Undesirable Marriage

Chapter 9.2✿

He could hardly bear to go a day without seeing her. He wanted to see her every day. He wanted to see her sometimes playful and other times irritated face. He wanted to hear her every day. To hear her sometimes gentle and other times delirious laughter and murmurings.

How could it be that the closer he got to her, the harder it was for him to be apart from her?

The more he looked at her and listened to her, the more he couldn’t understand how he could have been apart from her for five years without turning into an empty carcass?

He loved, was more obsessed over her than five years ago, and couldn’t imagine himself losing her.

It was a day in which he had a major operation, it was already past 8 in the evening. He had thought she had gone home, yet couldn’t help but walk towards her office, only to find the lights off. Therefore he moved leisurely towards the children’s ward’s floor.


Even though she was not there, he was still longing to find the remnants of her presence and smell her lingering scent. He felt obsessed, wanting to walk every step she had taken, wanting to follow in her every footstep.

He arrived outside the children’s playroom and quietly pushed open the door, expecting to be greeted by a room of silence. Instead, what he saw was her half leaning on the sofa, dozing, with a little boy in her arms. He recognized the child was one with blood cancer, awaiting for a suitable bone marrow transplant. He tiptoed towards both the big and little one, crouched and took a beautiful picture of the image in front of his eyes to be safekept in the deepest place of his heart. Soon, the little boy twitched a little, waking up and opening his big misty eyes..

“Shhh.” He led his forefinger to his lips in a gesture of silence, and the boy nodded his head in understanding.

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She looked at his sharp move and suddenly laughed. Her charming and sensual laugh tickled his heartstrings. His aching desire burned even stronger as he wrapped his arms around her soft, delicate body.


She snuggled up to him and whispered. “We shouldn’t be doing… such kind of thing in a place like this.”

“Whatever!” He couldn’t care less. The beast of lust that had been locked up for five years would not reign in chains any longer.

She willingly accepted his every unspoken ministration, her teeth biting her lips, drunk on the tide of love, her eyebrows curved up in a smile of unparalleled beauty—

“Chuan Ya, you are… mine.” He emphasised with a powerful and dominant thrust.

She tightened her grip on his shoulder and scratched her fingertips. “Dai Xingren, you… are evil.”

Yes, he was evil. Because like her, he had put up with it for five years, he didn’t want to pretend to be a gentleman at a time like this. He loved her and wanted her now, he wanted her body and heart, both completely and utterly for himself.

Qiao Xuan, or any other man, will have to go away!


After the passion making, she said she was hungry.

“What would you like to eat?” He caressed her brows lovingly. “I’ll go and buy it.”

“Fried rice with eggs. I don’t want to buy it. I want you to cook it for me.” She demanded, in a wayward tone. But he didn’t think she was wayward at all. He smiled softly and took her hand. “Let’s go.”

As they did five years ago, the two slipped into the kitchen of the resident’s dormitory, where Dai Xingren opened the fridge in search of ingredients and was delighted to find half a pot of leftover rice in the rice cooker.


Mo Chuan Ya sat at the table, being the lady she was, waiting leisurely for the meal to start.

Dai Xingren glanced back at her and shook his head. “You still haven’t learnt?”

“Learnt what?”

“I left you a recipe for fried rice.You haven’t learnt how to make it?”

“Why should I?” She grunted. “I’m not going to learn.”

“Because if you want to eat, your chef will naturally make it for you?” He asked with a smile, thinking he was too bored to leave the recipe for her. She’s a rich lady, why would she cook for herself? 

“Do you regret it?” Mo Chuan Ya read his thoughts and squinted unhappily.

“Regret what?”

“You regret leaving that cookbook for me.”

“It’s not that I regret it, it’s just funny.” He laughed to himself. “I originally thought that since you like to eat the egg fried rice I made, maybe you could cook it yourself when you were in a bad mood. But now that I think about it, you don’t have to learn to cook it yourself.”

“It’s not what you think!” She retorted sharply. “I don’t want to learn how to make egg fried rice for another reason.”

He was stunned. “And what’s the reason?”


She stared at him, not saying anything. Her eyes brimmed with annoyance.

