Untypical Divorce

Chapter 1.3

She was stunned. “Why?”

“There’s a nightclub ahead, do you see it? Go in and drink and dance.”

Why did she have to go drinking and dancing? Jian Yi An intuitively wanted to retort, but thinking about it again, she immediately understood. She stared at him in shock. “You can’t be telling me to…”

“You’re pretty smart, to guess my intention so quickly,” he praised. “Starting from today, you have to go out every day. Play as wildly as you can, be unrestrained as possible. It’s best if you’re unrestrainedly caught on camera by those gossip media. But you must remember, you have to keep it within limits.”

“You mean at most I can only tempt men, flirt a little with the ambiguous atmosphere, but I can’t let you wear a green hat for real.” She replied mockingly.


“That’s right.” He clapped his hands, his deep eyes filled with a smiling expression like stars twinkling mischievously in the night sky. “You really catch on quickly. Yi An, you should know what to do now?”

“You want me to become a floozy.”

“I know this is a little difficult for you, after all, you’re normally so serious,” he ridiculed. “But I need a reason for divorce.”

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That’s right, when it came to giving things, he was really very generous. She was also very grateful that he was willing to lend a helping hand back then, filling in the deficit in public funds from her father’s embezzlement, allowing her father to be spared of a crisis that would destroy his life, but no matter what, this request of his would still hurt her, didn’t he understand?


Jian Yi An was so angry, she was gritting her teeth. “Fine, even if I don’t care about how other people think, then what about my dad? If he knew I was so degenerate outside, he will definitely be very sad.”

“I know you’ve always been the good, lovable daughter in your father’s eyes.” When it came to being filial, she was much better than he was, Ke Mu Yu thought as he laughed at himself. “How about this, to compensate for the wrong that you suffered, I’ll give you an extra sum of money for alimony after we divorce.” He suggested as if he was acknowledging how generous he was. “By doing this, I could also be considered being extremely benevolent, no?”

Extremely benevolent? She was incredibly shocked and didn’t dare believe it.

How can he say these narcissistic words without shame? What an arrogant man! He’s probably never truly experienced a setback, right? Thinking that everything will go as he wishes? Truly so hateful…

“You’ll cooperate with me, right?” His tone was confident, showing that he didn’t believe she would insensitively refuse.

Jian Yi An inwardly sneered. Low drooping lashes hid the sharp edge in her eyes. “I know.”

“Very good.” He nodded in satisfaction and got out of the car to open the door for her, not forgetting to tell her one last time, “Remember, play a little more wildly, don’t be awkward. Men don’t like stiff, dull women.”

Putting it this way, he felt she was very stiff and dull?

Because she couldn’t be wild, didn’t understand how to play, because she worked hard to act the role of a graceful, kind noble lady, because she did her best to replace him, this cold and indifferent son, to be filial to her father-in-law, because she didn’t come from a famous school in America like his ex-girlfriend, smart and knowing how to utilize womanly charm–so, she was very dull.

Jian Yi An turned around, proudly straightening her back, and walked toward the nightclub that her husband had pointed at, where she was to “perform” without looking back—that’s right, she will diligently perform, guaranteed to achieve the result that he wanted, but don’t think that he was going to be able to safely extricate himself from her.

“Ke Mu Yu, did you know? Actually, I can also play dirty tricks…”

She quietly mumbled, looking up at the crescent moon breaking through the night. A smile spilled onto her lips, cold and penetrating as the moonlight.


The real her, he still doesn’t know… 

A rich noble lady having an affair, fairytale marriage disillusioned in the end?

A large heading paired with a rather fuzzy photo. This was the leading story for this week’s gossip publication.

Ke Mu Yu drank his coffee while skimming over the sensational contents that aimed to increase the chaos. At first, he was a little indifferent, but the more he read, the more he found it interesting. According to the description by the reporter that wrote the article, his normally composed and restrained wife had now become the flower of the nightclub, even being dubbed “Bewitching Fairy” by those who frequent the nightclub with ulterior motives, saying her dancing figure was extremely charming, just like an alluring siren.

Jian Yi An? Bewitching Fairy?

Ke Mu Yu found it so funny, his eyebrows rose. Simply inconceivable. He remembered when he first met her, how she looked rigid in a suit, her hair swept into a bun, wearing a pair of glasses, almost making him completely lose his appetite.

At that time, he’d felt much sympathy for Xia Yu Mo who hired her as a secretary. When a man puts a woman by his side, aside from borrowing her talent, he should also treat his eyes. 

However, she didn’t seem to have any talent nor could she make people’s eyes shine.

If not for some special reason, he originally definitely wouldn’t agree to sign a marriage contract with a dull woman like this, but those men who frequented nightclubs didn’t seem to think this way.

Perhaps he should praise her acting for being pretty good.

Ke Mu Yu pondered with ridicule, continuing to read down the page. The reporter’s writing took a turn, becoming depressed and melancholic, lamenting that indeed so-called fairytales don’t exist in this world, a crack would appear even in this happy blissful marriage of a model husband and wife.

Very good, this was the result he wanted. She’d actually achieved it.


It appears this wife of his still wasn’t considered too rigid. He smiled. Just as he was about to call his wife to give her a few words of praise, a few sharp raps came from the door.

Song Qi Hong leaned in. “Mu Yu, it’s time for the meeting.”

“En, I know.” He still held the magazine.

She noticed, turned her hand over to close the door, and swayed her hips as she walked over to him. “You’ve also seen the report? What’s wrong with your wife recently? Going to the nightclub every night, always getting dead drunk. As a married woman of the upper class, she actually dares to not know to be restrained to that extent!”

“I was the one who told her to do this.” He spoke indifferently.

“Why?” She stared, stupefied.

“You still don’t understand?” He joked. “This way, it’ll be convenient for me to divorce.”

“Ah.” Song Qi Hong thought for a bit and finally understood. Staring at him, she gasped in admiration as she shook her head. “This man, you’re really bad.”

He declined to comment, his hand holding the mouse as he logged off the computer. Then he took the materials for the meeting that she handed over. “Is everyone there?”

“Yes, they’ve all arrived.”

“Prepare a few pots of coffee, I’m afraid this meeting is going to take a long time.”

“Yes, understood.”


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