apothecary, was particularly wealthy. The temple’s food and supplies were often funded by the Ge family. The delicacies in Madam Ge’s courtyard…

Ye Chuanlin maintained a serene demeanor, exuding an air of nobility, “Why not mention Shen Xingchuan? Our most formidable opponent is Shen Xingchuan, right?”

Elder Ge was puzzled.

Elder Ge: “The Shen family also wants to contend for the sect leader position? That’s unlikely. Their influence in the Yujing Sect is the weakest, and the whole family only rose to prominence because of Shen Xingchuan. Their luck has reached its peak; how much more powerful can they get?”

Ye Chuanlin reminded him, “Hang Guqiu and Shen Xingchuan are close friends.”

Elder Ge sneered, “Hang Guqiu? He’s just a nice guy who always tells people not to fight. I don’t see anything remarkable about Guantian Mountain.”

Ye Chuanlin added, “Hang Guqiu has a long lifespan.”

For them, even the oldest and most accomplished, like the late Sect Leader Bai, lived only up to two hundred years.

But Hang Guqiu had lived for at least three hundred years.

Elder Ge scoffed, “Is longevity really a skill?”

Ye Chuanlin, with a serious tone, replied, “Living long means knowing more secrets; that’s definitely a skill. We shouldn’t underestimate Shen Xingchuan, and we should be even more cautious of Hang Guqiu.”

The kindly Hang Guqiu they were discussing was a Confucian cultivator.

Having achieved the Dao through Confucianism, Hang Guqiu, whom Ye Chuanlin called a three-hundred-year-old monster, actually looked like a gentle scholar in his early thirties.

With a kind and approachable face, he didn’t stir up trouble upon arriving at the Yujing Sect, dutifully climbing the mountain to have tea with his friend Shen Xingchuan.

It was puzzling how someone as stern as Shen Xingchuan could be friends with such a laid-back and jovial person.

Shen Yushu accompanied her brother to meet Hang Guqiu, secretly wondering if her brother’s opportunity to become sect leader depended on Hang Guqiu.

But could someone as timid as Hang Guqiu really help her brother?

Sure enough, upon hearing Shen Xingchuan’s intentions, Hang Guqiu sprayed his tea and began to object, “Brother, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. But how can the position of your sect leader be decided by outsiders?”

Shen Xingchuan responded coolly, “I don’t need you to do much. Just keep Ye Chuanlin occupied when I take action.”

Hang Guqiu protested, “Ye Chuanlin? He’s one of the top talents of the Changyun Temple. The Changyun Temple has always been at odds with your Yujing Sect…”

Shen Xingchuan explained, “That’s why I need you to distract him. I can handle the others.”

Shen Yushu smiled gently, “Though I have little influence, I will naturally support my brother. Brother Hang, it is said you’ve lived at least three hundred years. Are you really troubled by handling a younger opponent?”

Hang Guqiu’s scholarly face showed a series of bitter smiles as he pleaded, “Cultivation is not about age. As you know, aside from my long lifespan, I have no other abilities…”

Yet the siblings continued to stare at him intently.

Hang Guqiu pondered for a long time before asking, “Brother, why do you want to be the sect leader? You seem dedicated to swordsmanship, not someone obsessed with power and fame.”

Shen Xingchuan’s gaze shifted.

He looked out the window.

Yue Nu was clumsily pruning flower branches with a pair of copper scissors. She was so inept that branches were scattered all over the ground, causing her to wear a distressed look.

Unbeknownst to her, Shen Xingchuan observed all of this.

Inside, Shen Xingchuan spoke softly, “The Yujing Sect today is not the one I want.

“Among the disciples, the mixing of various cultivation techniques has led to impurity; there are endless evil spirits, and the elders only know how to infight.

“The treasure of the Yujing Sect, the ‘Chiyue,’ is neglected. Yue Nu has some memory issues, which likely hide something deeper…

“I want to give Yue Nu a true life, and I want to build the Yujing Sect of my vision… This is my path.”

Shen Yushu was taken aback.

She gazed into her brother’s cold eyes, overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

Shen Yushu closed her eyes and then opened them again.

Decades had flowed like water. The once aloof and unreachable brother now stood up, brushing snow from his clothes and glancing at her on the mountain path.

That was the beginning of her journey to enlightenment.

Over the years, she had thought it was merely her delusion, believing that the brother standing atop the mountain was just a figment of her troubled mind.

The indifference of the world, and her brother’s coldness. Her brother, who sat in the mountains focusing solely on cultivation and ignoring worldly matters, had once caused her to despair.

But now, now…

Suppressing her emotions, she spoke sincerely, “If this is what you desire, brother, I will indeed help you. Just don’t forget what you said today once you succeed.

