The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 11: The Result of the Secret Meeting (?)

Inside my father’s room, Gloria, Sieg, Van, and I were gathered.

“It is about the things that happened in the academy.”

As Father began to talk in this stiff atmosphere, I believed that it was not my fault, but it was true that although I knew that my sister was being ridiculed, I didn’t even make any protest to the surroundings. Maybe I would be blamed for it. Without noticing, I tightened my grip.

Next to me, there was Gloria who was also nervous as she was quivering.

“…. Ye-yes.”


“I want to confirm it first from you. Is it true that you went to Cecil’s class in the advanced department just before the class started?”

“Ye-yes. I-it’s true.”

“Why did you go there?”

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“G-ycswv vbyv, R wdelapvyde. Rq vblal kp psxlsdl obs oswze zkjl vs vyjl psxlsdl zkjl xl, R oswze cl tzye.”

“…. Fsxlsdl zkjl xl, bwb. Qzsaky, es usw zkjl Yknbylz?”


Gloria was surprised by the sudden question, and her voice was stuck in her throat. After my father’s words, I remember Gloria and Michael hugging and kissing each other in the courtyard. I was not hurt at all. Originally, I did not have any feelings towards that person. But, I wonder why I could feel that the emptiness inside me spread out.


Sieg, who was standing near us, looked at me worriedly.

“It seems that you and Michael were kissing each other in the courtyard near the fountain.”

“! That.”

“What about it? If you can’t answer, that means it is true.”

“Answer it, Gloria.”

Frightened by my father’s rebuke, Gloria said yes with a mosquito-like volume. After that, I could hear my father’s sigh of dismay. It looks like Van got that news and reported it to Father.  Even after hearing it, he stayed calm. Compared to him, Sieg was surprised as he widened his eyes.

“Bu-but, Otou-sama. We love each other.”

“And you think it is a good reason to make a move towards your sister’s fiance?”

“But, it is a political one, isn’t it? Then, no matter if it is me or Onee-sama to be his fiance, it is the same.”

That was the same thing I said half-jokingly to Father. However, I knew the meaning of the statement that I said myself. Gloria, on the other hand, did not understand anything.

“Are you an idiot?”

I was not planning to open my mouth before Father pointed it out, but looking at Gloria who did not know anything I could not help but cut in the conversation.


It seems that Father himself did not blame me for it, so I continued.

“You said it doesn’t matter whether it was me or you. That means both of us are not needed, you know?”

“Wha!?! Why did you say that, Onee-sama?! Michael-sama is not someone like that. Onee-sama misunderstands him.”

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, misunderstanding. Listen, Gloria. Do you think by stealing your sister’s fiance, everything will be settled peacefully?”

There was no way it could be. Normally, it should be a dead end. In the first place, Michael-sama was already being said to reach out to both sisters. If that was the case, Father would definitely be angry and there was a possibility that the engagement itself would be pulled back. No matter how high their position was, although at that time there was no other choice but to accept the engagement, the situation now was different from then. Our Earl Family was now able to reject the engagement from the Marquis Family. But well, it seems that both Michael-sama and Gloria did not know the current situation.

“I know. I know, Onee-sama. I know someone like me will never beat Onee-sama. Even I know that myself. But!”

“Gloria, can you stop using that phrase? ‘Someone like me’? It seems that you like to sell yourself very much. Having a quiet impression but stealing her own sister’s fiance.”

“No, I did not do such an improper thing.”

“Oh, you are not aware of it? Did you not just have such a passionate kiss in public?”

“In public?”

“Of course. The two of you are in the courtyard. Everybody in the classroom can see you. It is not only me, you know? There are some others who saw your and Michael-sama’s unfaithfulness. You are a fox who had taken away your sister’s fiance. I am a laughingstock whose finance was taken by her little sister. Aren’t both of us staining our family’s name?”

Gloria’s face started to turn blue. It looks like she was really shocked that it was being seen by other people. In the first place, there was something wrong with her for not noticing of being seen from that place. 


“I, I didn’t mean to do such a thing.”

