The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 6: Seed of the Trouble

“Ojou-sama, are you okay?”

“It happens almost all the time, nothing special. Handling a fool only makes you tired.”

When I was about to enter the room, Sieg looked at me worriedly. He was really a worrywart.

“I was also tired of Michael-sama. I wonder if he actually knows who his fiance actually is.”

 “Ojou-sama, no matter what happens, we are always on your side.”

“Tha-thank you. Now, can you please give your report?”

“Yes. Please take a look at this document.”

I sat on the chair inside the office and listened to the necessary report from Sieg.

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“Mbydj usw.”

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“It looks like you are quite tired.”

“That’s right. I couldn’t sleep well lately.”

“Should I prepare some sleeping pills or incense that would help you sleep?”

“Yes, please give me some sleeping pills.”



“These are the documents.”

After my own work had settled down, I went to my father’s office to make the regular report. My father briefly put his eyes on the documents and then raised the corners of his mouth.

“As expected. Your works are always excellent.”

“I am glad that I have met your expectations.”

“I heard that there is trouble at the tea party just now.”

As expected from my father. The news already reached his ears.

“I will send some goods as an apology to the participants of today’s tea party later. These are the items and the costs.”

I submitted the paper that I prepared between my works to him.

“As always, you work fast.”

My father suddenly laughed and then took a look at the paper. It seems that there was no problem with the contents since he didn’t say anything and then returned the paper. I would ask Sieg to prepare it later.

“I bet that doesn’t know anything about it. Not even the things that you usually do.”

The word that referred to Gloria. Judging from the situation, it seems that he already knew what happened between Gloria and me.

“It’s because my poor and weak sister can’t do anything.”

I included the ridicule as I answered.

“I heard that her social circle attendance rate is bad.”

“It seems that Mother told her to not overdo it because of her weak body. As far as I see from today’s tea party, I think it was the best for her. Letting a person who can’t even give a proper introduction to the participants in the social activities will only worsen the family’s reputation.”

“I see.”

A heavy sigh was leaking out from Father’s mouth. I understood what you felt, Otou-sama.

When she was still a child, the sickly Gloria was pampered by Mother and raised as a selfish girl. No matter how often we reminded her, she would make excuses and say that “I am sickly” or “someone like me is not suitable”. My father, who was always devoted to his works finally noticed, but it was too late.

“I need to find a fiance for that person soon.”

“How about Michael-sama? It seems that he is very concerned about Gloria.”

“That person is your fiance.”

“Yes, he is. But it doesn’t matter who is the partner, right? It can be either Gloria or me. We are sisters, after all. The bond between families will still be formed no matter who it is.”

“…Do you hate him?”

“Hm, I wonder if I am.”

Cecil made an expression that even her father could not read before leaving the room.

“I wonder if I am too hasty.”

“Is it the engagement between Michael-sama and Cecil Ojou-sama?”

In the same room, there was the head butler of the Rheinett Family, Van.

“Yes. I put a lot of burden on that person so I wish that she could live happily, but…”

The relationship between Cecil and her mother, Lucia, was bad. And the source of it was Gloria. Gloria was now in good health and now able to do the things that any normal lady could do, but her childhood was filled with her sleeping on the bed every day. It was something that could not be helped. Lucia thought that Cecil had robbed Gloria’s happiness. 

Although they were twins, why was one of them healthy while the other one was sickly? That thought was already rooting inside Lucia’s head, and Gloria herself still thought that she was sickly.

“List up Gloria’s fiance candidates for me.”


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