The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 134: Unexpected Guests


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During this trip to Hanzhong city, naturally, they wouldn’t stay with the Hao family. Shi Cheng brought them all to his family restaurant’s rear courtyard to stay. 


Shi Cheng’s mother felt rather guilty about Shi Cheng. After all, she had left her son alone at home! How could she feel good about that decision? As such, when Shi Cheng brought Liu Shu and Liu Xu’er there, not only did Shi Cheng’s mother not show a sour attitude at Liu Xu’er going out in public, she was very welcoming of the two siblings. 

Liu Shu himself was very mindful of his role as an elder brother. While they were travelling, he was careful to avoid situations where Liu Xu’er would have to go out in public. He kept a close eye on her, watching over her. 

Liu Xu’er didn’t come out for fun, so naturally, she wasn’t trying to escape his attention to wander. She accompanied Liu Shu and Shi Cheng around Hanzhong city. This time, she carefully took note of where the handicraft stores were, how much rental was, the prices of goods, the frequency that goods had to be restocked, and even the estimated cost of taxes in a month. 

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While the old store only sold handkerchiefs, headscarves and other small ornaments. 


After preparing everything, the most important task they had was to ensure that the supply of goods would be stable. As such, she again went to every single supplier to confirm their agreement. It was only after everyone agreed that she relaxed. 

Actually, Liu Xu’er really wanted everyone to sign a contract. It was just that it was pointless – after all, in this era, no one understood the impact of a contract, and even if they broke it, there were no laws in place to enforce penalties. 

She was busy doing all this for several months, and time flew by till it was suddenly the sixth month. In the middle of the month, Liu Yun’er got married. Fang Jicheng’s home was in Feng town, but he didn’t own the property – it was a rental they shared with others.

When Liu Yun’er got married, no one in Liu Xu’er’s family bothered mentioning it. Only Liu Changgeng and He shi were obliged to go. None of Liu Xu’er’s siblings bothered showing up. 

Instead, it was another matter preoccupying Liu Xu’er and her family at the end of the sixth month. 

Over the New Year, Liu Changshi had discussed the matter of moving to town with his parents and wife. Liu Changgeng and his family had been keeping a close eye out for a suitable home since then. They had started looking after the New Year, but it was only in the fourth month that they saw something that would fit. 

The place was not too far from Liu Changgeng’s own residence, making it convenient for them to visit and look out for each other. It was also a three entry courtyard dwelling, but it was much smaller, with fewer rooms. The main courtyard had three main rooms with two wings flanking them, but the side courtyards were much smaller with only three rooms each. Added to a kitchen and storage area, the house had a total of 15 rooms, and cost 100 taels of silver. 

This was half of the money Liu Changshi had made in the past year. But He Ruyu herself was a good earner, and although she had to take a break because of her pregnancy last year, their financial situation was very healthy. There wasn’t any issue buying a home as well as renovating and furnishing the place. 

After they bought the place, they spent over two months renovating it. Then they chose an auspicious date at the end of the sixth month to move over. 

With them were Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi. When Liu Gao shi came, she was still lamenting about Fourth’s home in Taohua Village. It was still so new!

The new home definitely couldn’t be left empty, so Liu Changshi discussed it with He Ruyu and they decided to get Liu Changqi to move over. When he had the funds, he could pay them a token sum for the place. Liu Changshi had spent 10 taels of silver to build the house – now that they’ve stayed there for a few years, they would accept three to five taels of silver in payment.

The main reason was that Liu Changshi could now well afford to let go of a few taels of silver. And since Liu Changqi was their eldest brother, Liu Changshi couldn’t just enjoy his own days and watch as his own brother struggled.


Liu Changshi’s decision made Liu Gao shi deeply grateful, and she treated He Ruyu especially warmly. After they had moved over, they were busy for half a month keeping everything away. He shi kept going over to help out. 

In the village, Liu Changqi had also started to take action. He first tidied up his old courtyard, and flattened out a large piece of land. Then he started to plant vegetables, as well as carefully transplant the apple tree over. That would make it easier for him to care for everything. After which, he came over to Liu Changgeng and said that he was confident to care for the rabbits, would it be alright to pass them all to him now?

Naturally, Liu Changgeng agreed. He passed him the rabbits and Liu Changqi carefully transported them all back. He had prepared a room for them to live in his house. 

When Liu Xu’er found out that her dabo had taken over the rabbits, she understood. It was definitely Liu Yun’er making trouble before! So dabo didn’t dare to take them all over any earlier. 

At the end of the eighth month, after the Mid Autumn Festival’s busy period, business slowed down. Liu Xu’er spoke to Shi Cheng – if they wanted to rent a store in Hanzhong city, should they let him scout one out for them or just directly ask his father to help them with it?

