The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 7: A Turmoil in the Academy

“Good morning, Cecil-sama.”

“Good morning, Agnes-sama.”

I was in the academy classroom, the place where children of the aristocrats were studying. 

“Is Cecil-sama staying in the academy until the end of the day today?”

“No. Unfortunately, I have plans in the afternoon.”

“Ma~. That’s a shame.”

“Good morning, Cecil-sama. Thank you for inviting me to the wonderful tea party the other day. Nevertheless, Cecil-sama really has a great sense. I need to learn more from you.”

“Good morning, Riddle-sama. Thank you for attending the tea party that I held the other day. I hope we can continue to build good relationships from now on.”

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“Qsse xsadkdt, Ulnkz.”

“Good morning, Your Highness.”

The crown prince, Orphen Oracle.

It was about the prince of this country with golden hair and orchid-colored eyes. Cecil and Orphen were childhood friends and they were close with each other. Due to their jealousy towards her, the aristocratic ladies were spreading a lot of rumors.

“It’s been a long time since we met. Are you getting busier?”

“Yes. I came to the academy since it has settled down for the moment.”

“I see. By the way, just now, I also saw Gloria.”

“Ara, how rare for her to come to the academy.”

“I think so. I didn’t call her out but she looked very down.”

“Isn’t it just the same as usual?”

“I know, but it feels like it is different.”


Orphen was really good at observing others. Maybe it was a necessary qualification for royalty, but I was amazed that he could even notice the mood change in Gloria who he met rarely.

On the other hand, I did not notice. I did not like her and nor did I have any interest in it, after all.

“Cecil-sama, you have a guest.”

Since I was in the middle of a conversation with Orphen, my classmate called me out with a little bit hint of fear in her voice. 

When I moved my gaze, I didn’t know why but Gloria was coming. Gloria was getting closer to me nervously. Orphen looked at me with worried eyes and moved aside to let Gloria pass, however, he didn’t leave.

I didn’t think that there would be any conversation that needed to be closed up from him, so I did not say anything.

“Is that Cecil-sama’s little sister?”

“She somehow looks dark.”

“She looks plain.”

From the merciless comments of the surroundings, Gloria’s eyes were filled with tears.

That was really annoying. To make you clear, it was not that I made them say that. Or rather, if she did not like it, she should not come here in the first place.

“It’s rare for you to come to the academy, but it’s even rarer that you come to see me, Gloria.”

Although Gloria and I were studying in the same academy, we were in different departments. I was in the advanced department while Gloria was in the general department.

In the general department, the ladies were mostly having a bride training, while men were learning about calculations and basic history of the national country and the other countries.

On the other hand, in the advanced department, there were a lot of specialties that could be learned, and because of that, the courses we took were all optional. Unlike the courses that were given to the general department where the credits would be given as long as one took it, the courses given to the advanced department students had exams and it was possible to fail in that course. One could learn deeper on the chosen specialty, however, it was a very strict department. In proportion, the majority were male students while the female was about a quarter of the total advanced department students.

“That uniform, is it the general department’s?”

“Is Cecil-sama’s little sister in the general department? That’s unexpected.”

The surroundings were curiously looking at Gloria. Of course. Despite being a strict department, Cecil was the top student in the department. Meanwhile, Orphen was ranked three.

“A-ano, I have something to talk about with Onee-sama.”

“What is it?”

“But, in here…”

“If it is not something that can be talked about in the academy, why did you come all the way to the different building? Why don’t just ask me in the house?”

“But, Onee-sama won’t see me in the house.”

“Gloria, Cecil is busy with a lot of things. You can’t blame her for not having time to meet you.”

As Orphen slightly rebuked her statement, Gloria’s eyes were filled with tears.

“If I have a stronger body, I can do it too,” she whispered, but since she said it in a low volume, nobody could hear it.

“Gloria, the class is going to start soon. If you don’t have anything for me, can you return back?”


“Uwah, as expected from the Ice Princess. Even towards her little sister, she did not hold back.”

“The little sister was trembling. I felt sorry for her.”

One said that she was sorry for her, but her expression didn’t show any pity. Rather, she looked entertained as she was seeing a herbivore trying to defy a carnivore.

“…Why, why do you hate me so much?”


I didn’t like her, no, I did think that she was annoying, but what made her suddenly say something like that. How did it relate to the previous conversation? I did not understand at all.

“Why do you always treat me so wickedly? I know that I am not as beautiful as Onee-sama, and nor do I have good grades like you. But, that is because I have a weak body. If I also lived with the same condition as Onee-sama, I could even do better than you. But why are you so cruel to me? I said that I have something to talk about with Onee-sama, but you told me to return. That’s terrible.”

It was very selfish and arrogant of her.

If they were in the general department, the students might still have closed their eyes from this situation. However, they were in the special department that demanded the highest ability of the students. Regardless of what family one came from, a failure is a failure.

If she was healthy, then she could be even better than Cecil who was at the top of the students. Gloria’s statements meant that the other students of the advanced department were falling behind her who was in the general department. 

Of course, no one in the class enjoyed the idea coming from that statement. Everyone’s anger was directed towards Gloria. I wasn’t even surprised that Orphen looked at her unbelievably. However, Gloria didn’t notice at all.

“Then, why don’t you show it with a result? Even in the general department, your grade is below average. If you say that you can stand on the top of me with your own ability, then show it with a result.”

 “Did you hear it? She is below the average in the general department.”

“I could not believe that she can say that she is able to stand on the top of Cecil-sama.”

“Isn’t it the opposite? It is because she only has that much of a brain that she was able to say so. After all, she could not even have the head to understand.”

“Oh, I see. I couldn’t believe that she is Cecil-sama’s sister.”

“Although they are twins, I didn’t expect that the difference could be this big.”

“I sympathize Cecil-sama.”

It could not be helped that the surroundings started to attack Gloria. Even the people who spoke badly about Cecil previously did the same. Gloria cried by the comments and speech of the inconsiderate surroundings. However, nobody helped her, and it was just normal. All students in this class did their best with their own efforts to climb up to this department, and she treated it as it was nothing special. Nobody sympathized with Gloria who insulted their efforts.

As she could not handle it anymore, she ran away and left the room while crying. Even until the end, nobody, not even Cecil, knew the reason why Gloria came to their class.

“Cecil, are you okay?”

“No problem. It is not something new. Isn’t it usual for her to humiliate her own self and make me look like the villain?”

“I know, but it is already piled up too much that I am worried she is going to make it even worse than this.”

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