The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 132: Mystifying


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Because they had to calculate the years’ intake that evening, Liu Xu’er, Liu Shu and Liu Lin were all up till very late. Liu Sen was unable to keep his eyes open, and had nodded off to sleep early. Liu Changgeng and He shi stayed up both to accompany their children, and to find out their income for the year.


The process of calculating their profits had become an extremely complicated endeavor. They needed to calculate the amount of money spent on raw materials, labor, different taxes as well as all their different expenses. It was much more complex than when they were just renting a single counter. However, Liu Shu was well equipped to manage. He had been diligently practising his arithmetic ever since he had been put in charge of the accounts, and after so many years, this was within his capability. After a busy evening calculating everything, he announced that the profits from the family’s two stores had exceeded 300 taels of silver. Added to the 100 taels or so of income from the fields, the family had made about 400 taels of silver this year. 

When the figure was finally out, the family didn’t have any time to rejoice. They quickly headed off to bed, exhausted. 

The next day, apart from Liu Changgeng, everyone else slept till noon. 

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He shi came out of the room. She called out after them, “You just came. Why don’t you have a drink before heading off?!” 


Liu Tao, face red, stood there. Liu Changgeng quickly said, “No need! It’s alright!” Then he turned to leave the house and grabbed hold of the donkey. 

Liu Xu’er was paying attention. She quickly chased him and said, “Dad! There’s no need for the cart right? Aren’t dabo and his family all in town? Right, sange?”

Liu Tao looked dispirited. “Yes… they are all in town. But this matter might need ye and nai’s presence…. So we might really need the cart….”

Liu Changgeng’s brow knit. In a rather heavy tone, he asked, “What on earth happened?!”

Liu Tao remained evasive. 

Since he had already harnessed the donkey, Liu Changgeng decided to use the cart for their trip. He shi again came out to ask, “What on earth happened?! If it’s a major matter, is a single person enough?”

Liu Changgeng thought that over, and felt that that was true. There needed to be someone else with him who could be the messenger! So he said, “Shu, come with me….”

He hadn’t finished when Liu Tao, face flushed, interrupted, “Ershu! This matter…. This matter….”

Liu Changgeng saw him stumble over his words, looking extremely uncomfortable. He asked, “What’s wrong? Can’t your dage come with us?”

Liu Tao’s face was all red and his eyes had started to become teary. “It’s not…. Not that….”

The more he behaved this way, the more suspicious He shi got! He shi didn’t have a good impression of the family to begin with. It was only because Liu Tao had been staying with them for so long, learning under Liu Shu and Liu Lin that she was kinder to him. She was clear that in this past year, he had been a rather sensible child. Seeing him behave this way, she was more and more convinced that something major had happened, which was why he was uncomfortable involving more people! So she said, “Shu! Go with him, otherwise, there might be no one who could tell us if anything had gone wrong! We wouldn’t even know where to find you!”

Now that He shi had spoken, and seeing that Liu Changgeng didn’t object, Liu Tao had no choice but to accept the situation. And because Liu Shu wanted to follow along – if anything were to happen, his dad would be alone! – he didn’t say anything and just moved to accompany them. 


So the three of them headed out. 

Without waiting for He shi to say anything, Liu Lin had silently tagged along behind them. Liu Xu’er said quietly, “Just follow them to their destination. When you’ve found that out, just come back and tell mum. If anything were to happen, at least we would know where to find them!”

Liu Lin waved his hands, as if to tell her to relax. 

With this, the entire family had lost their appetite. They had a simple meal, and spent the rest of the time waiting for news. After about an hour, Liu Lin returned. When he ran back, he was panting from exhaustion. “It seems to be the house that sanshu’s mistress is staying at…. I also saw sanshu and dabo. They were quarreling about something in the courtyard. Dad went in and spoke with them for a while, before bringing dage back out. When he saw me, he told me they were heading back to Taohua Village to bring ye, nai and sishu over. He told us not to worry.”

He shi was even more worried when she heard that! Puzzled, she started to mumble under her breath to herself, “What happened? What did Third do now?!”

Liu Xu’er asked Liu Lin, “Did you see anyone else? For example…. Liu Yun’er?”

Liu Lin shook his head, “I didn’t see them, but I did hear someone wailing. I didn’t go into the courtyard. It was only when the door opened that I managed to glance at what was happening inside. After that, I circled the house listening, and thought I heard Fang Yun’s voice.”

He shi was worried sick, “What on earth happened? Why is First linking up with Third again?!”

