Untypical Divorce

Chapter 1.2

In the beginning, she really thought he did it because of filial duty, to appease his critically ill father. It wasn’t until after marriage that she gradually came to understand, as it turns out he only regarded her as a chess piece in teaching his ex-girlfriend a lesson…

“Right, Dad, didn’t you say you wanted to eat stir-fried pork last time?” She suppressed the indescribable pain in her heart, changing the subject. “I found the recipe that my mom kept when I went back to my parents’ home. Just now, I followed the recipe, it’s stewing in the pot. It’ll be ready to eat tonight.”

“There’s really going to be stir-fried pork to eat?” Speaking of this reminiscent delicacy, Ke Cheng En couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear. “I remember your mom’s best dish was precisely this one.”

“Yes, my dad also likes eating this dish the most.”

“Ai, he has good luck with fine food, I don’t have any.” Ke Cheng En was annoyed. “Back then, if I’d married your mom, you would be my daughter.”


“Being your daughter-in-law now is also not bad!” Jian Yi An smiled as she comforted her father-in-law.

“That’s true.” Ke Cheng En thought better of it and let it go. Because he had always felt guilty and sorry towards his first love, he arranged for his son to go on a blind date with his first love’s daughter two years ago. Originally, he didn’t hold any expectations that this unworthy son would follow his wishes. He didn’t expect that the two would actually get married without a hitch. It was also an unexpected happiness in his life. “The most satisfactory thing that damned boy’s ever done was marry you into our Ke family.” He chuckled, but in the blink of an eye, he wrinkled his brows again. “But he doesn’t seem to appreciate you very much. Don’t feel sad, Yi An, Dad will remind him for you in a bit.”

“There’s no need, dad, Mu Yu treats me very well.” Jian Yi An tactfully declined her father-in-law’s kindness.

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Ke Cheng En’s anger suddenly rose. “Fine, even if you’re not satisfied with me, this father, isn’t Yi An, your wife, doing her best for you? How come you don’t understand one bit to be considerate of her? You treat your wife a little better, don’t always be occupied with work, occasionally go out together as husband and wife. Only in this way can you maintain your marriage!”


“How I should maintain my marriage, there should be no need for you, dad, to teach me? At least I respect my own marriage very much, I definitely won’t play with women everywhere outside.”

These words were very obviously mocking Ke Cheng En’s former outstandingly unruly past of getting involved with many people. His expression changed radically upon hearing this.

“That year, mom insisted on divorcing you, you yourself should very well know why.”

“What you mean is that I let her down?”

“Are you telling me it isn’t so?”


Soon the atmosphere became increasingly hostile. Jian Yi An quick-wittedly spoke up, preventing the two men from continuing their fight—

“Dad, Mu Yu, time to eat.”

After a not very happy dinner, Ke Mu Yu drove home with his wife. Because he was firmly against living with his father, he separately bought a mansion in the city. The two, husband and wife, usually lived there.

He liked to take risks, the things that he did were all considered quite dangerous. Even when driving, he took joy in speeding, fiercely pressing on the accelerator, like a strong vigorous shark cutting violently through an ocean of cars.

Jian Yi An was used to it, she wasn’t scared. She looked at her husband’s side profile. He wasn’t extraordinarily handsome, but his features were sharp and clear-cut, possessing some handsomeness. Healthy bronze skin as well as the muscles that faintly bulged under his shirt showed that he frequently engaged in outdoor activities and was not a workaholic that only knew to spend his life at the company.

Actually, compared to the office that usually doesn’t have sunlight, she felt that it was more suitable for him to be under the sunlight. Compared to having a shrewd, experienced, and elite attitude, the him who was relaxed and smiling possessed a more unique charm…


“Why are you staring at me?” He sensed her line of sight, tossing her a teasing glance. “So infatuated with me?”

“Who’s infatuated with you? ” She almost choked, promptly pulling her gaze back, sitting upright. “I only…had a question I wanted to ask you.”

“What question?”

She was silent for a few seconds. “Why do you always have to provoke dad like that? He actually cares about you a lot.”

“Did that old man complain to you about something again?”

She shook her head.

“Or did you complain to him about me?” The topic of his words was sharp.

She was startled, her elegant brow slightly knit. “You know I won’t do that.”

“You best not.” He lightly humphed. His right hand lowered to switch gears and his left hand effortlessly turned the steering wheel, driving both confidently and at ease. “Don’t concern yourself with the matter between me and my dad. The discord between us father and son isn’t something that’s been going on for one or two days anyway.”

“You’ve never thought about improving your relationship with him?” She asked, probing.

“Why improve the relationship?” He replied, stumping her with one sentence.

She was speechless.


He cast a glance at her, sneering. “You wouldn’t happen to be criticizing me for not understanding familial love again?”

Jian Yi An was shocked. She suddenly recalled a year ago when her mother passed away,  the two of them once fought fiercely. He didn’t understand why she was crying that grievously, she then got angry at him for being cold-hearted and unfeeling.

She sucked in a breath of air, unwillingly thinking back on that chaotic night. “If you don’t want to listen, then I won’t speak.”

“It’s best if you don’t speak.” He threw out those words indifferently. His gaze dropped, looking at her empty right hand. “You took off the wedding ring?”

“Didn’t you say before that you will take it back?” She jokingly asked him back. Back then, the one who ordered her to put it on was him and now the one who said he was taking it back was also him.

“There’s a reason for having you do that. You should still remember that there’s only a month left of our marriage before it expires?”

“Of course I remember.”

“So it’s about time to create the situation of united in appearance but divided at heart. This way, when we divorce, it won’t appear unreasonable.”

So it was like this, she understood.

Jian Yi An slightly glanced at the man beside her, slightly annoyed. He was really still so calculative. “Merely taking off our wedding rings, I’m afraid, might not be enough to attract attention. There are so many married couples who don’t wear their wedding rings nowadays.”

“Of course it won’t be just this.” He lightly laughed and abruptly stepped on the brake. The resulting intense inertia caused her to involuntarily go flying forward, almost hitting the dashboard.

“Why did you suddenly brake?” She glared at him.


“Get off.” He instructed.

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