“Ara, then what do mean then? What are you aiming for by kissing someone else’s fiance? Can you give a convincing answer to me?”

“That’s… because of Onee-sama.”

“What is it about me? You don’t need to hold back.”

And then, Gloria began to cry. I felt like I was bullying the weak.

“Cecil, what do you think of Michael?”

“Otou-sama, firstly, please let me apologize. I am really sorry for giving you and the family more problems. Please cancel the engagement with Michael-sama. I am prepared for any punishment.”

“Cecil, there is no reason for you to apologize. Originally, I did not want to accept the engagement as well. If it is possible, I will break the engagement so that it will not hurt you. Also, Gloria, Cecil’s engagement will be cut off but you and Michael will not be engaged.”

“Why is it? Onee-sama and Michael-sama were engaged because it was needed, right? Michael-sama said that he is fine with it. Then, isn’t it okay with me?”

“Gloria, Let me tell you something. The situation is constantly changing. Moreover, the engagement was originally only wanted by the other party and was not needed by our family. Previously, we did not have the power to oppose a Marquis Family, so there was no other choice but to accept. But it’s different now. We can say no now.”

“Gloria, an engagement cancellation is something fatal. And it is something that was triggered by you, and the consequences will go to your sister. If you and Michael-sama’s engagement were allowed, the social circle will make your sister a laughingstock for her fiance being taken by her own sister, and her future marriage will be affected. Please don’t put more salt on the scar anymore than this. Your fiance will be chosen from one of that list.”

“………..hy, why is Otou-sama always like that? You only think about Onee-sama.”


“I don’t even remember giving my priority to Cecil. If it is what you think, it is because Cecil has given a lot of contribution to this house. Meanwhile, you have not done anything because of your current situation, being spoiled because of your weak body. If I treat you, who has done nothing, and Cecil, who has done her best, equally, it is the same as insulting Cecil.”

“But that’s, it can’t be helped! Unlike Onee-sama, I am weak.”

Gloria, who said so, ran away and quickly returned to her room.

“………. Who is weak?”

“Don’t say it, Cecil.”

As Father made a sigh, he looked like he was really tired. I could not blame him.

“I am sorry, Cecil. If only at that time our family has the power, we can avoid this result. Moreover, the one who has made our family grow this much is you. I am sorry for this treatment.”

“No, Otou-sama. Those are what I do willingly. I only want to help you. It is okay. I am not that soft to be broken on this level.”

“But, for the time being, social circles will be a hard time for you.”

“Even though I look like this, there are some friends of mine who will understand. Moreover, an Ice Princess will not waver just because of this.”

I smiled and then left the room together with Sieg.



Just during the night when I could not sleep, Sieg came to me. On both of his hands, there were two glass cups and a jar of honey-colored liquid. 

By the way, those who were aged 14 above were allowed to consume alcohol, so there was no problem for me to drink it. Though, I don’t usually drink much.

I thanked Sieg for his concern and decided to have a drink with him.

“Do you like Michael-sama?”

I thought for a moment while tilting the glass.

“Honestly, I don’t think we fit each other. Not our way of thinking, more our sense of value. They are completely different.”

Michael respected those who got higher status than him, but he tended to look down on those below him. He did not think that commoners were human like him. I could not like such a person. And the same reason was why he did not say anything about the business I started. Moreover, I did not want him to come to me for money as well.

“But, it is true that you are hurt by it, right? About Michael-sama and Gloria-sama.”

“Hmm. I did want him to like me and I did my best to like him as well, but it seems that it is impossible. As a result, it was a big loss. Failure, failure. But well, things like this will just happen soon or later.”

“If it was me, I would definitely cherish you.”

“Hm? Did you say something?”

“No, nothing. Let’s take a rest soon.”

“Yes. Staying up late is bad for skin.”

We only drank alcohol and had a chat. That was all we did. But, maybe because the alcohol worked, I felt like I could sleep better than earlier.

T/N: I think both of them are legal, so they are allowed to drink alcohol 🙂

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