The Pa Pa Between His Highness and a Long-Term Kitchenhand

Chapter 1.1



An elegantly-robed man was panting heavily against the wall. His handsome face seemed to be covered with an unusual sheen of red, and his boneless body could hardly remain upright. Large drops of sweat were running down the sides of his face, and his hair, wet from the exertion, was plastered to the sides of his head.

“Wu…” The man forcefully bit down on his lip as he tried to stifle his moans. Every time his inner garments brushed against his skin, it was like purest form of torture. The sensation was hot and stimulating, especially for the two swollen buds on his chest. The friction was deliciously pleasurable, and it soon morphed into tendrils of insatiable desire, winding around his body that was aflame with desire.

A trickle of liquid visibly formed a wet patch above his unmentionable private part. The liquid dampened his lower body and the undergarments covering him there. His s*x organ was engorged, and ramrod straight as it strained against his pants. Even the heavy outer layer of his robes could not hide the shape of it, and droplets of liquid began to visibly stain his pants.

His a**hole too, was itching for something.

“Hurry up, keep looking! If he escapes, it’ll be the heads of the lot of you!”

As soon the man heard the sounds of chaotic footsteps and reprimands being barked, he instantly grew more alert, and wiggled his way into a dim, darkly-lit narrow alleyway. Throwing himself over the fence, he jumped into one of the homes, and hid themselves inside the woodshed.

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“Tww… R nyd’v…”

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“Ltb~Ltb~Gb…” Mbl xyd nswzed’v blzr kv, yde srldle bkp zltp okel, bkp aktbv byde oyp asyxkdt yaswde, vaukdt vs wdes vbl pvakdtp sq bkp vaswplap. Rxryvkldvzu bkp byde vbawpv kdvs bkp rydvp yde tayccle bkp p!mwyz satyd, kdpvydvzu cltkddkdt vs aydesxzu rwzz sd kv.

The er!ct s!xual organ, that had seldomly enjoyed such a warm treatment, passionately raised its head, and droplets of s!xual liquid began to bead from it. However, regardless of how much water appeared, it was still far from enough to allow the man to ej!culate, instead, it made that place even hungrier, that little h!le, that the man had never been willing to touch, was absolutely dripping. And all of that liquid, trickled down to dampen both the h!les.

Such a shameless show of being in heat made the man’s eyes redden, and he forcefully continued to rub his s!xual organ. The elegant, long s!xual organ was rubbed raw, but he still continued this almost-torturous form of rubbing, hoping that the pain could somehow reduce the discomfort brought on by the aphrodisiac.


Suddenly, the old wooden door let out a piercing sound as it was pushed open, a ray of sunlight shone into the dimly lit woodshed. The man was abruptly bathed in the warmth of sunlight, and instinctively, he (the Prince) raised his head and against the sunlight, he could see the silhouette of a tall, well-built man. The shadow of the man almost completely shaded his entire body, he was clothed in coarse cotton, the robe was designed with short-sleeves and the man’s exposed forearms shone as they were bathed in the golden light. His bronze-tanned skin was stretched over pure muscle, and the aesthetic of the defined muscles was at an enchanting angle. One look and it was enough to set fire to the man’s eyes (the Prince), his heart began to pound like a drum, and he felt like crawling over there, and kneeling before the other man (the Kitchenhand) as he licked the sparkling droplets of sweat on the man’s arms. He (the Prince) also wanted to undo the man’s (the Kitchenhand) belt, pry open his own h!le, and let the man thrust into him.

The sound of his breathing grew more laboured, and he instinctively gulped down mouthfuls of saliva, one of the fingers of the hand wrapped around his s!xual organ accidentally brushed against the tender dainty h!le lower down, and a wave of electrifying pleasure shot through his body, leaving him trembling in the aftermath.


The appearance of this stranger, this man, made his desire to be p!netrated even greater, he longed to be fully possessed, and his desire was directly attacking his mind. Two fingers fiercely thrust into his h!le, and the warm, moist walls of inner flesh wrapped around those two fingers, undulating against these ‘intruders’, begging them to continue thrusting and provide some friction.

The man (stranger) was also taken aback, he couldn’t really understand why a Young Sir in elegant clothing was suddenly in his home’s shoddy woodshed. Judging from the cloth, it was no ordinary family’s Young Master, and he blankly stared at the Young Master’s rosy-red face, and the white fair skin that peeked out from beneath those half-opened robes.

This skin is truly white ah! It’s even whiter than the skin of those Head Maids of the Prince’s Residence that he had seen from afar. It looked tender and supple, and would probably be extremely smooth to the touch.

The man awkwardly massaged his head, those Head Maids that served the Prince were not people that he—a water-carrying, firewood-chopping and fire-making long-term kitchenhand, could even entertain thoughts about.

“Young Sir, do you need this servant’s assistance?” The owner of four-bare-walls had no illusion that his house might have anything worth stealing, and he knew that those lightweight thieves would definitely not have worn such eye-catching robes. The man walked over, prepared to courteously escort this Young Sir out the front door.

Who would have guessed that at this moment, the Young Sir suddenly shot a glance in his direction, staring dead straight at him. Being stared at by such a handsome young fellow momentarily unnerved the man, and a foolish smile soon covered the coarse skin of his face.

“You, come over here…” His throat was extremely hoarse by now, and the inherent sense of strong desire was only apparent to the man (the Prince) himself.

Upon hearing the Young Sir’s voice, for some reason, the man (Kitchenhand) seemed to identify his tone as somewhat flirtatious, and he stepped forward. Abruptly, something flashed by his eyes, and the handsome Young Sir ferociously leapt toward him. A single burst of blinding light flashed across, and a ringing began to appear in the man’s ears. His eyes were still fixed on the handsome face in front of him, and his focus was on the bitingly cold steel of the dagger by his neck. (K’s perspective)

What was happening?