“Whether you’re being truthful or not, I will take it as the truth.”

The only one left without speaking was Hang Guqiu.

But what could Hang Guqiu do?

He could only smile bitterly.

Always agreeable, he remained agreeable this time as well.

In the Yujing Sect’s Competition Hall

Jiang Xuehe, wearing a veiled hat, sat at a table, waiting.

Next to him was Chen Zichun, who was fidgeting restlessly.

As an outer disciple, Chen Zichun felt nervous about being in the inner sect’s competition hall for the first time, accompanying his senior brother.

The surrounding disciples were glancing at them, some subtly, others more openly…

Chen Zichun whispered, “Senior brother, maybe I should leave?”

Jiang Xuehe’s voice was calm, “A cultivator should remain composed and not be disturbed by others’ words.”

Chen Zichun, half-understanding, replied, “Senior brother, did you bring me here to train my temperament?”

The young man looked at his senior brother’s composed demeanor and felt moved once again, “Senior brother, you’re really good to me.”

Jiang Xuehe: “…”

He had only asked Chen Zichun to bring something for him.

But Jiang Xuehe never corrected others’ misunderstandings.

Chen Zichun sat next to him, trying to mimic his senior brother’s posture, straightening his back, calming his breath, and stabilizing his mind…

Calming down, Chen Zichun noticed a petite figure mingling with the disciples, chatting among them.

Only now did he realize he had been too flustered earlier to notice the girl’s voice.

Excited, he exclaimed, “Senior brother, it’s Ti Ying!”

His senior brother replied calmly, “Hmm.”

Chen Zichun called out to Ti Ying, but after several calls, the girl, who had been laughing, turned her head and saw them—

Ti Ying: “Hmph.”

She turned her face away and continued to play with the other senior brothers and sisters.

Chen Zichun, slow to realize, looked at Jiang Xuehe.

Why would little junior sister be mad at him for no reason? Could it be she was upset with Jiang Xuehe?

Hmm… If Jiang Xuehe had brought him here, it might not just be to train his temperament; it could be to please Ti Ying…

Chen Zichun felt a pang of sorrow.


A sword was slammed onto the table.

Startled out of his reverie, Chen Zichun heard a haughty and impatient female voice, “Pour me a cup of water, thanks.”

Looking up, he saw a bloodstained girl taking a seat.

The girl, covered in patches of blood, had an arrogant and cold gaze that made Chen Zichun’s body go rigid, his mind flashing back to the day he was trapped in the Five Poisons Forest…

No, it was the day he was bound by her, killed, and then fed with impure energy.

Opening his eyes in the sinister atmosphere of the Five Poisons Forest, he saw a girl in a red wedding dress casually glance at him.

Her eyes showed some confusion, as if puzzled by something. But when she saw the great demon transform into a Wuzhi, she finally left, baring her teeth in a grin.

“Stay here to atone for your sins.

“If you feel wronged by me, become powerful enough to break the seal and seek revenge.

“Remember, my name is Hua Shi.”

Hua Shi!

Clearly, it was Suan Yu’s past with Hua Shi, but the one bearing the brunt of it was Chen Zichun, whose body instinctively feared her voice and sight.

Chen Zichun trembled.

Calm down, calm down.

I am not Suan Yu; I have no grudges against her…

Hua Shi slapped the table, shouting impatiently, “Pour me a cup of water; are you deaf?!”

Having just fought her way through a tough competition, her opponent’s schemes had nearly caused her defeat. In a foul mood, she merely asked a disciple for water, but he hesitated and didn’t move.

Hua Shi looked up, her gaze freezing—

She saw Jiang Xuehe sitting quietly at the table, seemingly oblivious to her demands. Her imperious command was as if it fell on deaf ears.

Hua Shi gritted her teeth: Fine, Jiang Xuehe. His skills are on par with hers, so he has some pride. Moreover, he never paid attention to anyone except Ti Ying, so it was normal for him not to fetch her water.

Hua Shi then focused on the pale-faced, sweating Chen Zichun.

She saw Chen Zichun struggling to stay calm, his hands on his lap trembling slightly.

He seemed to be torn between wanting to pour her water and holding himself back…

Hua Shi: “…”

The boy’s face, white as paper and desolate, made her momentarily confused, reflecting on herself: Was my voice too loud? Did I scare him?

Hua Shi softened her tone, “Could you pour me a cup of water?”

Yet the boy trembled even more.

He bowed his head…

Hua Shi sensed something was off.

Her hand at her side, she began forming a seal, her expression cold, “So afraid of me? Do I know you? Look up and pour me water.”

