The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 73: Rolling Up Their Sleeves For Battle


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Shi Cheng nodded before comforting her, “Don’t worry. This business is something that can be done long-term. Next year, I will grow the business, so you too will be able to grow your profits. At that time, perhaps you would be making 10-20 taels of silver a month! Then you won’t need to worry about anything.”


Liu Xu’er nodded, but she knew that matters weren’t as simple as all that. Right now this counter was only making them, at max, a few 1000 wen per month, and that was before they deducted their costs of raw materials and rent. How could they make 10-20 taels a month so easily?

Shi Cheng was also worried over the matter. His mother was already biting at the bit, fighting to move to town to live a life of leisure. But Xu’er’s family couldn’t keep up…. Shi Cheng was terrified that the gap between the two families would continue to grow. That would make matters much more difficult….

However, Shi Cheng had already thought it through. No matter how much resistance he encountered, his marriage to Xu’er would definitely happen!

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Liu Shu was swiftly calculating on his abacus. Then he looked up and nodded – even at 20 wen for three bracelets, they were turning a profit.


They were all kept busy till about 7pm that night. By then, pretty much no one was in the shop, so Shi Cheng and Liu Lin quickly closed the doors while Liu Shu tallied the accounts. The entire shop had made about 9800wen, close to 10 taels, while Liu Xu’er’s counter had made about 2000 wen.

This was all made in a single day! Liu Xu’er and the rest were overjoyed. They had made a very decent sum. All of them happily left the shop and met up with Uncle Xiaochen and another servant who were waiting for them by the door. Everyday, they would be escorted home this way. After all, the business at the store was doing well. To prevent thugs from eyeing and robbing them, an escort was necessary. 

Shi Cheng’s father was a very experienced businessman and was quite thorough in his preparations. 

Liu Xu’er was walking in the middle, looking at everyone around her. Her two brothers and Shi Cheng looked much more mature than before. Since they had started to do business, all of them started to look much cannier, not at all like simple villagers.

From a distance away, Shi Cheng spotted a store selling stewed meat. It was a place he frequented. Since Xu’er was here today, he naturally wanted her to be able to eat well. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t do anything about Xu’er’s food now, he would make sure she had meat to eat everyday!

Pulling Liu Xu’er along, he rushed to the store. Uncle Xiaochen hurried after him, while instructing the other servant to stay close to Liu Shu and Liu Lin. 

By the time everyone else had reached the store, Shi Cheng had already settled his orders. Four pigs trotters, a roasted chicken and some stewed tofu. Laughing, he dragged Liu Xu’er and ran off again. Uncle Xiaochen could only quickly settle the bill. 

After they left the stewed meat store, they went to another stall selling wontons. After getting the stallowner to make and deliver four bowls of wontons to their courtyard, the few of them headed home. During the entire journey back, Liu Shu and Liu Lin were deeply engrossed in discussion.  

It was the first time that Liu Xu’er had visited the place Shi Cheng stayed. The instant she entered, she saw that this courtyard was laid out in a square. In the south was the main building with two side rooms. There were wings to the left and right of the main buildings. Those two wings had wooden shelves outside, as well as some wallpaper and what not strewn on the floor. On the side of the courtyard door, facing inwards, were two rooms – one was the kitchen and the other a store room. 

When the four of them entered the main house, Xiaochen and two servants went to lock the door before entering the house. 

“This courtyard is quite good. It’s just right for a family to stay.” Liu Xu’er said. If they were to move to town, it needed to be to a house like this. Otherwise, if they needed to share a courtyard with another family, or even worse, not even have access to the courtyard, it would be better to stay in Taohua Village!

Shi Cheng knew what she meant, so he smiled and said, “Whatever it is, it’s not too difficult. We will just have to take things slowly!”


Liu Xu’er nodded and entered the eastern side room. Inside was a large kang. On the kang, the blanket was haphazardly thrown. At the side of the kang was a stack of books. The instant she saw them, Liu Xu’er’s eyes lit up. There were some books that Third Uncle Yuan had given here, as well as books that Shi Cheng was studying. 

Against the window was a large table, on which laid stationery. Writing brushes hung off a bamboo rack on top of the table. When Shi Cheng entered, Liu Xu’er pointed at the table and asked him, “What’s happening with your studies? Are you still studying under the same teacher?”

