The Pa Pa Between His Highness and a Long-Term Kitchenhand

Chapter 1.5


No matter how hard Wang Yisheng tried to struggle, his body still remained unmoving on the ground. Both his eyes had reddened some time ago, and he looked like a savage beast as he stared at the other man (P). His eyes swept over him (P), from his hair to his feet, then unabashedly, the fiery gaze came to a stop as he looked at the s~xual organ and fl~wer hole between the other man’s (P) legs. His (K) penetrating gaze caused the man (P) to feel as though the gaze was licking the sensitive tip of his s~xual organ and simultaneously forcing apart his fl~wer hole.

“My royal self forbids you from looking at me like that!” Such a heated gaze was enough to set fire to every inch of his skin, almost as if through gaze alone the entire expanse of his skin was also being licked, and this caused the man (P) to break out into an uncontrolled bout of shivering and goosebumps. Out of nowhere, an odd feeling of warmth seemed to rise up within his body, making his fl~wer hole ache with hunger, and the muscles of his tunnel of flesh to undulate. The feeling of friction against two surfaces, coupled with the sensation of the tortoise head inside the hole as it possibly tried to seduce the fl~wer hole into taking it deeper, all smashed together as once again, he lost control over his s~xual juices and they gushed out.

“You’re forbidden from looking! AHH… My royal self forbids you from looking!”

Yet, that burning gaze didn’t move away… It continued to ‘lick’ all over his (P) lower body, inch by inch slowly intruding into his private space, directly ‘drilling’ into the fl~wer hole that was being held wide open by his (K) tortoise head, ‘lapping’ languidly against the walls of his (P) flesh tunnel, “AHH-Ahhh… You brazen low-life commoner… You’re forbidden to look at my r-royal self like this…”


AHH-AHH-AHH.. C-can’t look… Can’t look… If he does… He’ll end up wanting it! He’ll end up shamelessly begging a lowly commoner to f~ck his h~le… He couldn’t bear it anymore… He wanted to feel even better!

(The prince’s thoughts)

His (P) clean and fair fingers tightly gripped the penis crown, and following through with the motion of his waist, he slowly began to take the tortoise head inside his body. The hole that was forced wide open to its extreme, brushed against the mushroom head as it was swallowed even deeper within. The hole felt oddly full and slightly pained, as it struggled to take in the large-sized mushroom head that was at complete odds with the dainty flower h~le. The hole was forced so widely open that it seemed about to split further, yet it still clung on tightly to the purplish-black mushroom head.

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The man (P) squeezed Wang Yisheng’s chin, forcing Wang Yisheng to look directly at him. Then, the corner of his mouth curled up and he laughed coldly, “The hole of my royal self is not something that just any random person can f~ck. Since you’re helping to cure my royal self of being drugged by an aphrodisiac, this prince will give your reward to your nearest relations, however, you will have to leave your lowly life behind.”


As he spoke, every breath seemed to be full of a seductive aura, the fl~wer hole forced downward pressure on the giant length, the big and round mushroom head finally came into contact with that barrier. Somehow Wang Yisheng had some inkling of just what that might be, and looking at this immensely handsome face before him, he stared directly into the pair of eyes that still had residual tears of pleasure.

Losing one’s life… All that was meaningless, but what his heart was truly screaming for, was to break through that barrier, to snatch away the virginity of this man, to deeply penetrate this man’s wanton hole, to f~ck him beyond repair… to f~ck him to bits…

Those words repeatedly roared across his mind, f~ck that tiny hole of his into a loose large hole, then he’d use his rod to savagely slap his (P) b~ttcheeks as a form of punishment!

(Wang Yisheng’s thoughts)

“This prince forgot that you cannot speak, pfft!” The man scoffed, his dainty-white fingertips lightly held onto Wang Yisheng’s stubbled chin, then traced the obvious lines of his well-defined features. The corner of his mouth perked up and his arrogant gaze seemed to graciously sweep over Wang Yisheng, “You don’t look too bad, if I were to kill you that would be quite a waste, but to die underneath my crotch, that would be your blessing.”

While the man single-handedly began to determine Wang Yisheng’s fate, he was also busy rolling his hips as it swallowed the large length. From time to time, the mushroom head came into contact with that barrier, and sharp tendrils of pain as well as a feeling of fullness shot through him towards the centre of his fl~wer hole.

The fear of being impaled by something large, and the knowledge that such a penetration would mean the ability to enjoy the full sensation of that rock-hard rod as it repeatedly thrust in and out caused the man (P) to feel excited and fearful at the same time. His right hand was trembling as it held his own s~xual organ, rubbing it faster and faster in a bid to increase the pleasure he was feeling. This way, he would emit more s~xual juices that would better lubricate his fl~wer hole, meanwhile, his left hand was supporting the body of the purplish-black rod. The rod that was about the width of a baby’s arm was menacingly covered with popping green veins. The semi-transparent pinkish hole struggled to swallow all the green veins in, and the opening of the hole that had been forced into a circular shape by the mushroom head was now made irregular because of the green veins. It also appeared more weak and fragile than ever.

