The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 8: Gloria’s POV

“O-otou-san, is that true?”


It was the first time I was being called to Father’s office. Although Father sometimes called Onee-sama to his office, he never called me to come to his office before. I know. A person like me had no business with Father. Unlike me, my elder sister was more beautiful and useful. However, I was still sad, since it made me think that I was not loved by Father. 

This was the first time Father called me to his office and I was very happy. I was soaring from the bottom of my heart. However, I noticed that it was a mistake. In front of me, there were some papers containing information about four males of the same age as me.

“But, a marriage, for a person like me…”


I knew that someday I needed to do it. I knew that I should not say this. However, I loved Michael-sama. But, Michael-sama was Onee-sama’s fiance, and compared to me, it was obvious that he would choose her. After all, even without being compared to me, Onee-sama was very beautiful. 

Come to think of it, Onee-sama wore a new dress again. I am envious of her. It seems that Father and Mother bought it for her again. Really, Onee-sama was loved by everyone.

It was different from me, who easily got sick and had no friends.

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“Cecil-sama is busy, so she doesn’t have the time.” That was what he always said. But I believed that she was playing with her friend and having another appointment. She rarely even went to the academy and only played around. Why was such a person a member of the Earl Family? The ugly emotion swirled inside me and it made me hate myself.


If I could not meet Onee-sama in the mansion, then I would use another way. I went to the advanced department where Onee-sama was. She was talking happily with His Highness Orphen. As her twin, I should be a childhood friend of the Prince as well, but I only had a little contact with His Highness. 

I brought my courage and told the female student close to me that I was Cecil’s sister and I would like to visit her. Then, as she knew what I meant, she kindly called out my sister.

“Cecil-sama, you have a guest.”

My sister gave me a look. The beautiful ruby eyes didn’t show any emotion, and I knew that my sister was suspicious of me as she was ignoring me. But still, I walked towards her. Although the other students were looking at me with strange eyes, I tried to endure it. It could not be helped. By all means, if one was comparing my elder sister with me, it was normal for them to state the fact. But, if only I was not sickly, I would definitely be able to enter the advanced department just like her. 

After I used all of my courage, the result was an overwhelming defeat. Sister told me to return back. I did all my best, but she didn’t even listen to me. Before I noticed, I was out of the classroom.

“Gloria, what’s wrong?”

After I ran out of the classroom, I was near the fountain located in the courtyard. Since I was in the general department just like Michael-sama and as the sister of his fiance, he somehow cared about me. It was the privilege to be the little sister, and I knew that all of that was because of Michael-sama’s kindness.

“No, there is nothing.”

“I know it is not true. You obviously do not look well.”

The kind Michael-sama sat next to me near the fountain and gently hugged me.

“Am I can’t be the one to help you?”

“That’s not true. However, I should not bother Michael-sama who is a kind person.”


“It is not like that I am kind to everyone.”

Michael-sama smiled bitterly. Even when he was making such a face, I still fell in love with him.

“It is because you are Gloria that I am kind.”

“A person like me-”

“You are beautiful. Even more beautiful than Cecil.”

I knew that it was just flattery. What a kind person. No one ever said those words to me. Because of that, the tears that I was holding up overflowed.

Although I was in that state, Michael-sama hugged me. I told him the things that happened previously in the classroom and about the engagement. Then, Michael-sama was in rage. Really, what a kind person he was.

“I am very sorry. Michael-sama is Onee-sama’s fiance. My story only made Michael-sama feel uncomfortable, didn’t it? But, thank you for listening. Thanks to it, I feel refreshed.”

After I told him everything and let all of my tears out, somehow my heart felt lighter.

“No, don’t thank me. Moreover, Gloria, I am indeed Cecil’s fiance, but I love you.”

“Thank you. I like Michael-sama too.”

“No, that is not what I meant. I am saying that if it can be realized, I want to marry you.”


I didn’t expect to hear those words. Although I knew that it was impolite, I kept staring at Michael-sama. He made a troubled face, and then brought my shoulders closer to him and connected his lips to mine. I didn’t know what was happening.


“I love you, Gloria. I love you.”

“But, Michael-sama is Onee-sama’s fiance. Onee-sama is beautiful. Why would you choose someone like him over her?”

“You are beautiful as well.”

“That’s a lie! I am plain and can’t even be compared to Onee-sama.”

“That’s not true. Unlike Cecil, you are modest and kind. I know it’s not good to talk bad about your sister, but she is far away from that. She is arrogant and only interested in dressing herself. But, you are different from her, right? I really like that side of you.”


 I was happy. There is someone who chose me over Onee-sama. Moreover, the person was Micahel-sama who I loved for a long time.

“I, too, year for Michael-sama. I have loved Michael-sama since the first time I met you.”




The two who were overwhelmed with their feelings hugged each other in front of the fountain and exchanged a passionate kiss. 

Yes, they were near the fountain in the courtyard. Although the classes would start soon, the place could be seen from the classroom. However, the two didn’t notice. The one who made a move towards his sister’s fiance and the one who made a move towards his fiance’s sister. Both of them didn’t notice that many eyes were staring at them with a scorn, strange, and curious look.

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