Untypical Divorce

Chapter 7.2

Thus, with the help of the old housekeeper, she came to this hospital. She hesitated outside the door for a long time, wondering if she should go in.

“May I ask if something’s the matter? Miss.” A nurse passing by saw her lingering and kindly asked.

“I…want to visit a patient.” She lifted the fresh flowers and the fruit basket in her arms, a little embarrassed. “The patient in this ward…”

“You’re talking about Miss Dong?”



“She’s gone to chemotherapy right now. It’ll probably be a while before she’s back, but after she comes back, I’m afraid she won’t have energy left to speak with you.”

“Is her situation very bad?”

“En.” The nurse nodded, regretfully frowning. “Actually, her situation is already hopeless, we’re only stalling for time now.”

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“Yyu R ypj, obs… yal usw?”

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Kkyd Zk Gd oyvnble pyezu, pbl aykple bla blye okvb ekqqknwzvu yde pollvzu pxkzle. “Tlzzs, R yx Yw Zw’p okql!”



“Yi An, my good wife, where are you?” Today, Ke Mu Yu returned home holding a wind chime in his hand. He shook it, making that clear crisp sound while playfully raising his voice to call her. Obviously his lovable wife was standing in the open kitchen, yet he stubbornly turned a blind eye to it, moving through the house and even playfully squatting down to check under the sofa.

“What do you mean?” Jian Yi An went into the living room, witnessing his funny action. Her lips twitched in annoyance. “You’re really treating me like a pet?” He thought she was a kitten or puppy, able to fit in such a narrow space?

“Haven’t I said before? You’re my rose.” He smiled as he hugged her slender waist. Realizing she was wearing an apron, his sharp brows wrinkled. “Didn’t I tell you that  you don’t have to force yourself since you don’t like cooking?”

“I didn’t like it in the past, but now I do.” She calmly replied. “Also I happened to get off work relatively earlier today, it’s just spaghetti and soup, very simple.”

“Spaghetti? GOOD! I like it.” He straightforwardly expressed happiness. The tip of his nose conveniently leaned close to her soft jade neck, deeply inhaling the womanly fragrance on her body.

“Go away!” She bashfully pushed him away. “You’re like a puppy sniffing everywhere!”

“I heard that dogs sniff to mark their territory,” he laughingly declared this enlightening remark.

In other words, she was his “territory”?

She stared at him, refuting his inaccurate intellect. “How come I heard dogs use urine to mark and establish their territory?”

“What you mean is that you need me to leave a mark on you too?” Ke Mu Yu cleverly turned a disadvantage into an advantage.

“No problem, wife, I will work hard on it at once.” Saying this, he rudely dropped several light kisses on her in succession, from her cheeks to the side of her neck, and continued encroaching downward…

“That’s enough!” She shyly moved away, blushing. Her cheeks were dyed an enchanting peach color and indescribably touching.


“Are you shy? So cute.” He hatefully teased her.

She forcefully rolled her eyes, changing the subject. “Where did this wind chime come from?”

“This?” He shook it again. “It’s the gift that I’m bestowing on my rose.”

“Gift?” She curiously took it. It was crystal wind chime from which hung a little cat mischievously in the act of using its paw to fiddle with the dangling marbles. Inside the marbles, colored roses were embedded. Such exquisite workmanship and innovation caused her to exclaim in great admiration. “Where did you find this? It’s so beautiful!”

“I found it from a foreign auction, I spent a good several hours.” He pretended to seem aggrieved as he sought to be recognized for his deed.

The magnificent En Yu Corporation’s vice president spent several hours browsing online in order to buy a present for her? She didn’t dare believe it, yet she was also secretly delighted.

“I didn’t expect that you were so idle.” She clicked her tongue and shook her head. “In comparison, I, the little special assistant, is really so pitiful, a lot of work for a little money and it’s also not close to home.”

“So I told you to quit that damned job already.” He knocked her forehead in displeasure. “Who told you to go help that Xia Yu Mo and work so hard?”

“I can’t do that.” She didn’t consider it at all. “Recently our company is reelecting the board of directors and also introducing a new product. It’s very busy, I can’t resign at this time, too lacking in comradery.”

