The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 9: Cecil’s Work

I saw it from the classroom.

Through the window, I saw my little sister and my fiance were kissing each other in the courtyard.

I knew that Michael-sama’s feelings were directed towards Gloria. This engagement was offered by Michael’s father, the Marquis of the Milohite Family. As an Earl Family, we could not reject the offer. My father was pretty reluctant with the engagement, but since I agreed to it myself, the engagement was established.

“She had a quiet impression, but she was really bold.”

“By the way, does it mean…”


“Her fiance is stolen by her own sister?”

“That feels good. The fiance of the Ice Princess is stolen.”

“I can lend you that useless person.”

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“Mbydj usw.”

“Fbswze ol ts vs vbl sarbydytl qkapv?”

“No. Before that, I would like to take a look at some stores.”



I finished my activity in the academy at noon, and when I was about to head towards the entrance gate, Sieg was picking me up. Sieg escorted me and I walked inside the carriage before Sieg came in as well and sat across from me.

“Ojou-sama, did something happen?”


“The color on your face does not look good, although it is only a little.”

As sharp as always. I made a calm face. Even my classmates did not notice. The title Ice Princess really fitted me. However, although I tried to brush it away, he still noticed. Still, I smiled at him and said, “There is nothing.” It was because I knew that as a butler, he could not say anything after that.


“Ara, Sil-chan, welcome.”

Sil was my fake name. I was now in the store that I managed by myself. The shop here sold beauty products meant for common people. Skin toner, body milk, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, and body soaps. All of them were available. There were some scentless products, but there were also the ones with flowers fragrant. 

In fact, these products had never been in this country before, and they all were first developed by me. Moreover, since some of them were scented, the aristocrats had eyes on them, but I wanted to sell it for the commoners, so I kept the price low. I indeed made the shop for the commoners, but the aristocrats altogether also started to buy the products as well, so I made another exclusive shop for the aristocrats and sold the product at a high price. One-fourth of the income would go to the orphanage that I run.

“Good afternoon, Auntie. How are you?”

“It ‘s so so.”


“Are your staff enough?”

“There is one who is retiring because of getting married. It is hard to find a replacement.”

“I understand. I will find another one for you.”

“Yes, I will leave it to you.”

After I talked with the manager for about three minutes, I bought some things that I would use in the orphanage. I headed towards another shop that sold picture books. 

Most bookshops sold difficult books for adults, but no picture books. As I ran the orphanage, I hope that picture books directed for children were sold. It would be easier for them to remember words and it also could be used as teaching materials. Of course, the bookshop that we were heading to was also run by me. 

I also had a talk with the manager in that shop and then bought some books that I would use in the orphanage before going to another shop. After I repeated the same things in different shops, I headed to the orphanage.

“Onee-chan, welcome!”

Maybe after they saw me entering the orphanage, the children ran towards me. When the teachers saw that the children were hugging me, they panicked. 

“Stop it, all of you.”

“How much do you think Ojou-sama’s dress is? All of you need to stop now!”

“It’s okay, Sensei. Is the director present?”



“There are some souvenirs for the children inside the carriage. Could you help me carry all of them?”


Some teachers from inside the institution came out to help moving the things inside the carriage, which was different from the one I rode just now, and brought them to the institution.

“These are sweets for all of you. Eat it together. I will go talk with the director.”


After the children received the sweets from me, I went straight to the institution.

“I am sorry for the troubles.”

“No problem. Moreover, are there any problems happening?”

“Let’s see. It seems that because the number of children is increasing, we are going to run out of rooms.”

“I see. We should do the reconstruction soon, I see.”

“You said it was an easy thing to do.”


“To make it easier, we just need to build the faculty on the small hill.”

“No, that is not what I mean. It’s the cost.”

“Ah, about that, there is no problem. I already estimated the budget for the reconstruction as well. If the director didn’t tell me about it just now, I was about to say it myself. Along with that, I am about to hire another teacher as well. Here is the list of names and the survey materials. Please discuss it more with the other teachers as well. I also already met all of them and they had cleared the exam as well.”

“I understand. I will put it on tomorrow’s agenda.”

After the teacher received the documents, we were discussing the bazaar that would be held next season. This bazaar was an important source of income for the orphanage. We also would ask for a survey from the children about what would be good, and from that, the teachers would make the final decision.

“Since the number of children is increasing, we also need to supply more items.”

“I agree.”

“Cookies are too standard.”


“Maybe a handmade thing like a brooch is also a good idea.”

“However, clothes and strings are expensive. I don’t know if it can be used for sale or not.”

“I can buy the cheap ones from my acquaintance.”

“Are you sure?!”

“Yes. Besides, if we go to the clothing store, they should have some unused clothes. If we use it for practice, there would be no problem. Could you leave the clothes and strings supply to me?”

“Yes please.”

I ended the conversation with the director there and then headed towards the children.

“Onee-chan, are you done with the talking?”


“Do you have some time?”

“Yes, if it is a little.”

“Then, let’s play.”

“Read some books.”

“Then, I will read a book. Those who want to play can go to Sieg.”

We split the group into two and together with Sieg, we played with the children. After that, we went back to the mansion.

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