Just as Chen Zichun was struggling to reach for the teapot, another crisp and clear female voice interjected, “Chen Zichun, pour me some water!”

Ti Ying!

Chen Zichun felt as if he had found a savior.

His trembling hands moved to pour water for the scowling Ti Ying, inadvertently catching a glimpse of Jiang Xuehe’s veiled hat moving slightly, finally looking in their direction.

Jiang Xuehe spoke softly, “It’s just a cup of water.”

Ti Ying looked disdainfully at Chen Zichun’s shaking hands.

She then glared at Jiang Xuehe.

What a terrible senior brother, letting Hua Shi bully others without saying a word.

Under his veiled hat, Jiang Xuehe smiled slightly.

Ti Ying turned to Hua Shi, starting to argue, “Don’t you have hands? Order others around as if everyone here is your servant.”

Hua Shi gritted her teeth, “Ti Ying, are you looking for a fight?”

And so the two began to bicker.

In the competition hall, where spiritual energy couldn’t be used, they could only argue.

Miss Hua, with her privileged background and bad temper, surprisingly didn’t know many curse words. Ti Ying, a country girl, had a sharp tongue. Miss Hua was so angry that she grabbed the sword to chop her, regardless of whether she could use spiritual energy.

Ti Ying leapt up to dodge.

She turned back, making a face at the stunned Chen Zichun.

Chen Zichun: “…”

With the surroundings quieting down, Chen Zichun couldn’t help but laugh.

He whispered, “Ti Ying is really cute.”

Jiang Xuehe remained silent for a while.

After a pause, he said, “I’m afraid she won’t come again while I’m here.”

Chen Zichun then realized that Ti Ying and Jiang Xuehe might have fallen out.

Chen Zichun tried to persuade Jiang Xuehe, “Ti Ying is young and immature. Senior brother, you should be more forgiving. Just talk things out calmly.”

Jiang Xuehe thought: I’ve been very tolerant already.

But her cultivation might really have issues; she didn’t let him into her sea of consciousness…

At first, Jiang Xuehe thought Ti Ying was just being cautious of gender boundaries, which was why she kept her distance. However, after a probing attempt that night, he was certain that her cultivation was somehow not right.

The sea of consciousness reveals all of a person’s secrets.

This was the real reason Ti Ying refused to let him see.

Jiang Xuehe felt a bit agitated: Could Ti Ying’s spiritual enery be weaker than he had thought? Why didn’t she trust him?

Suppressing his irritation, he told Chen Zichun, “If she would stop and listen to me, that would be fine. But she runs away as soon as she sees me.”

As if he were some kind of terrifying monster.

Chen Zichun: “Ah… senior brother, did you do something to wrong Ti Ying?”

Jiang Xuehe was silent.

After a while, he only said, “Stay here and wait for her. Give her the items in this qiankun bag. Tell her that her next opponent in the competition is quite strong, so she needs to be careful. After the competition, she should come out immediately and not linger to play.

“And also…”

He hesitated for a while but finally said, “Forget it.”

After Jiang Xuehe left, Chen Zichun waited for a long time before Ti Ying returned.

Ti Ying peered around the entrance of the competition hall. Realizing Jiang Xuehe was gone, she approached, feeling both relieved and slightly lost.

Following Jiang Xuehe’s instructions, Chen Zichun handed her the items.

At first, Ti Ying was indifferent, but the items coming out of the qiankun bag kept piling up—besides spiritual pills and talismans, there were two sets of clean clothes, clay figurines, and candies.

Even as Chen Zichun took out these items, he felt the curious stares of those around him, his cheeks burning with embarrassment.

He grumbled internally: Little junior sister is just going to the competition, not on an outing. Why did senior brother give her so many things?

Ti Ying looked down.

She played with a mud figurine and suddenly said, “These are senior brother’s things, right?”

Chen Zichun evaded, “You called me senior brother…”

Ti Ying sneered, “I meant Jiang Xuehe.”

Chen Zichun tried to argue, but Ti Ying lifted his chin with a small dagger, making him look into her eyes.

Ti Ying’s eyes were round and bright, currently covered with an icy glare and a hint of anger.

Chen Zichun quieted down.

He said, “You refuse to see senior brother.”

Ti Ying fumed.

Her shoulders slumped, and she wore a sullen expression.

She thought he was going to leave, so why did he care about her?

Chen Zichun, feeling sorry for her, tried to comfort her, explaining that her next opponent was very strong and that Jiang Xuehe was worried about her, which was why he had given her these things.

She shouldn’t lose her temper so easily.

Ti Ying shouted angrily, “But I can’t beat him!”

Chen Zichun was stunned.

