The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 113: Buying Servants


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After all that, they didn’t manage to come to a decision. Then He shi walked in and heard Old Man Liu asking if he should return, while Liu Gao shi stayed here. 


He shi quickly smiled and interrupted, “Dad, if you go back, Changshi and Ruyu would definitely need to return. But with mum over here, Changshi would definitely want to come by everyday to check on her. Why don’t you all just stay here? When Liu Tao is better we can discuss the situation again.”

Old Man Liu thought it over and thought that made sense. Pointing at Liu Gao shi, he complained, “Your mother is bored. She deliberately decided to argue with me!”

Liu Gao shi laughed before scolding, “Old man!” Then she went off with He shi to help in the kitchen. When they got there, Liu Xu’er was already working, boiling water and preparing for dinner. She was calling out, “Erge, I need some more water. The tank is nearly empty!”

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Liu Lin had just brought in a bucket of water. Head all sweaty, he said, “Buy one to draw water. I’ve carried enough water these few days for me to drink for 10 years!”


Everyone couldn’t resist laughing at that. Liu Lin took the chance to smile at Liu Gao shi and say, “Nai, don’t hesitate! What’s wrong with staying in town? If you want to go back to Taohua Village, it’s a simple journey back! Isn’t it convenient?”

“That’s right nai! Just on the matter of seeing the doctor alone, it’s clear how staying in town is convenient. This time, we all benefited from staying in town. If we didn’t, poor Liu Tao would be in great discomfort from all the travelling back and forth! Furthermore, if you and ye stay with us, it’s not as though you can never go back to Taohua Village. If you want to head back, you can go back and stay for a few days. Wouldn’t that work?” Liu Xu’er said. 

All three of them were trying to persuade Liu Gao shi. Seeing their sincerity in inviting her over, and knowing that what they said had some logic to it, Liu Gao shi started to seriously consider the matter. 

She didn’t say anything that day. After all, everyone was pale from exhausting themselves over the past few days. Now that Liu Tao was getting better, everyone turned in for an early night. 

After another two days, Shi Cheng again came by. This time, Liu Xu’er told him that they planned to buy some servants and needed his help. Shi Cheng nodded his agreement. The next day, a slave trader came by with two little girls and knocked on the door. 

Liu Changgeng was working in the courtyard, making some more of his ornaments, so he went over to answer it. He saw a woman in her forties, wearing a green outfit, with two little girls behind her. Smiling, she asked, “May I ask if this is Second Master Liu’s residence?”

Liu Changgeng shook his head, “No, you’ve got the wrong address,” Then he closed the door and continued on his handiwork.

Again, there was a knock on the door. Liu Changgeng put his tools down to look, and saw that it was the same woman. He scratched his head and said, “You’ve come to the wrong house. I don’t recognise this Second Master…”

The slave trader smiled, “Shi family’s Eldest Young Master told me to come by to look for a Miss Liu Xu’er.” This time, she deliberately emphasized the name. 

Liu Changgeng was stunned for a moment before understanding, “Oh, oh, oh.” He turned and called, “Xu’er, Xu’er! There’s a…. Somebody’s here for you!”

Liu Xu’er was in the kitchen, so she couldn’t hear. The message had to be passed to her from Liu Changshi and He shi. Liu Xu’er emerged from the backyard and saw the person standing at the entrance. Stunned for a moment, she rapidly recovered and said, “Mum! Come out with me to have a look.” Then she addressed the slave trader and said, “Please come in.”

The slave trader could tell that this was the first time the family was buying slaves, and she could see that the family was from the village. So she smiled and mentally raised her asking price by two taels of silver. 


Liu Xu’er brought her to the main room of the side wing. He shi also came by, while Liu Gao shi curiously joined her. The slave trader smiled and made her formal bows before saying, “I’m pleased to meet with Miss and Madam.” 

He shi didn’t know what to say to that. She was both embarrassed and caught off guard. Liu Xu’er and Liu Gao shi were more calm. Liu Gao shi coughed and kept her attention fixed on the two little girls. Liu Xu’er only smiled and said, “There’s no need to be so courteous. How should we address Aunt?”

The slave trader immediately understood – they were definitely from the countryside. She smiled and said, “This slave’s husband’s surname is Chen. My maiden name is Fang. Young Miss can call me Chen Fang shi.”

Liu Xu’er smiled and nodded. “Aunt Chen….. Are these two brought by you?”

Chen Fang shi smiled and nodded. “These two have been with this slave for some time and have already been well trained. Young Miss can use them at ease. The slightly older one is 13 this year, while the younger is 11 this year….”

