Untypical Divorce

Chapter 5.1

“What’s wrong? A migraine?” Xia Yu Mo asked worriedly. He arrived at the office early this morning. When he passed by the special assistant’s seat, he saw Jian Yi An’s complexion was pale, her brows knit, and her jade hands holding her forehead, evidently withstanding some sort of pain. “Not a migraine, it’s a hangover.” She breathed evenly, her right hand tapped her heavy forehead. “I drank too much last night.”

“You’re hungover?” Xia Yu Mo was astonished. “Don’t you not like to drink?”

“I don’t like drinking.” But her mood was too rotten last night, she inadvertently drank too much. She gloomily let out a light groan. “I can’t say for sure, but there might also have been someone who deliberately made me drink.”


Jian Yi An rolled her eyes. “That man who lives with me.”


“Heh.” Xia Yu Mo laughed softly.

“What are you laughing at?” She stared at him angrily.

He quickly put on a solemn expression. “Nothing, I just think it’s interesting. Both of you, husband and wife, are really quite weird. It hasn’t been several days since you’ve just gone through with the divorce and you’ve made up again.”

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“That’s…” Jian Yi An’s pink cheeks heated up. “Who told him to be able to do that kind of thing? Didn’t I tell you already? The result of offending a woman is very miserable.”


“Yes, when a woman retaliates, it certainly is very scary.” Xia Yu Mo made fun of her. “But what exactly did Ke Mu Yu do to make you so mad? And why have you forgiven him now and decided to stay by his side?” 

“Senior, you!” Jian Yi An glared at him. 


“You’ve become nosy.” She pensively commented.

Xia Yu Mo suddenly felt embarrassed. A man asking in detail about the internal affairs of someone’s marriage did appear small-minded. He bitterly smiled with self-ridicule. “Isn’t it all because you, junior sister, made such a shocking move1 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人: usually don’t speak, but takes people by surprise once they open their mouth/’It never rains, but when it did, it poured’ ?”

“Me doing that didn’t bring you any harm either.” She brightly blinked.

Far from harm, it was simply rain after a long drought (exceptionally good).

Xia Yu Mo’s lips hooked in good humor, not denying that he had indeed felt that it was a delightful surprise when he received the data. “Thank you so much, junior sister.”

Jian Yi An smiled lightly. Just as she was about to say something, there was a sudden commotion in the office. She stuck her head out to take a look and was shocked to find that her husband was confidently making his way toward her.

“Mu Yu!” She got up in a panic. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to pick a fight with your boss.” He ridiculed, half true half false.

She remained silent. “President Xia, can I ‘take out’ Yi An?” He turned to Xia Yu Mo, adequately showing his manners.


“You want me to give her the day off?”

“How can you do that?” Jian Yi An hurriedly refuted. “I have a lot of work today, I can’t take leave.”

He didn’t pay attention to her protests and forcefully took her hand. “Let’s go, wife.”

“Mu Yu, don’t be like this…” She couldn’t throw him off and could only look at her boss for help.

Ke Mu Yu detected the tacit understanding in the eye contact between the two, he lightly snorted in displeasure.

Xia Yu Mo coughed twice, considerately extending a helping hand to his junior sister.

“Vice President Ke, we have an important meeting with a client today. You can’t just take my special assistant away like this, I need her help.”

Upon hearing this, Ke Mu Yu sneered and raised an eyebrow, simply not being polite with him. “You listen up, Xia Yu Mo. You might need help, but my, Ke Mu Yu’s, wife doesn’t need to work like a horse for someone else, I must take her away today.”

“Are you crazy?” Jian Yi An watched stupefied as her husband provoked her superior. “Where are you taking me during working hours?”

He cracked a clear and bright smile at her. “Date.”

Date? Shocked, her words became stuck in her mouth. With great trouble, she finally got them out smoothly. “Your company probably also has a lot of work, right? How do you have time to go on a date with me? Stop playing around!”

Ke Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders, not the least bit concerned. He ignored his wife’s reproach and negotiated with her superior on his own.


“Xia Yu Mo, don’t think that I don’t know. When my wife returned to your company this time, she came with a ‘big gift’. It shouldn’t be too much for me to ask you to do this minor favor for her, right?”

“You go on your date, An An.” Xia Yu Mo thought over the situation and tactfully decided to betray his junior sister’s hopes.

“Senior! You!” She was in disbelief.

He apologetically offered compensation. “I’ll consider it as giving you special leave today, no deduction from your salary and no need to make up for it later.”

“But today’s meeting!” She still wanted to struggle.

“You should believe in President Xia’s ability, Yi An.” Ke Mu Yu spoke tauntingly. “It would be too lame if he can’t run this company for a day without a special assistant!”

“You should hurry on your way.” Xia Yu Mo didn’t want to listen to his rival’s taunting any longer.

There was nothing else Jian Yi An could do but very unwillingly pack up her things. Who knew that nasty husband of her’s who forcefully burst into someone else’s company still wasn’t willing to let it go.

“By the way, Xia Yu Mo, since I’ve come, I’ll conveniently give a reminder. Yi An is my wife, is ‘An An’ for you to call? In the future, you’re not allowed to call her this way.”

What did he say?

Jian Yi An froze in shock, unable to believe that her husband had actually choked out such childish words to another man in front of everyone. Seeing each and every one of the coworkers in the office all toss her envious and teasing looks, she couldn’t help feeling very embarrassed. She just wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

However, Ke Mu Yu didn’t mind at all that he’d become the focus of everyone’s ‘jokes’ as he calmly and naturally pulled her out of the office building. They arrived in front of an ice blue roadster.


“You’re driving this car today?” She was surprised, remembering that this sports car was the one he treasured the most. So much that he didn’t allow anyone to touch it.

“Didn’t you say that this car doesn’t take passengers?”

“You’re the exception.” A brilliantly bright smile like the spring sun, determined to melt her heart.

She pathetically trembled. Obviously she knew that he had bad intentions, yet she still couldn’t resist the male charm that he intentionally used.

He attentively opened the door for her, lightly nudging her into the car, and then supported himself with one hand and jumped into the driver’s seat.

With a tap of the accelerator, the accelerating sports car immediately shot off like a rocket. The incredible horsepower made even Jian Yi An, who had done motorcycle racing as a young girl, terrified.

“You…slow down! This isn’t the highway either.”

“Are you scared?” The eyes that looked at her with a smile, vaguely flickered with challenge.

“I…wouldn’t be scared.” She stubbornly said. “It’s that you’re too lacking in civility driving this way, this is the city center.”

“I got it, wife.” He deliberately mocked, skillfully braking and letting the car slow down smoothly. At this, Jian Yi An calmed her worried heart, but before she could catch a breath, his next words pulled her nerves taught again. “Why did you slip away so quickly this morning?”

“When did I slip away?” She denied, ill at ease. “Obviously it was you who left for work first.”

“I was only going for a morning run first, you don’t know that I have this habit?”

Of course she knew. She also deliberately took the opportunity to rapidly freshen up and get ready in that period of time, scrambling to leave first before he came back so as to avoid facing him because she didn’t know what to do.

[1] 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人: usually don’t speak, but takes people by surprise once they open their mouth/’It never rains, but when it did, it poured’

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