The Pa Pa Between His Highness and a Long-Term Kitchenhand

Chapter 1.3

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“Ah-ah… It feels so good… Your tongue… Use it and lick me harder… My royal… Inside my royal self… Ngh… Ah… It feels so nice inside… Ah-ah… Inside… It’s c-coming again… Coming…”

The places that couldn’t be reached by the licking of his (K) tongue honestly yearned to be forcefully licked and pummeled against, the numbing, tingling feeling made the man (P) force both his legs wider apart a little, his flow~r h~le plastered right above the other man’s (K) big mouth, hoping desperately that the other man’s tongue could reach far enough in to continue to p~netrate it.

“It’s coming…Ah-ah… My royal secretions… All of it-my royal self will reward you… Swallow it all… H-here it comes… Ah-ah~~” The man was in a pleasure-laced daze as his cries grew louder and sharper, his long hair messily brushing against the floor. His snow-white butt!cks jiggled in shudders, the treasure hidden between the widely-spread legs was clear to the eye, the mesmerising fl~wer hole was filled with blood, slightly swollen and spurting out little gushes of s~xual juices. The other man opened his mouth as wide as it would go and completely enveloped the filled out, contracting fl~wer hole, catching a large amount of the liquid being spewed out. Without a moment’s rest, his (K) tongue continued to stir up a storm inside the meat tunnel, and having just experienced a cl~max, the tunnel was exceptionally sensitive at the moment, and eventually it succumbed to the over-stimulation, and wildly began to secrete juices again.

The force of the other man’s (K) suction as he slurped up the s~xual juices flowing out of the fl~wer h~le made the man (P) begin to shiver uncontrollably, the sort of itchy-sore emptiness deep inside the tunnel of meat seemed to go up a couple of degrees, but the other man’s (K) tongue could hardly reach so far in.

The two consecutive cl~maxes made the man’s (P) body feel immeasurably sore and limp, he slowly tried to lift his body up. Beneath him, Wang Yisheng seemed to notice that the man (P) intended to stand up, and he reluctantly caught hold of one side of those flower lips. The man shot him a glare, but decisively got to his feet, this meant that the flower lip was pulled to quite a length before it eventually escaped from the grip of Wang Yisheng’s mouth.

Two cl~maxes and the continued attention of someone’s lips and tongue had brought the initially pale-pink delicate fl~wer hole to its current blood-filled spellbindingly beautiful state. The two petals by the side had already become much thicker and the proudly erect s~xual organ failed miserably at covering the blood-filled flower lips, along with the slightly protruding flower core.

In stark contrast to Wang Yisheng’s own crotch—that was covered in dense hair, this man’s lower body was glistening-ly smooth and clear of anything else. It was so fair and white that it almost blinded Wang Yisheng’s eyes, and the stunningly vivid colours of the s~xual organ and the fl~wer hole made him stare without blinking. The lump in his pants that had formed very much earlier had already begun to secrete some sort of sticky liquid.

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It was the same part of the human body—a leg, but on this person’s body (P), it seemed so different? A dainty white sole of the foot, 5 plump toes, even his ankle (P) was a great deal more delicate than his own (K). The entire foot was hardly even bigger than his own hand (K), and if it just curled in a little bit, he (K) would be able to hold the entire foot in one hand.

Being stepped upon like this, quite harshly too, even as his face began to squish into a flattened state, and saliva drooled down, Wang Yisheng still seemed quite happy in this current state. The only thing he could think about was whether he would have another chance at licking that exceptionally juicy flower again…

Noticing that Wang Yisheng did not seem to be putting up a fight, the man (P) soon grew quite bored of this, but he had to give it to him (K), his mouth (K) was quite pleasing, the licking he had done on him (P) has been an extremely comfortable experience. That tongue was also quite satisfactory, the way it had drilled in and out of his fl~wer hole was also very enjoyable.

As he thought of this, the man used his toes, rubbing against the lips of Wang Yisheng. Then, he used his toes to pry open the other man’s (K) lips and the man spoke in a commanding tone, “Lick them.”

