Chapter 1.2

The man/P -> Prince, The other man/K -> Kitchenhand (Unless otherwise stated) BTW do tell me if it’s hard to make out who’s who

The man tried his best to open his legs wider, the dainty flower h!le was completely pressed onto the other man’s mouth and the other man was lightly nibbling on the centre of the flower, his treatment of this delicate tender little thing was accentuated with extreme caution, for he feared accidentally causing him pain through biting. The swollen flower core was somewhat lewdly growing even bigger, it had begun to poke out beyond the covering of the outer flower petals, and was now standing tall at the very tip of the flower petals. The other man continued to carefully nibble at this, and with every lick from the tip of his tongue, the flower nub grew even harder. All this licking made the man thrust his face towards the skies, both his legs trembling as they squeezed viciously around the other man’s head, the way his hand (P) was shaking he could barely hold his s!xual organ.

“Ah…Ah…” The man’s moans suddenly changed in tone, and the thin sheen of sweat covering him seemed to converge into droplets of sweat that rolled down to his chin. He roughly pulled up the hem of the robe as high up as possible, revealing his lower abdomen. The muscles of which were in a bout of somewhat frantic spasming. “It’s-It feels so good…Your licking has made my princely self feel so good, that my royalness is considering allowing you to keep your tongue… Just so you can use it to service my princely self… Ah… Lick my royalness harder… Lick me properly… Ngh…”

The feelings of pleasure shot through his body into the s!xual organ in front too, and the long s!xual organ began to fill with blood, growing even larger than before. The impossibly-erect mushroom tip was constantly spewing out a transparent viscous liquid, and it was completely smeared over the man’s supple fingers. Drop after drop of that sticky liquid dripped down from the mushroom tip and caused a thin thread of silver to form. The thread of silver started from the mushroom tip, and fell downwards, onto the other man’s forehead and hair, the entire sight of unholy obscenity.

The hormones being released by the flower h!le enticed the other man to take large gulps of air, the tip of his nose also began to nuzzle at the root of the s!xual organ. That scent of fishy-sweet something was killing, and made the other man feel like fire was running throughout his body, all the heat following the flow of blood down to his lower body.

If it were under normal circumstances, then he (K) might have made use of his five fingers to relieve himself, but alas, he could neither move nor speak at the moment, not to mention the fact that all his nostrils could smell was the absolutely nerve-tingling scent of s!xual arous!l in the air. The exquisite torture he was in was pretty clear to see.

This self-proclaimed “princely” Young Master was just too bad, he thought that wearing robes a little more classy than others made him a member of the Imperial Family? And an Imperial Prince at that? He—Wang Yisheng, wasn’t some fool to be made use of!

The more Wang Yisheng thought about it, the angrier he got. Yet, this rascal’s lower region was the sort of snow-white fairness that enticed one to submit wholly, his legs were white, b!tt was white, even his ‘No. 2’ was white. This was completely different from his own ‘No. 2’, which was a sort of blackish-purplish, blackish-red shade, and even the dainty little flower that no man should have, well even that was practically made of water, and regardless of how mad or frustrated he felt, he would never think of harming this little flower in any way.

“Ah-ah… Hurry up… Quick, lick my royal self faster, what are you doing daydreaming, you fool?!” The man was vigorously rubbing his s!xual organ but to his despair, he realised that this foolish fellow, the one he had randomly pulled beneath him purely-to-douse-the-fires-of-his-desire, was no longer moving his tongue, and instantly the man felt furious. He lowered his head, arched an eyebrow and angrily glared at the d!mn fool, the one who most likely had to burn immense amounts of incense in his past life to have been blessed with the opportunity to act as his the purger of his desire in this life.

As expected, this tongue ought to be cut off, how dare this fool stop serving him when he was just beginning to feel good?!

The man’s expression wasn’t a happy one, if it wasn’t for the effect of the aphrodisiac, he would have never randomly made do with such a horrid place, and let such a low-class citizen touch his noble, high-class flesh.

Their gaze met accidentally, and Wang Yisheng stared at the man above him, his handsome face adorned with beads of sweat. The highly arched eyebrow belied a sense of unusual sensuality, the slight upcurve of his phoenix-eyes was both tough and fierce, yet the redness by the corners of his eyes was excessively erotic. A single portion of his coal-black hair had come loose, and fell down over his shoulders, matched with his sharp, rebuking gaze, the sight of him made Wang Yisheng’s heart skip a beat.

“Quick, lick me! If you don’t lick, I’ll kill you!” The man savagely barked.

His eyes were on the man as he continued to lick the flower h!le, and all Wang Yisheng could wrap his head around, was just how close he felt like to his lower body exploding right now. In fact, he almost felt like he had partaken of the aphrodisiac, solely because of that sickly-sweet scent that was coming from the flower h!le. Gradually, his gentle licks began to take on a more rough tone, and he began to actively pull the little flower nub between his teeth, letting it fall back out from the grip of his teeth and then he would use his lips to suck it back in again. This flurry of motion was repeated over and over until the man above him almost squealed with pleasure.

