The Pa Pa Between His Highness and a Long-Term Kitchenhand

Chapter 1.4 


Meeting such a ruthless, savage person, the only thing that Wang Yisheng could do was—remain as he was, lying motionless on the ground completely at the mercy of the man atop him.

The man (P) opened his legs wide, both legs on either side of Wang Yisheng’s crotch, angled so the delicate, exquisite flower h~le was directly hovering above the purplish-black giant rod. The man’s (P) slender fingers wrapped around the thick length, and he slowly began to lower his waist. The thin slit of flesh gradually inched closer towards the tortoise head that was the size of a chicken’s egg. All it took was the slight brush of the tortoise head against the flower lips and the man (P) instantly felt a tremor of some inexplicable searing sense of numbness travel throughout the lips of his fl~wer hole, and a sudden gush of warm, sticky s~xual juices flower out, droplets dripping onto the tortoise head beneath it.

“Huu…” The heat of the giant length was scalding, and made the man (P) shiver in excitement. Finally, the fl~wer lips were truly in contact with the tortoise head, the colossal, filled-out tortoise head was pressed directly against the fl~wer hole. Currently, the man (P) was tightly holding onto this giant length, so that the r~d could repeatedly rub against that tiny slit. The chicken-egg-sized tortoise head easily flattened the core of the flower and the petals surrounding it, as it did so, the man (P) undulated his hips, moving his waist back and forth as he tried to keep his slit in contact with the tortoise head.

The hardness was absolutely nothing like a tongue, and still it fervently pushed against the fl~wer hole. The two blood-filled outer lips were nothing in the face of this tortoise head, moist and slick, they submissively remained plastered around the tortoise head, the friction caused the tortoise head to grow fatter and fatter. Bright red, they were protruding outwards, the tortoise head kept the other side of lip open, as it rubbed against the flower core from the bottom to the top. The tip covered the entire flower core, as the man enthusiastically rolled his hips. His (P) movements allowed the core of the flower to draw circles over the tortoise head, his hands not stopping for a moment as he continued to rub the tortoise head against his own flower core.


The overtly protruding flower core was mercilessly kneaded deep into the surrounding flesh, and the petals that were sticking out easily covered the top of the tortoise head. The sensation of it all was enough to make the man shed tears of extreme comfort, as his waist continued to rock forward over and over, bumping against the tortoise head, “Ah-ha… It’s so hard… Feels so good… And inside… It’s still dripping… The front is also dripping… Huu-ahh…”

The man’s (P) erect s~xual organ was dripping fluid, the liquid that emerged from the tiny opening seemed sticky as it fell to the ground, all of it splattering onto the revealed abdominal muscles of Wang Yisheng. Lacking any covering, all the liquid leaking from the fl~wer hole utterly drenched the giant r~d beneath it, the fluid also flowing down to Wang Yisheng’s heavy purplish-black ball sack.

The man (P) wantonly rode the giant length, his buttock wriggling with every move, while his expression reflected extreme intoxication. The flower core continued to swell with blood, and with every rub against the big tortoise head, sharp sparks of pleasure stimulated the fl~wer hole. The empty flesh tunnel was soaked, and the inner flesh of the tunnel was contracting convulsively. Lost in the throes of pleasure the man (P) allowed the tortoise head to slip inside the tiny opening, gently poking its way into the hole.

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“Rv’p vss ckt… Tww…” Mbl xyd’p (V) caso oyp qwaasole, vbl srldkdt vs bkp bszl oyp vbascckdt kd rykd cwv vbl vwddlz sq qzlpb oyp kxryvkldvzu pbkhlakdt, “Yu asuyz plzq n-nyddsv vyjl kv yzz…”

Similarly, Wang Yisheng was dripping sweat all across his face. He knew that his own meat r~d was bigger than average, and if it really fully p~netrated this tiny flower then the sight of that would be horrific to say the least. Yet, whenever it came into contact with the hot inner flesh, the tortoise head wanted nothing more than to force the fl~wer hole fully open, to thrust open a smooth path inside this narrow tunnel, thereby facilitating the ease of the wanton meat r~d’s savage strokes inside the fl~wer hole.


