Untypical Divorce

Chapter 9.2

“Mu Yu…” She murmured blurrily, reaching out with a trembling hand to unbutton his shirt. Her jade hand tantalizingly swept across his sturdy chest.

He let out a low groan and endured with great difficulty. With a large hand, he pushed up the thin shirt, capturing her perky pretty br3ast in his hand, boorishly kneading it.

Breathing unevenly, she lifted her chest up, welcoming him more enthusiastically. He gazed deeply at the pink bud standing at the tip of the summit, lowered his lips, and flagrantly sucked. The tip of his tongue skillfully swirled, licking and teasing, repeatedly tormenting her.

Her breathing was faint, both loving and complaining. In response to his gentle cruelty, she reached out, groping at his waistband.

“What do you want to do?” He detected her attempt and bit her earlobe in punishment.


“Just wanted to help you…” She coquettishly looked at him, her soft eyes misty.

“I’ll do it myself.” He disagreeably didn’t allow her to further deprive him of being in control. Moving back a little, he undid his trousers himself, impatiently kicking them aside, and eagerly returned to her. She had also taken off her clothes. Her soft supple skin met his, instantly igniting their passion. She impatiently pulled down his face, leaving small kisses. Meticulous love bites made a path of fire, flames raging as they burned both their bodies. His patience was reaching its limit. Exerting strength to tear the weak silky barrier between her legs, his iron-like manhood energetically invaded. She felt pain, yet was even more excited and found it harder to restrain herself. Her legs hooked his waist as she lightly twisted her delicate body, allowing her warm and moist womanhood to more perfectly embrace all of him.

He let out a loud groan in satisfaction, yet he was simultaneously even more unsatisfied. “You minx…”

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Her elegant brows slightly furrowed, puzzled and lost. Just as she wanted to speak, he suddenly got off the bed, going into the bathroom to take a shower without saying anything.


She watched his departing figure in stupefaction, momentarily at a complete loss.

What she’d expected wasn’t this kind of response. Even if he wasn’t able to reciprocate the same love, at least there wasn’t a need to be this cold and detached like he’d turned a deaf ear.

This made her feel like she was very…cheap, as if she wasn’t worth anything.

She silently got off the bed and tightly wrapped herself in the bathrobe provided by the hotel. Her eyes faintly pricked with tears of humiliation.

A few minutes later, he came out also wearing a bathrobe. He opened the refrigerator, took out a bottle of mineral spring water, and opened it, drinking fiercely. She grit her teeth, quietly looking at him. After what felt like an unendurable century, he then turned around, his sharp eyes cutting into her body repeatedly. “I don’t believe you.”

“What?” She didn’t understand.

“I don’t believe you love me.” He dully repeated. “Jian Yi An, you’re lying.”

She was horrified, hurriedly rushing in front of him. “Why would you think this? I didn’t lie!”

“The person you really like should be Xia Yu Mo, right? I heard you’ve secretly loved him since university. This time, it’s also because he broke up with his girlfriend that you anxiously wanted to return to his side, right?”

The icy words instantly made Jian Yi An freeze.

Then she suddenly realized why her husband checked everywhere upon entering the room. It turned out he suspected that she might be sharing a room with Xia Yu Mo.

He really thought she would have an affair with Senior?


“It’s not like that!” She worriedly explained. “That’s right, I used to secretly be in love with Senior, but that’s already in the past. I never thought of having anything with him—-“

“Then how are you going to explain you betraying our company’s information to him?” He coldly cut her off. “Don’t tell me you weren’t giving him a big gift in order to curry favor with the one you love?”

“Definitely not!” She refuted in alarm, she hadn’t expected that he would actually come up with such a scary conclusion. “I said it already, that time was because I was very discontented with you so I did that! I wanted to teach you a lesson, Senior only just happened to be able to help me carry out my plan. I wasn’t trying to curry favor with him and I definitely wasn’t trying to use that to demand his feelings. Believe me, I really wasn’t!”

He remained silent, his dark eyes lowered. She couldn’t see what emotions were churning in his eyes. She was even more at a loss what to do.

“Mu Yu.” She called with a trembling voice. “You still…don’t believe me?”

“Yi An…” He lifted his eyes. She could see that his appearance was entangled with anguish.

He surely cared about her, right? Precisely because he cared, he would be distressed because of her, he toward her….he had feelings, right?

She was suddenly choked with emotion. “Mu Yu…”

He looked at her, the expression in his eyes bright one moment and extinguished the next. In the end, it was dark and silent like burnt out ashes. “I really want to believe you, but I can’t.”

She was shocked and frightened.

“Because you’ve done it before, I almost couldn’t even throw you off when you pretended to lose your sight in front of me. I can’t tell which sentence is true and which sentence is a lie.” He expression was wooden and his words were like sharp claws, ripping her heart apart. It was so painful that she was in a panic, she couldn’t even piece together the words to defend herself.

“You’re really…I love you, sincerely…”


“You wouldn’t be thinking of using the relationship between you and me, thinking of a way to steal information from my side to curry favor with your beloved, right?” He hoarsely questioned. She was utterly speechless. Tears blurred her field of vision, making her even more lost.

“If you’re still playing games, testing me, then I’m telling you…” He lifted his hand and held her pale cold face. Each word left a wound on her heart, “Having been fooled by a woman once, I won’t let her fool me a second time.”

Pearly tears noiselessly tumbled down. She stubbornly kept her eyes open, wanting to see him. However, what she saw was only confusion and blur that she couldn’t even make out her five fingers in.

“Jian Yi An, you lose!”

A cold and raw declaration, in her ears, in her heart. Like the evening drum and the morning bell, love’s funeral tone sounded.

She had lost. If the confrontation with him was a game, then she had indeed lost. She wasn’t able to convince him, she wasn’t even able to make him believe himself.

She had been met with retribution again. Every time her heart was moved by him, what she got in return was always heartbreak, and this time, it hurt a hundred, a thousand times more than before. It hurt so much that it was hard to breathe, it hurt so much that she laid foolishly on the bed every night, consoling her throat full of grief, not knowing what to do. But this time, she couldn’t blame him. It wasn’t that he was heartless, it was she herself who had sinned. She should’ve known long ago at the time that she was playing with fire and the only thing that would be burnt was her heart.

She shouldn’t have thought herself clever and thought she could teach him a lesson, shouldn’t have seized every opportunity to weave one lie after another. She should’ve known her opponent actually wasn’t an ordinary man, but love.

She deceived him, lied to love. Now, even if she racked her brains, and worked hard to redeem herself, it would only be in vain.

What to do?

“I know I was wrong, but…” But what should she do to make it better?

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