The feeling of pain grew clearer and clearer, and the man (P) began to speed up the pace of how he was rubbing his own rod. Then, he gritted his teeth, and fiercely sat downwards. The mushroom head broke through that barrier, and the man huffed in pain. He bit into his lip because of the pain, his face was pale, and the blood that served as a symbol of being a virgin began to trickle down from the hole. It gradually trickled down the giant length, appearing exceptionally striking.

The flower hole was only able to take in about half the entire length, and the man (P) did not dare to continue any further. Lifting his b~tt halfway up, he slowly adjusted to the feeling of pain as the rod dove deep into the flower hole. Once the flower hole did not hurt so badly, he slowly began to lift himself up and back down again.

As a result of the man’s (P) repeated lifting and dropping down, the giant mushroom head slowly began to loosen the narrow tunnel. The protruding veins tenderly rubbed against the inside of the flesh walls, the pointy mushroom head lightly rubbed against the upper part of the wall, but he could not tell if it felt comfortable or more like a nagging itch.

So this was what it felt like to have a foreign object thrust deep within my body… The man (P) panted lightly, he noticed that if the mushroom head traced across the upper wall it felt much better, so he began to use his waist to help him ride up and down.

The pain caused by the stiffness of the flower hole began to dissipate, and the man (P) let out a breath of air. He renewed his efforts to rub his own somewhat limp c~ck, and with closed eyes he also alternated between pinching his swollen flower core and massaging it. The stimulation of both sensitive spots meant that the man (P) was finally able to enjoy some pleasure. The pain from his flower hole was gradually disappearing, and pleasurable sensations were beginning to build up inside his flesh tunnel as it lovingly grasped the thick rod, but never allowing it to fully penetrate.


The m~at r~d thrust deep into the pitiful flower hole, and immediately Wang Yisheng felt as though the flower hole was tightly gripping him. Layers of muscle from the walls of the tunnel wrapped around his m~at r~d, the moist warmth of the flesh tunnel made Wang Yisheng feel like burying his entire length into the flower hole so he could f~ck it recklessly.

Everytime the man (P) slowly swayed and rode up or down, it felt like torture to Wang Yisheng’s mind. The swollen m~at r~d, still had more than half its length outside the flower hole, and one could easily see how energetically the veins popped.

It felt like his entire body’s worth of blood had rushed to his c~ck, yet he still could not freely thrust into this already sullied meat flower. Nor could he assist the meat flower in fully opening its petals, all he could do was watch motionlessly as the blood of a newly opened flower trickled down onto his own p~bic hair.

“Huu-ahh…” Having adjusted to the thickness and size of the giant rod, the stickiness of the inside flesh began to greedily suck on the immensely large tortoise head, not forgetting to pay attention to the blood-filled veins as well. The pain of being deflowered somehow seemed to pale in comparison to the wantonness that was being drawn out of the prince due to the aphrodisiac. Every throb of sore-numbness felt like an itch, intensifying the need for the inner muscles of the tunnel to convulse on their own. Every time he lifted his waist back into the air, the walls of his flesh tunnel would ravenously slurp at the thick tortoise head. The opening of the hole seemed insatiable as it fought against letting go of the p~nis crown, such actions preventing the giant rod from escaping the clutches of the flower hole.

“Ahh… It feels so good inside…”

All the places that could not be licked by his (K) tongue, now they were all being plowed through by the huge rod. The narrow insides of the tunnel were being forced wide open, and the man (P) intensely enjoyed the fullness that he could feel as his very own moist flesh tunnel was being widened to its limits. So much so that unrestrained, his fingers could not help but press down onto the flower lips that were already wrapped around the giant rod, squeezing it tighter.

He couldn’t take it anymore!

(Wang Yisheng’s thoughts)


Wang Yisheng let out a deafening roar, the man (P) half-riding his (K) rod immediately caught hold of Wang Yisheng’s c~ck, while his other hand (P) continued to rub his own length. This happened just as he was getting comfortable, and his forehead furrowed in annoyance as he looked at Wang Yisheng who had just shouted suddenly. Unflinchingly, he relaxed both hands, and picked up a handkerchief to wipe away the liquid smeared on his hands. Clearly annoyed, he said, “There is nothing more this prince loathes than being interrupted by someone when I’m feeling happy, you’re the first to ever interrupt my excitement.”

Wang Yisheng’s eyes were both red as they bore into the man in front, and his fists were clenched shut, the sound of knuckles popping somewhat audible.

The man condescendingly scoffed, “Hmph, a low-born wretch like you dares to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit? You dare to behave thusly in front of my royal self?!”

