The Pa Pa Between His Highness and a Long-Term Kitchenhand

Chapter 2.1

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“You b!stard… Ahh-Ahhhh… Let go of me, I forbid you from.. Nghhh-ngh-ngh…” All of his rejection was turned into more forceful pounding, and the man began tugging wildly on Wang Yisheng’s arm, as a thick long tongue forced its way into the mouth that had lips that curved slightly upwards whenever it smiled.

  The tongue clumsily lapped all over the man’s oral cavity, and Wang Yisheng couldn’t help but begin to remember the images of this man stretching his tongue out to lick his phallus. Instantly he hooked the man’s tongue with his own, and the slippery soft tongue was instantly dominated by Wang Yisheng’s thick and big tongue. As he (K) licked the man’s tongue, he was in fact savoring the taste of the fluids being discharged in the man’s mouth, while playfully teasing the tip of his tongue.

  The wholly unexperienced man didn’t even know how to take a breath, and merely opened his mouth, allowing Wang Yisheng full access to enter his mouth. The stifling sensation of being unable to breathe made his eyes roll back, and tremors of pleasure repeatedly shot through his body as the enormous rod continued to ram itself into the flower h!le. He couldn’t tell if his lack of desire to struggle was because his mouth was feeling so comfortable due to this lowly commoner’s ministrations, or if it was because his flower h!le was being endlessly pillaged.

  Wang Yisheng reluctantly withdrew his tongue, the tip of his manhood was like a meat brush, mercilessly thrusting into the flower h!le. The feeling of his inner walls being intensely brushed against made the man quiver over and over. His ten fingers digging sharply into Wang Yisheng’s arm, leaving bright-red scratch marks on the sturdy muscle. Wang Yisheng pinned his shoulders down, and the enormous rod embedded deeply inside the tunnel of meat, began tortuously nudge against the tiny hole at the end of this passageway, forcing the p!ss-slit to pepper the little hole with kisses.


  The flower h!le was expanded to the point where it had lost its elasticity. Apart from this enormous rod, nothing or no one else could fill it.

  ”Ngh-ahh… My royal self is ruined… My flesh h!le it’s ruined… Yii…” The man’s legs were spread wide apart, both hooked over Wang Yisheng’s strong arms. This way, his entire lower body was forced open and flush against Wang Yisheng’s hips. The only thing reflected in his dazed pupils was the silhouette of Wang Yisheng and nothing else.

  Up till now, Wang Yisheng had yet to make any sound, only the heavy pants of his breathing showed how fiery-hot his desire burned. He was determined to continue his rampage of the man’s flower h!le, he would use his enormous rod to fill up the narrow tunnel of meat, enjoying the moistness and warmth it gave him.

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  Not only did Wang Yisheng decline to stop, he went further and took the other n!pple into his mouth. His hip motions went into overdrive, and his giant length continued without pause, as it stirred up a storm for that tiny little mouth. The bulging veins on his thick r!d dragged against the greedy flesh walls, stimulating wave after wave of pleasure that came crashing down on the other man.


  The pleasurable feeling of losing control over his lower regions caused the man (P) to let out a high-pitched scream, instantly hugging the hairy head in front of his (P) chest. “AH-ahh-ahhh… This prince is about to… AHH-Ahhh, this prince’s h!le feels so good… Ahh… Touch this prince’s sinful r!d… This prince wants to cum…”

  The flower h!le was so well pleasured it was seconds away from a cl!max, but his (P) greed made him yearn for the feeling of simultaneously ej!culating through his own c!ck.

  Wang Yisheng released the man’s n!pple, roughly barking out five words, “I’ll f!ck you to ej!culation!”

