The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 133: Scandal


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The adults had all returned, but no one was saying anything. They immediately headed straight for the main house to talk. Because Liu Xu’er and co were well aware of the situation, they were careful to avoid the conversation. As was his habit, Liu Sen had tried to slink off to eavesdrop but was caught by Liu Shu and Liu Xu’er, and dragged back to the backyard. 


Liu Yun’er had also accompanied them all back. While the adults were in the main room discussing, Liu Yun’er had been left in the side room by herself. She looked rather pitiful; there was an obvious handprint on her face, contrasting with her pale skin. But He shi detested her, and He Ruyu disliked her. The rest of the family didn’t even need to be mentioned. They all completely ignored her – no one went in to comfort her, or ask about her. 

After discussing the situation for the better part of the afternoon, Liu Changqi took Liu Tao and Liu Yun’er and rushed home just before dusk in Liu Changshi’s donkey cart. Liu Changshi and He Ruyu had been persuaded to stay in town to accompany Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi during Labajie

Liu Changgeng and He shi wanted to discuss with Liu Changshi – where should their parents stay? Are they still going to stay in town? But Liu Gao shi was obviously fond of her little grandson, and wanted to help care for him. 

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After Labajie was over, Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi accompanied Liu Changshi back. Ultimately, they couldn’t let go of their little grandson. He shi again told Wang shi to head back to serve them. Liu Changshi was a bit apologetic – after all, this was his erge’s servant. But at least, the relationship between brothers had always been good, and their wives were sisters, so they didn’t need to be too calculating about such matters. 


The New Year was slowly approaching, and gradually, news of what happened emerged. Sure enough, Liu Yun’er and the man called Fang Jicheng had slept together and were discovered by Liu Changqi in the act. He had then gone to demand an explanation from Liu Changgui.  

At the time, Fang Yun denied it – she insisted that it was Liu Yun’er who had seduced her nephew. Liu Changgui had started to hem and haw and muddy the waters. In a rage, Liu Changqi didn’t just beat up Fang Jicheng, he had also given Liu Changgui a good beating. When Liu Changgui refused to admit it, Liu Changqi was left with no recourse. He got Liu Tao to call Liu Changgeng over. When Liu Changgeng found out, he had immediately gone to get their parents. 

With his parents and extended family there, Liu Changgui was helpless. He could only agree to Fang Jicheng and Liu Yun’er’s marriage. There was no other solution. Although Fang Yun kicked up a fuss, and Fang Jicheng himself was rather unwilling, Fang Yun was reliant on Liu Changgui for everything, and Liu Changgui couldn’t refuse to obey Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi. Furthermore, his brothers had all come!

With that, the matter was fixed. Liu Yun’er would marry in the sixth month next year. 

Over the New Year, whether because his conscience pricked him, or because it was well known that he was in Feng town, Liu Changgui came over on the first day of the New Year to make his offerings to his ancestors. But this time, he didn’t bring Fang Yun or Jia shi. Nor did he bring his children. He came alone. 

Now that he had returned, Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi took the opportunity to interrogate him. What kind of business was he doing? What’s happened to Jia shi?! Who was Fang Yun to him?!

Liu Changgeng and Liu Changshi blocked the door and refused to allow him to leave. If he didn’t answer clearly, he couldn’t go! Liu Changqi was unwilling to look at him. He had gone, angrily, to wait in another room. 

Liu Changgui was helpless. He finally shared that his business was in dried seafood. He would bring it over from Shandong to sell it here. Liu Changgeng then asked, why can’t they find any of his goods on the streets? The restaurants also don’t seem to carry your foodstuff?! Shi Cheng’s family ran a restaurant and was very clear about such matters! Who had what dishes, and where they purchased their goods – nothing was secret. But no one had heard of any restaurant buying a lot of dried seafood?

Liu Changgui then explained that he was only supplying a few of the important families in town. The families would consume it for themselves!

There was nothing anyone could say to that. They couldn’t possibly go round questioning all the major families right? They could only temporarily accept his words as truth. Liu Gao shi then asked him about Jia shi? Who was Fang Yun?

Liu Changgui then finally admitted, Fang Yun was a concubine he had taken. The house Fang Yun stayed in was bought by him. He didn’t dare to leave all of his money with Jia shi. Furthermore, the house he stayed in with Jia shi was under her name, and everything in the house was owned by Jia shi – he didn’t have a say. He wanted to make some money for himself. As for his relationship with Jia shi, they were still married. Jia shi was aware that he had someone outside, but since she relied on him to do business these past two years, she could only tolerate his behaviour. 