Matters pertaining to his wife were of paramount importance to Shi Cheng, so he naturally had to go over personally to check the situation out. After staying there for half a month, he found a suitable store. He immediately sent word to Liu Xu’er and their family discussed the matter. They decided to send Liu Shu and Liu Lin over. This time, Liu Xu’er wouldn’t go – she was roughly familiar with the situation in Hanzhong city. They were just going over to rent the store. There was no need for her to go personally; her time would be better spent working on handicrafts. 

That morning, Liu Shu and Liu Lin got up early. Liu Changgeng had also gone to help them prepare the donkey cart. He had specially given the little donkey a bath last night, and given it a hearty meal this morning. It’s stomach was looking rather round and chubby. 

Liu Shu and Liu Lin had their breakfast. The two of them walked out with a cloth wrapped bundle while Liu Changgeng was reminding them, “Be careful on the road. You are bringing so much money with you, you have to be mindful.”

Liu Shu and Liu Lin were patiently nodding their heads. “Relax dad! It’s only a half day’s journey away. We don’t need to overnight anywhere. Once we reach, we will definitely go to Shi Cheng’s. Everything will be fine.”

Liu Changgeng nodded his head. Looking at his sons, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat emotional. So quick – the years had just flown by so quickly, and now, his sons were so grown. 

Liu Sen flew out and shouted, “Dage, erge wait! Jie is still preparing something and wants you to wait a moment!”

Liu Lin said, “What is she doing? Everything’s been prepared!”


Liu Shu asked, “Does she want us to give something to Shi Cheng?”

Liu Changgeng again said, “When you get there, you will be staying at Shi Cheng’s place. You must remember to behave well. Isn’t it a rather small place?  Make sure you stay in your own quarters and don’t irritate others by tromping around the house. When you are out, don’t let Shi Cheng pay for you….”

“Got it, dad.” Liu Shu agreed. 

Liu Xu’er took out a tiny bundle and passed it to Liu Shu. “Dage, there are 10 taels of silver in there, as well as a list of things to buy. Help me buy them all back!”

Liu Shu nodded and agreed, “Sure!”

He shi squeezed her way forward and also passed the two brothers a food box, “There are some biscuits in there! And water. You can have it while you travel. Don’t bother stopping anywhere for lunch – you shouldn’t let anyone see how much money you are carrying!”

Liu Shu again nodded and agreed, “Ok, I will, mum.”

Liu Lin was starting to get impatient. “When are we going to go? Originally, we only had a single small bundle, but it’s now grown to three! If we don’t leave soon, even if we try to avoid other’s eyes, they would be suspicious seeing how many bundles we are carrying!”

Even as he grumbled, Liu Shu had gotten on board the cart. He smiled and said to him, “Quickly get up!”

Liu Lin then smiled and boarded. Waving at the small crowd below, the donkey cart started to move toward the town gates.

After sending them all off, the rest of the family returned home for their own breakfast. Then Liu Tao and Liu Sen went to open the stores. By now, Liu Sen was able to man a store by himself. Actually, he was already coming to 10 – his elder brothers had started managing the store by themselves when they were eight. It’s just that Senzi was the youngest in the family; it was unavoidable that he would be somewhat pampered. 

Liu Xu’er stood at the door reminding Liu Sen to be careful. Dad will be over in a short while! Then she watched as he left before turning back into the house. 


As usual, Liu Changgeng was in the courtyard making his combs and beaded bracelets. He had just picked up a piece of peachwood when he heard someone call from outside. “Hello! Is anyone at home?” A loud voice belonging to a married woman rang out.

Liu Changgeng called out and went to open the door. He saw that the visitor was a fortyish- year-old woman. At her side was a teen girl. He recognised them to be villagers from Taohua Village. Her man’s family name was “Yu”, and everyone addressed this woman as Mrs Yu. The girl was her youngest, Yu Xiaolian – she helped Liu Xu’er make silk flowers. 

Mrs Yu smiled and said to him, “Their Second Uncle, is either Xu’er or her mother around?”

Liu Changgeng smiled and said, “Yes, yes, they’re here! Did you two come to town? Where’s Old Yu?”

“Oh, he didn’t come. It’s just me and Xiaolian today. We came to buy some things and thought we’d drop by to visit Xu’er.” Mrs Yu smiled and said, 

Liu Changgeng quickly ushered them into the house and called out loudly, “Their mother! There are guests.”

He shi called back. Before she came out, Mrs Yu saw that the courtyard was filled with blocks of wood and other tools. She smiled and asked Liu Changgeng, “Their Second Uncle, are you very busy? Are you making all the combs and beaded bracelets by yourself?”

Liu Changgeng naively nodded his head, “That’s right. I’m making them all.”

“Their Second Uncle, don’t you have to do any other work? Don’t you need to farm? Are you spending all day making these?” Mrs Yu again asked. 

Oblivious, Liu Changgeng continued to smile and answer, “That’s right. I mostly don’t have any other tasks. The fields have been given to Fourth to handle. I will go back during busy periods to help, but at other times, I just leave it to him.”

Mrs Yu nodded her head. She again smiled and asked, “The goji berries your family’s Fourth grows – I heard that they are selling for a lot of money?”

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