  Although already feeling the after-effects of an aphrodisiac, just hearing these five words was enough to bring an even stronger lust over this body (P). The presence of the thick c!ck inside his meat tunnel as it ravaged in and out became even more obvious, all of it culminated in lust overtaking the man’s mind (P), and he involuntarily hugged Wang Yisheng’s broad back. “Haa-ahh… That’s right… That way… Mmm-ah… Your f!cking makes this prince feel so good… AH… Since this prince is happy, you can live a few more days… AH-Ahhh… F!ck that place harder… Ruin it with your f!cking…”

  The feeling of an impending cl!max made the man (P) want to maintain a position where he held his waist up high, all to facilitate Wang Yisheng’s thrusts so they could reach deeper into him. But every time he tried to lift his waist a little bit higher, Wang Yisheng would drill his (P) b!tt back to the original position. The purplish-black b!llsack would squeeze its way in between his b!ttcrack and occasionally rub against his sopping wet ar!ehole.

  Even though it was already at this stage, the man (P) still hadn’t forgotten his status, but he was more wanton than any prostitute from the male pleasure house that had been specifically trained to pleasure men. His wantonness emanated from his very bones, especially when the man (P) would slant his eyes and look at him (K) all while his (P) own lower regions were dripping s!xual secretions, it made him (K) mad with desire.

  He (K) wanted to f!ck him (P) until he became even more shamelessly wanton, so that he (P) would cl!max repeatedly while beneath him (K), so he (P) would ej!culate while underneath him (K), spending not a single second away from his meat r!d (K).

  Wang Yisheng burrowed his head into the man’s (P) neck, deeply inhaling the sweat-mixed scent of the man. A lingering fragrance seemed to come from his collar, even his hair had this elegant fragrance that no commoner would have.

  Wang Yisheng kissed the man’s neck, currently, there wasn’t a patch of skin on the man’s body that wasn’t sensitive and as Wang Yisheng’s kisses grew more heavy and dominant, the man’s pleasure blossomed. His hands (P) that were gripping the back of Wang Yisheng’s clothes moved to cup the back of Wang Yisheng’s head, and he mewled as he submissively stretched his neck further to allow Wang Yisheng to kiss him more.

  The overpowering feeling of pleasure was about to break free of his control (P), it was stronger than the experience of a man’s first cl!max. His flesh tunnel began to quiver, and even that mysterious little mouth began to suck at the intruder-c!ck’s p!!-slit because of the flesh tunnel’s quivering. Wang Yisheng immediately caught on to the changes the man was exhibiting, he could feel how tight the silken tunnel of meat had become, and the originally air-tight feeling of c!ck against flesh became even harder for him to plow through.

  The added challenge of moving meant that the friction was ever so more stronger, and the fiery friction signalled the merciless widening of the tunnel of meat by the enormous rod. As it pummelled through the man’s (P) flower h!le, the man (P) tugged on Wang Yisheng’s hair, with a piercing scream, “About to——AHH-Ahhh——This prince can’t——”

  The enormous rod was single-focused as it stirred up the flower h!le, making the quivering walls of flesh return to their original state of cylindrical hollowness, as the enormous rod’s tortoise head repeatedly hit bottom, where the little mouth was, over and over until it finally entered the little mouth with unrestrained vigor.


  ”AHH——” A long, pitiful shrill shriek burst forth, as the man’s (P) neck straightened involuntarily. His lower body thrust upwards a few times, the flower h!le that was swallowing the enormous rod was swollen from all the blood that was filling it out. From the tiny slit between the mouth of the flower h!le and the enormous rod, crystal-clear s!xual secretions spurted out, and semi-transparent s!men shot out from the convulsing s!xual organ (P).

  Wang Yisheng pulled his enormous rod halfway out, and heavily thrust back in a few times, helping his tortoise head to fully enter the little mouth. Still, he didn’t dare to push too far deep, he merely pushed a little portion of it in, then his ej!culatory ducts released, and spurt upon spurt of thick, strong s!men shot forth, staining the inner flesh walls.