T/N: “refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit” To submit to sb.’s pressure after first turning down his request. (敬酒不吃吃罚酒 – jìng jiǔ bù chī chī fá jiǔ)

After he said that, he threw the handkerchief onto Wang Yisheng’s face, and commanded him, “Gag yourself.”

No reply came.

The handkerchief was smeared with the fishy-sweet scent of the man’s (P) s~xual juices, and the redness in Wang Yisheng’s eyes grew stronger.

What could a lowly commoner lacking martial skills do? The man (P) was hardly worried, but he had completely forgotten that Wang Yisheng was still halfway embedded in his own (P) flower hole.

“It looks like you like it when this prince is forceful with you.”

The man coldly laughed, and he reached a finger out to reapply pressure to Wang Yisheng’s acupuncture point. Who would have thought that Wang Yisheng had immense strength? In an instant, he (K) had flipped him (P) over with one hand, his broad, sturdy body immediately pinning him (P) down, and his (K) enormous c~ck found its way back to the ever-leaking hole, with no barrier in sight, his waist thrust forward.


The entire length of the huge rod submerged itself into the flower hole, from tip to base. Heavily, it power-drilled against the depths of the tunnel, due to its efforts, it hit against some unknown area, and the man (P) who was just preparing to lift his leg and kick Wang Yisheng away, instantly let out a piercing scream. The flower hole that was being forced inwards towards his crotch because of the thrusts of the giant length was quivering in a swollen state, and a huge gush of s~xual juices poured from it.

The cl~maxing flesh tunnel wrung Wang Yisheng’s m~at rod so tightly that it hurt, but the sensation was so pleasurable that his steel c~ck soon hardened even more. He continued to pummel vigorously with his giant c~ck, making sure to aim deep with each action, so he could reach that tender soft place from just now. He had no idea what that was, but the place felt like it was another hole, and this hole happened to be sucking on his p~ss-slit.

“AH-AH——You low-born wretch——This prince… AHH-AHH——” The flesh tunnel was continuously forced to experience convulsion after convulsion, and the man’s (P) embarrassment soon turned to fury, prompting him to slap Wang Yisheng right across the face again. However, before the slap could land on his (K) face, the man (P) was easily subdued by Wang Yisheng, and with his back on the floor, Wang Yisheng’s c~ck drilled into him. The man’s legs were forced far apart, with only the giant length moving in and out in between his legs, every stroke was almost too far and too deep for him to bear.

Wang Yisheng used every ounce of energy to make sure each and every stroke pounded on that little hole, and each tremor of pleasure followed one after the other, almost like a river of pleasure tremors. Being thusly pummelled by the chicken-egg-sized tortoise head, the flower hole soon squirted. The s~xual juices relentlessly watered the tortoise head, and this feeling of water bathing him was all too pleasurable for Wang Yisheng. He could not help but begin to draw circles with his giant length, and the mushroom head unforgivingly stirred up a storm of s~xual juices, causing the flesh tunnel to excrete litres more, as the mushroom head maintained its close-contact massage of the tiny unseen hole.

The flower hole quivered and convulsed as it spewed water out, and the s~xual organ in front had s~men dripping lewdly from its tip. Alas, Wang Yisheng was far from satisfied with this, and he grabbed hold of the man’s (P) two legs, folding them towards the man’s breasts. Then, both his hands reached down to open up the man’s flower lips, and in doing so, the man (P) could easily enjoy the sight of his dainty flower hole being f~cked by the hideous giant rod.


“How dare you——AAH-AAH-Ahh…” The entire length of the rod mercilessly pummelled in and withdrew over and over. The two swollen flower lips were now forced apart, and could hardly function to serve as a covering or protection, instead it was clear how the purplish-black hideous m~at rod impressively plowed into that thin tender crack of flesh. The dainty flesh hole was being f~cked inside out by the m~at rod and every stroke also stimulated the already-sensitive flower core, making s~xual juices squelch and splatter everywhere.

The hairless smooth legs were covered with sticky, unclean juices, and the flesh tunnel was filled with even more. The man (P) struggled as he clutched onto the cotton robes, his face seemingly expressing extreme pleasure and pain at the same time. Forgotten saliva trickled out of the corner of his mouth, and his coal-black hair was plastered over that handsome face. His fair body was covered in a red flush and a sheen of sweat, half-covered with those elegant robes, he had become a picture of s~x.

Beautiful yet wanton, beckoning men to mate with him.

Wang Yisheng’s mouth opened widely, and his bite caught hold of the two lush-red lips. His large hand (K) found its way onto his (P) c~ck, and as his (K) giant length continued to recklessly drill into the flesh flower, every stroke hit bottom. His mushroom head repeatedly forced its way past the smaller unseen hole, almost as if it were about to reach the true end of the flesh tunnel.

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