The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 4-5: Gloria’s POV, Three-Way Struggle

My name is Gloria. The daughter of the Earl Family. My elder sister, Cecil, had a very beautiful appearance unlike me.

The silver color of her hair was just like a spider’s threads, and it was like two rubies were embedded in her eyes. Everybody would praise my elder sister for being beautiful. However, it was just her appearance. My elder sister had a bad personality.

In social circles, she would deal with the men in the high-class aristocrats when they came at her, but she acted coldly towards the others. In addition, it seemed that she would gladly give her body to any of them..

Since my body was weak, I rarely went to social circles. However, whenever I joined the social circle, I would be bullied because of my sister, but my sister never helped me.

Unlike me, my elder sister was beautiful and smart. But if my body was not weak, I would be able to study as much as my sister and I would be as smart as my sister.

“Gloria, what’s the matter?”

“Michael-sama, why are you here?”

Michael-sama was my sister’s fiance.

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Michael-sama looked at me with pity.

I thought I would manage to laugh it out, but I failed, and the tears flowed down my face. 

“It’s okay. I am used to it. I am sure Elder Sister hates me.”

“Poor Gloria.” After he said so, Michael-sama hugged me, and I closed my eyes inside his embrace.

*** Ch 5: Three-Way Struggle

(T/N: Back to Cecil’s POV)


After the tea party had finished, I went back to the mansion and on the way, Michael was in a daunting stance and made an angry face.

“Ara, what’s the matter?”

“Do I need to say it out loud? Why are you so mean to Gloria?”

That stupid negative girl must have indoctrinated something to him.

“I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.”

“The tea party. I heard that you make him a laughingstock.”

“I don’t know what you heard, but today, she was watching the tea party from a distance, and my friends who participated in the party generously encouraged her to join. Moreover, I don’t remember having any friends who like to mock others.”

“Then, why didn’t you invite Gloria to the tea party?”

“All of the participants are my friends. Why should I invite my sister to that gathering?”

“Her body is weak and because of that she rarely goes to tea parties and social circles. Don’t you think she’s pitiful?”

“No, I don’t. Her body is weak? Why do you bring up an old fact? Her body was weak when she was little. She hasn’t caught any colds these years, do you know that?”

“But the social circles-?”

“That was only because she was not good at socializing with people. She just did not want to participate in the social circles or the tea party, although it was the job of a lady.”

There was no more argument from him. Michael-sama became silent.

“I know that she is cute but would you please not spoil Gloria too much? It seems that you have forgotten, but you are my fiance. If this attitude of yours continues, it would be taken as an unfaithful act, you know?”

“Gloria would not do such a thing. Get rid of that unjust suspicion. This has worsened my mood. Excuse me.”

Michael-sama quickly left.


My butler, Sieg, came. I knew that he had been watching the situation since the beginning and that he was also preparing if the worst happened so that he could immediately help me.

“I am okay. You have a report to give to me, right? Let’s go to the room together.”


After I said so, Sieg happily followed me from behind.

“Onee-sama, was there something happening just now downstairs? I heard Michael-sama’s voice.”

I heard Gloria ask something as she was coming out of her room hesitantly.

And I noticed that it sharply dropped Sieg’s mood who stood behind me. It was not that I did not care about Gloria.

“I couldn’t believe those words came out from a person who deceived one’s fiance.”

“No, such a thing-”

Gloria looked at me with a hurtful expression as she was ready to shed tears.

“Ara? Am I wrong? You were inviting one’s fiance to your room. Isn’t it an unfaithful act?”

“But, it was because Onee-sama-”

“Because I what? You attended the tea party without permission and could not even give a proper greeting. Thanks to you, I was troubled. If you didn’t attend my tea party, why don’t you learn a few proper manners?”

“… so cruel.”

Cecil did not understand what part of it was cruel. On the other hand, Gloria, who thought that she would not be able to behave like Cecil and not as beautiful as Cecil, blamed her weak body since because of that she was not able to learn proper manners and her experience in social circles was shallow.

“Well, then I will excuse myself. Unlike you who have a weak body and always stay in your room, I am very busy.”

T/N: Yes, I know guys. Gloria is annoying 🙂

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