Untypical Divorce

Chapter 4.1

“I didn’t expect that getting married was so easy, but getting a divorce would be so difficult!” Jian Yi An resentfully lamented. For afternoon tea, she invited her best girlfriend since high school, Mo Chuan Ya out to chat. Mo Chuan Ya had just come back from a business trip to the United States. Hearing that her marriage had given rise to such a theatrical twist, she was incredibly amazed.

“…It seems to me that he definitely won’t let you off, can’t even tell how he’s going to deal with you next.” She nabbed a refreshment, causing the tower of fruits in front of her to sway. She cut a plump vibrant strawberry into several pieces.

“Who told you to mess with your husband like that?” Mo Chuan Ya picked up a cup of peach black tea, gracefully sipping it. “When the contract is up, won’t you just peacefully divorce him?”

“The problem is that I’m not reconciled!” She resentfully raised her eyebrows. “If it was you – hearing your husband mention those kinds of conditions, letting him take the stance of a victim to obtain a divorce, to win the public’s opinion and sympathy, won’t you feel angry? Won’t you want to teach him a lesson?”

Mo Chuan Ya smiled sweetly, “If it was me, I would make him bear the consequences. At least in Taiwan, he better not think of finding any sort of footing.”


Jian Yi An was startled, a slight shiver ran down her spine. Although this good friend of hers spoke with an indifferent tone, and there was even a smile at the corner of her lips, she knew very well that these were definitely not empty words. The Mo family’s daughter truly had this level of capability. “Expected of a daughter of the Mo family, whoever provokes you will certainly not end well.”

“Aren’t you the same?” Mo Chuan Ya calmly received her teasing. “To go as far as to come up with the trick of pretending to go blind and pulling the wool over your husband’s eyes, and even stealing his confidential files, destroying his six month’s worth of preparations! Jian Yi An, you are very good! It should actually be me who should hire you to be my special assistant. Do you know? It’s really very busy being the director of a hospital, I don’t even know how there are so many things that need to be taken care of.”

“You voluntarily signed up for that!” Jian Yi An didn’t sympathize, “Your Mo family has so many businesses, who asked you to settle on precisely that hospital?”

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Jian Yi An took pity and squeezed her friend’s hand. Although this woman took the initiative to drive him away and always put on an arrogant and stubborn front, she actually wasn’t as strong as she appeared.


“Stop talking about me, this problem without a solution, there’s no use talking about it.” Mo Chuan Ya put away her worries, calmly smiling. “We better talk about what you should do! Ke Mu Yu doesn’t agree to divorce, don’t tell me he plans to continue dilly-dallying with you like this?”

“There’s no way he’d ruin his life on me.” Jian Yi An self-ridiculed. “I think he’ll mess with me for a moment at most, satisfy his manly ego, then he’ll probably sweep me out the door like a large lump of trash.”

“Look at how wronged you sound!” Mo Chuan Ya teased. “So, why did you sign some marriage contract with him at that time? If you needed money for your dad’s embezzled funds, you could’ve looked for me to borrow money!”

“It’s such a large sum of money, how would I have the nerve to ask you? Moreover, I don’t know when I’d be able to repay you either.”

“So you’d rather sell yourself to Ke Mu Yu?”

“What sell myself?” Jian Yi An refuted, “What we’re doing is called taking what we need – he gives me money, I help him play a filial son and console his sick dad!” She paused, her cherry lips pursed disdainfully, “Who knew he was actually deceiving me, he didn’t want to be filial to his father at all, and actually did this to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend.”

“You were fooled.” Mo Chuan Ya indifferently said.

“Correct!” Jian Yi An was angry. “Fancy that I even quite admired him in the beginning, did you know? I also originally thought that he treated me well outside yet was very cold at home because he was shy and didn’t know how he should interact with me in private, and the result? He was putting on a show for the people outside! I went as far as to keep foolishly trying to close the distance between us, thinking every day about how I should be better to him… I’m truly a fool, simply an idiot!”

She strongly berated herself, every word filled with vexation. It was her resentment toward the man that married her, but Mo Chuan Ya could intelligently hear that there was also a sort of subtle deep meaning hidden in these words.

“You actually like him, right, Yi An?”

“What?” Jian Yi An was greatly frightened upon hearing this.

“If you weren’t a little emotionally affected by him, you wouldn’t have agreed to those kinds of conditions at that time,” Mo Chuan Ya candidly tossed out her friend’s true heart. “I understand you, Yi An. It is precisely because you like him that you can play that role of a dignified and worthy Mrs. Ke so contently.”


“I’m…not the way you think.” Jian Yi An denied, “I was originally very content.”

“Please, you can say these words with other people, but you also dare to lie through your teeth in front of me?” Mo Chuan Ya sharply popped her bubble of lies.

“The matter that year, who secretly went together with you to drink and dance after school? Also, you were more ferocious than any man when it came to motorcycle racing. Don’t tell me you forgot.”

“I…” Jian Yi An was embarrassed. She indeed really wanted to forget those young and frivolous times. “So I know I was wrong! Precisely because I raced too fiercely that it almost cost a life, and scared my dad so much he nearly had a heart attack, that I swore that I would be a well-behaved daughter in the future, not let him be disappointed… Sigh, it’s already all history of several hundred years ago, why are you still digging that up?”

“I only want you to honestly speak the truth.” Mo Chuan Ya looked unhurried, “In front of the person you like, you usually behave obediently. Weren’t you the same way with Xia Yu Mo?”

“I admit that I secretly liked Senior before.” Jian Yi An unwillingly mumbled.

“Then what about Ke Mu Yu?” Mo Chuan Ya wouldn’t let her go, “Do you dare say that you aren’t moved by him, even a little?”

Jian Yi An was silently frustrated. Yes, she indeed couldn’t admit it. Towards him, she…had been moved, but after being moved, all that she received was hurt, and how could she be so foolish as to sink into oblivion because of love?

“Chuan Ya, do you know how I discovered the matter between him and his ex-girlfriend?” She indistinctly revealed her heart’s matters to her friend.

“After I’d been married to him for half a year, there was a day when my headache was particularly bad and I had a small fever. I felt like throwing up yet couldn’t throw up, it felt really bad. When he came home and saw me lying on the bed dripping with cold sweat, he took the towel and helped me wipe it, and took care of me for a whole night.”

“You’re saying he kept you company the whole time?” Mo Chuan Ya didn’t quite believe it.

“It was really like that.” She absentmindedly bent her lips, “I saw him dozing off on the sofa when I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt very moved. Even though he was always very cold to me when we interacted in private, I thought he still cared about me.”


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