Ti Ying slammed the table, “If he really wanted to corner me, he could use something to pin me down and force me to stay. If I couldn’t move, I’d have to listen to him. If I couldn’t move, he could do whatever he wanted!”

Chen Zichun: “…”

Ti Ying lay on the table in a rage, “But he didn’t! He’s not sincere…”

And he was leaving.

Why did he have to leave just because the second senior brother came?

Why couldn’t she have both the senior brother on the left and the second senior brother on the right?

Chen Zichun, fumbling for words, was surprised when Ti Ying, sniffling, seemed to figure things out on her own.

With reddened eyes, hugging the candies and clay figurines, she slowly convinced herself, “If he tries to force me next time, I’ll just pretend I can’t beat him.”

Chen Zichun: … But you really can’t beat him, can you?

Ti Ying muttered to herself, “I’ll tell him that he and the second senior brother can both stay with me. If he doesn’t like it, then… then, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, it’ll be him, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, it’ll be the second senior brother.”

Chen Zichun: “…”

Though he wasn’t sure where this second senior brother had come from, Ti Ying’s words were quite scandalous.

Ti Ying, her big, tear-filled eyes filled with suggestion, looked at Chen Zichun.

The boy forced a laugh, “You don’t expect me to tell this to senior brother Jiang, do you? Ti Ying, I’m afraid he won’t like hearing this.”

Ti Ying blinks in realization.

After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Okay, I don’t like the second senior brother that much anyway… so it’ll be him on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and the second senior brother on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. No more than that! The second senior brother would be unhappy.”

Chen Zichun: “… That’s not the problem…”

Ti Ying slammed the table, “It is the problem! Go tell him!”

She naively thought that, as long as she said this, Jiang Xuehe would agree to stay.

Chen Zichun, under Ti Ying’s pressure, really went to relay this message to Jiang Xuehe.

By the time he conveyed the message, Ti Ying was already in the competition and didn’t have to face Jiang Xuehe directly.

Chen Zichun was nervous as he delivered the message.

Although Jiang Xuehe seemed to have a good temper, Chen Zichun had never forgotten the fierce aura Jiang Xuehe displayed the night he killed Suan Yu.

He feared that Ti Ying’s casual words might truly anger Jiang Xuehe.

So, while conveying the message, Chen Zichun softened it a bit: “… She’s young and doesn’t understand…”

Even as he said it, Chen Zichun felt a strange sense of familiarity with his own words.

To his surprise, he heard Jiang Xuehe chuckle softly.

He heard his senior brother’s slow response: “I see, I understand.”

Chen Zichun: “… Huh?”

Before Chen Zichun could gather his thoughts, Jiang Xuehe straightened his robe and said warmly, “Let’s go to the competition hall and wait for Ti Ying to come out.”

Chen Zichun: “Senior brother, do you really understand?”

Jiang Xuehe’s expression softened, his eyes reflecting a gentle smile: “Yes.”

Ti Ying was awkwardly bowing her head to him.

It was the first time she was like this with someone, so she was a bit clumsy.

When Jiang Xuehe and Chen Zichun returned to the competition hall to wait for Ti Ying, she was inside a secret realm arranged by “Heaven’s Eye.”

After the previous mishap with Wuzhi, Ti Ying now took her missions seriously, always thoroughly reading the tasks on the jade slip before proceeding.

Oh, this time, the mission was to kill a demon beast.


Ti Ying looked up and saw the snow falling heavily, the thick fog, and the desolate landscape.

She stood on the snowy path, feeling lost.

… Where is the demon beast?

In such cold weather, what kind of demon beast could survive?

Suddenly, she heard the voices of young men.

Ti Ying turned her head and saw a group of spirited young men passing through the fog and snow in the distance.

Among the boys, she saw a figure—

With skin as fair as jade, handsome features, and a bright smile, his casual glance was like springtime, radiating brilliance.

This person, though young, looked remarkably like the young soul she had seen in Jiang Xuehe’s sea of consciousness.

Ti Ying immediately recognized him as Jiang Xuehe.

She called out, “Senior brother!”

The young man seemed to hear her call and looked back at her. His gaze was casual yet dazzling.

There was still a smile in his eyes.

Ti Ying was sure this was Jiang Xuehe.

But he looked so young.

What no one knew now was that this young man was Jiang Xuehe, yet not entirely him.

He was the fourteen-year-old Jiang Xuehe, the “Ye Sha” Jiang Xuehe had hidden away.

The fourteen-year-old Ye Sha was even younger than Ti Ying now.

In the competition hall, Jiang Xuehe suddenly felt a wave of unease, sensing something was amiss.

But he couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

The fourteen-year-old Ye Sha and the fourteen-year-old Ti Ying had met.

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