The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 55: Fight


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Liu Yun’er had just come over to Liu Sen’s side. She was about to take advantage of the adults’ inattention and hit him when she suddenly heard a cold voice beside her, “What are you doing?!”


A shadow dashed across. Before Liu Yun’er had time to react, her head was knocked against the wall. 

Senzi was unhurt. Blank, he had only just noticed Liu Yun’er flying toward the wall before his jiejie hurried to check him over. Senzi continued to suck on his fingers. 

Liu Xu’er carried Senzi before glaring at the crying Liu Yun’er. Liu Xian’er had let out a shocked gasp and gone over to support her, while Liu Tao hadn’t even noticed what had happened. He was still watching the adults fight. 

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Jia shi however, had already torn Liu Changshi’s lapel from the force of her grip. Jumping forward to hit him, she stretched her fingers out to scratch at his face. Immediately, several bleeding claw marks appeared! In that instant, Liu Changshi grabbed hold of her hair and roared, “You’re looking for a beating!”


When He shi had managed to steady herself, she had rushed forward to drag Jia shi away.In this situation, no one but her could make a move. Liu Gao shi was over 50, while Liu Hong was an unmarried maiden. Neither of them were in a position to do anything. And of course, Ma shi was of absolutely no help. After all, she stood on Jia shi’s side. 

Liu Changshi was a male. No matter what, he couldn’t lift a finger against her. It was solely up to her to go and resolve the situation. 

Dragging Jia shi by the arm, she forcefully pushed her to the side all while Jia shi struggled desperately, trying to get some good hits in. After she was released and had stabilised herself, she immediately rushed over again! He shi had just managed to say, “Are you crazy?!” When Jia shi’s hands started to swipe at her face!

He shi was no pushover. Furthermore, she had been doing farm labor for years, while Jia shi maintained herself like a princess. In a fight, it was immediately clear who had the advantage. Although Jia shi was swinging her claws around fiercely, She couldn’t stop He shi from swiftly subduing her. Grabbing hold of her arms, He shi twisted them behind Jia shi’s back, “Are you crazy? How dare you go around hitting your elders?!”

Seeing that Jia shi was subdued, Liu Gao shi pushed out of Liu Hong’s support and rushed over to give her a few hard slaps! Spitting in her face, she raged, “This shameless thing! How did your parents teach you? They raised you to be so shameless?!” Liu Gao shi had always disliked this third daughter-in-law, but had never had the opportunity to hit her. Now that she finally had the chance, she could vent some of her anger. After scolding her, she gave another few slaps!

Jia shi wailed. Her hands were caught by He shi, so she tried to use her feet to give her a kick! Liu Gao shi dodged backward. She had nearly been kicked! Liu Changshi had witnessed the whole thing and finally lost his temper! She had even dared to try and hit mum?! He couldn’t bring himself to care any longer about the separation of the sexes, and came over to give her a mighty slap!

“How dare you try and hit mum? I could beat you to death for that!” Saying this, he backhanded her again!

Liu Changshi was a big strapping man, so one can imagine how strong he was! His two slaps laid Jia shi flat, her mouth bleeding. She started to cry loudly. Feeling the lack of resistance, He shi finally released her. Jia shi didn’t try to get back up. She wailed and rolled around the floor. 

Old Man Liu had long ago caught hold of Liu Changgui and was giving him a vicious beating. It was only when Liu Changgeng and Liu Changqi stopped quarreling that they noticed them. Seeing Old Man Liu so angry he was almost hyperventilating, they quickly came over to mediate. 

The courtyard was finally quiet. 

While the adults were fighting, the children weren’t idle. Liu Xian’er had gone over to help Liu Yun’er up and went over to Liu Xu’er to demand an explanation. Without Liu Shu and Liu Lin’s support, and still carrying a heavy Senzi, Liu Xu’er gave as good as she got and started to quarrel with Liu Xian’er. Liu Xian’er herself was someone who was all talk with no action, but Liu Yun’er was not the same. She again tried to strike! In the end, Liu Xian’er was the one who stopped her, afraid of getting into a fight. 

Although Liu Xu’er was in the body of a small child, her mind was that of an adult. Knowing that Liu Yun’er would try again to hurt her and Senzi in the chaos, she quickly carried Senzi out the door. 


Liu Yun’er however, was smart. Seeing that Liu Xu’er had no one here to protect her, and that she had backup – her jiejie counted as an adult after all –  she could hit them with no issues! Seeing that the adults were all still caught up in a mess, she shook off Liu Xian’er’s hand and rushed out! 