Had he really ran into a thief? A thief with martial arts at that!

The man felt like his mind was a little too stretched thin to use right now, and from his bosom, he silently took out his earnings of the day—a tael of silver, placing it in front of the other.

Without looking at the silver, the other man proudly commanded him, “Lie down.”

Initially, the man was lying on the ground, his hand still holding the pieces of silver. Soon, he moved from kneeling to standing, but the dagger was still being held against the other person’s neck, then he commanded again, “Close your eyes.”

The man obediently closed his eyes, soon he felt a finger pressing on certain parts of his body, and then he could no longer move.

It was the first time that the man had had his pressure points hit by someone else, and the moment he opened his eyes, he came face-to-face with the other man’s proud face. He was about to say something, when he finally noticed that he couldn’t speak at all.

The other man coldly ordered, “If your service is satisfactory, my princely self will reward you. If your service is lacking, then my royal self will make your life a living hell.”

The man felt that his mind was increasingly incapable of understanding the situation, his eyes resolutely stared at the other man, but all he could do was watch silently as the other man began to strip off his pants. Immediately a pair of long legs came into view, the legs were so white it was almost blinding, and then the other man flicked up the bottom-half of his top robes, and the tender-white flesh of his thighs fell directly into his (K) line of sight.

The lower body that was somewhat like his, yet completely different at the same time, was as smooth as a newborn baby, there was a long silvery thread of liquid stuck to the s!xual organ that was still dripping liquid. Even though it seemed to be of ordinary length and thickness, the normally present hanging [email protected] of a male was nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was a crack in the flesh, a thin opening of a faded pinkish colour. There were two thin pieces of petals that enclosed it were delicate and dainty, barely covering that opening.

What was this? Wasn’t he a man? Why did his body look different from mine?

The man stared dead on at the pinkish opening, it seemed like it was covering a tiny flower bud, and perhaps it was the effect of this unblinking stare, or it might have been due to the aphrodisiac, but a trickle of transparent liquid suddenly emerged from the crack in the flesh, and the already sopping wet opening contracted instinctively, spurting out even more of the s!xual juices. The liquid flowed downwards, along the inner side of both thighs, leaving behind a trail of marked skin that glistened lewdly.

The man (K) witnessed the entire process of how the opening spurted out that liquid, and immediately his throat felt as dry as though it had been set on fire. His gaze never moving from the sight of that opening shivering as it continued to expel water, almost as if it could never run out of water to emit.

Having a stranger stare so blatantly at his secret opening, the other man’s body began to undulate widely, and his flower h!le rapidly contracted in on itself, and trickle after trickle of s!xual juices flowed out.

The other man’s eyes darkened, and having lost control over the lust of his physical body long ago, he opened both his legs and kneeled above the man’s face, with both knees on either side of his head. This way, his flower h!le was directly facing the man’s face, and he hoarsely commanded him, “Lick it properly for my princely self, if you don’t do a good job licking, then this prince will have your tongue cut off!”

The warm s!xual juices dripped onto the man’s lips, and a sweet or fishy scent soon wafted into his nostrils, bringing with it undertones of lewd, uncontrolled desire.

The flower h!le that had never before been exposed to anyone else slowly moved closer to the man’s mouth and lips. The man could not handle this seductive scent and reacted instinctively, stretching out his tongue towards it. The tip of his tongue parted the two petals of flesh that were stuck against each other, revealing the extremely sensitive hidden pearl perched on top of the lips of the p!ssy as well as the completely wild-with-lust flower h!le.

It’s so small, he could cover it all with his mouth.

Without any sense of direction or skill, the man lapped at this, he relied on his instinct alone as he licked repeatedly over the flower h!le.

“Ah, ah…” However, this was all it took for the other man to begin his estrus, the soft gentle tongue was licking the tender flesh between the two petals, and the feeling of slight pain as teeth lightly grazed over the lips of his p!ssy, all of it made his flower h!le shamelessly continue to expel those s!xual juices.

The tip of the man’s tongue came into contact with the centre of the flower, and he soon noticed that every lick made the centre of the flower grow bigger and harder, and the person kneeling above his face would also release a heavy groan of breath, and so he decided to directly lick this nub of flesh.

The overstimulated flower nub was unable to withstand the actions of this tongue, and the numbing sharpness of pleasure soon crashed over him, and was eons more stimulating that merely licking the flower h!le.

His face was beaded with sweat, and the other man lifted the hem of his top robes, revealing his smooth lower body. With one hand, he grabbed hold of his s!xual organ and began to rub himself. The flower h!le that was being licked by the tongue had completely opened by now, the two petals were drenched wet and forced open towards both sides, revealing the delicate tender pinkish inner flesh of the h!le. The pearl of flesh at the top of the flower l!ps was being swallowed into the man’s big mouth, and was being repeatedly sucked on. The tongue was awkwardly wrapping around the flower’s pearl, and the rough buds on the tongue continuously brushed against the extremely sensitive top-part of the centre of the flower.

The extreme sense of pleasure stimulated the body of the other man to a sort of mind-numbing state, and his flower h!le felt increasingly empty. The hunger of the inner walls of flesh was only worsened by the friction, and his s!xual juices continued to flow out, rinsing the inner walls of flesh that were being controlled by the aphrodisiac. The object of the man’s absolute shame, his flower h!le, felt wetter than ever, especially whenever the stubble of the man beneath him buried against his tender flower h!le, making the man’s body shake uncontrollably. The desire to have his h!le p!netrated was so great, that it completely devoured the last shreds of his logical reasoning.

So… It’s so comfortable… Why is it so comfortable?

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~End of Chapter~

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