Did he say something wrong again? Dai Xingren thought to himself. But not being able to find the reason, he humbly sought advice from herself.

“Chuan Ya, what’s wrong with you?”

She looked away from him as if she didn’t want to speak to him. He was about to sigh when she suddenly raised her voice in a whisper.

“If I learn, you won’t make it for me, will you?”

He was stunned.

“Why would I want to learn?” She pursed her lips and scolded him angrily. “If I learned it, you won’t come back, will you?”

Did that mean she’d been waiting for him to come back? He stared dumbly at her thin, discreet face in disbelief. If that was true, why hadn’t she called back, or written back? All she had to do was say the word and he would have been back right away!

“Chuan Ya, you!”

“Don’t!” She interrupted him arrogantly, as if snapping at him. “You’re not allowed to ask anything more”

He shut up knowingly and stopped asking any more questions. He used his cooking skills that he hadn’t shown off in a long time, and fried two plates of egg fried rice that were full of colour, flavour and taste.

She ate contentedly.


He sat opposite her and ate with her. Seeing her smiling, his heart was delighted.

“Chuan Ya, there is something I want to discuss with you.” He picked up courage to speak.

“What is it?” She put down her spoon and wiped her mouth with a paper towel.

He took a deep breath. “I was thinking about our marriage!”

“What do you want? A divorce?” She responded quickly.

He didn’t care if she really wanted it or if she was teasing him, but he was eager to clarify. “I’m not getting a divorce!”

Her eyes brightened. “Then what do you want?”

He looked straight at her. “I was thinking since we’re husband and wife, we should live together.”

“You want to return to living together this soon?” She raised her lips in derision. “It’s still too early.” She hadn’t punished him enough.

He frowned. “What you mean is…”

“Let’s wait some more time.” She badgered him, not giving him a clear answer. “Let’s see if your performance can satisfy me!”

Was this meant to continue testing him? He sighed and willingly accepted the chastisement of his beloved wife.

“Chuan Ya, next time I’m on a break, can we… go for a walk somewhere?” He asked cautiously, fearing that even a request for a date would be rejected.

Unexpectedly, she smiled at him and simply agreed. “Sure, you can pick me up then.”


On that weekend’s morning, Dai Xingren went to the hospital’s fitness centre to exercise.

That day he had a date with his wife. He woke up excitedly in the hospital dormitory around 5am, unable to sleep any longer. 

And so he decided to simply freshen up early and go to the gym to vent his excess energy.

An hour later, he showered, shaved, combed his hair, groomed himself and looked in the mirror to make sure his appearance was impeccable before driving his car down to his wife’s apartment.

As a result, he came too early. He curled his lips mockingly and laughed at himself for being too impatient. He suppressed his excitement and waited downstairs for nearly two hours before ringing her doorbell. She kept him waiting for another 20 minutes before she came downstairs late. 

He was still amazed by the way her face looked when he saw her, but she seemed to have put on too much blush and her complexion seemed a little unnatural.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” She was annoyed.

He smiled, stroking her tender cheek with his finger. “Don’t you think you’re wearing too much blush? You look like a monkey’s bottom.”

“How dare you laugh at me?” She looked at him with deliberately wide eyes.

“Just kidding.”

“Who wants to joke with you?” She groaned. “I’m not going out with you anymore, let me get out of the car.”

“Okay, don’t get angry.” He quickly and softly coaxed the young lady. “I’m serious, you are so beautiful like this, I just didn’t know how to say it.”

“You!” Mo Chuan Ya squinted her eyes and stared at him thoughtfully.

He thought she was still angry and was afraid she would really regret going out with him, so he was a bit flustered and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?” 

“When did you become so good at talking?” She pouted, both happy and angry. 

“Isn’t it good?”

“I don’t like it when you’re being slick.” She grunted and turned her face away.

He gazed at her tense flank and sighed softly. “I learned it for you, miss.”

“What?” She stared back in surprise.

“Didn’t you use to tell me not to be too stiff and humourless?” He looked straight at her, his eyes full of tenderness. “I’ve always remembered your words, so I’ve tried to change myself over the years.”

She was speechless.

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