“What comradery are you talking about with that guy?” Ke Mu Yu stared at her, not covering up the jealousy in his words at all. “You should say your mutual affection with your husband instead. Look, I’ve gotten thinner recently, don’t tell me you don’t ought to nicely take care of me?”

“You got thinner? Where did you get thinner?” She glanced at him and still truly couldn’t tell.

“Here.” He exaggeratedly stroked the left part of his chest. “My heart has become thin.”


She almost choked. After a while, her cherry lips split open, letting out a string of laughter. Just like the wind chime that she held in her hand, clear, crisp, and sweet-sounding.

His heart has become thin? She admired this man’s cleverness. It turns out he also knew how to act spoiled. It turns out that when he was like a child, determined to obtain her affection, he made people so unable to resist him.

Heart had gotten thinner… Sigh, her heart had certainly gotten thinner, because it seemed some portion of her heart had already been placed in his hand. If he couldn’t nurture love for her, she was afraid it would keep getting skinnier…

“What are you thinking about?” He intimately pinched her cheek, demanding her attention. “While speaking with your husband, you actually got lost in your thoughts?”

“I was thinking…” She hazily looked at him. “Do you still remember Miss Dong? The last nanny you had.”

He was startled. “Why are you suddenly mentioning her?”

“She’s getting chemotherapy treatment at the hospital right now, her condition is very serious.” She muttered sadly. “The nurse told me she probably won’t live for long.”

He was stunned, momentarily speechless. After a good while, he bitterly spoke. “And so what?”

“What so what?” She was astounded. “You’re not going to see her?”

“I haven’t even seen my own mom in years, why would I go visit a nanny?” His expression was apathetic. “There’s no such need.”


“With that said, how do you know about this?” His deep eyes stared fixedly at her, his gaze sharp.


Her heart jumped. “Your dad gave me the number for your family’s former housekeeper, I asked him about it. I also went to the hospital to visit Miss Dong.”

“You really are very meddlesome.” He furrowed his brows, displeased.

She knew he would criticize her. Jian Yi An forced a smile in self-mockery. “Mu Yu!”

“Don’t say anymore.” He didn’t allow her to mention a topic that he didn’t want to go into and deliberately smiled to disperse the darkness on his face. “Didn’t you say you made spaghetti? I’m hungry.”

She silently sighed. “Fine, you wait a bit, the meal will be ready soon.”


“Where are you going with those two lunchboxes?”

At lunchtime, Jian Yi An hurriedly left the company carrying the lunchboxes and met Xia Yu Mo who was coming back from meeting a client by chance. The two people coincidentally met at a large hall.

“I agreed to go on a picnic with someone.” She smiled sweetly.

“Picnic?” A light bulb went off in Xia Yu Mo’s head, recalling that En Yu Corporation’s office building was also near here. “Sigh, I really am envious of that someone, not only is there a delicious lunchbox to eat, there’s also a beautiful wife for company.” He jokingly lamented.

“Senior.” Jian Yi An looked at him, pretending to be serious.

“What is it?” “You’ve become glib-tongued.” Xia Yu Mo blanked, a deep laughter came from his throat. “I can’t help it. As long as I think of how Ke Mu Yu came to the office and shouted at me, I can’t help finding it amusing.” He paused meaningfully. “I say, An An, do you feel that your husband is a little childish?”

How is it just a little? It was very childish! Even so, no matter what, outsiders had no right to criticize.

“Senior, I’ll get angry if you say this.” She narrowed her eyes, half-seriously warning him.

“Fine, I won’t talk about it.” Xia Yu Mu was very tactful. The company needed people right now after all, he couldn’t rashly offend important employees. “Hurry on your picnic!”

“Yes, senior, I will return as quickly as possible.”

Jian Yi An went past her boss with a lively gait, passed through two intersections, then arrived at En Yu Corporation’s office building. The guard knew her identity and sent her upstairs with a smile. She arrived at her husband’s office in high spirits to find unexpectedly that he wasn’t there. 

Strange, hadn’t they agreed on this? 

She hesitantly turned around. Song Qi Hong happened to come in and the two women saw each other, exceptionally furious. Especially Song Qi Hong, her eyes fiercely spurting flames of fury.

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