Faced with the toes that were now given to him of their own self-accord, Wang Yisheng was hardly one to push them away, and in one action, his large mouth had covered the entirety of the first toe. The man’s (P) toes were not as tender or delicate as the man’s fl~wer hole, but every toe seemed to have a pleasingly uniform length. The toe nail on each one seemed like the most perfectly smoothened highest-quality shell, smooth and crystal-clear, all-in-all everything looked dainty pink.

Wang Yisheng ravenously began to suck on the man’s toes, it seemed like he had completely forgotten that this was a foot just like his own… Even though it was immensely fair and charming, it was also a foot that had been used for walking… Alas, he was reluctant to spit it out, and so he licked the entire length of that toe, the tip of his tongue continuing to lightly trace along the tip of the toe, randomly swiping the flesh of the toes, and then focusing his attention around the outlines of the nail bed. Finally, he stuck his tongue into the gap between two toes, and earnestly lapped at the tender flesh between those toes.

From all this licking, his big toe (P) now became dripping wet, as it was fully covered in Wang Yisheng’s transparent saliva. The man (P) had initially wanted to degrade Wang Yisheng and that’s why he had ordered him (K) to lick his own (P) foot. He had not expected that his own foot would have been so sensitive, the soft, wet tongue had merely licked one toe of his and he was suddenly experiencing that scalp-tingling pleasure. The sore-emptiness of his fl~wer hole was now also throbbing with sparks of pleasure, and very soon his s~xual juices began to flow out like a little stream of liquid.

His (P) tunnel of meat was at an almost unbearable state of discomfort, it was now completely out of his control, the effect of the aphrodisiac that had—until now, been suppressed by his internal energy was suddenly back at the forefront wreaking havoc. The man (P) felt so soothed by this new feeling that his toes began to curl, then relax again. This repeated movement was quite cute to see, and after finishing his licking of the first toe amidst heavy panting, Wang Yisheng turned his attention to the second toe. As he did so, the meat r~d located lower down on his body was positively straining at its covering, creating this visible tent in his lower garments.

All five of his toes were serviced smoothly and satisfactorily, and the man (P) lifted up his foot, the saliva-covered toes maintaining a slight curve as a long silvery thread of something translucent appeared before their eyes. The man’s eyes (P) seemed to dim with something dangerous, then he relaxed his toes and the pale pink sole of his foot (P) was positioned right in Wang Yisheng’s line of sight. With a noticeably more husky and lusty tone, the man said, “Lick my royal sole.”

Wang Yisheng stretched his tongue out, the tip of his tongue scarcely touching the sole hovering above him, and with even greater patience than when he was licking those toes, he began to trace lines all over this sole.

“Mmm~Ngh…” The man’s light moans filled the air and he (P) began to pull at the flimsy robes covering his body. Wang Yisheng’s eyes were now fixed on the fl~wer hole as juices continued to trickle down from it and right before his (K) eyes, the man’s hand (P) skipped over his own (P) swollen s~xual organ, and went directly to his fl~wer hole. Those well-defined fingers teased at the petals of the flower, rubbing and pressing onto the swollen flower core. As a result of the fl~wer hole’s contracting movements caused the translucent viscous juices to flow out, splattering all over the man’s (P) fingers and thighs.

“Ah…” The man closed his eyes, thick eyelashes fluttering in tandem with the pleasure and some sort of liquid seemed to seep out. In silence, he reveled in the feelings of having the sole of his foot licked, the pleasure of his fingers as he m~sturbated, and gradually his (P) expression began to soften.

Together, his index finger and middle finger began to squeeze and pinch the fl~wer petals between each other, the lower half of his aroused body was not only covered in a sheen of sinful liquid but the tender dainty h~le was throbbing with heat. It presented as a sort of bare, enthralling vivid red, and the sore-emptiness of the walls of his tunnel yearned for the intruder-tongue to come in again lick him once more and thrust into him over and over.

It was not as if he had no idea how to cure that feeling of sore-emptiness inside his fl~wer hole, but how could the noble body of a member of royalty be desecrated by the touch of some low-life citizen?! Allowing this low-life citizen to lick his fl~wer hole and foot was already the limit to what he could concede.

