Untypical Divorce

Chapter 10.3

“Congrats, congrats!” Listening up to this point, Mo Chuan Ya openly applauded, cheering for her friend’s happiness. “This is really the most moving love story I’ve heard.”

“Are you making fun of me?” Jian Yi An’s slight smile contained shyness. She glanced at her friend with a bit of annoyance, but couldn’t contain her heart full of joy.

“Hey, you woman without a conscience!” Mo Chuan Ya slightly knit her brows, feigning displeasure. “I’m sincerely happy for you.”

“I’m sorry ah, thank you.” Jian Yi An naughtily made a gesture with her hand like lifting the forelegs of a puppy, coquettishly begging for forgiveness. Mo Chuan Ya softly laughed, too lazy to bother with the woman immersed in happiness. “Anyhow, actually when you brought up divorce with him, you had also calculated his reaction before so confidently going forward without a second thought, right?”

“What the heck! You make it sound as if I’m very scheming.” Jian Yi An protested in discontent. “At that time, I was really very heartbroken, if by any chance, he was determined to torture me, what should I do?”


“But the facts prove that he just can’t bear to torture you ah.” Mo Chuan Ya smiled yet not smiled. “These, you also had it figured out, right?”

Jian Yi An gently laughed, picking up her floral tea and taking a small sip. “I can only say, I won the gamble.” She said softly, her eyes and brows curved, mischievous and charming.

“You scoundrel!” Mo Chuan Ya couldn’t resist reaching out and pinching her round and moist cheek. “You’re really bad through and through.”

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“What did he say?”


She read the text, her heart melting. “He asked me when I’m returning home.”

Mo Chuan Ya detected the expression that couldn’t be more happy and quietly sighed. “You hurry back! Lest that childish husband of yours blames me for kidnapping you again.”

“Wife, you finally remember to come back! Your husband’s stomach is so hungry, it’s nearly flat!” She’d just walked into the house and that infatuated, waiting husband impatiently hugged her slender waist from behind, the tip of his nose shamelessly rubbing at the crook of her neck.

Jian Yi An both found it funny and was helpless. She almost thought he was a starving little cat, pitifully longing for its owner to return home, meowing as it begged for food.

“Didn’t I tell you I was meeting Mo Chuan Ya for dinner today? Moreover, didn’t you have to attend a wine reception tonight? Don’t tell me you didn’t eat anything there?”

“Can the food provided at a wine reception be eaten?” Ke Mu Yu curled his lip in disdain. “How can it compare to the delicious foods that my wife cooks? I want to eat noodles, make noodles for me.” He rudely ordered dishes.

She lightly slapped him. “Please! You can’t even make a bowl of noodles by yourself? Where did you, this great young master, come from?”

“The great young master produced by the Ke family.” He didn’t feel ashamed at all. “Wife, I want to eat instant noodles, and also add an egg. The egg has to be half-cooked, only this way will it be tasty.”

Especially waiting for her to come back was just to eat a bowl of instant noodles with a half-cooked egg added? Jian Yi An gave her husband a roll of her eyes, really not knowing: should she thank him for having such a minor request, or should she sigh with sorrow that he had to act shamelessly even for such a small matter and was unwilling to do it himself?

“I know, you obediently sit in the living room, the noodles will be ready soon.”

“OK!” Ke Mu Yu responded, light and quick. He sat down on the sofa with his computer placed on his knees, simultaneously reading reports and waiting for his wife’s instant noodles of love. Soon, the smell of noodles teased his senses.

“Noodles are ready!” A bowl of fragrant hot noodles were placed in front of him, including a pair of chopsticks and a soup spoon.


His index finger twitched, quickly throwing his computer to the side. He heartily inhaled the noodles.

Jian Yi An sat beside her husband. Watching him enjoying a simple bowl of noodle soup in satisfaction, she was unconsciously a little distressed. It seemed that the wine reception he attended tonight really was a dinner party that was senseless and made people unhappy.

“My dear husband,” she reached her hands out and lightly embraced his waist, her cheek sticking to his large back. “Your work is really hard.”

“You only know now.” He finished eating his noodles, wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin in passing, and turned around to get a reward out of her. “So you’re still not going to give your exhausted husband a massage to show your appreciation and comfort me?”

“Yes…” She smiled as she stretched out the word. She kneeled on the sofa, turning his shoulders around, and with just the right strength, relaxed the tense muscles for him. “Husband, I have a question I want to ask you.”

“What question?” He asked back with a tone of gracious approval.

“After Dad leaves the hospital this time, let’s bring him over to live together with us! I’ve thought about it, since you don’t want to move back, then we’ll bring him over. It’s also relatively closer to the company here.” She paused. “Do you think this is okay?”

He was silent for two seconds, then awkwardly nodded his head. “As you wish, it doesn’t make a difference to me anyway. Having an extra person to keep you company at home is good too.”

