The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 120: Get Engaged First?


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As the Young Master wanted to pick a hairpin, everyone in the store naturally leapt to attention. They quickly brought out all of their finest wares for them to select from. There were pieces made of gold, jade and precious stones. They filled three large trays of them and placed them in front of the Young Master. The Young Master then waved his arms, “You can all leave! We will choose them by ourselves.”


The storekeeper and all his assistants left. The assistant scratched his head and softly asked, “Shopkeeper, do you think…. That the Young Master understands the symbolism behind buying a girl a hairpin?”

The shopkeeper immediately scolded, “Don’t you dare spout nonsense! The Young Master grew up with the Young Miss from the Liu family. They are childhood friends, and would naturally not think too deeply about these matters! I warn all of you, you are not to say anything about this matter!”

The shop assistant grinned, “Shopkeeper, you can relax. Who would dare spread tales of the Young Master?” The shopkeeper knocked his head, and he quickly ran off laughing. 

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After pouring the two of them a cup of tea, he saw that Liu Xu’er had already pushed one of the trays away, leaving only two behind. Shi Cheng looked at the rejected tray – they were all made with large rubies and sapphires. He knew that it was because Liu Xu’er was unwilling for him to spend too much money, so he said, “You don’t need to be too careful. Nowadays, people are always sending me gifts over the different festivals, and I’ve often come here to select gifts to return to them.”


Liu Xu’er didn’t raise her head, “I know, I’m not doing this to save money… Those aren’t nice.”

Shi Cheng smiled wryly. He could only put that tray aside. 

These trays were mostly made of jade, twisted together into complicated designs. The colours were bright and gaily, and the work intricate. Although they weren’t as valuable as the precious stones, Liu Xu’er liked these better. Especially the jade pieces. After spending a long time, she finally picked up a hairpin that had a butterfly design with tassels. She smiled and said, “I will take this one!”

Shi Cheng quickly went over for a look. The workmanship was exquisite. The hairpin’s butterfly had its wings spread in readiness for flight. On the wings were some fine threads of tassels. On the butterfly’s body were some spots of jade. Although it was made of silver, it was a gorgeous pin. Shi Cheng smiled and said, “There are so many gold pieces to choose from instead, but you…. Still, this is rather nice.”

Liu Xu’er smiled and asked, “How much is it?” She had just finished asking, when she saw Shi Cheng’s expression turn fierce. She quickly said, “I just remembered, you’re buying this for me.”

She really did like the piece. She gazed at it lovingly for a long time. Then, nervous that the tassels would break, she carefully wrapped it in a handkerchief before gingerly placing it into her scent sachet. 

When Shi Cheng saw how careful she was being with it, he was rather satisfied. All of his unhappiness from the morning dissipated like smoke. When he went to have a meal with Liu Xu’er, he made his plans clear to her. On Girls’ Festival, he would go over to her store to help, but at night, Liu Xu’er needed to accompany him to the water’s edge to release lanterns. It was only after he made himself clear that he happily sent her back to her store. 

Shi Cheng’s mood the entire day was quite cheerful. Unknowingly, he was humming as he entered his home. When he had just stepped in, a servant came and bowed. “Young Master, you’ve returned? Madam asked you to go over to her when you came back. Also, the Master came back from Hanzhong city at noon.”

Shi Cheng agreed and went over to the main room at his parent’s courtyard. At the door, he called out, “Dad, mum.” Before lifting the curtain and entering. 

His father was seated at the main seat of the main room, drinking tea. His mother was seated at the window. She was leaning on a cushion. 

Shi Cheng went forward to give his greetings before sitting down and asking, “Dad, how’s the situation in Hanzhong city?”

Shi Qian nodded, “It’s still in progress. There are some troublesome matters to work out, but overall it’s going pretty well. I’ve thought it through, there’s no need to rush to open. Even if it takes a few months to renovate and set up, it’s fine. It’s more important to get everything settled properly before opening. Otherwise, it would be bad if we lacked anything after we opened.”


Shi Cheng nodded, “That’s right. It’s best to make sure that everything is ready before opening.”

The father and son pair chatted for a while, before Shi Cheng’s mother started to cough hard, breaking off their conversation. Shi Cheng looked at his mother strangely. Shi Cheng’s father started to hesitate. 

Shi Cheng looked at his mother, but only saw her looking hard at his father, so he too turned to him. Seeing his father silent, he asked, “What’s wrong? Dad, mum? Is something the matter?”

Shi Cheng’s father mumbled under his breath before asking, “Shi Cheng, did you go to the store today?”