“Of course I am still keeping up with my studies. My mum either checks in with my teacher every other day or gets someone to check in on me. In the morning, I go to my teachers’ house to study. It’s only on special occasions like today when I know that business would be extremely busy, that I would let the teacher know I need to take leave….”

It was then that Liu Lin came in, gnawing on a pig trotter, “Aren’t you coming to eat? What are you two discussing?”

Liu Xu’er pointed at the kang and said, “Look at how sloppy you are!”

Liu Lin glanced at the kang and laughed sheepishly.

They came out and arranged themselves around the dining table before starting to eat. A short while later, the wontons arrived. All of them continued to discuss business matters around the table. Everytime they thought of what would happen the next day, everyone started to get pumped up, as if anticipating an exciting event. 

They ate and talked. Without knowing it, they had managed to drag the meal out a full two hours. The wonton seller had long ago come to take away his bowls, and the servants outside had settled the bill. Everyone had a pig trotter, but Liu Xu’er just couldn’t finish hers. She was too used to light flavours and couldn’t get used to the greasy pig trotter, so she passed the remainder of hers over to Liu Lin, while she had some of the chicken and tofu instead. 

After finishing the meal, Shi Cheng and Liu Shu went to tidy up the messy kang, while Uncle Xiaochen also tidied up his room. 

Since this courtyard now belonged to the Shi family, there was no need for him to sleep in the main room. Instead, he joined the other servants and went to one of the wings to sleep, leaving the children alone in the main building. 

The next day, just as she would in the village, Liu Xu’er got up very early. She freshened herself up before opening her door. She heard faint sounds from the other side room. 

Being summer, the days were rather long, and the sun rose rather early. The instant Liu Xu’er came out, she saw that two of the servants had already prepared the water, and had started making the morning meal in the kitchen. Everyone slowly started to get up and get ready for the day, before having a simple breakfast and heading back toward the shop, all looking purposeful. 


It wasn’t far to the shop. By now, Uncle Xiaochen had already opened up. He approached Shi Cheng and asked where he should help out? Here? Or the jewelry store? Shi Cheng told him to go over to the jewelry shop. 

It would be more convenient for them to talk without him around. 

Shortly after they opened, Liu Xu’er finally understood why Shi Cheng was so insistent on getting her to experience the shop at its busiest. The entire shop was so full, everyone was pretty much squeezing each other to get around. Shi Cheng and the rest were shuttling to and fro between the money counter and the rest of the shop pretty much non-stop. They would throw down a few wen on the counter and call out, “One silk handkerchief!”

“One ornament!”

Liu Xu’er buried her head and busied herself with recording the transactions. Whenever she raised her head, the crowd was still there. A few customers were standing at the doorway and shouting, “Little shop assistant, would you pass me two cloth handkerchiefs!”

Shi Cheng would fly over, take six wen from them and slap it on the counter, “Cloth handkerchiefs, two!”

Whenever Liu Lin had a pocket of time, he would stand on top of the corner counter and look around the shop. Liu Xu’er knew that this was an anti-theft measure. He was checking to ensure there were no suspicious looking characters about. 

Liu Shu just planted himself at the front of the store, safeguarding their counter. This wasn’t because he was selfish, but was something they had found to require over many similar experiences. Their counter just had too many varied items that someone was needed to specifically watch over it. Furthermore, there were many times that there wasn’t time to pass the money over to the money counter. They could only temporarily hold onto it all while remembering what exactly they had sold. Whenever there was time, the money would be handed over, and the transactions recorded. 

Only Liu Shu could keep all of that straight, and so this task was naturally handed over to him. Of course, when it wasn’t so busy, Liu Lin and Shi Cheng would come over to help him. 

Liu Xu’er was so busy keeping the records, even her nose started to drip sweat. After writing for a while, she felt that something was different. Lifting her head, she looked up and saw that there was someone at the store entrance looking in and smiling. 

It was Shi Cheng’s father! Uncle Xiaochen was with him, standing at the doorway and looking into the shop. Liu Xu’er called out, “Uncle Shi.” She was about to head out when Liu Lin flew over and dropped 11 wen on the counter, “Silk handkerchief – one, head scarf – one!” Before dashing off. 

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