  Warm s!men seemed to endlessly fill his belly, so much so that his entire belly was filled. The sensation of this was enough to cause the man’s (P) eyes to roll back in pleasure, his saliva uncontrollably dripping down onto his chin, and his flower lips opened wantonly as he squ!rted once again.

  When he finally finished c!mming, Wang Yisheng reluctantly pulled out his enormous rod. The rod didn’t seem to have decreased much in size even after ej!culation, and continued to teasingly toy with the flower lips that he had f!cked so much they had even changed color as well as the big plump centre flower nub.

  Having been relentlessly plowed through by an enormous rod, the flesh flower seemed to be completely in full bloom. Not only were the widely opened flower lips thicker, juicier and fuller than before, they were also wantonly smeared with the milky-white s!men from the man (K). This made it appear even redder and more visually stimulating. The delicate hole had been so thoroughly drilled by the enormous rod that it was now a somewhat loose and large gaping hole. It could no longer hide the hollow cylindricalness of the tender inner tunnel of meat. Mixed with the bright-red blood symbolic of a virgin, thick viscous s!men filled the tunnel of meat. Every time the meat tunnel convulsed, s!men would flow outwards, and in no time, it would drip down from the loose hole’s entrance, over the slightly quivering ars!hole, and through the b!ttcrack, finally pooling together on top of the clothing beneath his (P) body.

  With the enormous rod continuing to hold the s!men inside the huge hole, Wang Yisheng lifted his waist and continued his thrusting.

  Just as the skies began to lighten.


  Wang Yisheng, who had initially been fast-asleep in bed, was kicked down by someone else. Luckily, he was thick-skinned and built like a bear, Wang Yisheng merely rubbed his nose and got up from the floor. He patted the dust off him and began to climb back up into the bed.

  Who would have known that he would be kicked down from the bed once more, as his rear hit the floor again, Wang Yisheng looked at the man asleep on the bed. The top half of the man was covered in Wang Yisheng’s softest inner garments, but his bottom (P) half was bare and merely covered by the blanket. The leg that had just kicked someone was hanging off the bed, looking blindingly white, and only a small portion of the other leg could be seen. From his position (K), he could just about see the purple bruises peppering the inside of the man’s (P) thighs.

  Although the man (P) was a martial arts practitioner, but he was still no match for the afternoon-until-midnight endless torture by another well-built man. The two sides of his flower lips were swollen beyond compare, and his flower h!le was so loose it could fit a fist in it. The tunnel of meat was also so relaxed it felt somewhat empty, and without the presence of the stopper-like enormous rod, the s!men that had filled the flower h!le soon gushed out.

  Yet this unforgivable rascal had the audacity to not cleanse his (P) body for him (P). Instead he (K) had practically stuffed his rod of sin inside his (P) flower h!le for the entire night, not to mention how he (K) had held him (P) in his (K) arms as he (K) slept, his actions were truly unforgivable!


  ”Is this prince’s body one that you can touch whenever you like?” The prince was very angry, his phoenix-eyes flared wide as he stared at the rascal behind it all. He tried to lift the leg-that-had-kicked-Wang-Yisheng-off-the-bed, and the toes of his foot unforgivingly poked Wang Yisheng’s forehead, “You had the gall to put your clothes on this prince, how can my royal body wear the clothes of a lowly commoner like yourself? This prince is an imperial prince, one equivalent to your heavens, you must always remember your status.”

  Just moments passed before the flower h!le that had been stuffed with an enormous rod began to leak s!men again. The stick mess was smeared all over the prince’s flower h!le and the prince frowned in discomfort. He tried to move his b!tt, and with that one motion, the s!men began to flow more heavily and this frustrated the prince even more.

  As the Wang Yisheng calmly listened to the prince’s reprimands, his large palm caught hold of his (P) ankle. He (K) meticulously caressed his (P) toes, and with mouth agape, he pressed a kiss to the prince’s toes. Instantly, the prince was aflame with fury, moving to pull his toes back from this monster, “You rogue!”

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