“Who gave you the permission to bite my royal self… Ah-ah… You’re not allowed to bite my princely self… You silly fool! If you hurt me with your biting, this prince will have your entire family executed… Ngh… Ah…”

The pain was laced with pleasure, and the pleasure laced with pain, this intense feeling of satisfaction seemed to pour out of every pore of his skin. The pores that were unluckily void of the tender care of this stranger’s mouth and tongue, opened and closed on their own. Only the stubble of the other man was in contact with the petals of the flower and the opening of the dainty delicate flower h!le. The man unconsciously gyrated his hips, forcing his flower h!le harder onto the other man’s stubble.

Even though being in contact with the stubble caused some pain to the flower h!le, but it was absolutely miniscule compared to the brilliant sparks of pleasure that the friction between the flower h!le and the stubble gave him. The man was absolutely drowning in the pleasure that the the other man’s mouth was bringing him, the tip of his tongue was repeatedly stabbing against the top of the flower nub, stimulating the man’s flesh until waves of extreme pleasure overcame his body.

“Ah-ah… I can’t take it… I feel so weird… It’s too comfortable…” An inexplicably strong and urgent gush of wetness flowed from deep within the flower h!le, and throttled past the inner walls of the flower canal, just as they began to shiver and tremble. Acting instinctively, he squeezed his inner muscles, trying to keep that wetness from negatively affecting himself, but it was already too late. His right hand was unconsciously rubbing his s!xual organ faster than ever, and his human body had already lost any sense of conscious control over his body, and his body’s base desire screamed for him to find his release with that gush of wetness.

Muscles in both his legs were taut as they clamped down on the man’s head, the two separated flower petals were tightly pressed against the thick lips of the other man. It was almost as if the spasming flower h!le couldn’t feel any pain as it was forcefully rubbed against the other man’s stubble. The erect flower nub was inside the other man’s big mouth, being subjected to the spine-tingling fast-paced licking of his tongue (K).

“Give it to me… Give it to me…” (P) His mind was utterly blank, he couldn’t even recall his own identity, and the man forced the foreskin of his mushroom tip backwards, ferociously swiped across the tiny opening that was almost indecently sensitive by now, and large spurts of viscous liquid—the sort that was equally lewd as the s!xual juices from the flower h!le, began to fly out, “Ah-ah~~”

Unable to take anymore of the extreme wetness that emanated from deep within the flower h!le, the man abruptly arched his back with his face facing the sky. The heavy headpiece, adorned with jade stones toppled harshly to the ground, and a head full of silken hair fell down like a pouring waterfall, covering the entirety of the elegant long robe. Large amounts of s!xual juices rushed out of the convulsing tunnel of flesh that was hidden underneath the robes that were pulled way up high, the upright s!xual organ shivered as it spurted out pump after pump of sp!rm, and it all splattered over the head and hair of the other man who was between (P) his legs, busy licking his water-spewing flower h!le.

The man was licked to a shuddering mess of nerves by the other man’s licks, and weakly his entire body fell backwards. The two legs remained in their kneeling position and because of the fall backwards, his current position made the entire flower h!le open spectacularly. The petals of the flower were pumped full of blood, making them thicker and more filled out than usual. The contracting muscles of the h!le began to spurt out another gush of s!xual juices, and this completely covered the other man’s mouth and chin. The other man had his tongue stretched out as far as it could go, and from the very top where the flower nub rested, across the hole, the tip of (K) his tongue continued to lap away at the residual juices without any pause for rest.

The other man had never imagined that such a place could reach such extents of lewdness, and all of it merely added to the burning desire he currently had. He wanted to force his meat r!d that was currently swollen with desire into this flower, the very same flower that at present, could reach orgasmic heights of pleasure through his tongue alone. Alas, he could hardly move at all.

How exquisite!

Looking at this person (P) and the appearance of his blood-filled s!xual organ, the raw red s!xual ferocity of it, the way his flower h!le looked like after spurting out more juices, that luscious moist visual… Even the h!le located further back, was moist and contracting uncontrollably, it was a different sort of pale pink, also looked full of moisture and seemed to invite one to penetrate into it.

The other man panted heavily, if he could move, then he would definitely make it a point to lick all the water off this person’s (P) thighs, flower h!le and b!tt. Then he would push his entire rod deep into this person’s h!le, and give him a good thorough f!cking.

The flower h!le was licked to a light bout of spasming by the intruding tongue, and the man (K) couldn’t help but stick his tongue directly into the contracting hole. The feeling of the inner walls of tender fleshing gripping the tip of his tongue was enough to make the (K) man’s body become aflame with desire, he pushed the entire length of his tongue inside, and began moving from left to right as he lapped at the sensitive inner flesh.

