Chapter 10: Reverse Scales

Yuhu immortal sect

Qilu Terrace.

Xie Jiuer is washing clothes. Huang Rang has a particularly large number of dresses, and they have complex styles, making it very difficult for her to wash them. With so many clothes, it is simply impossible to finish washing them in such a short time.

Xie Jiuer feels like crying; she knows that Huang Rang is bullying her.

She is filled with resentment, but she has no way to deal with it. Xie Hongchen seems to favor her, but if she disrespects her elders, she will be reprimanded just the same. Xie Jiuer can distance herself from Huang Rang but dares not openly defy her.


Xie Jiuer has been washing clothes for two hours and naturally feels very confused.

— Huang Rang has not returned yet. Just now, I saw her carrying a food container, but she didn’t head towards Emerald Peak. Who is she delivering food to that would take this long?

Outer gate, in the merchant’s residence.

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And today, to think he had dared to touch Huang Rang after his lust had subsided, he deeply regretted it. Although Xie Hongchen was gentle and fair in handling matters, it would be a grave mistake to assume he could be provoked in this way.


If he were to find out about this…

Xie Yuanshu simply didn’t dare to think any further.

Huang Rang returned to the Qilu Terrace, where Xie Jiuer was washing clothes for her.

Seeing her return, Xie Jiuer had a strange expression but still forced a smile as she said, “Mother, why did you come back so late today? Where did you go?”

She cautiously inquired, but Huang Rang ignored her and instead yawned, saying, “Children should not meddle in adult matters. I’m tired, I’ll rest for a while. You can leave after finishing washing the clothes.”

While she was saying that, as she was leaving, she intentionally dropped a jade pendant.

Xie Jiuer had already grown suspicious of Huang Rang’s prolonged absence outside.

If she was distributing food to other disciples, there was no need for it to take this long. Where has she gone? As these thoughts ran through her mind, she saw Huang Rang drop something. Xie Jiuer had other things on her mind and naturally didn’t call her back.

She waited until Huang Rang returned to her room, then took a few steps forward and picked up the object. As she examined it closely, she was instantly shocked.

— It was a jade pendant.

In the Yuhu immortal sect, everyone cherished jade, and naturally, everyone wore jade. And on this jade pendant, there was the engraved character “Shu.”

It was Xie Yuanshu’s usual accessory, the son of Xie Lingbi.


Xie Jiuer’s heart raced. How could Xie Yuanshu’s personal items end up with Huang Rang? Moreover, Huang Rang’s behavior today was truly strange. It was impossible for her not to think deeply about it.

She knew that her adoptive father didn’t like her adoptive mother. Would reporting this matter to him perhaps make him show her more favor?

Xie Jiuer played a little game in her mind.

After washing the clothes, she indeed concealed the jade pendant and made her way to Emerald Peak.

The direct disciples of the Xie Hongchen lineage all resided here, and Xie Hongchen himself lived in the Yeyun Hall at the top of the peak. Xie Jiuer entered the hall and found the main hall adorned with simple decorations and plain curtains, indicating a cold and empty heart within the residents.

“Father!” Xie Jiuer knelt in the hall, her voice already filled with a sobbing tone.

Behind the curtain, Xie Hongchen’s voice came: “What has happened?”

Xie Jiuer knocked her head on the ground and said, “Earlier, Jiuer went to Qi Lu Terrace to wash clothes for Mother. I discovered, I discovered…”

Xie Hongchen’s voice carried a hint of displeasure as he sternly said, “Speak.”

Xie Jiuer hurriedly said, “I found Mother going out and returning home three hours later. Her hair was disheveled, and…” she exaggerated her words, hoping to catch Xie Hongchen’s attention.

Sure enough, Xie Hongchen asked, “And what?”

Xie Jiuer quickly presented the jade pendant and said, “And Mother accidentally dropped something. Your daughter intended to pick it up and return it, but upon seeing this item, I couldn’t determine its origin. So, I came to find Father!”


She lowered her head and held the jade pendant in her hands.

