Untypical Divorce

Chapter 1.1

“When are you finally going to divorce your wife?”

Someone couldn’t hold back anymore.

Ke Mu Yu closed the file, his back relaxing as he leaned into the back of his office chair. The harsh thin corner of his mouth rose, smiling yet not smiling as he stared at the woman in front of him.

Song Qi Hong, his ex-girlfriend, currently his chief secretary. Her appearance was outstanding and gorgeous, her makeup exquisite, and her figure sexy. The tight A-line skirt set off those beautiful legs that he had lingered on incessantly, making them even longer and more graceful.

However, the most valuable thing about her wasn’t that pair of sexy beautiful legs, but the head that rested on her neck. She, who came from an American Ivy League school like him, was the popular, most talented girl on campus in those days.

But so what if she had both talent and appearance? Her scathing jealous appearance was no better than an average woman.

“Why do you suddenly ask?”

“Another reporter wants an interview with you and your wife again!” Song Qi Hong rolled her eyes in displeasure, losing her leisurely appearance as well as her charm. “I say, you guys are clearly in a contract marriage, how long are you going to pretend to be happy in front of people? Now everyone’s saying that you guys are a pair of model husband and wife. You were featured in a magazine’s special report just last month and today there’s a talk show from the television station that wants to invite you for an interview…really! Isn’t that enough?”

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“Ebyv, usw pllx vs cl xsal ydmkswp vbyd R yx?”

Song Qi Hong heard the teasing in his words. Looking slightly sorry as she bit her lips, she pondered for two seconds, then leaned over. Her bosom’s two balls of jade created a beautiful scenery in front of his eyes as her right hand teasingly played with his collar. “Haven’t you punished me enough? Mu Yu, I know I was wrong that time, but haven’t you tormented me enough these past two years?”

Tormented? This was too exaggerated, it could only be considered a small lesson.

Ke Mu Yu lazily swept a glance at her proud luxuriant bosom, then skillfully removed her hand. “Don’t be like this, did you forget? I’m a man who loves his family and his wife.”

She immediately felt embarrassed, sighing in aggrievement. “Ke Mu Yu, you’re really a cold-blooded demon. Sometimes I doubt whether you’ve truly loved me.”

He pursed his lips without saying anything, neither admitting or denying her accusation.

Just say he’s cold-blooded! Who told her to dare cheat and break the promise of marriage? People who betrayed him, all of them must pay the price—

“If there’s nothing else, you can go out.” He asked her to leave.

She grit her teeth, turning around unwillingly. Just before walking out the door, she looked over again. “Mu Yu, you should know that I’m staying by your side, right?”


“Based on my qualifications and capability, how many big companies are there scrambling to hire me as a manager? But I stubbornly remain here as nothing more yet nothing less than the vice-president’s secretary, you can’t not know why?”

“…I know.” He finally reacted.

“It’s good that you know.” Her forehead finally smoothed out at this. She threw him a charming look, leaving a meaningful promise. “I’ll wait for you.”

His eyes followed her departing figure. He endured silently for a moment, then a brilliant smile like the sun suddenly broke through the clouds, just like a mischievous youth smiling hatefully and pretentiously because his meticulously arranged prank had prevailed.

“I would like to speak to Mu Yu.” Jian Yi An held the phone, spitting out polite words.

“I’m sorry, the vice president is currently in a meeting, you are…his wife?” The voice that came from the other end of the line undulated with a hint of flirtatiousness.

Jian Yi An could tell that this voice belonged to her husband’s chief secretary. She pursed her lips.

“Madam, do you want to leave a message? Or I can tell Vice President to call you back after the meeting?” Song Qi Hong politely asked.

“No need, just remind him for me: the family meal is tonight, please don’t forget.”

“Don’t worry, Madam.” Song Qi Hong lovably smiled. “Mu Yu– Vice President won’t forget, because I remind him of all the things he should do every day!”

A very formidable woman. With one sentence, she revealed two messages. Slipping up and directly calling her superior by name – suggesting their relationship was not ordinary. Reminding him of what he has to do every day – meaning that his public and private life were both in her grasp.

It seems this woman beside her husband was truly not simple…Jian Yi An inwardly sneered.

This was not the first time the two had crossed swords. To suggest that the relationship between her and her superior was not ordinary, Song Qi Hong even used the excuse of delivering files to go to their house and knock on their door. Although Mu Yu always immediately ordered her to leave after receiving the documents, there existed an ambiguity between the two without a doubt.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Jian Yi An maintained the demeanor of a perfect wife, lightly hanging up the phone.

For a moment, she just absent-mindedly sat on the sofa. Her chest felt faintly smothered, even she wasn’t certain why it ached. Until an old, weak voice pulled her back from her thoughts.

“Yi An, when did you come?”

She returned to her senses, turning around to look at father-in-law Ke Cheng En. Since he had been diagnosed with cancer by the doctor two years ago, he had been in a state of partial retirement. He still held the title of chairman, but in reality, practically all business operations had already been handed over to his only son and specialized managers to handle.

“Dad, you woke up from your afternoon nap?” Jian Yi An got up, considerately helping Grandpa over to sit on the sofa.

“Didn’t you come over just yesterday? Why did you come again today?” Ke Cheng En looked at her with fatherly affection. He’d always been stern with people, only when facing this lovable daughter-in-law did he have the ability to exhibit the warmth of an elder.

“I’m coming over to accompany you more, isn’t that good?” Jian Yi An sweetly smiled. “Moreover, the  family meal is tonight, Mu Yu will come too.” Saying this, she picked up the glass pot on the tea table and poured her father-in-law a cup of herbal tea. “Dad, how is your body feeling these days? Not bad?”

“Nothing much, only some aches here and there from time to time. When you get old, your body gradually stops listening to you.” Ke Cheng En lamented with a frown.

“If you’re not comfortable, I can accompany you to see the doctor.”

“It’s not really uncomfortable, just laziness.” Ke Cheng En slowly sipped his tea. His physical capabilities were declining, but his pair of old eyes were still shrewd and astute. “How is Mu Yu recently? Is he still always working overtime?”

“En, his work has always been busy.”

“Even if he gets busier, he should still make time to accompany his wife more. Otherwise, what did he marry and bring you home for?”

He’d only married her merely for revenge. Jian Yi An mockingly thought.

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