“Ah… You b!stard! How dare you continue licking my royal self down there without my permission… My princely self will definitely… definitely… mmm-ah…” The long tongue snuck inside the flower h!le, and the moment the walls of flesh—which had just experienced an orgasm—came into contact with the coarse buds of his tongue (K) and subjected to repeated strokes, the numbing, nerve-tingling feeling, mixed with the waves of post-cl!mactic pleasure rushed over him (P), and was so intensely pleasurable that the man’s lower abdomen began to convulse rapidly, and his inner tunnel of flesh frantically began to squeeze the man’s tongue.

The honour and dignity of an Imperial Prince could not be threatened!

The man’s fury grew, yet his lower body felt so good he could die then and there, all he could think about was having that tongue lick somewhere further inside, “Ngh… You wretched thing… Ah… Lick deeper inside… Y-yes… Ah… Inside… The inside is being licked…” His unsatisfied body was obscenely thrust towards the other man’s mouth, and the wide-open flower h!le presented to the man for him to continue licking. His rebuking tone trembled but it was completely fetching, and the corner of his eyes were marked by a sort of heat-driven coquettishness.

The other man tried valiantly to fit the entirety of his tongue into the flower h!le, his own lips practically glued on to the pried-apart flower petals. His tongue kept on licking the undulating inner walls of flesh, and the sickly-sweet scent of the man’s aroused juice-laden flesh tunnel wafted around them. All it took was one lick of his tongue, against the wall of flesh, and then the walls would tremble even more, forcing more copious amounts of s!xual juices into his mouth.

The man had been completely ignorant of the possibility of what it might feel like to have a tongue licking like this all over the insides of his flower h!le. If he had known this earlier, then he would have definitely ordered this wretched lowlife to begin by licking the insides of his flower h!le.

Almost everywhere that could be reached had already been licked by the other man’s tongue, and if his tongue had been long enough, he would have definitely used his tongue to reach the centre of the man’s core, and make him (P) reach that uncontrollable gush of a climactic high.

As the man continued to fantasize, his tongue imitated the movement of a meat r!d and repeatedly stabbed in and out of the flower h!le.

The repeated stabbing motions of a live thing, the friction experienced by the inner walls of flesh, all of which culminated into this spine-tingling feeling of pleasure, forcing the man to close his eyes as he was bathed in it. His hand began to slowly caress his s!xual organ, the same one that was unlikely to ej!culate any time soon, and his b!tt began to move unknowingly, in tandem with the strokes of the tongue.

“Mmm-ah… My royal self won’t do wrong by you…” His other hand reached down, and pulled apart the flower lips, forcing the flower h!le wide open, allowing the other man’s tongue an even greater area to work with. The ease of access facilitated the other man’s ability to penetrate his h!le, and he didn’t forget to proudly remind the other person that if he serviced him well, he would be rewarded handsomely.

Wang Yisheng couldn’t care less about the potential rewards that man might give him, and his tongue rapidly continued to penetrate the flower h!le, all he wanted to do was continue to tongue-f!ck the man until he spurted out even more liquid, and lewdly cl!max again right in front of him.

The places inside the tunnel of flesh that couldn’t be licked, began to experience a strong itch, and the man scrunched up his eyebrows in notable discomfort. However, in no time at all this thought was thrown to the back of his mind. His voice was hoarse as he urged the other man, “Hurry… Do it faster… Ngh… Ah-mmm…”

Immense feelings of pleasure ran throughout his entire body, and the way his robes were stretched open revealed a chest covered in droplets of sweat. His n!pples, that were slightly faded in colour were so hard that even fingers could pinch them. His fair, white skin of his lower body consisted of his s!xual organ and that flower h!le that had been licked until this unseemly lewd redness. Droplets of sticky fluid completely covered the entire length of the meat r!d, not only was the crack of flesh completely plastered with his own s!xual juices, but the saliva of the other man was also there in great amount, making it dripping wet.

Both s!xual organs were expelling their own juices, and this body, of a person who ought to be respected above thousands but beneath another, was now bared thusly, without any reservations. The owner of this body was even commanding the other person with a threatening tone, “Mmm… What other use does your tongue have apart from enabling you to speak? Thrust harder, if you don’t service me well, then my royal self will have your entire family made mute!”

The tone of the man carried noticeable tones of arousal, and failed to convey any sense of threatening authority, not to mention that the contracting flower h!le was tightly gripping Wang Yisheng’s tongue. The tongue continued to force apart the walls of the tunnel of flesh that were simultaneously growing closer together. The tongue swivelled around, and that intense feeling of pleasure was like the last straw on the camel’s back. In an instant, the man fell apart. Like a frog, he just collapsed onto the man’s face, his erect s!xual organ was stuck between his own lower abdomen and the other man’s face, the place void of any b!llsack was open and the crack seemed to convulse hungrily, the warm juices continued to flow into the other man’s big mouth.

Finally, the dainty exquisite little flower bud surrendered and was forced open by the other man’s tongue and lips.

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