Liu Xu’er shook her head. She suspected that this time, it had nothing to do with her dabo wanting to contact her sanshu. She had the feeling that Liu Yun’er had something to do with this. 

He shi knew that Liu Changgeng went over to bring Old Man Liu, Liu Gao shi and Liu Changshi over, so the matter couldn’t be small. It was very likely that it would take some time to resolve the situation. And since Fourth’s child was so small – his wife had just come out of confinement – he probably wouldn’t dare to leave her alone at home. He might have brought them both over. So she quickly brought Zhou shi with her to prepare rooms for them all. 

By now, He shi was thankful they had bought such a large house! Her children and husband had good foresight. 

As He shi expected, in the evening, they heard a commotion at the door. Everyone ran out to look and saw that Liu Changshi had also driven his cart over and stopped in front of the gate. Everyone had come, but Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi remained seated in the cart and didn’t get down. Only Liu Changshi supported He Ruyu down. He Ruyu carried her baby into the house, with Wang shi following her closely. Everyone else continued on their journey with Liu Changgeng. They gave a brief greeting, but didn’t say much else. 


This time, Liu Shu didn’t accompany them. He scratched his head and watched as the rest of them left. 

He shi first went to see to He Ruyu’s son and asked, “Is everything alright? The baby didn’t get chilled? Quickly come in. We can talk more when you’re inside!”

She pulled He Ruyu with her into the house, while Liu Xu’er also pulled at Liu Shu. She quietly asked, “Dage, what on earth happened?”

Liu Shu’s face was slightly red. Ill at ease, he shook his head, “It’s… it’s nothing much…”Then he tried to edge in around her.

Liu Lin stopped his path and continued to pester him, “Be honest! I heard some of what was said earlier in the day!”

Liu Shu frowned at him and said, “Is this the sort of thing that should be spread about? Since you know, why aren’t you pretending ignorance? Why are you still questioning me?”

Reprimanded, Liu Lin immediately quietened. He mumbled, “I was just asking…. What are you so upset over? Why so angry?”

Liu Xu’er however, had started to guess the truth. She said, “Does this have something to do with Liu Yun’er? Liu Yun’er…. Did she do something scandalous?!”

Stunned, Liu Shu stared at her, “You know?!”

Liu Xu’er had just been probing; she didn’t actually know what had happened. But with his response, she was about 50% certain that she knew what was going on. She nodded and said, “Shi Cheng mentioned that he had incidentally noticed that Liu Yun’er…. Was a frequent visitor to Fang Yun’s residence. I thought…. With dabo so upset, she must have done something.”

Liu Shu hesitated, but didn’t say anything. 

When Liu Lin heard that, he exclaimed, “It can’t be that…. I saw a 20-year-old man during the day. Dabo seemed to want to beat him up, but sanshu was holding him back. Surely it can’t be….”


Liu Shu saw that the two of them had mostly guessed the truth, so he finally gave in and explained. “That’s right…. That person is Fang Yun’s nephew. Liu Yun’er often visited their place and got to know him. Last night….” He shook his head. 

When Liu Xu’er and Liu Lin heard, they understood everything. Surprised, Liu Xu’er thought that Liu Yun’er sure knew how to strategize! Looking at the situation, it was clear that not only was she a vicious person, she was also a cunning one. 

Liu Shu then said, “Enough, enough. Just pretend that you don’t know what is going on. The matter is extremely embarrassing for the adults, so you should just pretend not to know anything!”

The few of them entered the house and Liu Xu’er went to check on her newest cousin. The baby was still asleep – he had been well protected on the trip here. His face was slightly red, his hands securely covered in the hand-warmers, he was sleeping sweetly. 

He Ruyu, had put aside her heavy overcoat and was asking He shi, “What happened jie? It’s so shocking. I asked Changshi, but he didn’t tell me anything. Just said that he wasn’t very sure….”

He shi then said, “I still am not sure myself! I just know that First and Third seemed to have linked up…. Is it about business? I was just wondering – did First invest in Third’s business, and lose money?”

Liu Xu’er shook her head. Although Liu Shu and Liu Lin knew the truth, they couldn’t say anything. 

He shi then questioned Liu Shu, but how could Liu Shu share something so shameful with his mother! He just said that he was also in the dark, and didn’t manage to find out anything…..

That evening, no one came home. He shi was worried that they would be back late, and so told Zhou shi to stay up. She too lay down in her day outfit, prepared to get up at any time. But no one returned. 

It was the next day, after everyone had finished the noon meal, that they heard the door. Zhou shi went to check and saw the cart stopped outside. She called out, “They’re back! They’re all back!”

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