The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 12: Michael



Marquis Milohite.

The eldest son, Michael, was kicking the chair in the room with anger. The kicked chair floated on the midair and then crashed into the wall before the broken pieces scattered on the floor. That chair had a fine design and was made by a craftsman over the months, but now, the chair was in a miserable form, falling on the ground. The maid who was refrained in Michael’s room was frightened by the loud noise, but not in Michael’s eyes.

“How dare they look down on me despite being an Earl Family.”


The engagement was broken.

She had quite a good appearance. The first time he met Cecil was at a night party. The golden hair, a pair of ruby eyes, and porcelain-colored skin. Her beauty was something that was not supposed to exist in that world. That was the reason why he immediately accepted the engagement when his father brought it in. However, when he finally met her in person and talked with her, she dared to give her opinion to him despite being a woman. She would get angry when he skipped his work and study, and he thought that she was too serious. When they went back together, the atmosphere was suffocating. On that point, Gloria was good. Compared to Cecil, her appearance was inferior, but her face could be classified as cute. Although she was not confident in herself, she would never go against him and he thought that it was very good. The time when he thought so, he found more cute parts of Gloria. As it continued, his interest in Cecil dissipated and her existence became a nuisance.

He never thought that the engagement would be broken, although he himself was about to do so.

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“Zlyb. Rv oyp alflnvle cu vbl svbla pkel.”

“Elzz, sq nswapl, vblu eke ps. Ls xyvvla obyv, vbl swvpkel osaze oyp byapb. Jwv, obu Qzsaky? Wsa xl, kv oswze cl clvvla kq ol nbsspl Ulnkz. Qzsaky kp, olzz, pbl kp nwvl. Jwv pbl kp rzykd yde byp y eyaj yvxsprblal. Gde vbyv tkaz byp y olyj cseu, aktbv? Mbld, pbl xktbv dsv cl yczl vs clya y nbkze. El dlle vbl dlmv blka, usw jdso? Gdkwl kp vbl lzelpv psd sq vbl Yyaiwkp Wyxkzu, yqvla yzz.”

“Qzsaky’p olyj cseu oyp obld pbl oyp zkvvzl. Lso, pbl kp yp blyzvbu yp y dsaxyz rlapsd.”

“Ob? Rp vbyv vawl? Jwv, pbl ayalzu nsxlp vs psnkyz nkanzlp, eslpd’v pbl?”

“That’s because she is not good at it.”


“That’s not good. That will be fatal for a Marchioness.”

“It doesn’t matter if she cannot do so. If it is needed, she just needs to be taught.”


His father came back in a terrible form.

“Is it true that the engagement with Cecil-jyou was canceled?”

“Yes, it is true.”

“You idiot!”


Then, his father hit him hard. Not only the one who was being hit but the younger brother was also surprised as well as he unconsciously stood up.

“Father, what-?”      (T/N: He called his father 父上Chichiue.)

“You don’t know the importance of Cecil-jyou. That child is like a tree that produces money. As long as you are engaged with her, our family will receive assistance from the Earl Family.”

“What are you saying? Assistance, such a thing is not needed by our family.”


“Father, is that true? This is the first time I hear about it. And about Cecil-jyou being a tree that produces money, what do you mean by it?”

Seeing his son who really did not know anything, the father put his palm on the head.

“Our house is in a state of being stuck in debt. Moreover, although Cecil-jyou is a female, she was doing various kinds of business. If you married her, the income coming from her business would become our House’s. But you…”

“There is no way. There must be something wrong.”

“Our family is not particularly doing any business. However, the expensive shopping that the two of you and my wife do is like a daily routine. If this lasts any longer, our family will come to an end.”

“Please be assured. If we can ask for an engagement again-”

“Do you think it will work? After you show your unfaithfulness with Gloria-jyou?”


“Then, Father, what about me?”

After staring at the younger son, Luzel, he said, “Do what you want,” as he had given up and then left the room.

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