Suddenly, she felt a lightness in her hands, and the jade pendant had already reached Xie Hongchen’s hands.

Xie Hongchen remained silent for a long time before saying, “Big Brother has always been rough and unaware, even when his personal belongings are lost. It must have been your mother who found it and didn’t have a chance to return it. You may leave.”

Xie Jiuer furrowed her brows slightly—didn’t Father dislike Mother? Why did it seem that he wasn’t very pleased upon hearing about Mother having it? But she didn’t dare disobey Xie Hongchen’s command, so she said, “Yes.”

She turned around to leave, and from the inner room, Xie Hongchen said, “I will return the jade pendant to your Uncle. Let this matter rest. Children should focus on cultivation and not be distracted by other matters.”

Xie Jiuer understood his words as a warning not to speak recklessly. She quickly responded, “I understand.”

In the inner room, after Xie Jiuer left, Xie Hongchen carefully examined the jade pendant in his hand.

Indeed, it belonged to Xie Yuanshu.

But Xie Yuanshu was currently in the Outer Sect and couldn’t casually enter the Inner Sect. How could Huang Rang have picked up his personal jade pendant? Xie Hongchen didn’t believe that there was any private relationship between them. Although Huang Rang had a poor character, she wasn’t stupid.

Now that she was the wife of the Sect Master, Xie Hongchen had no intention of taking concubines. Her position was secure, and she should have no worries. 

How could there be any entanglement between Huang Rang and Xie Yuanshu? Xie Yuanshu is a scoundrel with a questionable character, and he’s notorious for his lecherous nature. What could he offer Huang Rang?

Huang Rang is a calculating person who weighs the pros and cons clearly.


However, it is possible to say that Xie Yuanshu had an interest in Huang Rang.

Huang Rang’s beauty is well known to the world, but only Xie Hongchen truly knows how beautiful she is. Xie Yuanshu has always been lustful, and it’s ridiculous to say that he has no impure thoughts.

With this in mind, Xie Hongchen immediately said, “Summon Xie Yuanshu to the hall to see me.”

Outside the Outer Sect of Yuhu immortal sect, inside a merchant’s residence It was already night.

Xie Yuanshu was feeling restless. If the matter of causing harm to Zhen’er reached Xie Lingbi, he would surely be beaten half to death. But if the matter of coveting Huang Rang came to light, not only would Xie Hongchen not spare him, but Xie Lingbi would definitely flay him alive.

He had done something guilty, and unfortunately, it happened to knock on his door. The head shopkeeper hurriedly came in and said, “Young Master, the Sect Master has summoned you to Emerald Peak’s Yeyun Hall!”

Xie Yuanshu’s heart was about to jump out of his chest!

Could it be that the secret was exposed?

Yes, it must be!

Otherwise, why would Xie Hongchen summon him at such a late hour?

Given Xie Hongchen’s temperament, if this matter came to light, he wouldn’t survive going to Yeyun Hall. Regarding other matters, Xie Hongchen might let him off for Xie Lingbi’s sake, but this matter…

Xie Yuanshu was a cowardly person, but in such a situation, even a coward could muster some courage.

After all, he was already responsible for what happened to Zhen’er. It might be better to just eliminate him.

At this moment, the words he had previously said to Huang Rang resurfaced in his mind once again: If I become the Sect Master, you will be the Sect Master’s wife!

During the gentle daytime, he still cherished the memories of tenderness. At this moment, Xie Yuanshu suddenly made up his mind! He calmly dressed himself and used a storage magic treasure to bring along all the magic tools and poisonous pills he had collected. He made his way into the inner sect of the Immortal Sect.

It was already night. He walked slowly on the mountain path of the inner sect, firmly determined but well aware in his heart—how could he possibly be a match for Xie Hongchen on his own?

With this in mind, instead of heading directly to Emerald Peak, he quietly went to Qilu Terrace.

—Qilu Terrace was secluded, and he wouldn’t encounter anyone on the way.

