Untypical Divorce

Chapter 9.1

Again! Jian Yi An helplessly looked away from the phone vibrating incessantly on the table. Without needing to look at the caller ID, she already knew who was calling.

“Is it your husband again?” Xia Yu Mo, who had just finished talking on the phone with the company’s chairman, hurriedly turned around to ask.

“Yes.” She sighed.

“You’re not taking it?”

“As if I want to listen to him scold people.” She playfully grimaced. “He definitely wants to force me to go home.”


“But you can’t go back.” Xia Yu Mo frowned, looking at the mess on the table. “I still need to write a business letter to pacify all our foreign clients.”

“Actually, I’ve already written it.” She passed a piece of A4 paper over to him. “Take a look and see if there’s anything that needs to be amended?”

“Truly very good!” Xia Yu Mo took the letter, quickly looking it over. “An An, luckily you’re here to help me.”

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“Leave with me!”


“Mu Yu, are you crazy?” She lowered voice, attempting to struggle free. “I still have a lot of things to do now, I can’t leave—“

“I said, leave with me!” He cut her off without explanation, his black eyes blazing with fire that could absorb someone. She was momentarily alarmed.

“It doesn’t matter, An An.” Xia Yu Mo saw that the situation wasn’t good and actively eased the atmosphere. “You go have a good talk with your husband!”

He was originally kindly giving the two people space to reconcile, but unexpectedly Ke Mu Yu, hearing his intimate address toward his wife, became more furious.

“Haven’t I warned you before? Xia Yu Mo, you’re not allowed to call my wife this way!” Saying this, he made as if to make his way in front of his love rival.

Jian Yi An promptly pulled him back. “Okay, didn’t you want me to leave with you? Let’s go, quickly go!”

She looked like she was dragging a disobedient child, simply pulling him out of the conference room. After they were far away from everyone, she allowed herself to erupt with the embarrassment and anger that she’d silently endured.

“What are you doing? Ke Mu Yu, are you crazy? Why did you burst in like that? Don’t you know that it’s really unsightly like this? How do you expect me to work at the company in the future?”

He didn’t utter a word. The eyes that captured hers flashed with a strange light. After a very long, very long time, he hoarsely spoke. “Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

She was stunned.

“Why didn’t you answer my calls? Don’t you know that I’ve been calling you? Why didn’t you answer?!” He roared, jittery like a ferocious beast trapped in a pitfall trap, unable to find a way out.

“Why do I have to answer?” She wrinkled her eyebrows, upset. “You just want to scold me anyway, do I have to endure your scolding for no reason? Moreover, didn’t I send you a text saying I’ve already arrived safely and I’ll go back after the matter’s been taken care of.”


He stared at her viciously. “Which room do you live in?”

“What?” She was stunned again. “Why are you asking this?”

“Take me to your room!” He bellowed the command.

Nut case! She resentfully pursed her lips. Seeing that arguing in the hotel hallway wouldn’t get them anywhere either, she could only lead him upstairs and return to her room. Just after she swiped her room card, he kicked open the door to her room in a hurry, rushing all over the place, and bursting into the bathroom for an inspection.

“You’re staying by yourself?” He asked, hissing.

“On this trip to Tainan, I’m the only female employee, so of course I’m staying by myself.” She unhappily retorted. “Otherwise, do you want me to live with a ghost?” That said, she didn’t even have the free time to return to her room and rest.

“If there isn’t anything, I have to go back to work.”

“You’re not allowed to leave!” A tall body blocked her way.

“Then what exactly do you want to do?” She got mad. “I really still have work to do, I can’t just return to Taipei like this!”

“You—” Ke Mu Yu shook from head to toe, his eyes surged with complex emotions. He seemed to have many things he wanted to say yet he didn’t know how to calmly say them. In the end, he could only crazily fiercely kick the bathroom door.

“Are you crazy?” She was shocked and wanted to stop him. “You’ll break the door!”

“Go away, leave me alone!” He boorishly shook her off and suddenly rushed into the glass shower in the bathroom. Standing under showerhead, he turned the water on, and let the stream of water fiercely beat his body, cooling off his intense feelings.


What exactly was the matter with him?

Jian Yi An was incessantly panicked. Her anger had been extinguished following his nearly masochistic behavior. In its place was an overwhelming alarm.

“What’s going on with you? Mu Yu, don’t be like this!” She followed after, rushing into the shower with him and trying to turn off the water.

Arms like steel suddenly clamped around her. “You can’t not answer my phone call, you can’t do this!”

“Mu Yu…” The delicate shoulder that he was grabbing was feeling extremely painful. “What exactly is going on with you?”

However, he turned a deaf ear, lost in gloom that no one could see. He blindly muttered again and again, “You’re not allowed to not answer my calls, you can’t be like this… I won’t allow…”

She tried her best to make out his deep voice amidst the sound of water. Gradually, she heard the terror that he was unable to speak straightforwardly. Because she had made him listen to the sound of that monotonous dial tone again, because she had made him recall his most sorrowful and gloomy past, because she made him think of that mother that no longer answered his calls… Goodness! How could she be so thoughtless? That night her mother passed away, she had once missed his signal for help, now she had missed it again a second time! “I’m sorry, Mu Yu, I’m sorry.” She distressedly hugged his waist in distress, her cheek stuck to his chest. “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have not answered your calls. I’ll apologize to you, don’t be sad, don’t be sad, okay?”

“Who said I’m….sad?” He rigidly refused to admit his weakness.

“Yes, you’re mad, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have provoked your anger, I’ll apologize to you…I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” She lifted her face, affectionately dropping apology kisses one after another along his sharp face.

His body shook and suddenly he confined her shoulder and her neck with one hand. The back of her neck was hurting, yet she still smiled sweetly at him. Looking at that smile, his chest suddenly tightened, practically losing the space to breathe.

“Jian Yi An…” In his teeth, he ruthlessly tore at this name that made his heart hurt.

“It doesn’t matter, you scold me, I was wrong.” She docilely collected her gaze.


But he didn’t want to scold her. Words were already insufficient at expressing the ire and fondness he felt for her. In the water from the shower, she smiled like a captivating siren, pulling and stirring up his heartstrings. Bewitching fairy, really a hateful bewitching fairy… He lowered his face, ruthlessly ravaging her lips. The beast of desire broke out of its cocoon, dominating his rationality. He let the beast bare its teeth, biting the soft woman in his embrace. She didn’t run away, resignedly accepting his wildness and would also reciprocate fervently.

The two thoroughly wet bodies entangled the whole way from the bathroom to the bed, like two snakes chasing one another intimately. His lips were ice cold, her lips were moist and warm. Amidst the blend of hot and cold, he set himself free without any reservations.

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