Now that everything was roughly explained, the family believed him. But Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi were both disapproving. Whoever heard of a villager taking a concubine? Also, even if the main wife was disagreeable, you should still do your best to stay together. What kind of behaviour was this?!


But Liu Changgui had no patience to listen to either of them. He started to retort that he was no longer a villager, but seeing Liu Gao shi become even more vehement, and his brothers jump in and start to reprimand him, Liu Changgui stopped speaking. He just nodded. No matter what anyone said, he kept nodding. But everyone could tell that he just wasn’t listening!

There was nothing anyone could do about him. 

Over the New Year, Shi Cheng came with several servants. They brought along some gifts to his future in-law’s place. 

This was the first time that he had visited them as Liu Xu’er’s fiance. Liu Changgeng was especially mindful of this and had got He shi to prepare a sumptuous spread. Liu Shu and Liu Lin were both there at the table, accompanying them. Although it was expected, since Shi Cheng was still rather young, Liu Changgeng didn’t let him drink. After the meal, Shi Cheng was still sober and alert. 

Because of the circumstances, it wasn’t easy for him to find time to talk to Liu Xu’er. Everyone in the family was watching them! Shi Cheng didn’t even manage to say anything to Liu Xu’er before he had to leave. 

The two of them only managed to speak on the 16th day of the first month. Liu Xu’er had gone with Liu Shu and Liu Lin to open the store. Shi Cheng was waiting at the new store. 

When he entered, Shi Cheng said, “My mother decided over the New Year that she and my brother will go with my dad to Hanzhong city. She will be leaving in the next couple of days.”

Liu Shu was also there. He jumped when he heard, “What! Your family is already moving to Hanzhong city?!”

Shi Cheng quickly shook his head. “No. My mother just wants to accompany my father…. The restaurant at Hanzhong city has a back courtyard. They will stay there temporarily.”

Liu Shu didn’t understand, “Why? It’s not as though you can’t afford to buy a property. It’s not comfortable to stay in a rental, and she’s bringing your brother… Doesn’t your brother need to go to school?”

Shi Cheng looked at Liu Xu’er. Absently, he said, “Shi Qing won’t start school for a while I suppose. It’s alright for him to start his lessons next year. Last year, when the restaurant first opened, it was incredibly busy. My mother is probably worried there’s no one to look after my dad….”

Liu Xu’er didn’t say anything. She was very clear that Shi Cheng’s mother was worried about leaving his father alone there. He might decide to take a concubine or something while she wasn’t there, right?


“Is your mother alright leaving you alone here? Who would look after you…. But I suppose your family does have servants. Still, your mother sure trusts you.” Liu Shu shook his head. 

Shi Cheng too shook his head. He thought that his mother had no choice but to leave him. No matter how worried she was about him, she would be more worried about his dad! In comparison, he had servants here, and he was staying at home. What could possibly happen to him? Whereas with his father, she couldn’t relax her guard. Shi Qing was too young to leave behind, so she had to bring him… She actually had it rather rough!

Liu Xu’er saw him looking relaxed and said, “How is business at your family’s stores? Aren’t they opening today? Why are you so free?”

Shi Cheng shook his head, “We will choose a good day in the second month to open. This half a month, there won’t be any business. It would be better to let all the workers just enjoy the New Year at home.”

“The New Year is already over…. But with an owner like you, your workers sure have it good.” Liu Shu smiled and said. Then he asked, “That’s right, how much does your jewelry store pay a shop assistant?”

Shi Cheng said, “Two taels a month… Why? Are you thinking of hiring someone?”

Liu Xu’er smiled and nodded, “It’s time to consider it. We also need to consider the issue of opening a store in Hanzhong city. Now that our supply of stock has no issue…. In the second and third months, during our lull season, dage and I have decided to go to Hanzhong city for a look. Will you come with us?”

Shi Cheng jumped up, “Of course!”

And so it was settled. But in the second month, Shi Cheng’s family’s restaurant and jewelry store reopened. Because the restaurant’s manager had been brought by Shi Qian to Hanzhong city, the manager they had in Feng town was completely new. It took a while for Shi Cheng to settle him in. By the time everything was done, and they were ready to head to Hanzhong city, it was already the end of the second month. 

This time, Liu Lin deliberately told Liu Shu to go. He wanted Liu Shu to get the chance to visit, so that everyone was clear about the situation there!

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