The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 3: My Little Sister Gloria

“Ma, It is very nice.”

“Riddle-sama has always taken care of me after all.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please receive it.”

“Thank you.”


“I envy you, Riddle-sama.”

“The two of you really suit each other.”

“Ufufu. Thank you.”

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Why did you pull out an old question?

Gloria certainly had a weak body when she was little. However, she was completely healthy now. She had not caught any cold in the last few years.

“Ne, you over there. You don’t need to hide. Come on, come here.”

My friend Suzan called out Gloria.

She could just ignore her. I did not invite Gloria to the tea party. Therefore, she should stay away from the occurring tea party because it was the right manner.

It seems that she was too spoiled, and because of that, she did not have good manners.

Gloria, who was being called out, was surprised, and after considered a little bit, she nervously walked towards us. Just when her eyes met mine, her body became stiff and she quickly looked away from me.


What was that attitude?

Did I do something?

Really, she irritated me.

“You’re the little sister, Gloria-sama, right? It is the first time I met you.”


“… Yes.”

“Gloria, this is my friend, Suzan. Introduce yourself.”

“… Yes.”

However, although she said so, she didn’t open her mouth even for an inch. Suzan who looked troubled moved her eyes towards me. Just the time when I was about to tell Gloria to leave, she spoke.

“I’m the little sister, Gloria.” The volume of her voice was very low just like it was a mosquito’s.

It was far away from the greetings of the daughter of an aristocrat. It was a greeting from the girl downtown. I unconsciously opened my mouth widely. The other was as surprised as me as they knitted their eyebrows together.

“… I see. If I am not mistaken, Gloria-sama and Cecil are twins, right?”

“Yes, you are right.”

Gloria looked down as she was moving her hands on her knees bashfully. I was the one who answered the question coming from Suzan, although the question was directed towards Gloria. However, because she was looking down since the beginning, she didn’t notice it.

The others were confused by her state. Well, of course, they were. There was no such aristocrat daughter who acted like that.

“The two of you are not really similar.”

“It is because we are fraternal twins,” I answered.


“It’s because I am not as beautiful as my sister,” said Gloria.

And after that, the atmosphere at the tea party became strange. As the organizer of this tea party, I needed to do something about it.

“I am sorry. That is not what I mean. I apologize if it makes you feel depressed. I am really sorry.”

Although she didn’t mean something bad, Riddle-sama apologized for the previous inconsiderate question, and Gloria, though afraid, replied with a smile.

“It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

That answer is an out. It implies that she was used to being insulted, and it made the impression that Riddle-sama was saying something bad towards Gloria.

As she was smiling, Riddle-sama was trying her best to not make the smile crumble.

I decided that it was not desirable to have Gloria stay any longer.

“Gloria, I did not invite you to the tea party, so please leave.”

Gloria made an expression like I was hurting her with my words.

However, it was true that I did not invite her. Furthermore, it was strange to make her suddenly join.



With a mosquito-like voice, she answered so before leaving with tears as she was squinting her eyes.

“My sister was acting impolitely. Because her body was weak, she was raised spoiled and as a result, she did not know much about etiquette. I am sorry for making all of you experience such an unpleasant experience. As the organizer of this tea party and Gloria’s sister, I apologize.”

“Don’t say that. Cecil-sama did nothing wrong.”

“She is right. We are just a little bit surprised.”

“It is my bad for calling her although she was not used to being in social circles.”

“No, you’re not at fault.”

After that, I was able to bring back the calm atmosphere into the tea party and it peacefully ended.

T/N: So, how do you guys like this story up until this chapter?? The protagonist is indeed not a good person, and I think nor is the sister. Her emotions is just like a normal human is like, so I actually kinda like this novel as well. The story are getting more exciting after some chapters, so I hope you guys did not drop it too soon xD

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