Since the Sect Master’s wife lived here, other disciples wouldn’t come to disturb her. Xie Hongchen rarely visited, and since Xie Juer moved to Emerald Peak, Huang Rang practically lived here alone. For Xie Yuanshu to undertake such a grand task, he naturally needed allies. Was there anyone more suitable in the entire Immortal Sect than Huang Rang?

As expected, Qilu Terrace was quiet and devoid of activity. It wasn’t yet the season for snow, and the plum blossoms hadn’t bloomed. Only in the triangular pavilion was a solitary lamp lit.

And Huang Rang was sitting in the pavilion.

She wore thin clothes, appearing delicate and frail, giving off a sense of vulnerability.

Under the lamplight, Xie Yuanshu saw the beauty and felt that such a celestial being belonged to him. He became more determined, quietly approaching the pavilion and calling out, “Ah Rang?!”

Huang Rang seemed startled, turned around to see him, and appeared somewhat dazed. “Big brother? Why are you here?”

Xie Yuanshu took a few steps forward, intending to hold her hand. Huang Rang quickly withdrew her hand, so Xie Yuanshu only grasped a part of her sleeve. The sleeve was soft and light, smooth as if it were the skin of a beauty.

Xie Yuanshu was intoxicated by it and firmly said, “Ah Rang, I’m going to kill Xie Hongchen right now! From now on, I won’t let you be alone anymore!”

Huang Rang gazed at him for a long time; as if seeing his resolute expression, her eyes brightened with a layer of tears. “Big brother…”

Xie Yuanshu said, “Call me Shu Lang!”

Huang Rang sobbed softly and finally said, “If Shu Lang has made up his mind, Ah Rang is willing to die for Shu Lang.”

Xie Yuanshu covered her mouth and said, “I won’t let you die. I want you to be my Sect Master’s wife in a glorious manner. I’m going to Emerald Peak right now! But I am limited by my abilities alone. Ah Rang, you have followed him for a hundred years and know him well. Do you have any way to help me?”

Huang Rang lowered her gaze, her long eyelashes casting a shadow as they trembled like butterflies. “As long as it’s for Shu Lang, no matter what it is, Ah Rang will do it. But I am just a small earth spirit and don’t have much cultivation. I can’t assist Shu Lang. And Qilu Terrace doesn’t have any magic treasures or poisonous drugs…”

Her every word was pitiful, but there was also a subtle reminder between the lines.

Of course, Qilu Terrace didn’t have any poisonous drugs—after all, she was a virtuous and dignified Sect Master’s wife; why would she need such things?

However, Xie Yuanshu managed the entire commercial establishment of the Yuhu Immortal Sect. Obtaining poison would not be a problem for him. Sure enough, a bright idea flashed in Xie Yuanshu’s mind. He held Huang Rang’s hand and said, “Dear sister, you’ve reminded me. I have something here. Prepare a bowl of soup for him and add it to the mixture. As long as he consumes it, even just a sip, I will naturally have a way to take him down!”

Huang Rang was shocked and afraid, saying, “This… this…” After hesitating for a while, she bit her lip and said, “I’ll do as Shu Lang says.”

Knowing that this person was foolish, she reminded him once again, “But his cultivation is deep, and ordinary poisonous pills might not harm him. Besides, he is well-versed in the elixirs of the Yuhu Immortal Sect. Shu Lang, can we succeed?”

A fierce determination flashed in Xie Yuanshu’s pupils. “I have managed the commercial establishment for so many years. Do you think I don’t have any private reserves? Ah Rang, rest assured, once he takes this pill, I will be able to take his life!”

Emerald Peak, Yeyun Hall The lights were high, yet it was silent.

Xie Hongchen sat beside the desk, reading a book, while Xie Yuanshu’s cherished jade pendant was placed nearby. Even in his peripheral vision, it felt piercing. As a man, no matter how generous he was, there were always sensitive points.

Today, he wanted Xie Yuanshu to know the consequences of crossing his bottom line, making him never dare to act recklessly again.

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