Untypical Divorce

Chapter 2.3

She didn’t disappoint him. She gracefully sipped a mouthful of tea and set down the cup, but because she incorrectly estimated the position of the tea table, the glass cup immediately tumbled to the ground, spilling tea all over the floor.

“Madam, be careful!” Wu Mei Li cried in alarm.

“Sorry, I’m too clumsy.” She crouched down and groped around. “The cup? Where did it go?”

“Madam, don’t move, I’ll pick it up.” Wu Mei Li was very afraid she would hurt herself.

“No need, I can pick it up myself.” She forcefully rejected the caregiver’s good intentions. “My eyes can’t see, but I’m not a useless person, I can pick it up myself.” But her hands searched all over the ground, precisely unable to feel the cup that fell. Her elbow even accidentally hit the table leg. Experiencing dull pain, she suddenly angrily grabbed the cushions on the sofa, throwing them into the air one after another.


“Why can’t I see? Why? Why!” She hysterically threw a tantrum.

“Madam, calm down a bit.” Wu Mei Li rushed over to stop her.

“Don’t move around carelessly, be careful of bumping into things.”

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“Yes, Mr. Ke, Madam. Then, I’ll retire first.” Wu Mei Li packed her stuff and left.


“Everything’s strewn about. Just let people help you pick it up, why did you have to try to be brave?” Ke Mu Yu criticized his wife, pressing her back onto the sofa. She hung her head. There was the soft sound of sobbing.

Was she crying?

He frowned. What he disdained the most was facing women’s offensive use of tears. “Don’t cry anymore, when did you come to like crying so much? You’re not allowed to cry.”

“I’m really scared…what will I do if I really never see again?” Her tear filled eyes were blurred.

Strange, he obviously knew she was pretending, but seeing her pitiful tearful appearance, he still felt a little anxious.

“Don’t think so much, didn’t I say before that I’ll definitely hire doctors to cure you? Just believe in me.” He crudely consoled her. “Tomorrow, I’ll explain to Mei Li, take you to a very well-known psychologist. We’ll see if he can help you do some hypnosis and the like to find the reason for your loss of vision.”

She stilled in surprise. “You said you’re going to get a psychologist to help hypnotize me?”

Had she been frightened? If she accidentally said the truth after hypnosis, it would be amusing—

He relaxedly observed her expression. “We have to at least give it a try and see if it works.”

“That’s really…” She closed her starry eyes, her feathery lashes slightly trembling. “Really great.”

It appears she was indeed somewhat panicked. Ke Mu Yu subtly twitched his lips.

“Thank you, Mu Yu, thank you for being willing to help me. If it wasn’t for you, I really wouldn’t know what to do.” Her voice choked as she spoke.


Please don’t let it be crying again. He rolled his eyes. “Don’t keep talking about these trivial things, it’s really not like you.”

“Okay.” She shallowly curved her lips, still tightly holding onto his hand. Her attitude of depending on him and not letting go was like a little bird relying on people, making him very much not used to it.

She’d always been strong and independent, yet in this period of time, she was very dependent on him, always sticking to him. As long as he came home, she would come and nestle beside him. Today, she even went to his office.

Truly a really thorough performance!

Ke Mu Yu inwardly exclaimed in admiration. He originally thought he was very impatient towards women’s clinginess, but with her, it seems that amusement trumped disgust…

“Right, Mu Yu, dad called me today.”

“What did he say?” He gathered his thoughts, asking as if he was completely indifferent.

“He only asked how my condition was, I told him he need not worry.”

“It doesn’t matter if you let him worry some more, he’s recuperating at home every day anyway. He’s bored enough.”

“Mu Yu, how can you speak like that?” She frowned. Was she going to give him that talk on being filial again? He was annoyed, speaking first to divert the topic. “I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Okay.” She considerately changed the topic. “My dad also called today.”

“He said he saw the report about me at the nightclub in the last magazine publication. He gave me a severe scolding saying how could I wrong you like this? I was afraid he would be worried and I didn’t dare tell him about the car accident.” She miserably flattened her lips.


“Are you telling me how wronged you feel?” He saw through her intentions and found it a little funny. “I understand, I will compensate you.”

“You helping me find a doctor to cure my eyes, this is the best compensation.” She smiled brightly. “Please, Mu Yu, you have to make it so that I can see again.”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely let you see again.” He leaned over close to his wife’s ear, his thumb lazily playing with her cute ear. “Believe me!”

She didn’t know if it was because she sensed the intent hidden in his words, her delicate body slightly shivered like a startled butterfly.

After dinner, he entered the study to work. She followed him as well, saying she couldn’t see, she was scared of being all alone. Even more shameless was that she had to be in the same space as him. After marriage, the two of them had agreed to live their own lives. The study was his personal space. Particularly when he was working, he’d never permitted her to come in or disturb him.