However, the continuous assault of the effect of the aphrodisiac on him caused it to become impossible for him to stop his m~sturbation, and his lower body experienced a sort of never-ending pleasure. Yet, this was hardly enough to cure the aphrodisiac’s effect, and soon his desire grew, now, he wanted something to p~netrate him, to make him feel even better…

As such sinful thoughts began to appear in his mind, he fell into some sort of trance, and his physical body seemed to grow even more unsatisfied with the simple act of m~sturbation. The excess of liquid flowed all over his hand and the juices from his s~xual organ also began to dot the floor beneath him.

Two of his fingers forced themselves into his fl~wer hole, swirling about in the juice-filled tunnel of meat, making blush-worthy squelching noises that would make any individual’s ears burn and have them become heady with lust.

The man (P) pulled out his fingers and immediately Wang Yisheng was blessed with the sight of a barely-open fl~wer hole, revealing the pinkish flesh within. Instantly, the sight of the inside of the tunnel caused his own (K) iron-hard meat r~d to swell even greater, almost to the extent of exploding then and there.

With a somewhat disgusted air, the man (P) dried the residual saliva from Wang Yisheng on his (K) clothes, after rubbing it clean then only did he lift his foot back up. Then, he directly reached for Wang Yisheng’s waist belt sash, and stripped him of his lower trouser robes. With veins-throbbing, a single, most decidedly menacing-looking large organ suddenly appeared in front of the man’s eyes (P), along with a tortoise head that had little droplets of s~xual juice being secreted from it.

T/N: “Tortoise head” This refers to glans (according to Potato-lord)

The man’s eyebrow immediately rose to a great height, bringing it to an imposing arch, and in a somewhat displeased tone, he spat out two words, “How ugly…”

A lowlife degenerate really was a lowlife degenerate, even that sinful rod was so unappealing to the eye, just the sight of it was enough to corrupt his own vision.

Even though he was far from pleased with the unattractive look of this man’s (K) meat r~d, but he (P) did not have enough time to look for another person with a more appealing meat r~d, thus at present, all he could do was make the most of his current situation, and accept the services of this lowlife generate, after all as long as it did not enter his body (P) then it would be alright.

The man (P) drew out the handkerchief that he usually had with him, and with great care, began to wipe and clean Wang Yisheng’s erect meat r~d. At this point, Wang Yisheng’s heart began to race, and both his eyes stared unblinkingly at how that beautiful hand held the snow-white handkerchief as it cleaned away the sticky liquid covering the steel-hard meat r~d.

What did it mean to be drowning in both pleasure and pain? It was probably what he felt like now…

The immobile Wang Yisheng yearned to just burst out into a great loud shout, but he had never expected to see a much more explicit and stimulating sight~~

The man, whose face practically had the words “I am the epitome of nobility” written all over his face, actually crouched down close to his own (K) meat r~d. That handsome, defect-less snow-white face made a stark contrast with his own (K) purplish-black ugly r~d. The aquiline nose was a mere hairsbreadth away from his own meat r~d, and the muscles of his nose seemed to shiver as it inhaled the scent of the r~d in front of it. It had a slightly fishy-scent, but was free of any other smell.

After the man (P) confirmed that there were no unpleasant smells, he stuck his tongue out, and ever-so-lightly the tip of his tongue delicately licked the tortoise head. Involuntarily, the entire length of the meat r~d trembled, and liquid bubbled at its tip. Wang Yisheng began to let out large and heavy pants, the revealed expanse of his chest and the muscles in his arms all began to bulge, giving off this impression that he could withstand just about anything.

Free of any strong, unpleasant, or odd smells, as well as the cleaner than expected appearance, the rod seemed to meet the barest minimum of the man’s (P) conditions. Glancing sideways out of the corner of his eye, as if he was afraid of embarrassing him (K), he coldly scoffed, “What a lucky lowlife citizen… If this sinful lower root of yours fails to satisfactorily service my royal self, well it just happens that my royal self is in need of a personal-attendant eunuch. So I’ll let you keep your tongue and you can personally serve me as a private-attendant eunuch.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Yisheng almost choked on his own saliva. One moment this person wanted to cut off his tongue, the next he wanted to make him his personal eunuch, he truly was quite ferocious.

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