The Little Sister of the Villainess is the Self-Proclaimed Weak and Negative Heroine

Chapter 1-2: Cecil Rheinett

“Miss Cecil, you are as beautiful as always.”

“Thank you. Though, I am tired of hearing it.”

The man that initiated the conversation stiffed a little after I replied.

However, soon after that, he regained his composure and then smiled elegantly.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to be my dance partner?”


I stared at the man who smiled like she would praise all of 100 of me if they existed.

“I don’t feel like I want to accept it so I refuse.”

“Did you hear what she said just now?”

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It was truly silly.


A social circle was truly a meaningless event.

Please excuse my attitude just now. I am the person who got people’s attention in the social circles, Cecil Rheinett.

The silver hair and ruby eyes. In addition to the standing-out hues, this unrivaled beauty gathered up other people’s attention. (Well, the bitterness of my words was also one of the reasons. But I couldn’t help it. Those men that I did not care about will take up my time a lot.)

Actually, I have a little sister and she did not appear in the social circle I mentioned just now.

“Onee-sama, welcome back.”

She had peculiar black hair. She strangely did her best to hide her face as much as possible with her long bangs. The big round glasses were the only thing that remained in people’s memories. Her name is Gloria.

“Did you go to the social circle again?”

“Yes. Is there something wrong?”

“Not particularly.”

“I see. Then, since I am tired, I want to take a rest.”

“… If it makes you tired, then you should not go to the social circles.”



“If you have something to say, why don’t you just say it in front of me clearly? Otherwise, I can’t hear anything.”

After I said so, Gloria closed her mouth and looked down. It was just like I was bullying the weak. Looking at her appearance like that made me even more irritated.

“If you want to speak ill on one’s back, you should do it in the absence of that person, you know.”

 “Such thing, I will not do such thing to the sister I loved.”

Her expression did not match her words. In the social circle, one must not stop smiling (although I myself did not do it very well), it was normal to make an unreadable expression.

As Gloria couldn’t do so, it was her fatal weakness in the social circles.

“Ara, I see. Since you were suddenly turned quiet, I thought you were speaking ill of me. I am sorry.”

As soon as the conversation ended, I left Gloria, who stood up without moving any inch and headed to my own room.

“My Lady, welcome back. The bath is ready.”

“Thank you. I’ll take a bath.”

I had the maid Lulu take off my dress and I took a bath. After I entered the bath, I stretched my legs so that my calves felt good.


“My Lady, please refrain from taking a bath for too long.”

Outside the bathroom, I heard the voice without intonation. It was Lulu’s voice. Her voice had no modulation and she usually had an expressionless face. The servants in this residence all thought she was just like a doll.

“Okay,  I will refrain from doing so.”

I would do what Lulu warned me on, put on the nightgown, and then, okay, let’s go to sleep! That would be nice if I could just do that, but unfortunately, I could not. After I entered the room, I needed to take a look at the documents that rested on the desk there.

“Are these from Sieg?”

“Yes. He brought them here one hour ago.”

“I see.”

Sieg is a butler in this house, and he was my exclusive butler. The other residents and I all called him Sieg, but her real name is Siegfried. Since it is long, I got permission to call him Sieg. He was 26 years old. As he had black hair, black eyes, and a handsome face, he was extremely popular among the servants.

“He was as punctual as ever.”

The documents that Sieg brought were already being organized, so they were very easy to understand.

“My Lady, there will be a night party tonight, so please don’t push yourself.”

“Thank you, Lulu. After I read this, I will take a rest.”


“I understand. If you need anything, please call me.”

After Lulu left, for the time being, I read up on the documents and then signed those that could be allowed while putting those that were still in consideration in a certain wooden box. 

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