The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 121: Glib


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When Shi Cheng’s mother saw Shi Cheng’s cold sneer, she was both shocked and infuriated. In a temper, she immediately sat straight up and berated him, “What are you sneering about?!”


Shi Cheng answered, “What does mum like about Hao Rongrong? That girl said to my face that the way I took my tea was an insult to her family’s good tea. Mum likes such an impertinent girl?”

Shi Cheng’s mother was stunned. The fire in her belly was immediately doused and she became annoyed and shocked. She asked, “Was there really such a matter? You can’t just frame another person because you are unwilling to accept her as your match!”

Shi Cheng’s sneer intensified and his tone started to carry some of his ire. “Mum, in your eyes, am I that type of person? You would rather believe in some girl you barely know rather than your son’s character?!”

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Although Shi Cheng’s mother was suspicious in the beginning, the more she heard, the more she believed him. 


Shi Qian said, “So that’s what happened…. Rongrong is still young. It’s natural for her to have some little bad habits….”

He was understanding, but Shi Cheng’s mother was unable to accept it. She kept thinking about Madam Hao’s pretentious demeanor and couldn’t help saying, “I really was wrong!  I was just wondering myself, how could that woman educate her daughter properly!”

Shi Cheng’s father immediately interrupted. He didn’t want his wife saying such things in front of Shi Cheng. Then he turned to Shi Cheng and said, “It’s enough that you know about the matter, but don’t spread it about…. No matter how that girl is, she is young and still learning. Your Uncle Hao and Hao dage are both rather loyal. Don’t let your distaste for her show, and don’t allow this matter to fester. After all, your Uncle Hao helped the family a lot this time!”

Shi Cheng said exasperatedly, “Dad! Aren’t you looking down on your son? I am very clear about how to behave! If it weren’t for mum’s thoughts, I wouldn’t even have shared the incident with you! Why would I quarrel with a little girl? Would I bear a grudge against the family just because of a girl? You are really…. Relax, so long as you don’t raise this matter again, your son would definitely be extremely respectful toward Uncle Hao and Hao dage.”

Shi Cheng’s father was pleased with his son’s mature way of thinking! Happily he nodded, “Good, that’s the right attitude to have.”

Shi Cheng’s mother was a bit embarrassed. She felt that her bad judgment was the reason for all the fuss today. She really wasn’t her son’s equal! Then she thought of what Shi Cheng said before and said, “About the little miss from the Liu family; mum watched her grow up. She really is a pleasant little thing. It’s just….”

Now she didn’t dare to use too definite a tone, it was just that she was still unwilling. She used her eyes to try and urge Shi Cheng’s father to say something. 

However, Shi Cheng’s father had his own thoughts. He placed great importance on this son, and so would naturally respect his son’s thoughts, especially in such an important life decision. Shi Cheng’s father also felt that his wife was in too much of a hurry about the matter. He paused for a moment and decided to test the waters. What were his son’s thoughts on the matter – was he very resolute? Or was there still room for discussion?

So he solemnly asked, “The Hao family’s matter was just a thought. Now that you are getting older, as your parents, we naturally need to think about your marriage matters. You can relax, we haven’t said anything to the Hao family. There is no need to worry about them. But share with us about your thoughts on Xu’er…. Why are you so sure she’s the one?”

Shi Cheng smiled and said, “Dad, mum, your son is at fault in this matter. I never thought you would have other considerations. I really thought that you shared my opinions. I grew up with Xu’er, and I just thought that naturally…..” Saying this, he stopped speaking. His face grew heavy and he stood up suddenly. Unsteadily, he muttered under his breath, “Oh? Then does this mean…. If dad and mum didn’t think that it was naturally going to be the case, then are Xu’er’s parents also unaware? Oh no….. Would they have a bad impression of me…..”

He looked extremely uneasy, pacing around and sighing. He looked as though he wanted to walk out; as if he was anxious to go and explain himself. 

Shi Cheng’s mother and father exchanged looks. Although Shi Cheng’s mother was initially 100% opposed to the match, Shi Cheng’s fury about Hao Rongrong had started to change her mind. Now seeing her son’s anxiety about the possible poor impression he might have had on Liu Xu’er’s parents, Shi Cheng’s mother started to retreat on her position. She felt that her son seemed to have his heart set on Liu Xu’er!