Obviously he was also worried about his dad! Jian Yi An snickered, considerately resisting the urge to mock him. At present, through her hard work as a mediator, the relationship between the two father and son was already much better. At least, they didn’t shout at each other upon meeting like before.

“I have another question.”

“Speak.” A concise command.

She secretly made a face. “Just ah…When exactly did you fall in love with me?”


Ke Mu Yu coldly scoffed, not giving his wife any face at all. Women! They just love asking these kinds of very meaningless questions, even his most beloved rose wasn’t an exception.

“Why are you being timid?” She angrily pinched his shoulder. “You can’t answer it? I just knew it, you’re just coaxing me when you say you love me.”

What was she doing now? Did she want to pretend to be pitiful with him? Did she think he would thus be softhearted? Humph humph, he…really was a little softhearted.

“This kind of question is really very hard to answer.” He frowned, caught in a predicament. “If I have to say, it should be…since the time I knew you were pretending to be blind?”

“Is it that time?” Her lovely face moved forward from behind his neck, her bright eyes staring at him alertly. “Because I played tricks on you, so your heart then moved for me?”

“If you insist on putting it this way…you can also say that.” He very unwillingly admitted his cute wife’s conclusion. However, she didn’t seem to be very happy. “So when I treated you well, you didn’t appreciate it at all, and when I had to play tricks, you then placed me in your heart.”

“You can’t say it like that.” He hastily explained. If he let his beloved wife misunderstand that he didn’t deserve her gentle treatment, that would certainly be terrible. “Actually I was also moved by you a few times before, just that it wasn’t as strong as that time.”

“There were also times before?” She was pleasantly surprised. “When? Quickly say it!”

“This…” Ke Mu Yu was super hard pressed. To have a man talk in detail about this kind of thing was simply torture that tormented his male dignity. “Just for example, that night your mom passed away, do you still remember?”

Of course she remembered, how could she forget? That night, they first fought fiercely and later wildly made love too. This kind of brightly colored scene, she was afraid this wouldn’t fade from her memory.

“But were you emotionally moved by me that day?” She doubted. “I didn’t feel it at all. Furthermore, you went on a business trip the next morning. You left for a whole two or three weeks and when you returned, you were still that cold to me, you didn’t change at all.”

“You’re quite stupid.” He glanced at her in displeasure. “I hastily ran off abroad to hide for so long, you still don’t understand why?”


“Oh.” She was surprised, coming to a realization in a split second. So it was like this. So his brief departure at the time wasn’t that he didn’t feel anything for her, but because he involuntarily had feelings, was afraid he would fall deeply and so awkwardly ran away. “You really…are so cowardly!” She complained.

“Not cowardly, rather at that time, I still hadn’t planned on falling in love with anyone. Furthermore, I was thinking we had a contract marriage and when two years were up, you would leave. I didn’t want myself to be unable to let go when the time came.”

Everyone will leave, and he can’t indulge himself in relying on someone that will leave.

“You idiot!” Distressed and annoyed, she knocked his forehead. “Idiot, idiot, idiot…”

“Okay, don’t hit anymore!” He smiled as he protected his head. “If by any chance your husband was knocked silly, what would we do?”

“Fine, I’ll spare you for now.” She took her hand back like she was conferring him a favor. Thinking about it again, learning that the person she loved actually also had feelings for her long ago, unconsciously, she was both shy and happy.

Perhaps, before really falling in love with a person, everyone will once have had their hearts move a little bit countless times. That was just like a grain of sand. When the wind blows and the waves tumble, it will melt away out of sight until that one crucial time, like a meteorite striking the shell of the heart, it will make a dented mark of love. From then on, the other person’s every scowl, every smile will be deeply imprinted on the heart!

“Husband, I love you.” She passionately kissed him.

He was caught off guard for a moment, then coughed twice. His cheeks suspiciously heated with embarrassment. “I know, no need to emphasize it every day. Hm, you’ve only massaged half, continue massaging!” Really a little cat. Jian Yi An thoughtfully looked at this man in front of her. He was like a little cat, sometimes mischievous, sometimes shameless, sometimes loved to act spoiled, and would also sometimes deliberately exhibit an arrogant cool appearance.

Really an adorable little cat!

She smilingly turned her husband’s face over, dropping doting pecks one after another. “Little cat, little cat, little cat…”

“What are you doing?” He dodged left and right, just like a cat that had been unexpectedly taken into its owner’s embrace, sorrily seeking escape. “I’m not a cat either!”

“You are, you’re my adorable little cat.” She persistently asserted, continuing to frivolously leave kisses. “Little cat, little cat, little cat…”

“Spare me!”

A slight spring breeze brushed over the wind chime hanging from the eaves of the window. 

Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling. 

This time, it was the rose mischievously teasing the innocent little cat.

And Ke Mu Yu and Jian Yi An lived happily ever after – THE END! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I hope you enjoyed it very very much~

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