However, tonight he simply agreed. “Suit yourself, if you want to come in then come in, but you can’t hinder my work.”

“Don’t worry.” She hugged a cushion and sat on the sofa. “I’ll be quiet, I won’t disturb you.”

It’s best if you won’t.

Ke Mu Yu coldly grunted, opening the notebook computer he’d brought back from the company, entered the password, and pulled up confidential documents.

Less than a few minutes later, Jian Yi An who said she wouldn’t disturb him restlessly spoke. “You seem to be working until late at night recently, are there really that many company matters?”

He slightly wrinkled his brow, casually replying: “There’s a big case recently. It’s wrapping up, so it’s rather busy.”

“What kind of big case?”


“Why are you asking so much?”

“Just chatting!” She looked innocent.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t disturb me?”

“Fine, I won’t disturb you.” She obediently stopped talking, no longer disturbing him. She sat for a few minutes, but was unable to stand it. Getting up and holding onto the wall, she slowly made her way step by step toward the aquarium in the corner of the study, bending over and listening attentively to the sound of running water.

What trick was she playing this time?

Ke Mu Yu was reading a section of a report. Distracted, he lifted his head, his sharp gaze penetrating the glass aquarium, looking at her faintly discernible appearance behind the brightly colored fish.

He became somewhat absent-minded as he watched.

Since pretending to have lost her sight, she’d stopped paying that much attention to her appearance. It was nearly always a simple and elegant Western-style dress and beautiful black hair left to flow freely over the shoulders.

Before marriage, in order to display a professional work image, she would dress herself like a composed, strict spinster and after marriage, in order to conform to the identity of an upper-class woman, she often had to dress and accessorize excessively.

The her right now didn’t wear makeup, baring a bare face with a rosy complexion. Her eyes and eyebrows were curved and filled with smiles, unintentionally appearing naturally fresh and clean, not at all artificial.

She actually looks…not bad. Sticking to the aquarium to listen to the sound of water, she looked charming and cute.

How could he have not noticed it before, Ke Mu Yu thought. Previously, he only thought she was a woman that was perfectly fulfilling the traditional roles, smart enough, and was capable of putting on a show with him at various public events, acting as the model husband and wife. She was filial to his father and managed his home neatly and tidily. She was a good wife, but maybe it was because she was too good, too refined and polite, he’d always thought that she was somewhat dull and he also hadn’t wanted to become too invested in this contract marriage and didn’t let himself get too close to her, so he’d missed the different bearing that she occasionally revealed?

Now that he had noticed and didn’t want to easily miss it, he had to properly study and understand it. This woman that he had once thought was only one-sided glass, just how many more multi-colored facets did he inadvertently and easily overlook?

Ke Mu Yu pushed his computer away slightly, allowing himself to let his gaze linger on his wife, enjoying her every expression.

 An exquisite slender white finger tapped on the glass of the aquarium enthusiastically. “Mu Yu, did you remember to feed the fish?”

“Feed the fish?” He was startled and gave it a thought. “It seems I haven’t.”

“Such pitiful fish, your master actually forgot to feed you.” She smiled as she tapped in the glass again. Her jade hand slid down to the cabinet below the aquarium, searching. “Let me see, where’s the food…it should be in this cabinet–Ah!”

He jolted and got up, making his way over to her. “What happened?”

“My hand got cut.” She aggrievedly extended her middle finger out toward him. There really was a cut. Bleeding. He stared at that red pearl of blood, displeased. “How did you get cut?”

“I don’t know either.” She shook her head. He crouched down to inspect the cabinet and discovered there was a part of the board where the wood was splintered. She’d been pierced by a splinter. Her eyes could obviously see, how could she be so careless? He frowned. “You wait here, I’ll go get the first-aid kit. Where did you put it?”

“The bathroom.”

“You stay here, don’t move.” He told her, leaving the study to look for the first-aid kit.

Making sure he had gone into the bathroom, Jian Yi An quick-wittedly hurried over to his notebook computer, inserted the USB into the port, and copied over the confidential files that he was just reading.

Shortly, his urgent call came from outside the door. “Yi An, I’ve looked through all the cabinets in the bathroom, I can’t find the first-aid kit.”

Of course he couldn’t find it. She brightly smiled, shouting out the door, “I remember now. Wu Mei Li seemed to have used it a few days ago, I don’t know where she put it.”

“Okay, I’ll call her and ask.”

While he was asking, she had gained a little more time. She had smoothly transferred the two files. Just as she hurriedly stuffed the USB into her pocket, his clear and meaningful voice came from the doorway—

“What are you doing?”

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