Shi Cheng’s father said, “You haven’t finished? Continue with your thoughts?”

Shi Cheng gave a little “Oh” and seemed to forcibly repress his unease. He thought for a moment before asking, “Where did I stop?”

Shi Cheng’s father was both exasperated and amused, “Naturally!”

Shi Cheng nodded his head, “Oh that’s right. Naturally…. Well, what’s there to add? I’ve said everything I needed. In any case your son doesn’t feel that anyone is more suitable than Xu’er. Dad, mum, please consider it! As for what mum just said about our family’s standing….”

He hadn’t finished when his mother started to violently cough. She wasn’t someone oblivious to her own standing. She had only just moved out of Taohua Village herself, so how was she in a position to talk about family’s standing?

Although she personally felt that she was much superior to the average villager – she was the Madam of an important family and not a nobody from the village – that was just her own privately held belief. She could not actually say something like that in front of Shi Cheng’s father! Shi Cheng’s mother was extremely clear about this point. Her earlier words were a slip – she hadn’t thought that Shi Cheng had noticed! 

Shi Cheng’s mother saw her husband stare at her. His eyes….. Shi Cheng’s mother didn’t know where to hide, so she coughed and quickly said, “What…. Don’t talk about such irrelevant matters. I just think….”

“What does mum think?” Shi Cheng asked generously.

Shi Cheng’s mother couldn’t say anything. She looked down on Liu Xu’er precisely because of her humble standing! She had always thought of herself as someone from a wealthy household. It was just that there were incidents along the way that meant they had to temporarily retreat to the village. Although she had stayed in the village for so many years, she had never once thought of herself as a villager. All the people around her couldn’t compare to her. Now that her son wanted to marry a village girl, how could she agree?

Shi Cheng’s father could easily see his mother’s embarrassment and mentally sighed. He was very clear about his wife’s foibles. She was a good wife, it was just that she was rather haughty. She was a villager by birth, but now, she looked down on village people.

Shi Cheng’s father shook his head, and turned his attention to Shi Cheng. “Have you really thought it through? You are still quite young, and our family is not in the same situation as before. There will be a lot of people wanting to marry into our family in the future, and some of the offers might be quite promising. Do you want to consider it further? Don’t rush into anything now and regret it in future.”

Shi Cheng smiled before saying, “Dad, actually I didn’t want to push the issue now. I am still young and wanted to wait a few more years before mentioning it. But now that we’ve spoken, I don’t want you two to misunderstand what I want. This matter concerns the rest of my life….”


When he said that, he walked in front of Shi Qian and knelt down. “Dad, mum, your son begs for your permission to help him send a matchmaker to the Liu family and propose marriage to Liu Xu’er. I want to marry her.” Then he lowered his head to the ground.

Shi Cheng’s father was overwhelmed with emotion. 

Meng shi again sat straight up. Husband and wife looked at each other. Shi Qian had never expected Shi Cheng to be so resolute. He thought it over. He didn’t share the same strong objections as his wife and so was already starting to consider the matter. He stretched his hand out to pull Shi Cheng back up. Looking at him, he asked, “You’ve really thought this through?”

Shi Cheng smiled and said, “Dad, don’t you know your son? For such important matters, your son would never say anything if he hadn’t carefully considered everything and made his decision. Since this concerns the rest of my life, I would naturally have thought it through.”

Shi Qian sighed. He nodded and said, “Alright, your mother and I both have heard what you said. We will discuss it.”

Shi Cheng nodded and left them to their discussion. 

Although it was true that in this era, children’s marriages were decided upon by their parents, if a child had their own opinions, parents would have to consider it. Otherwise, if the elders matched their child forcibly, nobody would be happy.

Shi Cheng’s parents weren’t so stubborn and inflexible. Shi Qian was himself a very adaptable person – it was just who he was. And since it concerned his son, he was unwilling to force him into an unhappy situation. 

Furthermore, Shi Qian had a good impression of Liu Xu’er. He felt that she was an intelligent young girl, and had always liked her. Since his son had made it clear that he really liked her, he would naturally need to carefully consider the match.

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