Liu Xu’er hurriedly interrupted, “Slowly, slowly.” She smiled and said, “You can see for yourself what our household is like. We are only looking for two people who can help us with the meals and laundry. We don’t need these types of young girls. Do you have any older women around 30-40?”

Chen Fang shi immediately nodded, “Yes! I do! When I was asked to come here by the Shi Family’s Shi Cheng, he wasn’t clear about what you were looking for, so I went with my usual custom and brought two slave girls. Now that Young Miss has made her request clear, I understand. I do have a 35-year-old widow. But she also has a daughter, around 20, who comes with her. Her daughter is also a widow.”

Liu Xu’er hesitated for a moment. That age was not very appropriate. The 35-year-old was fine, but the younger woman…..

She then said, “Why don’t we do this. Aunt can go back and look for someone suitable. We only want people who are 30 or older. We need two people to help with preparing the meals and washing our clothes.”

Cheng Fang shi found that this Young Miss was not that easy to deal with. However, she had dealt with much worse, so she quickly agreed. After giving her bows, she left with the two girls.

It was only then that He shi turned to look at Liu Xu’er. In a voice filled with amazement, her face showing her pride and appreciation, she asked, “Xu’er, how did you know… Why are you only looking for 30 or older women? This Aunt…. Have you met with her before?”

Liu Xu’er smiled, “Of course I haven’t met her before. But it’s… Just something I thought of!”


Liu Gao shi was more shrewd than He shi. She nodded and said, “What Xu’er did was right. We want 30 to 40-year- old women to do the work! Don’t bother with those in their teens or 20s! With a family of half grown boys, and…..”

She didn’t finish, but He shi understood. She nodded, face red. 

Liu Xu’er the confirmed her plans with He shi and Liu Gao shi. They wanted two 30 plus -year-old women to do work. One would prepare the meals, while the other did the laundry. They didn’t need anyone else for now. 

After concluding their discussions, they left the room. Liu Xu’er saw that Liu Yun’er was standing at the doorway of the opposite wing, face puffed up in outrage. When she saw them come out of the room, she ignored Liu Xu’er and said to Liu Gao shi, “Nai! I want to go home!”

Liu Gao shi then said, “If you want to go home, then just go home. What are you yelling about?”

“Tell sishu to send me home!”

Liu Xu’er immediately hmphed and said, “Why can’t you go home by yourself! Do you think that sishu has nothing better to do than to send you back?”

Liu Changshi was in the main house. When he heard the altercation, he was about to come out, but was pulled back by He Ruyu. After thinking it over, he smiled, and continued his conversation with Old Man Liu. 

Liu Changqi came out from the house and told Liu Yun’er, “Go back then. There should be a cart from our village at the town entrance. Today was a market day, so there should be some villagers who came here for it today….”

Liu Yun’er was just about to explode. She shook her hand, “I’m going to find sishu myself!” Then she headed for the main house. 

Liu Xu’er was just about to follow her; she wasn’t going to let her sishu send her back! But He shi caught her arm and softly said, “Why interfere? Maybe your sishu wants to go back to bring things over.”

Liu Gao shi walked over to the main house. 


He shi then said, “Why did you want to go? If your ye tells him to send her back, can you stop him? Forget it, why are you quarreling with her over these minor issues?”

Liu Xu’er said, “I just like watching her jump! Seeing her so angry, my heart feels good!”

He shi smiled before waggling a finger at her. Seeing that the courtyard only had the two of them, Liu Changgeng came over and asked, “So what happened? What kind of people did you buy?”

“We didn’t buy anyone. Xu’er felt that the people she brought today weren’t suitable, so she’s going back to look for others.”

Liu Changgeng nodded before sighing, “I just don’t know where those two girls were from? Which region has disaster struck?”

He shi wanted to say something, but didn’t know what. Her mouth moved soundlessly.

After discussion in the main house, Liu Changshi took a pouch from inside and came out. Liu Yun’er followed behind him, looking smug. 

Liu Changshi saw them and said, “Erge, ersao, I will send Yun’er back and look in on the rest of the houses as well as pack some things over. I should be back by afternoon.”

Liu Changgeng quickly went forward. “Sure, be careful on the road. Bring more of dad and mum’s clothes over.”

“Got it.” Liu Changshi said. Then he twisted his head around to look at He Ruyu who had just come out. Liu Changshi said to her, “I’ll be off.”

Liu Yun’er walked in front of Liu Xu’er, nose in the air. She behaved as if she had just won a major victory. Liu Xu’er rolled her eyes as she mentally thought, “How childish!”

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