Untypical Divorce

Chapter 4.2

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I watched him for a long time then fell asleep in a daze. When I woke up the next day, my headache was gone, my fever had gone, and he came back from his morning run like nothing had happened, pretending like he didn’t know I’d been sick.”

“Why did he need to pretend?” Mo Chuan Ya was surprised yet curious.

“He was probably embarrassed. Anyway, I also pretended that I didn’t know he’d taken care of me for a whole night, but at that time, I decided that I have to be more considerate of him in the future. So on his birthday, I personally made a cake.”

“You made a cake?” Mo Chuan Ya was astonished once again. “Didn’t you say before that you hated going into the kitchen the most? Your mom wanted to teach you how to cook and you were utterly unwilling.”


“I don’t like cooking, but after getting married to him, my skills have already improved a lot,” Jian Yi An bitterly smiled, “He doesn’t lack anything, there really isn’t much that I can do for him. At least, I can make some delicious food.”

“When it comes to him…you’re pretty diligent.”

Yes, at the time, she’d really wanted to be very diligent. It was just a pity that a woman being attentive to a man did not necessarily mean that his appreciation would be obtained, Jian Yi An depressedly thought.

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Kkyd Zk Gd’p xkde qasgl. G tsse obkzl zyvla, pbl zkqvle bla lulp, elralpple.

“R’x vawzu yd keksv, aktbv?”

Mo Chuan Ya scoffed, smartly not commenting.


“Every time, as long as I have a little bit of good feelings for him, I will always suffer retribution.” Jian Yi An regretfully complained, “It was the same on the day my mom passed away. The next day, he was gone, ran off abroad on a business trip for two or three weeks. He didn’t even attend the funeral and after he came back, he still treated me in that very cold way.”

“What exactly happened that night?” Mo Chuan Ya was curious.

“That day…” Jian Yi An was suddenly mute. The words shamefully hid in her mouth, not daring to come out. Her pink cheeks were dyed a beautiful rosy color in an instant. She lowered her bright eyes and picked up a strawberry, tasting that sweet and sour flavor.

Whether it was his birthday, that night, or when she pretended her head hurt and stayed in the hospital—each time, as long as she was moved by him, what followed was always pain.

“…In short, I won’t be moved by him again.” She prudently declared.

She’d just said grand words to her sister and that very night, she went against them.

Today, Jian Yi An had gotten off work, returned home, and was laying in her bed on her side, dozing off. After a moment, she was woken with a start by a bit of noise before she opened her misty eyes to be met with a sharp and defined handsome face, his thin lips curled into a smile so unruly it was almost hateful. Her heart fiercely trembled.

“You…” She momentarily blanked, unable to comprehend why there would suddenly be a man lying on the bed face to face with her, smiling and looking at her. There was even a large hand unrestrainedly fastened on her slender waist. Then the drowsiness shot off, she suddenly realized. Her breathing stopped and her heart rate rapidly increased. She intuitively wanted to get up, however he firmly confined her, not allowing her to escape. She glowered at him.

He was unwilling to cleanly divorce and resolutely dragged her from her rented place to move back in with him. These offenses, she could let him off on. He actually even flagrantly bursted into her room, this really too intimate, who could tolerate this!

“This is my room, you get out!” She sternly reprimanded.

“Isn’t your room my room? Wife.” He frivolously called her, tightening his hand, forcing her soft delicate body to lean on him more.

“You!” She was both bashful and angry, “When did you come back?” If she’d heard the sound of him entering the house, she would’ve remembered to lock the door to her room.


“I just came back. Seeing you sleeping so sweetly, I couldn’t bear to wake you.” He stroked her cheek with a tender expression, “Seeing that you are so tired that you’re in bed without even changing your clothes, that Xia Yu Mo must’ve worked you excessively, right? You might as well just hand in your resignation letter tomorrow.”

“Why do I have to resign?” She stared at him. She returned to the workplace with great difficulty and also obtained her boss’s recognition. How could she give up such a good opportunity?

“Leaving early and returning late every day only to earn that little bit of salary, don’t you think that it’s not worth it?”

“I think it’s very much worth it, I’m very happy working!” He looked at her fixedly. The corner of his mouth twitched, appearing annoyed and also seemingly a few parts jealous.

“What’s so happy about being an attendant at his side?”

She turned her head away, “It’s none of your business!”

“It’s not that I’m managing you,” he held her face in his hand, forcefully turning her face over, “I hate for you to suffer, wife.”

She was about to vomit, could he not be so thorough in his act?

She took a deep breath, “Ke Mu Yu, are you punishing me right now?”

His sword-like brows rose.

She tried to reason with him, “I know you’re very angry at me for ruining your acquisition plan, but we can’t keep going on like this. Our marriage has been long due, could it be that in order to punish me, you would rather ruin your own life on me?”

“Who said I’m punishing you?” He lightly laughed, “I truly really want to continue married life with you.”


“You only want to take revenge on me.” She granted him a roll of her eyes, “You don’t even like me, why do you insist on being husband and wife with me?”

“Who said I don’t like you?” The tip of his nose came forward, intimately rubbing against hers, stirring wave after wave of disappointing shivers. “I’m just beginning to feel that you’re very interesting!” Thinking that she was interesting was not the least bit love, it couldn’t even be considered positive. Jian Yi An used strength with the intention to push away the man who was tangled with her and pushed up the top half of her body. Looking down and glaring at him, her bright eyes shone with a bright raging blaze.

Ke Mu Yu’s hands rested behind his head, calmly appreciating his wife’s angry look. “It’s so much better like this.”

“How is it better?” She was annoyed.

He didn’t reply and asked in return, “I’m very curious, where did you hide that composed and reserved wife?”

“This is the real me!” She loftily flung her head back.

“I thought so too.” He looked at her like he was thinking of something. Suddenly, he also propped up his body, and his large hand reached out behind her head, nimbly removing the hairpin that she used to fix the hair clip.

Black hair soundlessly flowed down, rolling in tender waves at the edge of her shoulders.

“This looks much better.” He ambiguously used his fingers to comb her hair. “In the future, you can let your hair down like this only after you’ve returned home, understand?”

She tried hard to regain her breath. “What right do you have to tell me what to do?”

“Because I’m your husband, wife.” His thumb intimately caressed her lips. She looked as if she’d been burned, moving back in a flurry to avoid him.

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