Shi Cheng nodded, “That’s right. I even gave Xu’er a hairpin. It’s a gift for Girl’s festival!” He smiled, “I paid. 15 taels of silver. In the afternoon, I will send the money over.”

Shi Cheng’s mother said nothing. She only used her eyes to signal Shi Cheng’s dad. Shi Cheng’s father started to say, “Shi Cheng, you aren’t young any longer. There are some matters that we need to tell you. When boys and girls are seven, they can’t share the same mat. This is an ancient rule. Although we are villagers, villagers are even more observant of such rules. You can’t be as carefree with Xu’er as you were when you were younger.”

Shi Cheng nodded. He didn’t say anything for now. He had already discussed the matter of engagement with Liu Xu’er before, and hadn’t been joking at all. He had indeed thought about it, and considered telling his parents. It was just that Xu’er hadn’t agreed and he first needed her consent. But now that his parents had mentioned this, he decided it was time to let them know. 

Shi Cheng’s father continued, “I know that you grew up with Liu Shu and all, and naturally, your relationship with them is very close. You probably treat them as your blood brothers, and Xu’er as your own sister. This is actually a good thing. While we are here on earth, we need to have such good brothers. That way, we won’t be afraid of anything that comes our way! There will always be someone to help you. And of course, you need to reciprocate with your genuine friendship. When they meet with any difficulties, you should likewise do your best to help them….”

Shi Cheng’s mother was listening and felt that he had gotten way off topic? She quickly interrupted with a smile and said, “That’s right. Shi Cheng, your father is right. Although the Liu family are probably like siblings to you, you need to make sure not to get too close to Xu’er. Xu’er isn’t young anymore and the family is probably already looking for a partner for her. If others found out how familiarly you behaved with her, it would affect her reputation.”

Shi Cheng nodded, “Mum is right. Dad is also right. If we continue this way, it would indeed affect Xu’er’s reputation. I’ve thought it through, why don’t we first go and propose marriage. When our engagement is settled, everyone can rest easy and no one can gossip about us.”

The instant his words dropped, Shi Cheng’s parents were both stunned silly! Speechless, they looked at the confident him. 

Shi Cheng stood up and started to pace around the house. “Actually when I went with her to Hanzhong city, I wanted to tell both of you that Xu’er may want to set up a store in Hanzhong city. She would need my help while setting up and it wouldn’t be too good if she did that without the status of being my fiancee. Furthermore, since Xu’er is a girl, we need to be respectful of their family, especially her parents. It may already be that they have reservations, but don’t dare to tell me…. So, the best way is to engage us now!” When he finished, he looked up at his parents. 


Shi Cheng’s father hadn’t said anything when Shi Cheng’s mother stood up and spoke urgently, “This matter…. How can you take such a major decision on your own? It’s such an important matter, so why are you speaking so definitively to us? Are you so certain we would agree?”

Surprised, Shi Cheng looked at her, “Mum, you don’t agree? I thought that this matter…. Was a foregone conclusion!”

“What foregone conclusion?! You are the only one who thinks that! Our family’s standing… No matter what, I don’t agree! Let me tell you that your mother is already considering your marriage. You don’t have to think about it anymore. This matter is not up to you!”

Shi Cheng smiled, “Mum, you’ve already considered? Who do you have in mind?”

“I like… I’m not telling you this! Children’s marriages are decided by their parents. It is not up to you to make a decision! Let me tell you, it’s my daughter-in-law, I am the one who will make the decision!”

Shi Cheng then said, “Mum, why are you so agitated? If you are the one to decide your daughter-in-law, are you marrying her or am I? Just tell me, who do you like? At least give me the chance to consider. Otherwise, if you just refuse to consider it so decisively…. I am not very comfortable with that… I can’t even ask?” He could clearly tell that his mother had her heart set on someone. He needed to find out who!

Shi Cheng’s words were rather soft and gentle, and Shi Cheng’s mother couldn’t hear how angry he actually was. His gentle words managed to calm her down and make her realise she had gotten unreasonably agitated. She sat back down on her seat. 

Shi Cheng’s father had always valued this eldest son of his. His son was rather sensible and his mind was agile. He was very satisfied with him and valued his opinion. When he heard Shi Cheng’s words, Shi Qian had also started to move, but looking at Shi Cheng’s mother, he coughed and said, “Your mother did indeed find someone. There’s no harm telling you this, and it would be best for you to know. The next time you go to their place, you can also be on your best behaviour…. It’s Hanzhong’s city’s Hao family. Their Second Young Miss, Rongrong.”

Shi Cheng had already been swiftly going through all the different possibilities, and one of the ones he had considered was Hao Rongrong. Now, hearing his father say this, he started to coldly sneer!

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