The chicken-egg-sized tortoise head seemed stuck at the mouth of the h~le, the lush-redness of the hole was forced wide apart, making it appear like a ring of thin, pinkish flesh. Without even the tiniest crack of space, it was clamped around the thickest part of the tortoise head. The parts of the flower lips that were facing outwards were slick, so was the purplish-black tortoise head wrapped in between. The flower core on top was being brutally pinched by the man’s fingers (P), and just like its owner (P), the fully-erect sexual organ was weeping endlessly.

His lower body was already experiencing a sharp tearing pain, and for the man (P), emotions of anticipation and fear were mixed together as he prepared himself for the moment the fl~wer hole would fully take in the huge rod. The undulating wall of muscle in the flesh tunnel was practically foaming at the mouth to envelop the giant rod into the hole, however, in the face of such an enormously large organ, the fl~wer hole was piteously small in contrast.

It might be f~cked beyond repair!

The man continued to waver, then slightly raised his butt, causing a huge gush of s~xual juices to flow downwards. The half-opened hole greedily sucked at the tortoise head, seemingly reluctant to let it go, and the motions sounded like a cork being popped from a bottle… pop

Wang Yisheng still had his gaze glued to the man (P), silently witnessing his wantonness as he squirmed from the sensations. The feeling of pleasurable friction as his (K) own ugly, giant r~d rubbed against the fl~wer hole made his r~d fill up even bigger, and sticky liquid quickly began to appear in the opening of his p~ss slit.

A single, translucent silvery stand of sticky liquid joined the giant r~d and the fl~wer hole, while drops of s~xual juices continued to fall onto the tortoise head. The man (P) half-kneeling over Wang Yisheng’s waist leaned himself forward, then slightly lifted his hips again. Both his hands (P) reached down to pull apart the slick fl~wer lips, and without the protection of the fl~wer lips, the tender pink hole and the swollen fl~wer core were soon exposed.

“You wastrel, my royal self only intends on using this sinful rod of yours to temporarily abate my fires, mmm-ah…” With half-lidded eyes, the man’s (P) seductive voice was highlighted by a tone of unwillingness as he moaned while threatening the other (K). His light rocking movements enabled his fl~wer hole to lightly nudge against the tortoise head, every moment of contact involving the entire slit, “My royal self is a Prince you know, while you’re nothing but a lowly commoner that has no right to touch my royal body. If it weren’t for the fact that my princely self has been drugged, you wouldn’t have been able to earn the opportunity to lick my feet… Wuu…”

The fl~wer hole was so stimulated right now that it was basically quivering in delight. The man (P) pulled his fl~wer lips even further apart, then maintaining close contact with the giant r~d, he sat down. As a result, the initially erect c~ck was pressed flat against Wang Yisheng’s midriff, causing Wang Yisheng to gasp in pain.

The man continued randomly rocking his hips, his slit tightly on top of the length. Over and over, it rubbed against the bumps and ridges of the veins standing out on the length of the rod. The veins stimulated the tender delicate fl~wer hole, while the fl~wer cole just happened to be in the right space to rub against the tortoise head.

“Ah-ah… It’s so good… My royal h~le is so comfortable…” Clamping down on the giant read between his (P) legs, the man (P) frantically tied to have the length of his (K) rod continue to massage against his fl~wer lips. “My royal self can’t take this anymore… Ahh… It feels so sore inside… Eii… I’m so numb… Ahhhh… You lowly commoner… lowlife wastrel… My royal self feels so good right now…”

With one hand on Wang Yisheng’s ripped chest muscles, supporting his (P) weight, his other hand kept busy and had begun to palm Wang Yisheng’s rod. The man’s (P) handsome and fair face suddenly appeared right in front of him, and he (K) could see how his (P) eye’s were screwed shut as he lost himself in the feelings of extreme pleasure, just as strands of his hair (P) teasingly scraped across Wang Yisheng.

