Untypical Divorce

Chapter 4.3

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Even though she warned herself that she couldn’t be like this over and over again, her heartstrings couldn’t help trembling for this man—had she gone crazy? She was fully aware that he was only teasing her like a crafty cat playing with a pitiful mouse, yet she still couldn’t control her rationality.

“What are you thinking about, wife?” He teased her again, his handsome lips cracked a boyish smile.

She couldn’t breathe for a split second, her eyes wandered elsewhere, avoiding him. “My… stomach is hungry, let’s eat!”

She said she wanted to go to the restaurant nearby.


Regarding the meal, he stubbornly wanted to eat at home, so she extremely unwillingly prepared to cook yet he insincerely said he hated for her to be too worn out and decided to order takeout. After pizza and roasted chicken were delivered, he brought it to the dining table, and also opened a bottle of red wine, attentively pouring some for her.

“Come, a toast to you.”

“A toast for what?” She was suspicious of his intentions.

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“Ebyv es usw xlyd?”

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“So what?”


“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll come out and reveal everything?” She threatened, “If I publish that contract with the media, what do you think the majority of the public will think? They will definitely feel disgusted, it turns out the model couple that appears in front of people is also fake, you’re also not some good man who loves his family and wife at all.”

“So?” Ke Mu Yu was not the least bit concerned as he drank his wine.

She glared at him, “Aren’t you the most afraid of ruining your image?”

“I don’t like to.” He candidly admitted.

“Then you promise to divorce with me immediately, I guarantee that I won’t announce this secret to the media.” She put forth her conditions.

He looked like he was muttering to himself. After a long while, he shrugged. “Up to you.”

“What?” She was stumped.

He appeared calm. “Up to you whether you make it public, I don’t care.”

How can he not care? He obviously cared the most! Or, he thought that she didn’t have the courage?

Jian Yi An scrunched her eyebrows in indignation. “I do what I say. Ke Mu Yu, don’t think that I don’t dare.”

“I won’t think that. In fact, your courage rather draws my admiration.”

“Admiration?” She was stunned.


“There’s never been a woman that dared to play these tricks on me.” He leaned over, staring fixedly at her. Something was surging, hidden, in his eyes, “You are the first.”

Her heartbeat was in chaos, her eyelashes fluttered down. She was very scared that she would accidentally drown in his eyes. “If you weren’t…too excessive, I wouldn’t have done that either.”

“How was I excessive? You say it, let’s see.” He encouraged.

He had the cheek to pretend to be innocent? She glared at him in annoyance and drank another cup.

“Eat some pizza! Don’t you love eating this seafood flavored one the most?” He took a slice of pizza and gave it to her.

“How do you know I love to eat this?” She casted a sidelong glance at him, she didn’t believe that he would go through the trouble to remember her preferences.

He smiled yet didn’t reply.”Just, you eat something first, it’s easy to get drunk on an empty stomach.”

“No need.” She still didn’t have any appetite, “Didn’t you want to hear how unfair you are? I will tell you.”

“Go on.” He briefly ordered.

Even when he was listening to her accusing him of his crime, he remained an arrogant man.

She gritted her teeth gloomily, “Song Qi Hong is your ex-girlfriend, right?”

“You know?” He was surprised.


“Do you really think that I don’t know anything at all?” She laughed grimly, “Not only do I know she’s your ex-girlfriend, I also know the reason why you married me is to punish her for cheating on you behind your back. She was only temporarily confused and very quickly turned around to beg you yet you aren’t willing to forgive her. You are fully aware that she still loves you yet you keep her by your side as your secretary, playing her like a cat capturing a mouse… don’t you think you’re very cruel?”

“I admit that I’m not a good person,” he was clearly not remorseful, “You didn’t pretend to lose your vision because you felt injustice for her, right?”

“I pretended to lose my sight to teach you not to believe yourself to be so infallible as a person!” She scolded, “Don’t think that everything in this world will go as you desire, you’ll be met with retribution if you’re too selfish and too conceited!”

“The retribution is that you stole our company’s classified information and betrayed it to Xia Yu Mo?” He asked coldly.

She was suddenly embarrassedly lost for words. Her lotus cheeks were bright red, it was unknown if it was because she was ashamed or if she was drunk. “I know it wasn’t some honorable and just method. At that time, I… was a little too aggravated.”

“Why were you aggravated?”

“The things you and Song Qi Hong said at the hospital, I heard them all.” She depressedly revealed, “You said I was just a chess piece—Although I’ve long known this, I was still very angry when I heard it.”

Ke Mu Yu was startled. After a good while, he self-mockingly muttered: “It turns out you heard.” He looked at her, wanting to say something but hesitating. His deep eyes flickered with a complicated light, appearing to carry a bit of apology.

Could it be that he wanted to say that he actually didn’t treat her as a chess piece? He thought that she was foolish enough to believe that?

Jian Yi An bit her lip hard, feeling like she herself was like a mouse that’d been caught by a cat. Ever since he declared he wasn’t divorcing, he had continuously teased her abominably, bullying her and taking joy in watching her lose her head in panic and fear. She’d had enough. All she wanted was to quickly escape this marriage that suffocated her, to leave his side…

She drank glass after glass. When the alcohol had practically burned away all her reason and she was so befuddled that she could no longer guard her pride, mumbles of appeal escaped from her lips.

“How about you let me off, Mu Yu, I don’t want to play anymore…”


“What are you talking about?” He asked even though he knew full well.

“I’m not playing anymore, I’m afraid I’ll be met with retribution…”

“Didn’t you say the one that would be met with retribution was me?”

“You don’t understand!” She drunkenly waved her hand vaguely, resentfully looked at him for two seconds, then her head quickly drooped. He worried that she would knock against the dining table and hurt herself, quickly reaching out with both hands to steadily hold her. “Yi An?” He called in a low voice.

She didn’t answer, her delicate face rested drunkenly in the palm of his hand.

“You wouldn’t want to sleep here, right?” He was helpless yet found it funny. After some thought, he directly picked her up and carried her back to her bed.

Upon touching the pillow, she automatically grabbed the velvet quilt, wrapping herself tightly and serenely falling into a deep sleep.

He watched her and couldn’t help smiling, brushing away a lock of hair that had fallen on her forehead for her.

“I won’t let you off, Yi An.” He moved by her ear, delivering evil utterances and invading her peaceful dreams, “I’m just starting to find you interesting, how can I let you off? You’re not allowed to surrender. Continue playing with me, understand?”

In her dreams, she silently shivered.

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