Liu Xu’er had placed Senzi on the floor and stood up. Pushing him to sit on the door sill, she quickly pulled the bolt from the door. She held it in her hand, arms crossed. She would swing it at Liu Yun’er when she ran over! She would hit her with all her might! Liu Yun’er froze in shock at the sight. Liu Xu’er taunted her with a loud voice, “Come! If you’ve the guts, come over!”

Liu Yun’er had seen her weapon! She had immediately stopped short but was wildly angered by her taunt. She turned and called for backup, “Jie! Look at this brat! Aren’t you coming to help me?!” She again shouted toward Liu Tao, “Liu Tao! Come and help!”

Liu Xu’er gritted her teeth! She thought, in another two steps, Liu Yun’er would reach her. She needed to rush up and attack first! It would surely be better than waiting for all three of them to make a move! Thinking of this, she moved a step, and started to round on Liu Yun’er!

Liu Yun’er had just turned back when she saw Liu Xu’er step forward to attack! Shocked, she let out a shriek as she fled!

Liu Xu’er’s plan was sound, but she was after all in a very little body and her actions couldn’t keep up with her thoughts. Having been seen through, the bolt hung uselessly in her arm. She could only angrily retreat back and guard Senzi. 

The adults had all finished fighting and the courtyard was filled with the sound of angry panting. Ma shi was scolding everyone under her breath, while Jia shi’s moans could be heard. 

He shi quickly called Liu Hong to help support Liu Gao shi over to Liu Hong’s room. She then called out to Liu Changgeng, ‘Help dad to his room. See if you can help to calm him down.” Saying that she gave him a meaningful look. 

Liu Changgeng took Old Man Liu by the arm and supported him away. It would be better for him not to continue to stay with Third and his wife. With distance, perhaps his anger would cool. They still needed to decide how to resolve this – surely they couldn’t fight each other forever?

As such, everyone started to go to their separate rooms. Liu Xu’er returned the bolt to the door and sneered at Liu Yun’er. Carrying Senzi over to Liu Hong’s room, she saw her nai huffing in anger, arms flailing wildly. 

He shi was still in the dark as to what had caused this explosion. She wanted to ask, but was afraid of angering Liu Gao shi anew. She was just wondering how to ask when Liu Gao shi started to vent, “Look at Third and his wife! They sneak away to move to town. We said nothing. But the instant they return, they tell us they want to sell their land!”

“What?!” He shi’s voice rose in shock. Peasants like them treated the land like it was their life. Selling the land was an extremely serious matter.  By selling the land, it was as good as forsaking their ancestors! Was it easy for their forebears to acquire the land? If it didn’t concern life and death, no one would sell their land!


Old Man Liu’s family had frequently had to wrestle with hunger. Every year, they barely managed to scrape by, but Old Man Liu had never even thought of selling his land. But now that Third’s life has started to get a bit better, with better prospects – he had even managed to moved to town – they actually want to sell their land! How could Old Man Liu not get angry?!

“Your dad said that since they’ve the money to move to town, then surely they should have enough to manage this little bit of land? What is Third doing with all his time? That he cannot come back and farm? It’s not as though we’re stopping them from moving to town. The busy farming season is only for a month or two! If they really can’t do that, if they really can’t leave town, if they really don’t want to stay in this poor ravine, then just leave it to his brothers to farm! He has three brothers! They can surely help him to plant, and when it comes harvest, he can give them some grain or cash! Can’t this at least be done?!” Liu Gao shi was so angry, her hand trembled. “We reasoned with him for so long, but he just refused to listen! He insists on selling the land!”

Liu Hong was also very angry. She continued, “When sansao came in, she was already prepared to pick a huge fight. Even when dad and sange were talking, she refused to let sange answer. She just directly answered back at dad. She had 10 retorts to his every suggestion. She said that their lifestyle in town was rather difficult. They needed to sell the land to survive. She even said that she had discussed the matter with her family and her xiaoshu supported their decision to sell the land. She told dad to stop scolding sange…. Can you believe that woman?”

He shi hmphed. She was extremely clear of the type of woman Third’s wife was. She was just as bad as Ma shi. But now that her mother-in-law was so clearly enraged, she didn’t want to add fuel to the flames. Also, she didn’t want to talk behind her sisters-in-law’s backs. 

So she advised, “Mum, you need to calm down. We still need to discuss the issue with them.”

Liu Gao shi hit the kang in anger, “They are not here to discuss, but to demand!” She turned to look at Liu Hong and said, “When you went to call your ersao over, your sange had finally said that he would listen to his wife. He definitely needs to sell the land! You dad took the broom to give him a few whacks, then Jia shi went crazy! She jumped and shouted, saying that even though our family now has money, we are still unwilling to buy the land back! Look at this, look at them! Are they still human?!”

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