Whenever the man (P) moaned, the hot air of his breath would wash over Wang Yisheng’s face. The feeling of his breath was piping hot, yet his hair seemed icy-cold to touch. The dual feelings of both cold and hot greatly enhanced the stimulation experienced by his senses. The atmosphere was filled with the fishy, sweet smell of that man’s (P) lewd s~xual juices. All Wang Yisheng could feel was a sense of his c~ck on the verge of exploding, that smooth glistening fl~wer hole was just immeasurably soft and juicy, as it rubbed against his thick r~d, it smeared water everywhere. The juices even dampened the shameful thick bush of his p~bic hair, staining his abdomen too.


Such a snow-white body, what would it feel like? What would it be like, if he were to deeply p~netrate this body? And just what would that exquisitely dainty flesh flower look like after he had ferociously bullied it with his own r~d?

The more Wang Yisheng thought about it, the greater his urge to bellow out his desire. All he wanted to do was take hold of his great big meat rod and thrust it directly into the man’s (P) fl~wer hole, f~ck him senseless, f~ck him till all his juices ran dry, for as long as it took until the man (P) could no longer behave so wantonly.

Alas, he could hardly move a muscle, even as he gritted his teeth, holding back this urge as his face reddened while he panted, he still could not move an inch. And thus this encounter that might have spelled pleasure, turned into a sad story as he was made to put up with being treated like a lifeless rod, ordered about by someone else.

As his (P) pleasure began to build to a cl~max, it was soon apparent that it was not enough to rely solely on the feeling of friction between the flesh tunnel. Flames of desire continued to ravage the man’s (P) body, and uncontrollably he pressed hard against the tortoise head, angling himself so the tortoise head could fit against the hole again. Then, he lifted himself (P) halfway, the movement allowing the giant length to stand upright, and it forcibly widened the narrow slit of flesh.

“Huu…” The man’s eyes (P) remained closed as an expression of intoxication washed over his face and he gradually began to lower himself onto the giant length. The chicken-egg-sized tortoise head slowly pushed apart the fl~wer lips, inch by inch widening the gap of the hole. The lush-red hole soon began to grow in size, forming a hole more spherical in shape. The fl~wer hole seemed to grow thinner as it was forced to take in more of the r~d, a sharp flash of pain caused the man (P) to wrinkle his forehead instinctively, his red tongue briefly flicking out to lick the corner of his mouth.

“Eii… Ah… You wretched b~stard! What’s the point of having such a thick and big rod of sin? If my royal self is injured, you’d better watch out!”

Suddenly, the man’s (P) eyes flung open, and the high upturned corners of his phoenix eyes seemed to carry a hint of savageness as he stared at the unmoving Wang Yisheng. He (P) lifted a hand and caught hold of one of Wang Yisheng’s dark brown n~pples. With great force he twisted it, and the feeling of pain caused Wang Yisheng to scream, but no sound came from his mouth (K).

Wang Yisheng’s expression was torn, yet his eyes remained steadily trained on the man in front of him, the same man that was fiercely twisting his n~pple, and using his (P) juicy fl~wer hole to swallow his (K) tortoise head.

The hole seemed to be at its limit, and could no longer take in any more of the tortoise head. The man (P) remained in his position of a half-kneel, his glistening smooth lower body completely exposed. The long s~xual organ (K) was swollen with blood, and essentially covered with s~xual juices. The tortoise head had fully opened the fl~wer hole, and currently, all that needed to be done was for Wang Yisheng to raise his hips, then his tortoise head would be able to directly burrow deep within the fl~wer hole, drilling straight into the heart of this fl~wer.

The man (P) slowly exhaled, but every time he took a breath, his fl~wer hole would instinctively clamp inwards. Thus, the flesh muscles of this hole seemed to be tenderly kissing his p~ss slit, and the sensation was enough to send Wang Yisheng mad.

P~netrate him! F~ck him!

As long as he was able to f~ck him (P), it wouldn’t matter even if he (K) were to be killed!

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~End of Chapter~
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