Untypical Divorce

Chapter 10.2

“…So he agreed to divorce with you.” Mo Chuan Ya gracefully picked up the porcelain cup, taking a small sip of floral tea. Listening to the story up to this point, she could generally guess what would happen next already.

As expected, Jian Yi An gave a timely smile and nodded.

“Then when do you guys plan to go through with the procedures?”

“Who told you we were going to divorce?” Jian Yi An gave a light laugh, her cherry lips mischievously pouted. “As if I would agree to divorce him!”

“What?” This was against Mo Chuan Ya’s expectations, her elegant brows rose in surprise. “Wasn’t this the request that you brought up yourself?”


“I brought it up, that’s right.” Jian Yi An held her teacup with both hands, idly turning the cup. “But since I already confirmed that he loves me, there’s no need to insist on divorce, right?” She smiled as she took a sip of tea, her eyes rippling. “When I was about to jump, the moment he hurriedly hugged me, I knew that he loved me.”

“Then this means that this was a test that you’d set up for him?” Mo Chuan Ya stared at her good friend in astonishment, she had the urge to applaud her. “Did you already anticipate his reaction?”

“No way, how am I that incredible?” Jian Yi An sighed softly, appearing both annoyed and happy. “At that time, I was really distressed. If he didn’t rush over to hug me and didn’t apologize to me, then I might’ve really died of heartbreak.”

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Watching him, she suddenly understood. He actually loves his father. Although it was mixed with blame and anger, and he always opposed him, he had never truly abandoned this elder and not cared. He was unwilling, but he still returned home for the family meal on schedule. He was unresigned, yet couldn’t help being concerned.


Just like right now, upon hearing the news that his father’s illness had acted up, he very anxiously came to visit, blankly standing at the door, distressed in every way.

This scene felt familiar, she suddenly remembered. Two years ago, when they were on their third date and suddenly received news of his father being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, they had also rushed to the hospital together like this.

At that time, he had also stared at his father with complicated feelings like this while softly adjusting the blanket for his father. She stood watching his gentle action from the side, her heartstrings unable to help constricting tightly.

Afterward, he brought up the suggestion of a contract marriage and she also generously consented.

So it was because of this ah…She finally recalled the moment when her heart first moved for him and also understood the tenderness that he had hidden deepest.

“Mu Yu.” She softly called in distress, unable to resist dashing toward him. She threw herself into his embrace, tightly hugging his waist, reluctant to part with him. He was startled and thought she was worried about his father’s condition. He consoled her at once, “Don’t worry, the doctor already said my dad is alright. You don’t have to be nervous.”

“I know, I know Dad’s alright…” The one she was most concerned about wasn’t her father-in-law, it was him!

He tenderly patted her, his eyebrows furrowed. “I think Dad might’ve seen the report from the weekly magazine then got angry to the point his illness struck…Yi An, can you promise me one thing?”

“What?” She lifted her face. At this moment, if she had to make a hundred, a thousand promises, she would be willing to make them all.

“The matter about us…divorcing, can we keep it from him for now?” He sullenly muttered. “I’m afraid he won’t be able to take the stimulation all at once.”

“Who said I was going to divorce you?” Her eyes like water were flowing with graceful charm. “I’m not divorcing.”

“What?” He was stunned.


She raised her hand and gently caressed his steadfast and firm chin. “Mu Yu, the reason you originally married me, was really for Dad, right? You were very worried about his condition, and hoping he could be a little happier, you then wanted to act according to his wishes and married me into the family. You didn’t do it in order to punish Song Qi Hong at all, you really wanted to console dad, right?”

He stared at her, stunned. Surprise flashed in his inky eyes, as if astonished that she could see through him. After a long moment, he reluctantly nodded his head. She smiled sweetly. “Did you know? It was because of this that I agreed to marry you. That day, I saw the expression you had when you were worrying about Dad. That was the first time my heart moved for you. I thought, you must be a very good man…” She poured out her thoughts, simultaneously biting her lip in annoyance. Why had she forgotten that crucial moment?

“It was because my heart was moved that I decided to marry you.” She carefully confessed, staring at his eyes, filled with indescribably sweet tenderness.

He stood trembling, unable to speak. A man’s tears were never shed trivially, they actually clearly shone in his eyes at this moment.

“You wouldn’t be doubting me again?” She probed.

Hearing her words, he urgently shook his head like he was very scared she would be hurt again because of this. “I believe you, Yi An. Actually I…already believed you long ago, I just kept refusing to accept it.”

“Refused to accept it?” She didn’t understand. “Why?”

“Because…” He quickly looked away, not daring to look at her. “I like the you that was tamed, but I couldn’t ever seem to make that happen. Instead, I was the one who was often a mess because of you. The matter with Xia Yu Mo made me very angry, I was jealous and I hated myself for being this jealous. I felt like I…had absolutely no way of taking hold of you and unable to control you. I was really angry.”

“Because you felt like you couldn’t tame me, you punished me to vent your anger?” She thought it was very funny, but deliberately assumed an expression of grievance. He admittedly lost his head in fear.

“I’m sorry, Yi An, I know I was wrong. I was wrong, forgive me.” He tightly hugged her as if he wanted to rub her into his flesh and blood, his handsome cheeks buried in the fragrant curve of her neck. “I love you…” She secretly smiled, quietly nestling against him, enjoying this sweet moment to her heart’s content. He, however, panic-stricken because of her silence, slightly pushed her away, his expression nervous. “You don’t believe it?”

This time, he was the one that was worried his expression of love didn’t obtain the other party’s trust.

Her heart moved and she unconsciously revealed a brilliant smile. He foolishly gazed at her.


“Of course I believe it! Do you think I’m an idiot?” Her slender finger tenderly tapped his forehead. “I ah, am definitely not like a big man like you, so difficult and stubborn.”

“Wife!” He called out emotionally, childishly hugging her more tightly, more tightly!

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